AMZ Formula Review – Can It Teach You How To Run A Successful FBA Business?

by | Jul 29, 2021

AMZ Formula is a fulfillment by Amazon private label course that teaches you Joshua Crisp’s formula for FBA success. AMZ Formula shows you how to build your own FBA business from scratch. It shows you research, sourcing, launching, and scaling your online business.

AMZ Formula consists of 8 core modules with over 8 hours of content. Within this content, you get access to strategies and templates Joshua Crisp has used himself.

Crisp claims to have taken a new Amazon FBA account to $1.4 million dollars in 9 months. So, can his FBA course help you do the same? Let’s find out in this ultimate AMZ Formula review!

AMZ Formula FBA Course

Who Is Joshua Crisp?

Joshua Crisp is an online entrepreneur who got his start as one of the many successful Amazon sellers. Crisp started out at a temp agency sorting through recycles for minimum wage. Using only what his mentor taught him and perseverance, Joshua started multiple businesses that have grossed over $10 million to date.

AMZ Formula Joshua Crisp

Take all of that with a heavy grain of salt. Joshua Crisp hired Next Wave Marketing to write his story on AP News. With that said, no one can doubt Joshua Crisp’s success as an FBA entrepreneur. Joshua Crisp has proven himself as a leading expert with experience and results.

Crisp’s Youtube channel has 25k subscribers at the time of this article.

AMZ Formula Pricing

According to the sales page, AMZ Formula costs $997.

There is no option for a payment plan or discounted purchases.

AMZ Formula Pricing

It does come with a few bonuses, including:

  • Live chat room with other students
  • Easy manufacturing template
  • Listing security template
  • Happy customer template

AMZ Formula also features a 14-day money-back guarantee, provided that you watch less than 25% of the course materials.

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AMZ Formula Modules

The AMZ Formula is split into 8 modules, with each showing you a different step of creating your FBA business.

Module 1: Introduction

This module serves as a general introduction to the course and to the Amazon Business Model as a whole. Crisp talks about FBA terminology, mechanics of FBA, business model, mentality, what you need to get started, and how FBA works. This module is good for anyone unfamiliar with the FBA industry or making money online. 

AMZ Formula How Amazon FBA Works

Module 2: Navigating Seller Central & Getting Started

This module goes over creating your seller central account. Joshua Crisp gives you a walkthrough of the platform, explaining each tool and what they’re used for. Crisp teaches you how to set up your account, understand the categories, and become “ungated”.

Module 3: Product Research & Product Verification

I say this a lot, and I’ll say it again: picking the right product is vital to your success as an Amazon FBA business owner. A winning product has the ability to sell itself. In this module, Joshua Crisp shows you how to use a software called Jungle Scout to conduct product research and verify your product.

AMZ Formula Module 3

A quick disclaimer about Jungle Scout: it’s expensive. Their cheapest plan is $349/year, but it holds back the necessary information to conduct the same research Crisp does. The next plan costs $589/year. To anyone on a budget, this is a lot of money, especially since the course itself costs $1,000.

Module 4: Finding A Supplier & Shipping / Logistics

Once you pick your product, you need to learn how to source your product and get it to Amazon. Crisp shows you how to navigate a supplier database, contact them, and source them to Amazon. This module is mainly just technical tutorials, navigating through the shipping process.

Module 5: Creating Your Listing & Getting Positive Reviews

For Module 5, Joshua Crisp shows you how to list your product on Amazon. He goes over creating your listing, optimizing your title and text, getting your first 5 positive reviews, preventing bad reviews, and enrolling in Amazon’s early review program. Overall, this module has a solid foundation for you to launch your first product from. 

AMZ Formula Module 5

Module 6: Keyword Research, PPC & Advertising

In this module, Joshua Crisp shows you how to get more traffic by conducting keyword research and creating a PPC advertising campaign. Crisp shows you how to find the best keywords for your business model, get 5 star reviews, enroll in an early review program, and utilize resources. This module has a lot less PPC information and lessons compared to other courses.

Module 7: Maintaining Your Rank & Brand Growth

Inside Module 7, Joshua Crisp teaches you how to protect your Amazon brand and rank. He shows you how to remove hijackers, protect your sales, conceal your information, and register your brand. Protecting your brand is important, and Joshua Crisp shows you the proper way to ensure your Amazon FBA business is secure.

AMZ Formula Module 7

Module 8: Bonus – Advanced Social Media Marketing Tactics To Explode Your Business

For the last module, Joshua Crisp goes over some “advanced tactics” to help expand your business. He gives you really quick tutorials on email marketing, social media marketing, scaling your business model, and using QR codes. These are just really quick tutorials that don’t get too in depth. The advanced tactics module of AMZ Formula is lacking.

AMZ Formula Quality

Joshua Crisp produces AMZ Formula with good quality. The videos are mainly Joshua Crisp talking with his face overlaid onto the main tutorial. When discussing concepts, Joshua Crisp has a powerpoint presentation prepared for you to follow along with.

The audio and video quality are very good. You won’t find any problems following along with the videos. It does feature a nice intro and outro, and it feels more like a Twitch stream than a professional course. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t work. Crisp has a very well made course.

 Does Crisp’s AMZ Formula Deliver?

Joshua Crisp promises to teach you AMZ Formula’s secret for success on FBA. And, it does deliver in this sense. Crisp shows you everything he’s got: from keyword research to defending your brand. At the end of this course, you will have a fully functioning FBA store that’s capable of generating profit.

AMZ Formula - Proven Formula

Here’s the thing… There’s absolutely nothing in AMZ Formula that’s unique or even a secret. Joshua Crisp hypes AMZ Formula to be a consistent formula for sure profits. But, it’s not. AMZ Formula is no different than any other FBA course out there.

Who Is AMZ Formula Best For?

AMZ Formula is best for anyone who has zero experience with FBA. Crisp does a good job explaining concepts of FBA for those who may not understand it. Any beginner will find this course to be quite comprehensive.

Any advanced user, or anyone with experience, will find this course to be a little basic. While it does cover some advanced concepts, it doesn’t provide enough depth for them. For a premium course, one would expect more difficult methods and videos.

Is AMZ Formula Worth The Price?

AMZ Formula is constantly advertised as a “proven” formula. This course is only “proven” because of its ability to generate money online, not its probability. Crisp doesn’t teach you anything unique or groundbreaking. If you follow purely what Joshua Crisp shows you, I’d imagine you would have an expensive PPC bill and little to show for it. 

Joshua Crisp lacks organic alternatives in AMZ Formula. Even with his paid traffic, it’s more of a technical tutorial on setting up your ad rather than a professional showing you tips and tricks. Everything he teaches you can find through alternate sources for much, much cheaper. Because of this, AMZ Formula may not be worth the price.

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AMZ Formula Alternatives

Amazon is a very large online business. As such, there are many other Amazon FBA courses for you to learn the same course content. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Last Amazon Course (Brock Johnson) Johnson’s course is the best for Amazon FBA. Instead of charging you $997, Johnson only charges $1 per week, making money through affiliate deals rather than the course itself. Johnson covers Amazon Seller central, getting good reviews, finding suppliers, and overall becoming a successful Amazon seller. The Last Amazon Course is a solid training option, and at a huge fraction of the cost.
AMZ Formula Alternatives - The Last Amazon Course
  • Freedom Ticket (Kevin King) If you have a platinum membership with Helium 10, King’s course is free. King’s course is very well made, and the content he teaches is incredibly useful. He shows you through Amazon’s search engine, preventing negative reviews, and rank and brand growth.

Our Final Thoughts: AMZ Formula

AMZ Formula is a good course, but with how much money he charges, it doesn’t hold up. The information is subpar, teaching you only the basics of making money online and barely hitting the advanced tactics. It charges too much for what it delivers. For AMZ Formula to be worth the price, there has to be more information about complex topics that other course creators are teaching, like click funnels or organic growth methods. Joshua Crisp focuses on selling the course more than covering the missing aspects of it.


  • Good foundation
  • Good course quality
  • Easy to follow


  • Lacking advanced content
  • Very expensive
  • Better alternatives

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 3.62 out of 5

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