Local SEO Domination Review – An In-Depth Look At Jason Wright’s Course

by | May 12, 2020

What Is Local SEO Domination?

Local SEO domination is a course created by Jason Wright that focuses solely on boosting local SEO rankings through Google. Jason shows you how to create a local SEO strategy for your business and dominate local search rankings. One of the main goals of this course is getting your business top-ranked on maps, a tough process that requires time and effort.

Local SEO Domination Overview
Local SEO Domination is created under “Marketing by Data”, Wright’s digital marketing agency.

Anyone knows SEO rankings take time. Jason makes sure that you set up a solid foundation and strategy before putting in the time and effort. You’ll find in this course that you will start optimizing things that you never realized impacted search results. Jason shows you how to optimize your website, set up trackers, create domain referrals, and complete both on page and off page SEO.

There are a lot of good search engine optimization courses out there, so how does this one measure up? Let’s find out in this review of Local SEO Domination.

NOTE: We currently recommend The Authority Site System over Local SEO Domination. The Authority Site System is highly rated in all areas, including course quality and value. Here’s why

Who Is Jason Wright?

Jason Wright is an SEO expert with multiple prominent clients. He’s given multiple presentations to hundreds of people. He’s also worked for very reputable businesses, such as Disney, NPR, Playboy, and other local businesses like 800-NoCuffs, NRPR Group, and Bail-Smart.

Wright works as an SEO consultant to these companies, boosting their listings to the top of their industries. He began working as a digital marketer for companies, before specializing as an SEO expert on his own.

Local SEO Domination Jason Wright
Jason Wright, the course creator, giving a presentation about local SEO.

Now, Wright works at Marketing by Data, a digital marketing agency that he founded. Along with servicing clients, Wright builds his own personal brand as an SEO expert.

Local SEO Domination Pricing

Local SEO Domination costs a total of $597. It does not feature any form of payment plans. Along with the course you also get access to:

  • A “private community” for others in Jason Wright’s courses.
  • Access to the “Internet Marketing Gold Platform”.

Essentially, the only bonuses are access to two Facebook groups.

Local SEO Domination Pricing
The course costs $597 total. Additionally, refunds have to go through Wright himself.

The course features over 3.5 hours of instruction, which is fairly low for the price that it charges. It does offer a 7 day money-back guarantee. In order to claim this, you have to reach out to Jason himself, and does not feature a full refund. Wright excludes “course bundle items such as merchandise software credits and postage”.

Local SEO Domination’s Core Curriculum

The course is broken up into six different modules. Each module is a step towards creating your local SEO listing.

Module 1: Website Setup

Module one consists entirely of technical tutorials. Jason basically teaches you how to make your website. He explains things like hosting, building your website, and even teaches you how to buy a basic domain name. A lot of this is really self-explanatory, and doesn’t really need to be explained in this course.

Local SEO Domination Learning
Wright showing students an overview of what they’re gonna learn in the video.

Jason does include a marketing workbook, which is actually useful in organizing your marketing plan. However this module is very short, and a lot of the information presented, as stated, is very skippable. Jason over explains simple things like creating a website.

Module 2: Tracking Setup 

This module is focused on tracking traffic and keyword searches in your website. Jason starts out by showing you the best way to do research for your website in terms of keywords. He also gives an overview of various platforms like Google analytics and Bing webmaster as well, and goes over navigating through them and setting up your account.

In the last parts of the module, Jason focuses on setting up your analytic trackers inside of your website, specifically keyword and traffic trackers. Other than that there’s not much else inside of this module.

Module 2, just like the module 1, is self-explanatory and a waste of a module. Jason could have easily put both modules together in one “Website” module, but instead he separates them into two. So far, one-third of the course has gone by with students only learning basic web creation.

Module 3: Initial Research 

This module focuses solely on researching. Jason shows you the best way to conduct keyword research, and the specific parts of a website to look for them. He also goes over various ways to conduct competitive research on other businesses. After that, he shows you how to navigate through Google and look for specific parts of top-ranked local businesses.

Jason does a really good job of giving you lots of tools. He shows you a lot of different websites to use, with all of them being relevant and providing value. He shows you websites to conduct competitive research, optimize your images, and even analyzes your website copy.

Local SEO Domination Keyword Research
Wright showing you how to use SEMrush, a tool for gathering information about keywords.

Jason also goes over things like NAPW, business descriptions, and the best way to tag your images. This module does show some pretty useful information, as research is a very vital part of any SEO business. 

Module 4: Maps Setup

In this module Jason shows you how to set up your businesses listing in maps. Jason goes over various websites to use such as Google, Bing, Facebook, and Apple Maps. He shows you how to create your account, set up your listing, and… that’s about it.

Jason doesn’t delve into any greater detail beyond this. The entire module is just guided walkthroughs to teach you how to list your business on each platforms. He doesn’t go into optimization, keyword practices, or any other strategy to help boost your rank. All he does is show you how to list your page on these platforms.

Local SEO Domination Google Maps
Wright showing you how to list your business on Google Maps.

Overall, just as with module 1 and 2, this module lacks any real value. This information is self-explanatory, and if needed, can be found online for free.

Module 5: On-Page SEO

This module is the most important to your SEO. Jason goes over everything you need to do on your website to increase your rank. He goes over a lot of stuff, like permalinks, site maps, footer optimization, blogging, schema, location pages, and more.

Jason delves deep into these topics, showing you how to optimize your entire website from the welcome screen to the footers. This module contains a lot of valuable information and proves to be quite useful for setting up your website initially. Additionally, he does go over different tools you can use like PageOptimizer Pro, and guides you through using them.

This module single-handedly contains the most value in this entire course. Jason does a good job explaining effective concepts, and showing you how to implement them.

Module 6: Off-Page SEO

This module is almost as important as module 5. It contains a lot of very valuable information. Jason goes over things you can do outside of your website to boost your rank, like backlinks, citations, buying links, branding yourself, and more.

He also goes into a lot of things to avoid, especially when it comes to buying links. Online SEO services can sometimes backfire. Algorithms can actually drop your rank if it detects fishy activity. Buying links is risky because while you may jump up in rankings, you may also drop if you buy them from the wrong place.

Local SEO Domination Backlinks
Jason showing you the best way to buy backlinks for your website.

Jason explores this in this module, and shows you some of the ways to avoid buying a bad service. This module is the second-best in the course, containing a lot of valuable information compared to the other modules.

Jason Wright’s Course Quality

The course quality is good. A lot of what he teaches you is given through screen recordings of either a powerpoint presentation, or a guided walkthrough. The audio quality is below average, and can sometimes feel shaky and distorted. A lot of times it sounds like he doesn’t have a dedicated microphone, but rather he’s using the microphone in his laptop.

Local SEO Domination Course Quality
Wright’s course does suffer from pretty bad audio quality.

The website is well made. You should have no problem navigating through it. The course quality, all though suffering from bad audio problems, in no way interferes with your ability to learn. A lot of what he teaches you is still up to date and relevant.

Does Local SEO Domination Deliver?

The course does deliver on it’s promise to help boost your SEO ranking. Jason shows you a lot of industry-standard practices that are specifically designed for local SEO. He also shows you a lot of very valuable tools for you to use that may not be known or explored in other courses.

Local SEO Domination Guarantees
It’s important to note that Jason Wright makes no promise of guaranteed rankings or income in his course.

In his sales page, Jason positions this course as being up-to-date on the newest Google algorithm. He does deliver on this, as the course is up-to-date at the time of writing this. All of the information he gives you is reliable. One thing to note is that Jason does not promise any guaranteed income or ranking in his sales page. Rather, he promises a good understanding of the topic. In this sense, Jason does deliver on the promise. While not deeply enough, he is successful in teaching you the basics of local SEO.

Who Is Local SEO Domination Best For?

This course is best for anyone who is just getting started with SEO. Jason does provide very quick and comprehensive guides on complex topics. He does a good job of explaining these principles to anyone that is new. His walkthroughs are set at a perfect pace for anyone who’s new.

Local SEO Domination - Who Is It For
In his sales page, Jason Wright says this course is best for advanced users. However, advanced users will quickly find his course to be a waste of time and money.

However, for anyone that has pre-existing experience with SEO, they may find his course to be quite underwhelming. About half of his course is mainly guided walkthroughs for new users. If you already know basic SEO principles, you may find that his information is beyond obvious.

That being said, this course is best for anyone that already has an existing local business and is not familiar with SEO.

Is Jason Wright’s Course Worth The Money?

Jason charges a one-time fee of $600. Given that only half of the course is applicable for experienced users, the course is not worth the money. It only contains 3.5 hours of content total, and only about one of those hours are valuable.

Local SEO Domination - Worth The Money?
While his course isn’t bad, it’s not worth the amount that he charges.

Jason wastes a lot of time over explaining simple concepts, like building your website. While this course may not be bad for anyone starting out, it’s simply not worth the money. He charges a premium price for a basic course. A lot of what he presents that is valuable can easily be found through various other sources. Because of this, the course is not worth the money at all. Jason needs to put in more valuable content, or charge less.

NOTE: We currently recommend The Authority Site System over Local SEO Domination. The Authority Site System is highly rated in all areas, including course quality and value. Here’s why

Local SEO Alternative Courses

Local SEO is a popular topic, and a vast amount of alternatives can be found. Here are a few:

  • Local SEO Blueprint (Udemy)– Courses like these are an embarrassing blow to Wright. Not only does it contain double the content, but it also charges 1/60th of the price. If you have even the slightest interest to buy Wright’s course, buy this one instead.
Local SEO Domination Alternatives - Udemy
Udemy courses are a great alternative that can save you a lot of money.
  • LinkedIn Learning– If you’re looking for a brief overview, consider checking out LinkedIn Learning’s course on local SEO. It’s an online learning hub that also grants you access to other SEO courses.

Final Thoughts: Local SEO Domination

Overall, this course doesn’t present enough value for it to charge the amount that it does. Jason charges for a premium SEO course, but only delivers a basic one at best. While he does give some pretty good information in modules 5 and 6, half of the course is still useless information. While some may find value in it, it is not the right amount of value for how much you pay. 


  • Does contain useful information
  • Up-to-date information


  • Way too expensive
  • Little bonuses
  • Bad audio quality

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 3.14 out of 5

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