The Last Amazon Course Review – Is Brock Johnson’s Course A Top Pick?

by | Jul 20, 2021

The Last Amazon Course is an Amazon FBA course that teaches you how to start your own FBA business and make money online. This course teaches you everything you need to know about online business. From product research to optimizing your store, The Last Amazon Course aims to bring any student from a beginner to an expert.

The Last Amazon Course comes with 340 videos and over 45 hours of training. Compared to most FBA courses, The Last Amazon Course has a lot of content. Johnson claims to have over 18,000 students in The Last Amazon Course.

In this “The Last Amazon Course Review”, we will delve into what makes up Johnson’s course so you can find out if it is one of the best in the Amazon business.

The Last Amazon Course Homepage

Who Is Brock Johnson?

Brock Johnson is a 27 year old online entrepreneur who got his start making money online as an Amazon business seller. He was born in Eagan, Minnesota in 1992. Johnson talks about dealing with health problems in his chest from an early age, which he credits to giving him a unique perspective on life.

Brock Johnson started his first online business selling copper in World of Warcraft, an online MMO.  He then started reselling various items from his college campus, like printers, computers, and microphones. His first big venture was selling solar Eclipse glasses on Amazon, bringing him to 6 million dollars in just six months. 

The Last Amazon Course Brock Johnson

Now, Brock Johnson has multiple successful businesses and has a YouTube channel with 36k subscribers. 

The Last Amazon Course Pricing

The Last Amazon Course costs $1 per week.

You read that right, $1. No catches. A lifetime membership costs just $24.

The Last Amazon Course Pricing

If it seems too good to be true, it’s because inside the Last Amazon Course Johnson has affiliate deals with various software companies. With that said, it’s not bad as the content that he teaches is still useful. There are many expensive Amazon FBA courses that are littered with affiliate deals and upsells.

Brock claims that the cheap price is because his goal is to help others make money online just as he has. This is refreshing, as many Amazon FBA courses say the same thing, but still charge thousands of dollars. 

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There is a $39 lifetime option that comes with access to livestreams and a Facebook group that is “coming soon”.

Though Brock Johnson’s course does cost $1, they’re still a 30-day money-back guarantee

The Last Amazon Course Money Back Guarantee

The Last Amazon Course Modules

The Last Amazon Course is more of a lesson hub than a set course. The Last Amazon Course Has 12 main topics that all the videos fall under. Some of these topics are short, only having two videos, while others have a lot more. 

Beginner Course

In this module, Brock Johnson shows you the basics of Amazon FBA. He goes over Amazon FBA as a whole, product research, sourcing, listing, launching, and resources. This seems like a wide range of topics, but each of them are just a general introduction to the topic rather than an in-depth tutorial. 

The Last Amazon Course Introduction

This module serves to educate anyone that’s unfamiliar with these topics. You’ll see in this course that it’s very beginner-oriented.

Product Research 

Inside this module, Brock Johnson goes in-depth about properly researching your product. Choosing the right product is vital to your success as an Amazon FBA seller. The Last Amazon Course goes over how to evaluate consumer needs, keywords, markets, barriers to entry, competitive advantage, game theory, and shipping & lead times. 

There’s also a section in this module taught by Helium 10, an Amazon FBA software company. They show you how to use their software, mistakes to avoid, and keyword search on their platform. After that, then The Last Amazon Course shows you how to spy on competitors, creative research techniques, pitfalls to avoid, and how to validate your idea.

This is definitely one of the strongest modules in The Last Amazon Course. They go over a wide range of topics with a good amount of depth in each of them. 


For sourcing, Brock Johnson starts out by giving you an overview of sourcing itself. Then, He gets into finding a supplier, prices to look for, using Ali Baba, how to contact them, validating them, ordering a sample, negotiating, Packaging, and sourcing to the Amazon warehouse.

The Last Amazon Course Sourcing Suppliers

He also talks a little bit about business fundamentals, more specifically getting insurance and trademarks. After that, he gets into using a sourcing agent, shipping, shipping insurance, and getting it to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Perfect Listing

In this module, Brock Johnson talks about everything you need to list the perfect product. He gets into properly pricing your product, keyword fundamentals, keyword research, writing your listing, and troubleshooting your indexed product.

There’s also a brief part of this module taught by Manny Coats, the founder of Helium 10. Coats talks about the best way to gather keywords, find keywords, and where to put them. Overall, this module contains a good amount of information. 

Product Photography

A good photo is necessary in order to attract people to your product. Brock Johnson talks about photography, types of images, image angles, photo aspects, using stock photos, choosing a photographer, and using enhanced brand content.

The Last Amazon Course Graphics

There is a small section taught by Anthony Cofrancesco,  founder of Virtuous Graphics. Anthony doesn’t teach much but it serves as an advertisement for his photography service. This module is really solid and teaches more of the necessary components for any sucessful Amazon FBA business owner. I recommend watching this before your product listing, though.


Once your product is listed, it’s time to Launch. Brock Johnson shows you how to establish an initial price, get your first reviews, prevent negative reviews, using Facebook review groups, and failures to avoid. He also goes into relaunching your product liquidation and responding to customer emails.

There’s a mini section that talks about email autoresponders and review follow up. Brock Johnson shows you how to create good-looking emails, use an autoresponder, and use product inserts. 


For this module, Brock Johnson focuses on running profitable PPC campaigns. He goes over why PPC is important, mistakes to avoid, important criteria, structuring campaigns, optimization, and starting a bid. He also goes over auto campaigns, advanced keywords, and negative keywords.

The Last Amazon Course PPC

PPC is a complicated topic for some. You should feel comfortable with PPC campaigns by the end of this module.


This module only has 3 videos,  where he shows you how to set up a Wix account.

Business Fundamentals

This module contains general business information that you need to know. Brock Johnson goes over tax, LLCs, choosing a business name, choosing a brand name, and how to manage payments. That’s about all Johnson shows you in this module.


In order to save you time, Brock Johnson shows you how to outsource various tasks of your business. He gets into the types of jobs to outsource, posting your jobs, setting up projects, getting a virtual assistant, and tracking their time. 

Defense Maintenance

This model focuses on dealing with problems that may arise in your FBA business. Johnson shows you how to reinstate a suspended account, deal with stock issues,  remove hijackers, and more.


There are only two videos on this topic. One of them advertises a reimbursement service, and the other recommends opening a second seller account. 

Legal & Taxes

This module is taught by Paul Rafelson, an ex-Microsoft lawyer. Rafelson teaches you business entity structures, filing taxes, corporate sales, state sales tax, intellectual property, and asset protection. This is some good introductory information that can save you headaches in the long run.

The Last Amazon Course Quality

Brock Johnson produces The Last Amazon Course with good quality. The videos are mainly Brock Johnson talking with a facecam over a screen recording.  Brock Johnson has a very professional set-up, with the content looking very sharp visually, and sounding very clear.

The Last Amazon Course Quality

There’s no reason you should find any issue with the course quality. For how cheap the course is, Brock Johnson still shows that effort was taken when producing the course. The course materials are only present when communicative templates were used, like trademarks, contacting suppliers, and more. 

Does Brock Johnon Deliver?

Brock Johnson promises to teach you how to set up your own FBA business with The Last Amazon Course. And, he delivers on this. Using what Brock Johnson taught you, you will have a fully functioning Amazon FBA business that has the potential to generate profit. Brock Johnson’s course gives you a good shot of becoming a successful Amazon seller, teaching you all the right information without charging you a fortune.

The Last Amazon Course Content

It will be hard to scale your business with this FBA course, as the course is more oriented towards the setup process. But, there are some strategies Brock Johnson shows you that can be used to scale your business. Keep in mind that these strategies are PPC-based, meaning that they will require a good amount of capital.

Who Is The Last Amazon Course Best For?

The Last Amazon Course is best for anyone who is unfamiliar with FBA. Brock Johnson does a good job of explaining topics like sourcing your suppliers, product research, and FBA as a whole. For any advanced user, this may seem slow. But to anyone who does not know what these topics are, Brock Johnson’s thorough explanation is extremely useful and clarifying.

As stated before, there’s not as much information on scaling compared to other courses. The Last Amazon Course focuses on PPC ads rather than organic scaling. Even in the PPC module, Brock Johnson doesn’t delve into advanced topics like split testing. Any advanced FBA business owner will find The Last Amazon Course to be lacking.

Is The Last Amazon Course Worth The Price?

Yes. The Last Amazon Course has the most content for your dollar compared to any other course.

Brock Johnson’s system is really quite genius: create a thorough course and charge next to nothing, while making money through affiliate deals.

Most Amazon FBA courses give out “free” mini-courses that teach you a slim of information in an attempt to upsell you to a more expensive course. Going into The Last Amazon Course, I was sure that this was the case. But, to my surprise, it wasn’t.

The Last Amazon Course is a very comprehensive course that teaches relevant and useful information for an insanely cheap price. While there are affiliate deals within the course, it’s nothing compared to how much content you get. The Last Amazon Course has the most value of any FBA course out there.

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Amazon FBA Business Course Alternatives

Fulfillment By Amazon is a popular business model, giving you lots of options for courses. Here are a few alternatives you can use to start your FBA business:

  • FBA on A Budget (Udemy)– We reference this Udemy course a lot for a good reason: it takes all the fundamentals of an FBA business and shows you how to start one without hurting your wallet. Mcarthur shows you organic alternatives that Brock Johnson left out. If you don’t have a  ton of money to drop into FBA, consider this course.
  • Freedom Ticket (Kevin King)– Kevin King shows you all the basics of FBA but for a cheaper price. Anyone that has a Helium 10 platinum membership has access to Freedom Ticket free. It’s a very valuable course that teaches good information.
The Last Amazon Course Alternatives - Freedom Ticket

Our Final Thoughts: The Last Amazon Course

Brock Johnson has created an amazing course. The Last Amazon Course is truly the last amazon course you will ever need. If you can get through the course without having to pay more than $1, then you will never find another course with more value than The Last Amazon Course. Brock Johnson shows you everything you need to open your own FBA business for next to nothing. I really appreciate Johnson’s business model as a course creator, and I hope more course creators follow his lead.


  • Lots of value
  • Incredibly cheap
  • Relevant information
  • Many positive reviews


  • Not as much advanced content

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Overall Rating: 4.54 out of 5

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