Digital Marketer Lab Review – Is Ryan Deiss’ Course Hub Really A Pioneer?

by | Jun 17, 2021

Digital Marketer Lab is a digital marketing hub designed for users to learn every aspect of online marketing. It takes the form of a membership program, charging you monthly for access. Digital Marketer Lab includes marketing playbooks, which are step-by-step trainings on various platforms (ex: Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.), with one new playbook added every single month.

Digital Marketer also features monthly workshops, covering topics such as paid traffic mastery, marketing strategies, email landing pages, data mastery, marketing channels, and more. Finally, you also get access to their community of other Digital Marketer Lab members. Keep in mind, the advice you get is peer-to-peer, not from DigitalMarketer Lab itself. They advertise very responsive customer support and customer service as well.

So, is Digital Marketer Lab the course you’ve been waiting for? Let’s find out if it’s truly worth the price in this review of Digital Marketer Lab!

Digital Marketer Lab Marketing Hub

Who Is Ryan Deiss?

As a course hub, Digital Marketer Lab features various authors for each subject. There’s no one creator, as Digital Marketer is a company, rather than an individual. The company was founded by Ryan Deiss, who also acts as managing partner of, an online marketing agency. Deiss is known for his ability as an online marketer, starting multiple successful online businesses, and being an author. He claims that Daymond John, the Shark Tank investor, has named him one of the top online marketers in the world.

Digital Marketer Lab Ryan Deiss

Digital Marketer Lab Pricing

Digital Marketer Lab costs $95/month. It offers free cancelation at any time. Alternatively, you can pay $950 for a yearly membership, which equates to $79/month.

Digital Marketer Lab Pricing

Digital Marketer Lab offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but be warned, it’s not a refund. They will simply just cancel your membership, and leave you with their bonuses. To get any certification courses, it will cost extra.

It does offer a 14-day free trial, provided that you enter your card information in. For anyone unsure about getting Digital Marketer Lab, this is a great way to test it out. The free trial does not come with access to any of the mastery certifications or the powerplays. You do get access to the playbooks and the live events.

It does come with two bonuses, such as:

  • The Machine- An email marketing automation software from dm labs.
  • Secret Selling System- The“secret” to business growth and cornering your social media market
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Digital Marketer Lab Modules

Digital Marketer Lab does not have a set module system like typical cs. Instead, you choose the topic that you want to learn, like a course hub. We’re gonna go in and take a look at a few of their playbooks.

Digital Marketer Lab Playbook

Playbook 1: Product Launch

This playbook focuses entirely on a product launch. It’s taught by Foundr, a big entrepreneur media company. The playbook aims to teach you how to tell your story, plan your launch sequence, create your content team, and create your “launch deliverables”. It explains that product launches have to be properly organized in order to ensure awareness. 

It also goes on to talk about the importance of customer-centric marketing. Your product launch should be tailored to your customer, not your product. If you have done proper market research, this part should be easy. Generally, your product launch should have the following:

  • Product launch timeline
  • Customer journey outline
  • Product launch sequence

Playbook 2: Retargeting

It’s taught by Garrett Hardy, a media manager at Digital Marketer Lab. The playbook focuses on troubleshooting ads that are not converting. Retargeting is for PPC systems that allow you to target new demographics using the data you’ve collected from your previous campaign. This playbook focuses on retargeting Google and Facebook ads. 

Digital Marketer Lab Retargeting Playbook

For Facebook, it discusses the importance of Facebook Pixel. This allows you to target your ads to people who have previously interacted with your ad, but may not have purchased. By doing this, it enables you to create a custom audience of potentially lost customers. It ends by talking about the optimal frequency and placement of your ad. The Google part follows the same structure, showing you how then talking about the best way to do so.

Playbook 3: Promo Calendar 

In this playbook, Matt Shelar, promotions manager of Digital Marketer, explains the types of promo calendars as well as some tips and tricks. He starts by talking about the purpose of a promo calendar, the anatomy, then how to plan out and start your own.

Overall, Shelar does a good job. Creating a promo calendar is a great way to organize your marketing strategy. By creating a promo calendar, your campaigns are more organized and your content schedule is better visualized.

Playbook 4: Competitive Analysis

This playbook teaches you how to conduct a competitive analysis in order to better understand your competitors. It’s goal is to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to use the information to your advantage. It’s taught by Hiten Shah, CEO and co-founder of FYI, a software company. 

Digital Marketer Lab Competitive Analysis Playbook

It begins by explaining that the analysis isn’t about the business, but the customers. You have to find out why they are drawn or not drawn to a particular business. You can do so by conducting interviews, surveys, and reading reviews. Then, you have to analyze their website, business model, marketing campaigns, social media presence, and more. By collecting all this data, it will allow you to better understand your competitor.

Competitive analysis is a complicated topic. There are many books and courses dedicated to this topic. Digital Marketer Lab does a good job of condensing the information into useful information.

Digital Marketer Lab Course Quality

Digital Marketer Lab has good course quality. All of the playbooks are text-based, acting like an extended online blog. It does have good images, and the website is well built. However, there are many times a video would help. For example, when giving a tutorial about the Facebook pixel, it tells you where to go, click-by-click, but a video tutorial would be much easier. Those who are not too tech-savvy may find it hard to follow along.

Digital Marketer Lab Quality

The live workshops are produced with very high production quality. Each video is a couple of hours long, depending on the topic. It features powerpoint presentations, face-to-face chats, good audio quality, and whiteboard writings. It’s all professionally produced, from the themes to the set.

Does Digital Marketer Lab Deliver?

Digital Marketer Lab promises to give you access to the, “…checklists, trainings, templates, and community you need to get marketing done”. Digital Marketer Lab never promises a guaranteed return on investment, or money made, rather it promises to give you the knowledge you need to properly market your business online. So, does it do this?

Digital Marketer Lab Course

Yes, it does. Digital Marketer Lab is a comprehensive course hub that has a very wide variety of topics and modules for you to take. There are many topics that Digital Marketer Lab covers, that some thousand-dollar courses don’t even touch. While it still has the typical “Facebook Ads” and “Google Ads” information every course has, it covers unique topics like competitive analysis, blog content, sales funnels, email follow-up, and so much more. What I like most about Digital Marketer Lab is that it covers topics like these that you normally have to take an entirely separate course for.

Who Is Digital Marketer Lab Best For?

Digital Marketer Lab is best for anyone looking to make money online. Both new and experienced marketers can find value inside Digital Marketer Lab. 

For new online marketers, it has hours upon hours of content for you to take. It covers simple topics like Facebook Ads, paid traffic, or email marketing with ease. And it’s very simple to follow along. For seasoned marketers, it has advanced topics like retargeting, traffic mastery, and scaling for you to take advantage of. Anyone, regardless of skill level, can find something new and useful to learn.

What’s best about Digital Marketer Lab is its ability to apply it’s information across any industry. Whether you’re a drop shipper, content marketer, or an affiliate marketing business, you can find value in the playbooks and live events. The lessons learned can be used for any business or brand, as long as it’s online. 

Is Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer Lab Worth The Price?

$95/month is not cheap, especially to anyone starting their own business. However, if you are able to grind it out, and learn all of Digital Marketer Lab within a month… it’s very much worth the money. The skills they teach you are highly useful, especially considering most courses cost 10x as much, and leave you with a quarter of the information.

For many, this is doable. If you put your mind to it, one month is enough time to get all you need from Digital Marketer Lab. Even if it takes you two months, I still argue it’s worth the money. Digital Marketer HQ has everything you need to learn to be successful. 

However, as a monthly subscription, I would not subscribe past three months. The team members in the community help. While they’re not team experts, many are business owners that can help you with anything, like an optimization plan or a marketing landscape. Some of them are just one message away. With that said, there’s not enough content put out on a monthly basis for it to warrant another $95 per month. 

Digital Marketer Lab Alternatives

Digital Marketer Lab is a course hub. As a course hub, it doesn’t just feature one topic or business. While it’s one of the better ones out there, it’s still not the only one. Here are a few alternatives for you to consider:

  • LinkedIn Learning– LinkedIn learning is an online course hub produced by LinkedIn. Originally, it was called, before it was acquired by LinkedIn. It features a good majority of any topic you wish to learn. From SEO to Facebook Ads, LinkedIn has all the main topics.
Digital Marketer Lab Alternatives - LinkedIn Learning
  • Skillshare– Unlike LinkedIn, Skillshare allows content creators to feature their courses on Skillshare. As such, it offers a lot more options for you in terms of content. You’ll be able to learn the more creative aspect of business, like Adobe programs or organization. 

Our Final Verdict: Digital Marketer Lab

Overall, Digital Marketer Lab is a very useful and valuable tool to any digital marketer. It features very unique topics not typically taught, like execution plan, campaign strategy, and advertising plan. The skills you learn can be applied to any online business. If you are able to absorb the information in a timely manner, you can learn a lot at a relatively cheap price. As a ‘lab member’, you get access to marketing courses that focus on what’s working now. At $95/month, Digital Marketer Lab is a great option for anyone looking to start their online business.

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  • Lots of content
  • Unique topics
  • Good quality
  • Reputable teachers


  • Needs video tutorials
  • Monthly subscription can add up

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
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