Dropship Lifestyle Review – Is Anton Kraly’s Dropshipping Course Legit?

by | Jun 17, 2021

Dropship Lifestyle is a drop shipping course created by Anton Kraly. It has been widely regarded as one of the best dropshipping courses available. It was named the best e-commerce course by Shopify in 2017. Dropship Lifestyle used to be a Shopify-approved course, but at the time of writing it no longer seems to be the case. There’s no information as to why it lost its title.

Dropship Lifestyle is focused around building a profitable store with little maintenance. More than just a course, Dropship Lifestyle has a community focus. It advertises constant help from peers, events, niche verification, and more. Dropship Lifestyle teaches you everything you need to know about drop shipping, from researching your niche, to creating your store, and to driving traffic.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Main Page

The question is, though, is this course truly all it claims to be? Let’s find out in this thorough review of the Dropship Lifestyle course!

Who Is Anton Kraly?

Anton Kraly is a very successful digital entrepreneur. He got his start by converting his cookie sales business into an e-commerce store. After receiving initial success, he began to sell big-ticket items, like furniture, and expanded his business from there.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Anton Kraly

Now, Kraly owns multiple 7 figure businesses. He lives the laptop lifestyle, talking about it in his dropship lifestyle retreat. He created Dropship Lifestyle after many began asking him about his success.

Dropship Lifestyle Pricing

Dropship Lifestyle has three different packages.

The Premium+ package costs $4,997. It comes with access to Dropship Lifestyle, a premade store front, and 3 months of private coaching.

The Ultimate package costs $8,997. It comes with all the contents of the Premium+, but with the inbox funnels course, 6 months of private coaching, and 6 months of premade content marketing.

The Unlimited package costs $25,000. It comes with all the contents of the Ultimate package, but with a lifetime of private coaching, 12 months of premade content marketing, and a ticket to their lifestyle retreat.

 The premium package is the cheapest ecommerce course Dropshipping Lifestyle offers.

Dropship Lifestyle Pricing

Dropship Lifestyle offers no payment plans. It offers a 30 day money back guarantee, provided that:

To be eligible for a refund you must prove you have completed the following action tasks within 30 days: 1) Select a Niche, 2) Find 20 suppliers, and 3) Build a Website.

Keep in mind, it says be “eligible” by completing all the steps. I wouldn’t be surprised if the final say is up to Dropship Lifestyle

Dropship Lifestyle Modules

Dropship Lifestyle is split into 8 different modules, with each module focusing on a different part of your drop shipping journey.

Module 1: Overview

This is the typical overview, with Kraly giving you an introduction to Dropship Lifestyle. Kraly then talks about the foundations of e commerce, Shopify, explaining how drop shipping works, how it makes money, and what expenses it carries.

He talks about the foundations of a business itself, going into the different classifications (LLC, S Corp, etc.). He ends this module by giving advice about drop shipping as a lifestyle. Overall, this module does have a good amount of content, and the advice is pretty useful. Paired with niche selection, your online business has a good start.

Module 2: Niche Selection

This module is all about picking the right niche. In niche selection, Kraly talks about the different metrics you have to evaluate to pick a winning niche for your online business. He goes over things like competitor research, pricing, product size, and target market. If you want to make money, you have to pick the right niche.

Dropship Lifestyle Blueprint

Kraly arms you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when picking your niche. This module is important, and Kraly doesn’t hold any information back. He even gives an important talk about passion vs. profit, and the mistake that many new drop shippers fall victim to during niche selection.

Module 3: Market Research

In this module, Anton Kraly talks about market research. It basically expands upon the ideas presented in the previous module. He goes over locating e commerce price points, product listing ads, calculating profit margins, tracking demand, and creating your “master list”. He primarily gives lessons on identifying and researching your target markets, and inspecting other dropshipping businesses. Overall, this module presents a lot of good information. Anton Kraly does a good job showing you how to do proper research.

Module 4: Creating Your Website

This module is the technical aspect of creating your website. He talks about the process of creating a website, and mentions again, they could build you one for a fee. Kraly then goes into building your Shopify store, setting up your domain name, building your product collection, setting up your email domain.

Dropship Lifestyle Shopify Explained

This is a standard technical tutorial that every course has, but Kraly does it with a good amount of depth. When people go to your website, they are subconsciously rating your dropshipping store. A better looking drop shipping store means a higher price tag. He goes over every aspect of creating a fully-fledged website and email account in a good amount of depth.

Module 5: Getting Drop Shippers

In this module, Anton Kraly shows you how to start sourcing products. He goes over things like ranking suppliers, creating a supplier directory, differentiating between good and bad suppliers, and explains how to properly approach them.

After that, Kraly talks about maintaining a good supplier relationship and even gives you scripts to use. Overall, this section is quite useful. Kraly teaches you everything you need to know about negotiating as a drop shipper, navigating a supplier directory, and setting up deals with the “anton method”.

Module 6: Get Traffic

Now that your store is set up, Kraly shows you how to start getting traffic driven to your store. He shows you how to set up your Google Adwords account, drive traffic towards your store, and set up a tracking affiliate link. He even talks a little bit about his dropshipping method, and influencer marketing, enough to give you a good idea of it.

Before wrapping it up, Kraly goes over retargeting (or ‘Omnipresent’, as he calls it), and his hour-glass funnel. Overall, this module does provide some good information, but it doesn’t seem fully fledged. Kraly fails to go over keyword research in depth, which is a large part of paid traffic.

Module 7: Optimize For Conversions

This is where Dropship Lifestyle starts to get advanced. Kraly focuses on improving your conversion rate to increase sales. He shows you how to optimize your store, create urgency, get reviews, recover bounced visits, usability, and competitor spying.

Dropship Lifestyle Coupons

Overall, Kraly does give some useful information about optimizing your store for maximum conversions. However, he lacks advanced strategies that are widely used for optimizing and scaling your dropshipping business, like A/B split testing.

Module 8: Automation

In the final module, Kraly teaches you how to automate your business. He teaches you how and why to use automation, abandoned cart scripts, google sheet automation, order tracking, and even content distribution. He then talks about the importance of outsourcing your work, which is the other side to automation. The course content in this will help your dropshipping business make money.

If you follow everything Kraly tells you in this module, you will reduce your workload. Kraly shows you how to visualize your customer’s buying process in a simple fashion, which can help recover lost sales. The software and tutorials he shows you are quite useful.

Dropship Lifestyle Course Quality

Dropship Lifestyle has a high course quality. Anton Kraly takes his time and puts a lot of effort in making the videos and website look nice. Some of the overview videos are Kraly talking directly to you with infographics to illustrate his point. The technical tutorials are screen recorded, and have good audio and visual quality.


Dropship Lifestyle has a lot of custom icons and information made. Kraly presents a lot of information through a powerpoint, which features custom maps, images, and icons purely for this course. Overall, Kraly produces Dropship Lifestyle with a high amount of course quality.

Does Anton Kraly Deliver?

Kraly promises to teach you everything you need to know to create a Shopify store. Dropship Lifestyle does deliver on this. Kraly teaches you everything you need to create a successful Shopify store. While it doesn’t guarantee success, Dropship Lifestyle does set you up to make money with an online store.

Who Is Dropship Lifestyle Best For?

Dropship Lifestyle is best for anyone brand new to dropshipping. Kraly does a good job giving general overviews for every module and concept. For a beginner not familiar with suppliers, fulfillment, and other ideas, Kraly’s pace is perfect. He explains every concept very thoroughly.


However, to those who are on a more advanced pace, this course may seem a bit stale. While Kraly does teach a little advanced concepts, those wishing for more rigor will feel that it’s not enough. Oftentimes, he’ll talk about a tougher concept, but not delve into it.

Is Kraly’s Course Worth The Price?

The cheapest package for Dropship Lifestyle costs $4,997.

$4,997. That’s almost the price of a car. Or money for your online store.

Anton Kraly does nothing to justify this price. While his course is good, it’s not great. And it’s certainly not $4,997 great.

There are many areas where Anton Kraly lacks: A/B Split testing, keyword research, and even SEO. For $5k, the course has to encompass every area of dropshipping with extreme expertise. And Anton Kraly doesn’t do this.

His course is no different than any other thousand-dollar course. And, for those that did buy it, it’s insulting to pay that much only to have Anton Kraly upsell you, offering to build your website for more money.


Anton Kraly’s course isn’t anywhere near how much he charges you, even for the base. I would assume this is why it’s no longer a Shopify approved course.

Dropship Lifestyle Alternatives

Drop shipping is an extremely popular topic. As such, there are many alternatives you can pursue instead of Dropship Lifestyle. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ecom Success Academy– Adrian Morrison has created a great drop shipping course. Morrison’s course is an official Shopify Education partner, a title Anton Kraly once held. At half the price of Dropship Lifestyle, Morrison’s course covers more topics than Anton Kraly’s, like email marketing.

Ecom Elites– Franklin Hatchett’s course provides a good amount of value for your online business. For any beginner on a budget, consider this course. It hits all the right modules, while providing unique ones like organic SEO and Instagram marketing. At $197, Ecom Elites teaches you everything you need to know for your drop shipping business.

Our Final Verdict: Dropship Lifestyle

Overall, Anton Kraly does produce a good course. It gives you an acceptable amount of content, teaches good information, and has great production quality. But, Anton Kraly’s course does nothing to justify the pricing that it does. His course lacks unique and advanced content to warrant the price it charges. This course would be good at $1,000, but by severely overcharging, I cannot recommend this course. It charges too much, and provides too little.

Dropship Lifestyle Pros

  • Good course quality
  • Very thorough explanations
  • Custom powerpoints / infographics

Dropship Lifestyle Cons

  • Severely overcharges
  • No unique or advanced content
  • Many cheaper alternatives
  • Sketchy money back guarantee

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