eCom Success Academy Review – Is Adrian Morrison’s Course Legit?

by | Aug 15, 2019

What Is “The eCom Success Academy”?

The eCom Success Academy is exactly what is in the title: a dropshipping course that teaches you how to make money online with Shopify. You learn  various strategies like picking a profitable niche, creating ads, utilizing social media, and scaling your store. It’s one of the few courses that is actually a Shopify approved education partner.

Who Is Adrian Morrison?

Adrian Morrison is an online business personality. He’s best known for “Success TV” and “Profit Power Hour”, two online channels that uploads business content. Known for being a social media expert, Morrison has produced various courses and written multiple books about entrepreneurship and digital marketing. He’s even featured inside Shopify itself to help new customers guide their platform.  

How Much Is the eCom Success Academy?

The eCom Success Academy relaunches every year with a price tag of $2,495. You also have the option of three payments of $997, totaling $2991 for the payment plan. The older versions of the course aren’t (officially) sold by Adrian Morrison, as he updates the course every year and keeps the same price. While it’s the same course essentially, he adds small content updates as trends change and move. Overall, you get:  

  • Ecom Success Academy Access  
    • Access to “Over the Shoulder Training”  
  • Profit Power Hour  
    • Closed door weekly webinars hosted by Adrian Morrison himself.  
  • SIZZLE  
    • Product sniping software access.  
  • ART Licensing  
    • Art licensing blueprint training, a small course on how to make money licensing digital artwork.  
  • Adrian Morrison’s Top 4 Selling Products  
    • Inside look on the exact campaigns Morrison uses.  
  • eCom Email Domination Course  
    • Additional bonus course on utilizing emails to increase profit.  
  • 15% Shopify Discount.  
eCom Success Academy Pricing
The eCom Success Academy costs about $2500, or more for the payment plan.

It’s important to note that there are no refunds for this course. Unlike many other courses, Morrison does not offer any money back guarantee.  

Ecom Success AcademyThis product has a NO REFUND policy. All sales are final.” -Launch Wise, LLC Refund Policy  

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The Success Academy’s Breakdown

The course is broken down into a portal, giving you access to all the modules. It allows you to learn at your own pace, giving you the flexibility to take the course in regards to where you are at with your own store. The course is broken down into modules on different systems. These include:  

  • Shopify (40 Lessons)- Anything and everything about Shopify, from setting up your store, product configuration, and promotion.  
  • Sourcing Products (12 Lessons)–  Learn which products to choose and the logistics behind any fulfillment on demand service.  
  • Facebook (63 Lessons)– Understand the ins and outs of Facebook marketing, with lessons teaching you how to use both paid and free traffic to drive visitors to your website.  
  • Email Marketing (8 Lessons)-  Learn how to utilize email marketing to convert one-time buyers into life long customers.  
  • Build your A-Team (7 Lessons)- Build a team of people to automate and scale your business.  
  • Project Management (4 Lessons)- Design and execute tasks to have your a-team deliver efficiently.  
  • Long-term Exit Plan (2 Lessons)- How to sell your Shopify store.  
eCom Success Academy Lesson Plan
eCom Success Academy’s lesson plan.


Shopify is one of the main things you will learn in this course. Morrison goes over Shopify thoroughly, teaching you every part of setting up a Shopify store. The course goes over everything you need to know about Shopify: promotional sales, applications, page structure, etc. If you are a beginner, Morrison shows you all that you need to get started. The Shopify part is split into 8 subsections: 

  • Shopify store setup 
  • Dropshipping 
  • Promotion Strategies 
  • Your Sales Page 
  • Building Your Brand 
  • Shopify App Arsenal 
  • Shopify Quickstart 
eCom Success Academy Shopify
Morrison guides viewers through the Shopify platform.

Sourcing Products 

Pick your winning products as Morrison guides you through the hundreds of options. This section teaches you the best products to sell and how to set up your orders. Morrison goes through various platforms so you get a good feel for each of them, allowing you to pick the one you are most comfortable with. Sourcing products is broken down into the following subsections: 

  • Aliexpress 
  • Vendor Feedback 
  • Best Selling Products 
  • Finding the Best Vendors 
  • Dropshipping Template 
  • Negotiating Prices 
  • Fulfillment Services 
  • Teelaunch 
  • Unique Products 
  • Sourcing to Scale 
  • Alibaba 
  • $1 Fulfillment 
eCom Success Academy Aliexpress
Adrian Morrison shows viewers how to order their products through Aliexpress.


The Facebook section contains the most out of any other section. With 63 lessons, Morrison teaches you the ins and outs of Facebook marketing. This section covers Adrian Morrison’s personal strategies for Facebook marketing, some of which is considered “unconventional”. You learn everything you need to know about maximizing your chances for success: finding your target audience, keyword selection, a/b testing, and even more advanced strategies to scale your ads to the next level. The Facebook section includes the following subsections: 

  • Marketing Setup 
  • Facebook Fan Pages 
  • Facebook Ad Types 
  • Ad Objectives 
  • Facebook Ad Targeting 
  • Advanced Targeting 
  • Facebook Audiences 
  • Facebook’s Pixel 
  • Writing an Ad 
  • Facebook Ad Bidding Strategy 
  • Ads Kill or Scale 
  • Advanced Split testing 
  • Facebook Quick Start
Adrian Morrison eCom Success Academy Facebook Module
Morrison’s Facebook module covers a broad range of topics, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Email Marketing 

Email is the key to converting one-time buyers into life-long customers. An email list is among the most vital assets to a business. In this section, Morrison teaches you how to utilize email as a way to get a foundation of followers for your brand. It doesn’t dive into any advanced strategies, rather it merely covers the basics. The course covers: 

  • Setting Up Mailchimp 
  • Email Templates 
  • Free & Retail Offer Promos 
  • Mailing Non Clickers or Openers 
  • 3 Day Pro Formula 
eCom Success Academy Email Campaign
Morrison breaks down how to leverage your product in an email campaign.

Building Your A-Team 

Running your business can be hectic, especially as a one man operation. Morrison shows you how to build your “A-Team”, a select group of people that can automate various parts of your business. This part is only applicable for those who have income and work coming in. It’s not something that you need to think about as you start out. However, Adrian does a very good job explaining the benefits and use of automation, something that most courses do not. He teaches you how to hire freelancers to cover: 

  • Product Management 
  • Product Research 
  • Customer Service 
  • Social Media Management 

Long-Term Exit Plan 

Morrison is among the very few that teaches you how to exit a business. Although it’s a very short section (only two lessons), the information is important. He teaches you ways that you can sell your business to move on to the next venture. Even if you choose to keep running it, it’s good information to know. The two lessons covered are: 

  • Profit & Loss Formula 
  • Assets That Add Value 

Morrison’s Course Quality

The course has great production. Most of it will be screen recordings, or tutorials from Morrison himself. It’s shot with professional audio recordings and has a nice backdrop. It’s definitely levels ahead of the iPhone videos you’ll see with most courses. 

Adrian Morrison eCom Success Academy Live Introduction
Adrian Morrison’s live introduction to modules.

Who Is eCom Success Academy For?

This course has a wide variety of topics, ranging from beginner to advanced. The course is designed for beginners, but everyone can get value from it in some way. Morrison does an amazing job balancing his teachings to provide useful information for both new and experienced dropshippers. Although you will get more value out of it if you are starting out, you’ll still get some great knowledge from Morrison’s other topics, like automation or selling your business.  

Does Adrian Morrison Deliver?

Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy is one of the best drop shipping courses available. It’s the reason Shopify named it one of it’s official education partners. This means that Shopify’s legal department audited and went through Morrison’s course (a process that took one year), and deemed it in line with Shopify’s system and values. And for good reason: it’s a thorough course.  

eCom Success Academy Shopify Approved
The eCom Success Academy is one of seven approved Shopify courses.

It gives you a very strong understanding of the two most important platforms: Shopify & Facebook. These modules covers both basic and advanced topics, like pixel conversion or ad retargeting. Morrison shows extensive knowledge of both platforms, and doesn’t hold back any knowledge or keep his “secrets” in another course. eCom Academy comes with hours upon hours of content. It’s not your typical course that you can fly by in an hour.   

eCom Success Academy Alternatives

The main topics that Adrian Morrison covers has thorough explanation. However, you can find much cheaper alternatives to eCom Success Academy if you break down the topics: 

  • 10 Dropshipping Strategies (Udemy)- This course is a lot stronger in the supplier side of dropshipping. If you need further information about Alibaba or Oberlo, this course delves into those platforms. 
  • How to Build a Profitable Ecommerce Website (Udemy)- If you’re looking for a broad course like eCom Academy, this is it. It does focus more on SEO than eCom, as it covers Google Adwords and Retailmenot.  
  • Shopify Platform (LinkedIn Learning)– If you already understand the basic idea of dropshipping and are looking for tutorials on Shopify itself, consider a Linkedin Learning subscription. It comes with access to hundreds of different courses as well.
The eCom Success Academy Alternatives
Udemy offers many courses in placement of the eCom Success Academy.

TIP: The best way to learn dropshipping if you are new is to stay active in the dropshipping community. It’ll help guide you and educate you on any changes or new strategies. You can learn some great insider tips that you can’t from courses. For example, reddit user u/aminmo tells readers of r/dropship:

Don’t cheap out with your suppliers on AliExpress: I did that a few days ago because the supplier had a ‘cheaper’ price, but it ended up biting me in the end. Because even though the supplier’s product page said they ship with ePacket, they ended up shipping all of my orders through China Post. So I had to take a loss on that and ship out all the items again using a different supplier with ePacket.”

It’s a smart idea to join any ecommerce or dropshipping communities to learn from others mistakes, just as u/aminmo explains.

Is Success Academy Worth the Money? 

This one’s for you to decide. $2,500 (or $3,000) is a lot of money, and is vital in terms of startup capital. If you have no experience with online retail or dropshipping, you’ll get more value out of this course than someone who knows nothing. However, if you are serious about starting a dropshipping store, consider the following:  

  • There are significantly cheaper alternatives (see below)  
  • $2,500 can buy you:  
    • 222,000-580,000 Instagram impressions  
    • 50,000 Facebook Clicks (assuming your CPC is .05)  
    • About 25 Instagram shoutouts from pages with over 900k followers.  
    • About 2 months of professional advertising management with a  digital marketing agency.  

While Morrison does do a great job of explaining all parts of dropshipping, it’s important to note that in order to be successful with his course, you do have to spend quite a lot of money on Facebook ads before you see any customers. 

The money that you pay for the course could potentially generate a consistent revenue stream (if done properly). You have to ask yourself: do I find more value in a marketing surplus, or in this course? The question isn’t rhetorical, it’s just an idea to think about what your money could be put towards… 

eCom Success Academy Budget
For $2500, you could get up to 570,000 Instagram impressions.
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Our Final Verdict

eCom Success Academy is a legit course. It’s a Shopify approved course that comes with hours upon hours of content. It’s definitely the better of any dropshipping course available. However, it is an expensive course, and with diligence you could replicate it by stringing together various courses (as mentioned). However, when considering that most courses will charge around $1,000 for a quarter of the value eCom Success Academy has, Morrison’s course takes the spot for best dropshipping course available.

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 4.63 out of 5

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