Autoresponder Alchemy Review – A Look At Terry Dean’s Course

by | May 5, 2020

What Is Autoresponder Alchemy?

When it comes to marketing, there are so many types and courses out there. From social media marketing, like in Tai Lopez’s course, to digital marketing with paid traffic, like in Digital Marketer’s Paid Traffic Mastery course; and then there’s what we’ll look at today, email marketing. Autoresponder Alchemy is all about one thing: emails. This course doesn’t teach you how to set up a business, rather it teaches you mastery of email marketing to use on your own pre existing business. The course goes in depth about anything and everything to do with emails. From email models to buyer psychology to building your email list, this course has it all.

Autoresponder Alchemy Intro
Autoresponder Alchemy focuses solely on email marketing.

The main selling point of this course is its use of autoresponders. Unlike other email courses, Dean’s course is designed to be fully automated. In theory, you focus more time on building your email list while it capitalizes on itself.

Who Is Terry Dean?

Terry Dean claims to have made millions using his “email secret” when he was on the verge of bankruptcy. It’s a very good story, but an unverified one, so take it with a grain of salt. He also claims to be an author, lifestyle coach, and an entrepreneur. Dean claims to have made millions for himself and others using his email strategy. While not trying to discredit Dean, keep in mind the information received is only coming from him.

Autoresponder Alchemy - Terry Dean
Terry Dean, the creator of Autoresponder Alchemy.

Now, Terry Dean attempts to leverage himself as an online business guru. Dean talks a big game about his lifestyle and his success as a marketer, but his youtube channel falls incredibly flat on these claims. Having less than 1,000 subscribers at the time of writing this, and only having a handful of views, Dean’s channel is barron compared to the claims he makes about himself.

How Much Does Terry Dean Charge?

The course costs $179, and has a payment plan available for two payments of $99, clocking in at $198 total. This makes the payment plan have an interest rate of 10%, which isn’t as bad as most courses. 

Autoresponder Alchemy Cost
The course costs $179. The average email marketing course costs $500.

The course comes with a 100% money back guarantee if contested within 30 days. You do have to go through a ticket system, so do be aware of that. The course comes with a few bonuses, such as:

  • First 10,000 Subscribers Module- This is a bonus module in which Dean teaches you how to build your first email list from scratch using both a free and paid method.
  • Email wealth funnels- This is another bonus module where Dean focuses on upselling customers using various funnels and offers.
  • You also get access to all of Dean’s email templates as well.

Autoresponder Alchemy’s Curriculum

The course is broken down into 6 different modules, with each module focusing on a different step of building your autoresponder.

Module 1- Model My Million Dollar Emails

To start the course, Dean teaches you how to model his proven email templates. He talks about how it’s better to not think about email marketing, and to stick to using templates and models rather than try to create your own. Essentially, Dean advises you to stick to his templates first before you start trying to use your own.

Autoresponder Alchemy - Module 1
Terry Dean explaining the importance of autoresponders for email marketing.

Dean then transitions and talks about the best way to create engaging and profitable emails by avoiding common “response draining problems”, or common turn offs found in a lot of emails sent. He finishes this module by explaining the “Dynamic Duo” of utilizing a captivating subject line in order to heavily boost your click through rate.

Overall, this module serves as a really good introduction to this course. Dean wastes no time and delves straight into the point.

Module 2- Hidden Reasons Why Prospects Buy

This module mainly focuses on the buyer psychology behind email marketing. Dean uncovers the “hidden motivations behind why prospects buy”. A lot of what he says can be really cringey, like trying to trick yourself into thinking you’re saving the customer from themselves. A lot of this can be seen in his sales page where he says:

“In fact, in my opinion it’s unethical for you to keep your cure a secret from those you can save”. 

Keep in mind, we’re talking about email marketing, and not medical oaths. It seems cheesy and self diluting to put your ecommerce business as that passionate and dramatic. He plays the emotional card a little too much, and this is apparent in this module. However, it does speak to the idea that you have to be extremely  passionate about your business.

With that said, he does teach some good points about emotional triggers inside of your copy. He goes over things like spy techniques, conversion score, buyer’s avatar, and various other methods. Overall, the motivational part of this module is uncomfortable, but he does redeem himself and teach useful information at the end.

Module 3- Email “Super Hero” Method

For this module, Dean goes over the best way to apply your brand to the emails. Rather than just having plain copy and pasted methods, Dean shows you how to leverage the best parts of your brand. He talks about different ways you could turn your brand into a market authority or a well-known brand by using some key branding features.

Autoresponder Alchemy - Module 3
Terry Dean explaining buyer psychology using common examples such as super villains.

Dean transitions into buyer persona for the rest of this module, talking about different ways to position your product or service. Dean mainly talks about different traits from a buyer you can appeal to, like targeting a common hatred or pointing out your own business’s personal flaw. All of these emotional appeals are used for different types of buyers, and Dean talks about each way to use them.

This module, like the previous one, contains pretty good information, especially towards the end when Dean talks about emotional appeals. 

Module 4- 30 Minute Emails 

This module focuses only on increasing email efficiency. Through both speed and engagement, Dean teaches you how to refine your email marketing to be more efficient. Dean shows you how to use what he calls the “slippery slide” principle to hook your readers and increase the CTR of your emails.

After that, Dean teaches you how to write your emails faster and overcome common writing blocks. He also gives you a couple different questions you can ask yourself in order to create more selling stories.

Module 5- Money-On-Demand Offers

Once your emails are being sent and being opened, you need to start capitalizing on them. In this module, Dean goes over all the ways for you to start making money from your emails. Dean starts this module off by going over the best way to create a time-sensitive offer using three key elements. Time sensitive orders are always the best for converting your list to quick profit.

Autoresponder Alchemy - Module 5
Terry Dean teaching the best way to structure a product launch.

After that, Dean goes over ways to fully automate limited time specials into your autoresponder campaign, and also creating pre-launch campaigns to build hype for any presale offer. Lastly, Dean goes over the best way to use affiliate offers as a combination with your products to generate maximum revenue.

Module 6- Advanced Email Strategies

This section focuses on something not a lot of email marketing courses do: advanced tactics. For this module, Dean covers all the ways that you can begin to truly become an expert at email marketing. He starts by focusing on customer segmentation, showing you how to segment your email list based off of click through rates, interests, and buying habits. By doing this, you’re able to create different customer lists that you can tailor specific products to.

Dean then talks about ways to read statistics from your email reports, showing you how to decipher certain numbers and reading what they mean. After that, he talks about various things like double vs single opt in lists, leveraging surveys, and how often to send emails.

Overall, this module contains a lot of value. It separates this entire course alone from other email courses.

Dean’s Course Quality

The course does suffer from a lower-end course quality. Most of the instruction is given over a powerpoint presentation, with Dean’s facecam in the lower corner. While it doesn’t get in the way of the material, it does feel quite outdated.

Autoresponder Alchemy Course Quality
The course quality can feel quite outdated.

The course does come with a variety of worksheets. While they’re not too interactive, it is helpful to have them for reference. While the quality is definitely lower, it’s still clear that Dean did put effort into making the course and it’s materials.

Does Autoresponder Alchemy Deliver?

This course does deliver on its promise. Dean goes over a lot of material and presents a lot of value for anyone learning email marketing. While it may not exactly equate to guaranteed revenue, he teaches highly valuable and profitable principles you can implement in any business.

While it may not be as autonomous as initially marketed, Dean definitely shows you every end of email marketing. 

Who Is Autoresponder Alchemy Best For?

This course is best for anyone who has a business that is not currently using email marketing. Whether you’re new to email marketing or experienced, you’re going to find value in this course. However, the course is going to be best for those who are already selling products and validated their niche. For example, if you start a new business and implement Dean’s steps and fail, you won’t know if it’s because of the business or the marketing that you are doing.

Autoresponder Alchemy - Avatars
Terry Dean goes over both advanced and beginner concepts in Autoresponder Alchemy.

Dean never touches anything other than email marketing. As such, it’s recommended for those who already have a product or service, and just need to increase revenue.

Is Autoresponder Alchemy Worth The Money?

Dean’s course, compared to traditional courses, is very cheap. Most email marketing courses online average to about $500. For less than half the cost, Dean gives you all the same content, if not more.

As such, this course is absolutely worth the money. To spend an extra $200 to implement a killer email marketing campaign in your business is an amazing investment. While the profitability depends on your business, the principles he teaches you has astounding value for how much he charges.

Course Alternatives

Email marketing is a good subject to learn. Here are a few reputable sources you can also learn it from:

  • Hubspot Academy- Hubspot is widely known for offering the best free training for social media and email marketing. Their email marketing course is highly extensive and up to date. You can learn some very valuable insights about email marketing without every spending a dime.
Autoresponder Alchemy Alternatives - Hubspot
Hubspot Academy’s email marketing course is free and offers certification as well.
  • Mailchimp Email Marketing- One of the main things Dean’s course lacks is current email software. This course, created by Jeremy Robinson, is available on Udemy for $19.99. It covers some very advanced topics like A/B split testing, automation, and subscriber organization in MailChimp. If you’re already familiar with the basics of email marketing, consider this course.
  • Skillshare- Skillshare is an online learning hub that gives you access to thousands of courses. One of the Skillshare exclusive courses is a beginners guide to email marketing created by MailChimp themselves. For anyone just starting out, this is a great affordable way to dip your toe in the water.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, for the price that Dean’s charging, this course is very valuable. It teaches a lot of great tips to convert your emails and sell better, while also giving you practical advice to increase your efficiency. Dean does a great job of giving very insightful knowledge and thoroughly explaining concepts. While his course quality is lower, it doesn’t interfere with your learning at all. He does give off some car-salesmen vibes in his sales page and in his course, but he does show a lot of effort was put into the course. All in all, the course is a very good option to learn every aspect of email marketing.


  • Cheap
  • Has lots of value
  • Good for beginners and advanced marketers


  • Low course quality
  • Cheap sales tactics

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 3.34 out of 5

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