Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Review – Is Kevin King’s FBA Course Worth The Price?

by | Jul 20, 2021

The Freedom Ticket Amazon Course is an Amazon Fulfillment course that teaches you how to start an Amazon FBA Business. Freedom Ticket shows you how to build your own Amazon FBA business from scratch using Kevin’s proven strategies. It has every module you need to sell on Amazon, like product research tools, backend keywords module, cash flow module, fair price module, Chinese factory module, and a category approval module.

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Who is Kevin King?

Kevin King is an online entrepreneur who got his start in e-commerce. Kevin King started out selling physical items on eBay back in 1995. King used this as the stepping stone towards his career as a digital entrepreneur.

Kevin King claims to have grossed over millions of dollars in revenue, across hundreds of different products. King has since branched out as a speaker, sharing his knowledge of Amazon through conferences and speaking events.

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Kevin King

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Pricing

The Freedom Ticket Amazon Course costs $997 if you pay in full.

It features a payment plan, with a monthly rate of $397 over 3 months. This totals to be $1,191, which is $194 more than the full payment.

The Freedom Ticket course is also included in any Helium 10 Platinum membership, which starts at $97 / month.

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Pricing

Access to the Freedom Ticket Amazon Course also includes:

  • Downloadable slides
  • Downloadable written notes
  • 30+ handouts

Freedom Ticket also features a 30-day money-back guarantee, advertised as “no questions asked”.

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Refund Policy

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Modules

The Freedom Ticket course is split into 8 weekly modules, with each week showing you a different step of achieving success with your Amazon FBA business.

Week 1- Introduction

This is just the introduction section, where Kevin King talks about the course and what to expect in the Freedom Ticket training module. He talks about how much money you can expect as an Amazon seller, and how much money a successful seller brings in.

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Introduction

Week 2- Amazon & Business Basics

This week goes over the basics of Amazon and Amazon FBA as a whole. King talks about business basics, selling on Amazon, seller central module, and general expectations. This module is a good foundation for you to build your Amazon business on. Kevin King explains the basics of the business as a whole in a good amount of detail.

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Module 4

Week 3- Branding, Money, & Millions

This week, King goes over the real value development of your Amazon business: branding. He talks about the importance of creating a strong brand, building loyalty, cash flow, category approval, and the costs involved. Each one of these topics goes into detail, with Kevin King explaining the proper use of each topic.

Week 4- Picking A Successful Product

Your store is only as good as the product you choose. If you choose a popular product at the right time, your efforts for it to scale will be minimal. In this module, Kevin King shows you how to pick a winning product. He goes over all the different criteria you must evaluate, like finding product ideas, keyword research, choosing a product, review search, and profitability. King also includes a spreadsheet for you to use in your evaluation and a tutorial on using Helium 10 for product research.

Week 5- Suppliers, Orders, & Shipping

Once you’ve picked your product, it’s time to figure out how to get your product purchased, and an Amazon fulfillment center. For this week, Kevin King goes over everything you need to know about sourcing your supplier to sell on Amazon. King shows you how to find a supplier, avoid getting ripped off, rookie mistakes to avoid, UPC and packaging, and using product inserts. This week contains the China module, volumetric weight module, Proforma invoice module, and more.

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Suppliers And Products

King also talks about order quantity, shipping terms, Using Seller Central, saving money, shipment modes, weight, and SPD and LTL. This module contains some very useful information. Knowing what Kevin King teaches you can save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Week 6- How to Compete & Win Big

With your product in seller central, King then demonstrates how to distinguish your Amazon business as a brand among Amazon Sellers. He shows you how to register your brand, set up trademarks and patents, avoid prohibited activities, and use competitor reviews to your advantage. Kevin King also teaches you key ranking factors, great seller tips, product sourcing breakdowns, and keys to making sales. There are modules here like the killer title module, sales module, ping pong module, and a great seller module.

This module covers a very important topic: what to do if someone is ripping you off. Not a lot of courses talk about defending your product listings. King explains the proper procedure to secure your Amazon listing.

Week 7- How to Create High Converting Listings

Now that your product is ready to sell, it’s time to create your listing. A good listing can make or break your product. Kevin King goes overwriting your title, bullet points, descriptions, and keywords. He also talks about creating powerful images, testing and producing your images, and the international shipping module.

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Images

Overall, this module contains some useful information. I do wish that King expanded on this module, however, as it only contained 7 videos total. To his credit, in those 7 videos, you do learn how to craft a good product listing.

Week 8- Raking, Advertising, and Promotions

Once your product is listed, you have to promote your product. This week, Kevin King goes over all the best ways to promote your product. He shows you how to set up promotional discounts, use coupons, understand brand analytics, and set up “Lightning Deals”. In addition, he also goes over using Facebook ads, Chatbots, and Amazon PPC. It contains the Amazon PPC module, checklist module, and a tutorial on initial PPC campaigns.

He does talk a little bit about organic methods, discussing the “Amazon Secret Sauce URL”. Other than that, your promotions will rely mostly on PPC campaigns. I do wish King would go over the profitability of using a PPC campaign in your overall Amazon business. Anyone can set up an Amazon PPC campaign, but few will be able to make more money than they spend on advertising. 

King’s Course Quality

Kevin King produces the Freedom Ticket course with good quality. The videos are mainly King talking directly towards the camera. It has a very professional feel to it, with high-quality visual and audio quality and a nice background. King also uses screen recordings when discussing technical aspects. 

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Quality

Freedom Ticket also contains a lot of Amazon course resources. Each video will be accompanied by a PDF note detailing the main lessons taught. Additionally, the Freedom Ticket course includes the slides that are used in the presentations. King also includes templates for things like supplier relations, keyword organization, and order quantity.

Does Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Deliver?

Kevin King promises to teach you “8 weeks of thorough content cover everything from basic business requirements to scaling PPC campaigns” with Freedom Ticket (that wasn’t a typo, that’s exactly how Freedom Ticket has it in their sales copy).

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course What You'll Learn

King does deliver on this promise. At the end of Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket, you will have learned everything you need to know about Amazon FBA in order to sell on Amazon. The Freedom Ticket course goes over it all, from picking a product to creating a high converting listing. If you follow the steps, you will have an Amazon FBA successful business capable of generating revenue.

Who Is The Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Best For?

The Freedom Ticket course is best for any beginner looking to get into Amazon FBA with money to spend. Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket Focuses on PPC strategies, a tactic that can be costly. However, if done right, it can produce easy and profitable results. Anyone that has money to invest will find this Amazon course to be valuable, especially since the course itself is pretty cheap.

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Content

However, anyone who’s looking to organically promote their product will find this Amazon course to be lacking. There are not many organic methods taught by King. If you are on a strict budget, this Amazon course may not be the best for you. 

Is The Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Worth The Money?

$997 is a lot of money for a course. If the Freedom Ticket course was solely $997, I would say no. The course content is not the thousand-dollar course that they make it out to be. Freedom Ticket lacks a lot of advanced strategies that are necessary for scaling your store. Kevin King does not explore PPC ads in greater detail, lacking an in-depth explanation of strategies split-testing or retargeting. At its surface, this is just a beginner course.

However, the fact that it comes free with Helium 10’s Platinum tier is its saving grace. Starting at $97 per month, you can easily get through this entire course content and less than a month. And, not to mention you get all the tools and software that come free with Helium 10’s Platinum tier as free access.

Because the software is useful when doing startup research, and the course comes with free access, the platinum membership is worth the money. There are many Amazon courses out there that charge significantly more and give you much less. 

Freedom Ticket Alternatives

If the Freedom Ticket course isn’t appealing to you, there are plenty of other Amazon courses that will teach you the same Amazon FBA concepts. Here are a few of our favorites to help you become a successful Amazon seller:

  • The Last Amazon Course (Brock Johnson)– Brock Johnson’s course costs $1 for 1 week of access. If you can grind this course out in a week, it will be the most value for your dollar. Johnson teaches you everything that Kevin King teaches you, but at a fraction of the price.
Freedom Ticket Alternatives - The Last Amazon Course
  • Amazon FBA On A Budget (Udemy) – Similar to Freedom Ticket, in this Udemy course, McArthurs course shows you how to set up an Amazon FBA business with economy in mind. If you do not have a lot of money to invest, consider this course instead.

Our Final Thoughts: Freedom Ticket Amazon Course

Kevin King has created a good course with Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket. It provides a solid foundation for any new entrepreneur to start their own Amazon FBA business. Paired with a Helium 10 Platinum membership, this deal can provide a lot of value to anyone starting out. Kevin King Shows you everything needed to get a fully functioning FBA store. Freedom Ticket does lack advanced strategies, But for the price that you pay, it still provides a good amount of value. If you are thinking of starting your own FBA Amazon business, consider Freedom Ticket. 


  • Good value with Helium 10
  • Solid foundation
  • Great course quality


  • PPC requires investment
  • No strong advanced / organic methods

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