How do you decide which courses to review?

We look at a few criteria before reviewing each course on this site.

  1. Do we have the expertise that qualify us to review the course?
  2. Are people interested in reviews of a course?
  3. Are we personally interested in the course?

Like many of you out there, we love taking courses and we do our best to stay up to date and provide as many reviews as possible.

What factors do you consider when you review a course?

We consider a range of factors that tie back to the key question of, “is this course worth the money?”

Our goal is to be objective. We’re not a group of cynics looking to critique every educator out there nor are we overly optimistic about every educational resource out there. 

We review courses based on key points we would be interested in before making a purchasing decision. Every course is different and we have unique ranking factors for each, but here are a few common questions we ask:

  • Is the course creator legit?
  • Does the course have a sensible curriculum?
  • How is the course recording quality?
  • How is the course content quality?
  • Is the course a good value?
Why are some courses so expensive?

If you’ve ever come across a course priced over $1000 you may think the course creators are either a) insane or b) greedy capitalist pigs.

In some cases, you would be right, but we don’t write a course off just because it has a high price tag. When you sign up for a course, you are paying for access to expert knowledge, and this type of access doesn’t come cheap. 

Think about it for a second. If you were making millions of dollars per year running a business, would you create a $10 course to share your secrets? Of course not! Creating a course takes time and effort. It’s only fair that experts are compensated accordingly.

Of course, some experts have large enough audiences that allow them to lower the price of their premium courses. If you have 1000 people willing to buy a course at $100, you can achieve the same profitability as someone who has 100 people willing to buy a course at $1000. 

Furthermore, the price of a course may be well-justified by the course’s content. A $20 course that teaches you nothing is worthless. A $1000 course that helps you jumpstart your business could be worth multiples of the price tag.

Price doesn’t necessarily correlate with value, but a high price tag shouldn’t be an instant deterrent.

Does course price correlate with course quality?

Definitely not.

Do you know how the price of a course is determined? The course creator decides. He or she can choose to charge $20, $100, or $1000 for the same course.

It can be difficult to determine which courses are worth the money. This is why we started the site –  to help provide more information on the courses you are considering purchasing.

What should I expect when paying for an online course?

When you pay for an online course, you are paying for access to information and resources. You are NOT paying for a specific outcome.

It’s easy to get carried away with the hype (and we will check course creator’s on their claims), but at the end of the day, a course can’t guarantee your success. A real estate course can’t guarantee you property income, a stock trading course can’t guarantee you investing profits, and a marketing course can’t guarantee you passive income streams.

It’s on you to achieve your own success. Courses provide information that can be used as a shortcut to success, but they do NOT guarantee that you will become successful.

Why do I see conflicting reviews for certain courses?

First, see the answer to the previous question. Everyone has different expectations when they sign up for a course. If the course doesn’t align with the viewer’s expectations, the viewer will be disappointed.

Additionally, we all have different learning styles and courses may resonate in different ways with different people. One person may take a marketing course and launch a new business while another may not see any results at all.

We do our best to keep our reviews objective, but its okay if you disagree with us. Just leave a comment on the post you disagree with and share your perspective.

Can I request a specific course review?

You are welcome to reach out via our contact page. We currently have a long queue of courses we are trying to review, but we definitely want to hear from you! If you want us to review a specific course, just send an email and we will add it to our queue if it meets our guidelines.