What Are Main Street ROI Courses?

Main Street ROI courses are a variety of digital marketing courses available by topic. They are available by individual selection, and give you a wide range of options. They have a lot of different options to choose from, such as social media marketing, Facebook ads, Google analytics, email, SEO and Google ads.

Main Street ROI Digital Marketing Courses
Main Street ROI produces a couple of different digital marketing courses.

This hub is designed to let you select what topic you want to learn from, rather than giving you a  course that is jumbled together. The courses debuted all the way back in 2012, when these topics were still underground. 

What Is Main Street ROI?

Main Street ROI is a small business digital marketing company located in New York City. They produce a variety of online content that focuses on digital marketing.  The course is taught by Phil Frost, the chief operations officer of Main Street ROI. 

Main Street ROI Digital Marketing Agency
Main Street ROI is a digital marketing agency that provides online courses as well.

Phil got his start in 2006, working as a PPC ad manager for a company. In 2011, he started working at Main Street ROI, creating the courses available today. 

Main Street ROI Phil Frost
Phil Frost, the COO of Main Street ROI and the course teacher.

Main Street ROI was created to help small “main street” businesses increase their sales and revenue through online channels. Since its creation in 2010, it’s been one of the original digital marketing agencies. 

Main Street ROI’s Course Pricing

The courses cost $97 each. Each course is about 90 minutes long. It offers a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. The exact terms of this moneyback guarantee is unclear, as you have to go through customer service to get it.

Main Street ROI Pricing
Each course costs exactly $97.

Each course is bought as an individual membership, and there’s no membership option as well.

The courses do not come with any added benefits. All you get is the straightforward course.

Main Street ROI’s Core Curriculum

 Each course comes as an individual topic, as stated. Here’s a breakdown of each course that’s available.

The Local SEO Formula 

The local SEO formula is a course that’s designed to help you with Google’s My Business listings. It aims for any local business to increase their search results in maps, and other local listings.

Main Street ROI SEO Formula
Frost writes about keyword research for local SEO formula.

Frost, the course creator, teaches you everything you need to know about jumping up your search results. He goes over things like keyword research, listing optimization, citations, and reviews.

He also goes over things to avoid, such as “over optimization” in Google my business. Frost  also talks about the best way to get reviews from your customers. H even gives you email templates to send to customers to increase your review rate.

Frost also includes a list of local directory listings that you can take advantage of. Overall this course is a good overview for anyone looking to dip into local SEO.

Introduction To Social Media Marketing

In this course, Frost gives you an overview of social media marketing. He first goes over the different networks to use, and when to use them. He talks about the advantages that each one has, such as Facebook or Instagram, and which industry that they work best in.

He then transitions into the bulk of the course, such as building your audience, posting content, creating content, and generating leads in sales from social media.  He also covers the best way to track your growth, and organize your content calendar.

Overall, this course doesn’t really delve into any real marketing, so much as it’s really just an introduction course on social media itself.

Introduction To Google Analytics

In this course, Frost gives you an overview of Google Analytics. Cross gives you a tutorial on how you set up your Google Analytic  on your website. He transitions into the bulk of the course, like generating reports from your website,  analyzing trends over time, identifying your top traffic sources, measuring your SEO results, and interpreting bounce rates.

Main Street ROI Introduction To Google Analytics
Frost promises to teach you all of the topics, but only briefly covers them.

At the end of the course, he gives you a checklist of things to do in order to properly organize your efforts. This course, like the last one, serves as an introduction and mainly a “how-to”. The main goal of this course is to give you familiarity with the platform, but not mastery. 

The Email Profit Formula

The email profit formula is more of a live training than it is a course. In the training, Frost essentially teaches you how to set up an email marketing campaign. He goes over a lot of Food Basics, such as content marketing, structuring your emails, building your list, and setting your content schedule.

Main Street ROI Email Service Provider
Frost talking about the different email service providers to use.

You don’t really get an overview of this training on the website, rather, you’re just opted in to immediately buying it. Like most of the courses here, it serves as a general overview, but doesn’t get into any extensive detail. 

The Complete SEO Tune Up

This part, like the email profit formula, is a live training. In it, Frost teaches you the best way to optimize your website for SEO purposes. Frost goes over some technical things like meta tags, image tagging, anchors, and backlinks.

He also explores different pages that do good examples of SEO, and bad examples. He points out specific things that you can do to make sure your website stands above your competition.

This section is more of a “how to”, with it mainly being a live tutorial. Frost basically guides you through optimizing your website.

How To Create A Profitable Google Ads Campaign From Scratch

This topic is also a live training. In it, Frost goes over how to create a Google ad campaign from scratch. He explains a lot of the terminology associated with Google’s PPC platform, navigating through it’s interface, and setting up your campaign.

This course does exactly what it claims to in the title, teaching you how to set up your first campaign from scratch. The only problem is, that’s all it does. You’ll find very little knowledge outside of the guided walkthrough. If you want to learn how to optimize them, you’ll have to buy the next training.

How To Optimize Your Google Ads In Just 15 Minutes Per Day

Now that you paid $97 to set up your campaign, it’s time to pay another $97 and optimize them. In this course, Frost teaches you how to optimize your campaign.  Frost makes the claim of optimizing your ad with minimal effort. 

Essentially, what Frost is teaching you how to do is to know when to kill ads that are not working.  He basically explains the quickest way to test an ad, and how to measure its results. The strategy is the most basic, and can be found in any other course.

Creating Facebook Ads That Sell

In this training, Frost focuses on increasing your Facebook Ads conversion rate. He goes over the basic structure of an ad, and the best way to utilize the post’s thumbnails, titles, and descriptions to increase your sales.

Main Street ROI Lead Magnets
Frost showing you the best way to structure your Facebook ads.

He briefly goes into the best way to generate opt-ins and leads. He also briefly touches upon optimizing your cost-per-click.  Overall, this training does do a better job than his Google trainings, but it still doesn’t present any unique value. 

Main Street ROI’s Course Quality

Arguably, the best thing about these courses is the quality. The audio and video production goes so far that it even has its own intro, with music. Frost does a good job of sticking to a script, as the content is straight to the point without the filled “ums” most courses do. The video and audio quality are quite clear.

Overall the quality definitely adds to the experience of the education. However, the course quality just feels old. This course came out many years ago, and while it was ahead of it’s time, it now feels outdated. Main Street ROI still gives a professional tone to the courses and trainings, but it feels very outdated.

Does Frost Deliver?

In the most simplest of answers, yes. To some extent.

The course titles give you everything you need to know about what’s going to be inside of the course. It completes its task of giving you the necessary knowledge, while not straying too far from what it promised. The course basically teaches you exactly what it says, and nothing more.

Main Street ROI Guarantees
The courses don’t make any outrageous claims of guaranteed income, rather it promises simple understanding and results.

Students who take the local SEO formula, will indeed learn about local SEO formula. The main problem is, that’s all that they learn. Nothing else. With that said, the course does deliver on what it promises. 

Who Are Main Street ROI’s Courses Best For?

These courses are best for anyone who’s extremely unfamiliar with these topics. Frost definitely knows his audience, and markets this course towards people that have existing businesses, but are struggling to make the transition to online themselves.

It seems as though he utilizes these courses to also sell his digital marketing services. The courses give thorough explanations on very simple and graspable topics.  If you are someone who heavily struggles with digital marketing, consider this course.

As for anyone else with the slightest bit of experience, these courses provide a basic understanding, and nothing more. It’s not recommended for anyone who’s looking to achieve mastery of these topics. 

Are Frost’s Courses Worth The Money?

No. Not at all.

These courses provide a very basic understanding of the topics. While Frost does a good job of teaching these, it does not justify the price that it charges. $100 should give you more value for your money. The fact that he splits topics like Google ads and optimization into two different courses proves the point: they’re overcharged.

Main Street ROI Money Back Guarantee
Main Street ROI charges an absurd amount for the most basic courses.

For one tenth of the cost, you can get set up with Udemy courses that provide you with much more value. Even so, a lot of the information he presents can even be found online, for free. His live trainings are easily found in various YouTube videos.

The value that he gives you in these courses are not unique in any way.  He’s charging for a premium course, but only provides the most bare-bones, basic understanding.While it may help people who are just starting out, it’s definitely not helping out their wallets.

Main Street ROI Alternative Courses:

Main Street ROI tries to hit every digital marketing topic. Fortunately for you, there are many, many viable alternatives to each topic presented. Here are a few:

  • LinkedIn Learning- If you like these courses because it provided you a general understanding, consider a LinkedIn Learning membership. Starting at one-third of the price of a single topic, it gives you access to every single course available. Topics include everything that Frost teaches, and much more.
  • Complete SEO Training (Udemy)-If you were considering buying the scores for the SEO aspects of it, consider this course instead. Peter Kent, the course creator, does an amazing job of teaching you a basic and intermediate understanding of SEO, for significantly less.
  • Digital Marketer’s Paid Traffic Mastery-If you’re looking to learn more about pay per click ads when it comes to digital marketing, you may want to consider this course. This course is taught by Molly Pittman, a Digital Marketer’s VP and traffic manager. This course focuses on PPC Ads and includes curriculum on optimization, scaling, and analyzing ads.

Final Thoughts: Main Street ROI

Overall, Frost does a good job of putting effort and time into this course. That being said, it suffers from the fact that it charges $100 for about an hour of content. While the content provided is helpful to some, it’s not valuable in any way. Frost does not include enough unique value inside of the course to warrant the price that it charges. With the plethora of courses available, Main Street ROI courses are not viable for anyone. Frost needs to either charge less, or include more content within the topics. 


  • Good audio quality
  • Good for absolute beginners


  • Overcharges
  • Very basic information
  • No unique content
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Main Street ROI Review
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  • Quality of Education
  • Value


There is a lot of knowledge you need to be a successful digital marketer. Main Street ROI is a variety of digital marketing courses that aims to address your knowledge needs. Their core curriculum includes local SEO formula, social media marketing, google analytics, and more. Are these courses really worth the price, though? Read our review of Main Street ROI and learn if their courses are legit or not.