eCom Blueprint 2.0 Review – A Look At Gabriel St-Germain’s Course

by | May 12, 2020

What Is eCom Blueprint 2.0?

eCom Blueprint 2.0 is an ecommerce course created by Gabriel St-Germain. Gabriel teaches you how to set up a profitable e-commerce business. Gabriel focuses on dropshipping to create revenue. He shows you everything you need to know to set up your dropshipping business, like selecting your product, creating your store, sourcing your product, and marketing it.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Overview
Gabriel St-Germain giving an overview of what’s inside eCom Blueprint 2.0.

The course comes with over 10 hours of content. Plus, eCom Blueprint 2.0 was just recently updated to include four new hours of content, as well as some in-depth case studies. Gabriel essentially teaches you everything you need to know for dropshipping.

There are many dropshipping courses out there, such as The $100 Startup and High Ticket Dropshipping Academy, so how does eCom Blueprint stack up? We’ll take a deeper look at Gabriel St. Germain’s course in this review of eCom Blueprint 2.0.

Who Is Gabriel St-Germain?

Gabriel is a Canadian online entrepreneur who has made millions dropshipping through e-commerce. Gabriel got his start in 2016, creating a couple successful e-commerce businesses. He claims to have dropped out of college in order to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 - Gabriel St. Germain
Gabriel St-Germain, the course creator, now focuses on his YouTube channel.

At 21, Gabrielle now focuses his time on branding himself as an ecommerce expert. He started his YouTube channel in 2016, and has since then grown to over 200,000 subscribers. He has over 6 million views collectively, and has risen to be one of the top entrepreneurship channels.

How Much Does eCom Blueprint 2.0 Cost?

eCom Blueprint costs a one time fee of $397. It offers a 14-day full refund if you view less than 10% of course content, and you have not joined the private Facebook group. If you do either of these things, you are not eligible for a refund.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Pricing
eCom Blueprint 2.0 only has one purchase option, a $397 one-time fee.

It does come with a few benefits such as:

  • Access to the private Facebook group, where all students can communicate their success or issues. Gabriel prides this group as being very active and valuable.
  •  Contact information for his “dropshipping agent”, to “ reduce your production costs and shipping times”.
  • Constant course updates.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Curriculum

The course consists of 8 different modules. Each module is its own individual topic, so you can view them out of order and still get the full value.

Module 1: Mindset for Success

The first module is all about getting the right mindset for the business. Gabriel teaches you different ways to start thinking about yourself and your business. Some of the things he teaches you are self-reliance, the importance of reading, and setting up your expectations. 

eCom Blueprint 2.0 - Strategies
Gabriel St-Germain going over some mental develop strategies.

He even goes into psychological principles that you can utilize, such as The Compound Effect, where he talks about what it is, how you can apply it to your own life, and how it’s helped him. Germain also gives you his own personal book recommendations, and advises you to develop a consistent reading schedule.

This first module is really cool, and one thing I’ve personally noticed is that not every course does a lifestyle or mentality module. For Gabriel to include this is really cool.

Module 2: Proved Product Selection

The next module is all about product selection. They say the best products sell themselves, so it’s important that you make sure that you pick the right products. Gabriel teaches you some good ways to do this, and goes over things like product research, pricing, and keyword research. 

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Product Selection
Gabriel St-Germain showing you the best products from Alibaba to sell.

He starts out by giving you three different metrics to measuring the product you’re researching: high demand, uniqueness, and low availability. He transitions then into validating your product’s demand. He shows you two different ways to validate that your product will sell. First he shows you how to view its search results on Facebook. Then he shows you a couple things to look for when buying the product on Alibaba to see if it’s high-quality and being sold.

Overall, this module does provide some pretty good value. The points that he makes are very good, although it would be better if he expanded upon them more. Each video only lasts about 10 to 20 minute, leaving room to show you more.

Module 3: One-Product Store Creation

This module teaches you how to start setting up your Shopify store. Gabriel starts out by showing you how to develop your brand first. He goes over how to create your logo, pick a name, and develop your vision. This part is important because Gabriel is trying to show you how to create a brand that sells products, when most Shopify stores sell a product first.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Store Creation
Gabriel showing you how to set up your store for mobile optimization.

After that, Gabriel gets into the bulk of the module, teaching you how to create your store. Gabriel teaches you everything from setting up the website, to adding images, and to adding applications. This is the standard “guided walkthrough” that most courses offer. 

This module doesn’t teach anything special. Gabe essentially teaches you how to create your Shopify store. He teaches it in a very thorough manner, but the information he teaches isn’t unique or valuable.

Module 4: Influencer Ads Academy

In this module, Gabriel focuses entirely on influencer marketing. He teaches only through Instagram, and not any other influencer platform. A lot of specifics on her influence or marketing, teaching you things like page versus personal brands, hashtag research, and doing influencer research as well.

Gabriel delves deep into making your post go viral. She shows you all of the different metrics the Instagram calculates to make your post go viral. He goes into a lot of specific Like comments, powerlikes, and engagement rate. Knowing these metrics can help you immensely.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Influencer Ads
Influencers are important to going viral, but Gabriel shows you the best ones to partner with.

Lastly, Gabriel goes into the best way to create your ad and publish it. He showed you the best apps to make your ad look good, how to caption it, and the best way to promote it. Gabriel focuses solely on influencer marketing, so he teaches you how to talk to influencers, research them, and get them to publish it.

This module contains a lot of value, as influencer marketing is not something many courses teach. Gabriel does a good job teaching you some insider tricks, as well as showing you his own pages to prove his results.

Module 5: Facebook Ads Blueprint 

Like the previous module, this module focuses solely on Facebook ads. Gabriel teaches you everything you need to know, from researching the best hashtags to creating your first campaign.

One of the best things that Gabriel teaches you in this module is creating three PPE ads at the same time. He shows you all the different ways that you can split test your ads to ensure your ads success. He focuses primarily on the best way to scale your ads, and how to really make your ad’s CPC go down, and your clicks go up.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Split Testing
Gabriel St-Germain gives extensive knowledge about split testing your Facebook ads.

This module easily contains the most value in the course. His strategies are advanced and can be scaled quite easily.

Module 6: Facebook Ads Blueprint 2.0

This is the updated part of the course. April update the information previously taught with new strategies to take advantage of, and different changes to Facebook’s algorithm. Over all the information is short but does prove quite useful as it’s up to date. 

Module 7: Case Study 2.0

This module, just like the previous one, is an updated addition to the course. This takes more of a livestream approach, as Gabriel critiques businesses for the entirety. He points out various flaws that dropshipping business to suffer from, while also showing you how to avoid them. He does get some pretty good tips, but it still remains a short module.

Module 8: Store Automation & Operations

This is the final module, designed at showing you how to automate your business. He starts off by showing you the different parts that need to be automated, mainly customer service, bookkeeping, and order fulfillment. He shows you how to hire someone qualified to handle your orders, and how to set up automated software for email inquiries.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Freelancer Hiring
St-Germain guiding viewers through hiring their first freelancer.

This module is shorter than most, but does contain some useful information. His best video is teaching you how to set up email auto-responders. Most of what he teaches you is obvious, like hiring people, and he only really explores two different automation techniques. With today’s software, he should be able to teach you much more.

Gabriel St-Germain’s Course Quality

eCom Blueprint has very good course quality. The course materials provided are useful, as the worksheets are to the point, but still contain good information. Each module comes with a couple of worksheets at the end, and they do prove to be useful.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Course Quality
eCom Blueprint 2.0 is well produced, and has a good overall quality.

The audio and video quality are very well made. The audio is very clear, and it’s apparent he’s using a professional microphone. The video quality switches from screen recordings of his demonstration, to thoroughly made PowerPoints. Gabriel does a very good job creating this course and proves to put in a lot of effort.

Does eCom Blueprint 2.0 Deliver?

Gabriel St. Germain’s eCom Blueprint 2.0 course does deliver on its promise. Gabriel promises to teach you “A proven step-by-step blueprint for starting and scaling a profitable one-product store”, And you’ll find that that’s exactly what this course does. 

eCom Blueprint 2.0 - What You Will Learn
While his sales page’s promises are quite “flashy”, he does adhere to most of his promises.

Gabriel gives you extensive knowledge about the topics presented. The course hits on all the essential points: marketing, advertising, and scaling. With the heavy focus on sales and scaling, you’ll find that he sets you up in a very good position to succeed.

Who Is eCom Blueprint 2.0 Best For?

This course is best for anyone just starting out with e-commerce that is planning to start their own dropshipping business. Gabriel does a very good job showing you inside or techniques that may not be shown in most courses. He does tend to glance over a lot of technical walkthroughts though. With that said, any new person will find a lot of value in this course.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Requirements
To his credit, Gabriel does explain that you should come into the course with a basic familiarity with these platforms.

Anyone with experience, however, can still learn something new. Gabriel’s course touches upon some advanced points, but those who are experienced may find parts of his course are skippable. While anyone can find something new to learn in this course, not everyone will find value in it. 

Is eCom Blueprint 2.0 Worth The Money?

For the amount that it charges, the course is worth the money if you are new to dropshipping.

Experienced users, as stated, won’t find a lot of value in this course. While Gabriel does reach upon some good points, especially in the influencer module, it’s not enough to warrant the price that it charges. The course is short, containing only about 10 hours of content. If you are experienced already, you’re essentially paying $400 for a couple of hours of content.

That being said, this course is a good option for new dropshippers. However, I recommend it to anyone who has technical familiarity with platforms like Shopify. Gabriel tends to skip over a lot of the technical aspects of the course, like sourcing your product from Alibaba to your website.Any new user will find his course useful, but those who are buying it for the sales and scaling aspect of it will find the most value. 

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Alternatives

Dropshipping is a popular topic, and you’ll find a wide array of alternatives. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • 10 Dropshipping Strategies (Udemy) – This course comes in at 1/40th of the cost of Gabriel’s course. It gives you some really strong foundations for you to work off of, and teaches a good understanding of the supplier platforms like Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Oberlo. If you need more information on the supply side of dropshipping, consider this course.
eCom Blueprint 2.0 Alternatives - Shopify
Niki Swami’s course is updated frequently, with the last update a month from the time of writing this.
  • Shopify Platform (LinkedIn Learning)– LinkedIn learning is a great option for those who need guidance on specific topics. As an online course hub, it features a wide array of topics to learn from. 

Final Thoughts: Is eCom Blueprint Legit?

Overall, Gabriel produces an above-average course. His modules on marketing such as Facebook ads and influencer marketing are very strong, and can prove to be very useful in your business. However, his content is quite short, only containing about 10 hours total. There are some Udemy courses out there that come with more content. While his information is quite good, only certain groups of people will find it valuable for its price.


  • Very good Facebook Ads & Influencer Marketing modules
  • Up-to-date information
  • Strong scaling focus


  • Very short, only 10 hours of content.
  • Expensive.

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 4.08 out of 5

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