eCom Elites Review – Is Franklin Hatchett’s Course Worth the Money?

by | Jun 11, 2020

What Is Ecom Elites?

eCom Elites is an online course made by Frank Hatchett that teaches you how to grow your ecommerce business. The course covers a variety of topics such as social media marketing, email marketing, using Shopify, and sourcing your products. Overall, ecom elites acts as a single course that covers all aspects tied with dropshipping and ecommerce.

eCom Elites Franklin Hatchett
Ecom elites is Franklin’s Hatchett dropshipping course.

Who Is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett is a digital entrepreneur who made his money during the early years of dropshipping. He claims to own multiple dropshipping stores now, some of which you see as an example during the course. His items range from beauty products to tactical backpacks. 

eCom Elites - Franklin Hatchett
Franklin Hatchett, the creator of Ecom Elites.

Hatchett also engages in affiliate marketing owning multiple affiliate marketing businesses. Now, Hatchett makes his money as a business guru, branding himself and teaching others how to make money.

How Much Is Ecom Elites?

eCom Elites comes at two pricing points: standard and ultimate.

The standard package costs $197, and comes with access to the ecom elites course, as well as weekly Q&A sessions, a private “inner circle” access, and Chatbot academy. The price is only a one-time charge, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

eCom Elites Pricing
Ecom Elites comes with two pricing points, standard and ultimate.

The ultimate edition costs $297, and comes with everything that the standard does, but it includes his sales funnel academy, google shopping academy, top selling products book, top selling niches book, and premade sales funnels.

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Ecom Elites Curriculum

The course is divided into 9 modules, with each module covering a different aspect of ecommerce.

eCom Elites Curriculum
Ecom Elites curriculum divided into various topics of dropshipping.

Module 1- Setting Up Your Store

This module teaches you how to get your store up and running so that everything from the payment to the fulfillment runs smoothly. It comes with 17 videos, spanning to about 3 hours of content. Everything about this module is pretty self explanatory, as most of it is technical tutorials. 

eCom Elites Introduction Video
The introduction video to ecom elites.

Hatchett does get into some of the more important aspects of setting up your store, such as an abandoned cart setup, upsells, coupons, and tax. Most of the information in this module can be found online, but Hatchett definitely keeps his word, as he teaches you everything you need to know to set your store up.

Module 2- Sourcing Products

Sourcing products can be a difficult aspect of dropshipping. Hatchett’s “over-the-shoulder” training shows you how to get in contact with suppliers and selecting the right products. This module comes with 20 videos, spanning to about 4 hours of content.

This module covers a lot of the complicated aspects of dropshipping. Hatchett goes over vital information, like product sales volume, product research, and how to best price your products. It also comes with a few bonuses, which are essentially Hatchett’s recommendation for easy products and ideas. 

This module doesn’t shy from content, and goes over the topics in great detail.

Module 3- Facebook Ads

Selling your product isn’t an easy task, even if you picked a great one. Facebook advertising is an essential platform for dropshippers. As such, Hatchett covers Facebook ads with extensive content. Coming in with 31 videos (6 hours of content), Hatchett teaches you anything and everything to do with Facebook ads.

eCom Elites Facebook Ads
Hatchett teaching students the overall Facebook ads strategy.

This module covers both advanced and basic concepts, giving every student something to gain from it. The topics range from using Facebook pixels to scaling with LLAs. Overall, this module produces a lot of content with great information. It may be a bit overwhelming, so do go back and rewatch it a couple of times.

Module 4- Instagram Traffic

Instagram is another platform many dropshippers utilize. This module is shorter compared to the rest, as it only really focuses on influencer marketing and ads. It comes with 9 videos, totaling a mere 1.5 hours of content.

As stated, this module covers two things, and two things only: influencer marketing and Instagram ads. If you are unfamiliar with both, this course is a good starting point to navigating Instagram as a business. Most of the content is geared towards influencer marketing, with the Instagram ads side of it only really being technical tutorials. 

Module 5- Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to convert one time buyers into life long customers. This module goes over the many ways you can utilize your customers’ email to generate more sales. It comes with 12 videos, clocking in at around 2 hours of content.

eCom Elites Email Marketing
Hatchett explains that email marketing is a vital way to increase revenue.

This module doesn’t go in depth about email marketing, only really giving users a moderate understanding of it. It covers various topics such as using Mailchimp, setting up your first campaign, and how to collect emails. None of the information is bad, but it just lacks any advanced strategies that are present in email marketing.

Module 6- Chatbot

Hatchett is one of the few course creators that goes in depth with Chatbot. This module covers the basic functionality of Chatbot, and how you can use it to increase sales. It comes with 10 videos at 3 hours of content total.

This module, like the email marketing module, is mostly technical tutorials. It mainly covers things like setting them up, creating commands, setting up the menu, and various chat flows. It doesn’t go over any real advanced topics, but then again, how many advanced topics of Chatbot are there? It’s a pretty basic module providing everything you need to know about Chatbot. 

Module 7- Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are mainly focused on upsells. Utilizing an efficient sales funnel, you can increase the amount of products a single customer buys. This module comes with 15 short videos, totaling to only about 2 hours of content.

Hatchett uses ClickFunnels, a third party Shopify app just like Chatbot. Most of this module is technical details about how to set up your funnel, connect it with your payment method, and creating various upsells. Most of this module is tutorials, but utilizing ClickFunnels can be vital to increasing your revenue. 

Module 8- Google Ads

Google ads are different than Facebook ads, and should be used in different cases. Hatchett uses both, but depending on your product and niche, Google ads may be a viable option. In this module, Hatchett goes over Google ads and setting them up for maximum efficiency. This module is about 3 hours long, having 17 videos.

Hatchett teaches many aspects of Google ads such as adwords, Google shopping, retargeting campaigns, and keyword research. It’s a very extensive module, providing a good amount of videos about the platform.

Module 9- Organic SEO

Drop shipping and ecommerce shops mainly rely on paid advertising. This module covers organic search engine optimization, a topic very complex and difficult. Hatchett teaches the absolute basics, and mainly provides a general overview rather than a detailed module. The module only comes with about 1 hour of content, totaling to 9 videos. If you are interested in SEO, you may want to consider an alternate course.

Module 10- Top Secret Videos

We can’t tell you these, we signed a non-disclosure agreement…

Just kidding, of course we’re going to talk about it.

Essentially, the “top secret” topics are:

  • Coupon sales trick
  • Warranty upsell trick
  • Review site sales trick
  • Build massive FB pages

You don’t gain a lot of information from the titles, but all you need to understand is that the “secrets” are nothing more than tips and resources. They’re one-time things you could do to cover more ground for your store, that’s it.

Ecom Elites Course Quality

The course has good quality. A good majority of it will be screen recordings as Hatchett guides you through various platforms. It comes with good audio quality, and the video recordings are quite clear. Overall, the quality is above average, nothing too extravagant, but enough to show that Hatchett put effort into this course. You should find no part of the course quality to be less than exceptional.

Does Franklin Hatchett Deliver?

Hatchett promises to teach you to increase your revenue for your Shopify store. While most of the course is designed for newcomers, it does indeed provide you with the resources necessary to increase revenue. However, it’s ultimately up to you to properly utilize what you learned efficiently. Hatchett also provides a full refund for anyone who properly implements what he teaches and fails, making it impossible to say that Hatchett doesn’t deliver on his promise.

Who Is Ecom Elites Best For?

This course is designed to be universally applicable across veterans and newcomers alike. Anyone can get value from this course and learn something new. That being said, there are many parts of this course specifically designed for new entrepreneurs. While both veterans and newcomers can learn something, those just starting out will gain more value than those already in business. 

As such, the course is best for anyone who is interested in dropshipping but has not started yet. It provides a great starting off point to get your entire business organized before you launch. Additionally, you can learn the various platforms before launching to determine which is best for your niche.

Is Franklin’s Course Worth The Money?

The course is very cheap compared to others, only costing $197. Because it provides immense value for how much it charges, eCom Elites is definitely worth the money. It teaches valuable information about ecommerce at an amazing rate.

Most courses, especially in the dropshipping niche, charge 10x the amount while giving you less. Hatchett does a good job of filling the course with value, leaving out all fluff and giving you useful information. Many entrepreneurs consider eCom Elites to be the number one dropshipping and ecommerce course.

This is definitely one of the best courses for people who are new to eCommerce. Franklin Hatchett is refreshingly transparent and honest. At only $197, it’s hard to go wrong with this course.

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Ecom Elites Course Alternatives

Dropshipping is a popular topic, with hundreds of courses created solely on this topic. While we highly recommend the eCom Elites course, here are some other options you may consider:

  • Dropship Lifestyle (Anton Kraly)- This course is very expensive, and for good reason: it was voted the number one course by Shopify themselves. If you are starting out and want an extensive course that gives you the best chances of success, this is it. Kraly creates a course that covers every phase of starting up a dropshipping course, from starting from scratch to automating your business.
  • The Complete Shopify course (Udemy)- If you’re thinking of taking Ecom Elites because you’re a beginner, consider this course instead. It costs $11 when it’s on sale, so check to see when it goes on sale again.
  • Shopify Academy- Shopify publishes a vast amount of free resources for you to get familiar with their platform. It includes everything from Facebook advertising, email marketing, Google ads, and even search engine optimization. It’s definitely a great resource for anyone unfamiliar with dropshipping.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, eCom Elites is a very thorough course, providing an essential foundation for anyone looking to start dropshipping. Hatchett’s course is a good start for anyone to get the information they need to succeed. A majority of the course is spent on walkthrough tutorials on various platforms like Shopify or Facebook, but anyone can get value from this course. It charges very little in comparison to other courses, giving you more money to use on your new startup.


  • Hatchett presents the information well
  • Easily understandable
  • Relatively cheap compared to other courses
  • Covers many areas associated with dropshipping
  • Showcases lesser-known third party apps (Chatbot)


  • Some modules (SEO & Instagram) are very short
  • Doesn’t offer any modules on automation, organization, or financial budgeting
  • Doesn’t give any long-term advice

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Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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