Michael Shih Print Profits Review – Can This Course Help Your Print On Demand Business?

by | May 5, 2020

What Is Print Profits?

So, you want to make money selling online. You could do dropshipping, like in High Ticket Dropshipping Academy, or a consulting business, like in Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator, or you could do a print on demand business. Print Profits is a course created by Michael Shih that teaches students a step by step process to create a print on demand business. It covers every aspect of starting your business, from creating your storefront, designing products, to selling them online. 

Michael Shih Print Profits Intro
Print Profits is a print on demand course created by Michael Shih.

One of the main appeals of print on demand services is its low startup cost and having zero inventory. Using basic apps and a Shopify store, you can sell products without having to deal with production, inventory, or shipping. The course was created in 2018, but a lot of the core principles Sinh teaches you is still applicable. It has 8 modules. 

Who Is Michael Shih?

Michael Shih is an online business guru. He claims to have made millions of dollars through various businesses, including marketing agencies and CPA businesses. He “accidentally discovered” his passion for Shopify, and now wants to share his knowledge with us.

Michael Shih Print Profits - Michael Shih
Michael Shih, creator of Print Profits, leverages his personal brand as a digital entrepreneur.

All claims aside, as an online business influencer, his relevance seems to be lacking. His YouTube channel only has 8k subs, while each video only gets about 1k views. In terms of being a business influencer, his channel is definitely on the smaller side.

Print Profits Pricing

The course costs $997, or if you’re broke it’s $1,191. Jokes aside, it does offer a payment plan of three payments of $397, totaling to be $1,191. The payment plan is almost $200 more than the one-time fee, having a 20% interest rate.

Michael Shih Print Profits Pricing
Michael Shih charges an extra $200 for the payment plan option.

It does come with a few bonuses, such as:

  • Community Access- Join the groups Facebook page. Led by Shih himself, it offers a way for you and other students to learn and support each other.
  • Mentorship Program- You get access to weekly Q&A sessions from Shih and webinar sessions. There’s no confirmation if Shih is still supporting this program though.
  • Bonus modules:
    • Merch by Amazon Mastery- How to sell on Amazon
    • Etsy Master- How to sell on Etsy
    • Funnel Stealer- How to build a sales funnel
    • Print Lab- Access to a design software

Print Profits adheres to a strict “NO-REFUND POLICY” because of its “training, community access, and support upon enrollment”. It does, however, offer a three-day cancelation. Not entirely too sure what the difference is.

Michael Shih Print Profits Curriculum

The course comes with eight main modules, each showing a specific step in creating your business. The course starts with a short welcome video from Shih, thanking you for your purchase.

Module 1- Build

This module is the technical aspect about building your Shopify store.  Shih goes over a lot of aspects about first planning your business, such as picking your niche, doing market research, and planning your product list. He also includes various ways to conduct competitive research about your competitors.

Michael Shih Print Profits - Module 1
Slide image from Module 1. Michael Shih going over picking a good domain name.

Once planning is done, Sinh then goes through building your first site, connecting it to print on demand services, buying a domain, and publishing your site. Overall, this section does contain a lot of technical information, but it can’t help but feel like the information given is rushed.

Module 2- Design

This module is very straightforward. It focuses on the design aspect of print on demand. Shih gives you various options for designs, like creating your own, buying them, or hiring a designer to make them for you.

Shih also goes over some mistakes to avoid. With using print on demand services, legal hurdles can be very tricky for the designs and images you use. Shih teaches you ways to avoid these hurdles. Mainly, don’t use designs that aren’t yours. You can get sued. That’s essentially it.

Module 3- Preparation

This module is quite small, only really focusing on using a print on demand app, and how to price your goods. Shih does give some advice about competitively pricing your app, but for the most part this is just a tutorial on how to use a Shopify app like Printful.

Michael Shih Print Profits - Module 3
Shih going over various print on demand suppliers, and the benefits of each.

Module 4- Attract

Facebook Ads. That’s about it.

Shih guides you through creating your first campaign. He starts out by showing you how to conduct audience research for your niche, and then he teaches you how to create your first campaign. This section is mainly focused on the preparation and research of a campaign. Overall, it provides a pretty basic understanding of Facebook ads, but nothing too advanced.

Module 5- Optimization

More Facebook Ads.

Sinh breaks up Facebook into two modules, with the previous one being preparation, and this one being scaling. In this module Shih focuses on ramping up your Facebook ad campaigns to be more efficient. He goes over various strategies like horizontal and vertical scaling, LAA audiences, and split testing.

Michael Shih Print Profits Scaling
Michael Shih briefly teaches you various strategies you can use to scale your ads at a higher level.

Overall, this module has the most value in the course. The strategies that Shih teaches are highly competitive and relevant, and can really take your site to the next level.

Module 6- Delivery

Assuming orders are coming in, this module focuses on managing your business. Since there is no actual inventory or products, the delivery is mainly focused on organizing and running your business. Shih mainly focuses on automating various parts of your business, like automating your sales campaigns, support, and bookkeeping.

Once various parts of your business are automated, Shih shows you how to start hiring freelancers to take over more parts of your business than just design. Overall, this module is quite insightful for anyone looking to take their business long-term.

Module 7- Funnel Scaling

This module isn’t really “scaling”, it’s more of a “how to build a click funnel”. It focuses solely on building a click funnel, and publishing it. While Shih does show you how to connect it, he doesn’t show you how to really scale it or build a better one.

Michael Shih Print Profits Click Funnel
Shih teaching students how to navigate and create their first click funnel.

While a walkthrough can be useful to newer students, this entire module can seem a bit disappointing. Shih only goes over building and publishing one, that’s it. 

Module 8- Expansion

This module focuses on expanding your business. Logically, once your business is automated, it allows you to focus more free time in expanding the volume of customers. The expansion shows you how to get more sales, primarily through email marketing and Facebook retargeting.

The main thing Shih shows you, just as with his funnel scaling module, is just technical tutorials though. He guides you through setting up a MailChimp campaign. Then he shows you how to create a new audience based on certain demographics. But, that’s about it. It’s just guided tutorials just like the others.

Print Profit’s Course Quality

The course unfortunately suffers from below average quality. Shih’s audio is a bit fuzzy at times, and most of what he shows you is either PowerPoint presentations or screen recording. For the few parts that Shih does record himself on, it’s quite clear he’s using nothing but his laptop webcam inside of his room.

Michael Shih Print Profits Course Quality
A still shot from Shih’s course. Print Profits production quality can feel quite lacking for the price that Shih charges for the course.

While the quality is good enough for you to take and understand the course, it can’t help but feel insulting for the price that he charges. There are $10 Udemy courses that have way better quality then the course you’re paying 100x more for. He focuses all of his design on selling the course, without ever taking time to produce a better-quality course itself.

Does Michael Shih Deliver?

By what Shih has promised, the course does technically deliver. Shih never makes outlandish promises of guaranteed income, and only advertises this course as a way to teach you to build your store. On his website, the sales copy reads:

“Print Profits will guide you to build your own ecommerce store, create designs, and advertise your products in the market.”

And by that definition, Shih absolutely delivers. His course mainly consists of walkthrough videos, but he advertises his course to be just that: a guide to building your store. 

Who Is Print Profits Best For?

Print Profits is best for anyone that’s technologically challenged. It never teaches advanced sales tactics or delves into complicated concepts. Shih essentially holds your hand throughout the entire course. For some, this is actually what’s needed. If you are someone that has a hard time going through web applications like Shopify or Mailchimp, this course is ideal for you.

Michael Shih Print Profits Overview
The content taught by Michael Shih is very simplistic.

However, if you’re someone that wants to buy this course in order to generate heavy revenue or to scale up, this course may not be the best for you. Shih lacks the advanced strategies and concepts in this course for it to be worth your money.

Is Michael Shih Print Profits Worth the Money?

No, not by a long shot.

Print Profits would be a good Udemy course, or YouTube series. But for such a lacking course, there’s no way it’s worth $1,000. Shih’s content is no different than any $10 Udemy course. He doesn’t offer any unique knowledge or value than any other online entrepreneur business guru. 

Michael Shih Print Profits Bonuses
Print Profit’s course is highly lacking unique value, despite the number of bonuses thrown by the sales page.

Shih’s main selling points of his course are using print on demand services, but you can easily use any Shopify course and apply the same exact principles Shih is teaching you in this course. You can even get Shopify approved courses for half of what Shih is charging you. 

Overall, Shih just doesn’t give you any information that everyone else already is. His content isn’t unique, and is in no way worth $1,000.

Print Profits Alternatives

As mentioned before, Shopify is a highly competitive topic, meaning there are a plethora of options to choose from at a fraction of the cost. Here are a few:

  • Start & Scale (Foundr)– If you’re looking to spend the same amount of money for something significantly better, check this course out. It’s officially approved by Shopify, and contains walkthroughs as well as advanced scaling strategies. This course contains a lot of information that Shih left out.
Michael Shih Print Profits Alternatives - Foundr
Foundr offers a better course for the same price. It comes with more thorough information, and is produced better.
  • Adam Reed (Udemy)– If you’re mainly buying this course for the walkthroughs, consider Reed’s Udemy course. At 20% of the cost of Print Profits, it follows the same topics but has more content. Reed’s course is specifically designed for print on demand services, but there is a vast amount of Shopify courses out there.
  • Skillshare– Skillshare is an online learning platform that features unlimited access to all their courses. You can learn many things Shih teaches from here, like setting up your Shopify store or using print on demand applications.

Our Final Verdict For Print Profits

Michael Shih is trying hard to position himself as an online business guru. But the content he produces is significantly lacking the quality for the price that he charges. He attempts to sell a premium course that competes with big names, but gives you a course that belongs on Udemy. While he does have good value in his Facebook modules, there’s no way anyone would be satisfied with his course after spending $1,000. While his sales efforts are respected, the course is not.


  • Easily comprehensible
  • Good pace


  • Extremely expensive
  • Lacking unique content
  • Poor production quality

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 2.78 out of 5

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