Dropshipping Titans Review – Does Paul Joseph’s Course Measure Up?

by | May 12, 2020

What Is Dropshipping Titans?

Dropshipping Titans is a course created by Paul Joseph that teaches you dropshipping through eBay. It takes a focus on making small profit margins by selling large quantities. Joseph teaches you how to set up a successful drop-shipping business from scratch. From creating your website, buying the products, to listing them, Joseph shows you everything you need to do.

Dropshipping Titans
Source: Dropshipping Titans

Dropshipping Titans itself takes a different approach than standard dropshipping businesses. Joseph shows you how to list already existing products. For example, his entire product inventory is found on Amazon or Walmart. He basically teaches you how to checkout off of a different site for customers, while making a small profit. Let’s take a closer look with our review of Dropshipping Titans.

NOTE: We currently recommend eCom Elites over Dropshipping Titans. eCom Elites is one of our top online courses with high ratings in all areas. Here’s why

Who Is Paul Joseph? 

Paul Joseph is an online entrepreneur that claims to have made thousands of dollars reselling products on eBay. He’s branded himself as a business Guru, primarily teaching dropshipping on YouTube.

Dropshipping Titans Paul Joseph
Source: Dropshipping Titans

He has over 50,000 subscribers, and regularly produces dropshipping content. He’s done a few collaborations with a couple of other small YouTubers as well. It seems as though he’s found a niche that works for him.

Dropshipping Titans’ Pricing

Dropshipping Titans cost a one time fee of $297. Paul Joseph does offer a payment plan, with three payments of $127. This totals to $381, as Joseph charges an interest rate of 22%. This is excessively high, especially for Joseph, who says the only reason he’s selling his course is because, “There is so much money to be made online that I know we can all benefit from it”. Very kind words for someone charging you 22% interest.

Dropshipping Titans Pricing
Source: Dropshipping Titans

The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you want a refund, you do have to email Paul himself. He promises to make this refund process “no hassle”. 

Dropshipping Titans Refund Policy
Source: Dropshipping Titans

 The course does come with a some benefits such as:

  • Access to the private Facebook mastermind group. This group is where other students who bought the course can collaborate, and seek help from Paul himself.
  • Free customer service scripts. These are just standard responses to General inquiries. For any foreign entrepreneur, this may be valuable, but for everyone else it’s quite useless.

Dropshipping Titan’s Core Curriculum

The course is broken down into ten (but really nine) different modules. Each model focuses on a different topic of creating your dropshipping business.

Module 1 – Your Life Is About To Change!

This shouldn’t even be counted as a module, it’s just a couple of introduction videos.

Module 2 – Get Your Store Up And Running FAST!

This module essentially just teaches you how to create your Paypal account. He goes over things like creating your email, PayPal account, eBay store, and that’s about it. 

Dropshipping Titans Module 2
Source: Dropshipping Titans

Joseph has very flashy listings for these videos, like “Setting Up Your eBay Store (The RIGHT Way)”, but it’s not any different than any YouTube tutorial out there. He tends to over explain simple things, Like having an entire lesson dedicated to your return address. This module proves something that you will see common in this course.

Module 3 – My Titans Product Research Formula

This model focuses solely on product research. Considering the low profit margins you’ll be making, you’ll want to pay attention to this part. Essentially this revolves around going on Home Depot’s website or Walmart to find products that may sell at a higher price.

Other than that, a lot of this is just getting inspiration, finding good products to resell for pennies on the dollar. this entire model doesn’t teach you anything unique. A lot of what he’s teaching you is very basic product research.

Module 4 – The Perfect Ebay Listing

 If you think that you are going to learn some Insider trick to listing your product… think again.

 Joseph just teaches you how to list your product. That’s it.

He doesn’t go into any advanced tactics or tricks, he just shows you how to set up your listing. He also skips over the important fact that eBay limits you to only 10 items for new sellers, even though his entire course revolves around quantity over quality.

Dropshipping Titans Module 4
Source: Dropshipping Titans

Module 5 – What You Need To Know Before Listing More Items

Let me save you some time here.

Your ebay limit is capped off at 10 items. Here’s how to increase this limit:

  • Call them and ask them to increase it
  • Sell more items
  • Remove ones that aren’t selling
  • Get good reviews
  • Verify your payment
  • Sell from the US

That’s this entire module summarized in six bullet points.

Joseph has a tendency to over explain the simplest of points. This entire module can be taught in one video, but Joseph dedicated an entire module for it.

Module 6- Getting Your Customers Their Orders Fast

Just as with the previous module, this module can be easily summarized in one point: buy it for them.

All you do is take the money that they gave you, and purchase the product for them using your suppliers website. And that’s it.

Joseph dedicates 9 different videos to this. A lot of this is just step-by-step tutorials on how to check out on Walmart. If you’ve ever bought a product online at one point in your life, you can skip this module.

Module 7- Top Customer Service Hacks

A lot of this is just general tips and advice. She talks about various things like uploading your tracking numbers, answering questions, and how to avoid cancellations. This is pretty standard customer service that shouldn’t need to be explained in the module.

Essentially, treat customers nicely because they leave reviews that dictate your eBay account. That’s it. There’s no “hacks”.

Dropshipping Titans Module 7
Source: Dropshipping Titans

Module 8- Titan Hacks To Double Your Profit On Every Sale

This module teaches you how to increase your profit margins on each sale. You go from making a couple of cents on each transaction, to a couple more cents if you do these things:

  • Collect coupons and apply them
  • Buy your products all together for free shipping
  • Collect sales tax
  • Buy discounted gift cards

That’s about it. He’s quite literally showing you how to save pennies on each transaction to develop some form of a profit margin.

Module 9 – Keep Things Organized

In this module, Joseph teaches you how to use QuickBooks and put your orders in a spreadsheet. That’s it.

 Module 10 – Advanced Topics

This module is all over the place. These aren’t “advanced topics”, they’re just random ramblings. He just goes over things like creating a second store, where he just talks about the general idea of creating multiple stores. Or forming an LLC, where he shows you how to use LegalZoom. Or talking about how to persist if your sales are slow.

These are in no way anything advanced, rather they’re just pages out of his YouTube channel.

Does Dropshipping Titans Deliver?

No. In no way does this course deliver on its promise.

Joseph promises teaches you how to build a successful dropshipping business. On his website, he says, “…but I am promising that you will build a successful business that will continuously bring you money in the short and long-term”.

Dropshipping Titans Estimates
Source: Dropshipping Titans

If you do only what Joseph teaches you in this video, you will not make a dime. That’s because rather than teach you how to build a successful business, Joseph just teaches you how to build a business.

This entire course is nothing more than guided walkthroughs on simple things. He promises to be your guide on “…becoming a successful eBay dropshipper”, but he’s actually your guide on how to create an email account, or purchase items from Walmart’s website. 

Paul Joseph’s Course Quality 

The course does have good audio and visual quality. It has the same course quality as his YouTube channel, which is really clear. The entire course is screen recorded, with Joseph just talking as he walks you through various websites.

Dropshipping Titans Course Quality
Source: Dropshipping Titans

However, his powerpoint presentations are laughably bad. Some of the material can be very bland and short. It’s common for him to give powerpoint presentations with less than 2 bullet points on screen, and 3 slides total.

Is Dropshipping Titans Worth The Money?

Absolutely not. The course belongs on Udemy for how much value it presents.

Joseph’s course does not set you up for success in any way. It’s all just basic walkthroughs that are self-explanatory to begin with. His promise of success and flashing the “thousands of dollars” people have made are just false.

Reselling products for pennies is a tedious process that may have worked a decade ago, but now it’s just outdated and tiresome. Facing a challenging industry, you now have to navigate it with nothing other than just your payment- verified ebay account.

NOTE: We currently recommend eCom Elites over Dropshipping Titans. eCom Elites is one of our top online courses with high ratings in all areas. Here’s why

Who Is Dropshipping Titans Best For?

Oddly enough, this course does sell quite well for overseas entrepreneurs.

The simple “hand-holding” is obvious for many, but for those who are not familiar with US customs and language, this course is quite helpful for them. Not to be insulting, but this course is best for anyone who speaks English as a second language. Anybody else will find zero value in this course. 

Dropshipping Titans Alternatives

You’ll find that there are many alternatives to dropshipping courses. There’s eCom Blueprint 2.0, High Ticket Dropshipping Academy, eCom Success Academy, and many more. Here a few other viable options that present more value for a cheaper cost:

  • Jack’s eBay Companion(Udemy)- This course teaches you everything that Joseph’s does, but at 1/30th of the price. It teaches you the same concept about reselling, but it also provides a stronger marketing side of it to help you sell your items. If you need a course to help you sell products, consider this one.
Dropshipping Titans Alternatives - Udemy
A lot of Udemy courses will teach you the same amount of content in Dropshipping Titans, if not more.
  • eBay Dropshipping Guide (Udemy)– This course, like the last one, covers everything Joseph’s does as well. This one takes a more analytical view of the business, focusing less on marketing and more on the pricing and amount of listings. If you need a stronger supplier side course, consider this one.

Our Final Verdict For Dropshipping Titans

Overall, Joseph’s course does a very bad job of setting you up for success. He focuses too much time on simple explanations that don’t need to be explained in the first place. This entire course will teach you how to set up a business, but not how to sell anything. Essentially, what you’re paying for are things like “how to buy products from Walmart’s website”. There is very little value inside of this course. Though Joseph does present this course as being highly profitable, you will struggle immensely trying to make profit with the information you are given. If you are trying to set up an eBay business, consider any course but this one.


  • Very graspable
  • Great for foreigners


  • Teaches you nothing of value
  • Extremely expensive
  • No unique content

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 2.4 out of 5

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