7 Figure Machines Review – Can It Help You Become A Profitable Amazon Seller?

by | Sep 8, 2021

About 7 Figure Machines

7 Figure Machines is an Amazon FBA course from online entrepreneur, Tanner Fox, designed to teach you how to create, launch, and scale your own business. 7 Figure Machines shows you every aspect and step Fox used that he claims made him go from broke to a millionaire. This course includes topics such as marketing & advertising, product research, sourcing your suppliers, and Facebook ads.

With 60+ videos and over 10 hours of content, is 7 Figure Machines the course you’ve been searching for? Before you dive in, let’s take a closer look at this Amazon FBA course. We’ll go over this course’s pricing, content, and more to help you decide if it’s truly worth the price. Ready? Let’s jump into this 7 Figure Machines review!

7 Figure Machines with Tanner Fox

Who Is Tanner J. Fox?

Tanner Fox is an online entrepreneur who got his start in digital entrepreneurship. Tanner Fox started out delivering pizzas in college. Tanner Fox claims to have made multiple online businesses like affiliate marketing, consulting, Amazon FBA, and eCommerce all within one year. I would take this with a grain of salt, as I don’t believe anyone can make that many successful businesses in just one year. To me, it seems like Tanner Fox makes this claim to be able to sell a wide variety of courses.

7 Figure Machines Tanner Fox

Tanner Fox was focused on growing his personal brand for a while, gaining lots of momentum on youtube. At the time of writing, he has over 137k subscribers. However, he hasn’t posted any new content in 8 months. Additionally, his Instagram seems to have disappeared. Whatever he’s up to now, it’s not as public as he’s made himself in the past.

7 Figure Machines Pricing

The 7 Figure Machines course costs $497 for full access.

There are no options for a payment plan.

7 Figure Machines Pricing

The course does include a few bonuses, such as:

  • Income Multiplier Software
  • Live Q&A access
  • Contact templates
  • Sales Infiltrator Software
  • Live case study

7 Figure Machines also features a 31-day money-back guarantee. Be warned, Tanner Fox doesn’t have a terms of use or legal disclaimer page, so there’s nothing that can enforce this.

7 Figure Machines Refund Policy

7 Figure Machines Modules

The course is split into 10 modules, with each showing you a different step of creating your own Amazon FBA business.

Module 1: Product Research

Fox wastes no time. He gets straight into product research, showing you how to find profitable products to sell. He goes over product research criteria, the search algorithm, restricted products, Alibaba, and spying on your competitors. Overall, Fox gives you some useful information to set you on the right path.

7 Figure Machines Product Research

Module 2: Suppliers & Shipping

Once you pick your product, the next step is getting it sourced. In this module, Tanner Fox shows you how to find suppliers and get your product shipped out. He talks about finding suppliers, negotiating with them, getting samples, inspecting your product, sea vs air shipping, bundling your items, and designing your packaging. 

Module 3: Listing Creation & Account Setup

In this module, you learn how to get your Amazon Seller Central account started and list your product. Module 3 goes into creating your seller central account, creating a good product listing, making product variations, using UPC codes, conducting keyword research, pricing your product, and dealing with refunds. 

7 Figure Machines Listing Creation and Account Setup

One thing I noticed that this module lacks that all other Amazon FBA courses have is product photography. Most Amazon FBA courses will cover the basics of product photography, but 7 Figure Machines doesn’t. Additionally, I feel like this module should have come before sourcing your product, as setting up your account is a set you have to take before you ship your product to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

Module 4: Product Launch

To drive people to your product listings, you have to promote it with a product launch. In this module, Fox goes over how to create a product launch from start to finish. He talks about getting reviews, creating a giveaway, getting rid of bad reviews, enrolling in Amazon’s early review program, and enacting a PPC launch strategy. 

Module 5: Navigating Seller Central

This is a short module, with only 4 tutorials total. Tanner J Fox goes over settings, navigating seller central, creating a shipping plan, and dealing with hijackers. Again, this module seems out of place to me. I would have put this after your account creation, but that’s just me.

Module 6: Marketing & Advertising

This key module focuses on driving traffic to your product listings. Fox gets into your Amazon PPC strategy step by showing you promotions, advertising Amazon pay, analysis, optimization, email marketing, and building an ebook. 

7 Figure Machines Marketing and Advertising

Module 7: Putting It All Together

This is a quick, one-video module where Tanner J Fox talks about the general idea of where to go with your store from here.

Module 8: Advanced Strategies

For module 8, Fox shows you some advanced topics to set your store apart. He teaches you how to get ungated in all categories, register your brand, insert cards, sell internationally, and  build a brand to increase your profit margins.

Despite the title, these aren’t really advanced strategies. Product inserts and custom packaging are just branding. Most courses teach the same thing in a separate brand module. Real advanced topics are things like split testing your products or creating product variations.

Module 9: Facebook Ads

In this module, Tanner Fox shows you how to run a Facebook ads campaign. He starts off by teaching you opening words and branding, then he transitions to setting up video ads, spying on other Amazon links, creating content, and maintaining engagement.

Module 10: Extras

This module contains extra videos for 7 Figure Machines. The videos include Tanner’s biggest Amazon FBA mistakes to avoid, starting with a smaller budget, bookkeeping, and dealing with slow/lost products. I like the video on starting with a smaller budget, where Fox basically advises to start off with a cheap product. These videos are very useful.

7 Figure Machines Quality

Tanner J. Fox produces 7 Figure Machines with great quality. The videos are mainly of Fox teaching with his face overlaid onto a screen-recorded tutorial. A lot of what he shows you is demonstration-based, but there are some times where  he uses a word document to illustrate his point. Overall, the audio and visual quality are very professional and clear.

7 Figure Machines Course Quality

However, there are a lot of parts inside Tanner Fox’s website that are undeveloped. All of his terms of use, privacy policy, and legal disclaimers just lead to the homepage. Additionally, the website’s title is left to “My Awesome Landing Page”, and his favicon is left blank.  There’s even still a “made with Clickfunnels” at the bottom of the sales page. While these are small critiques, it does show that Fox hasn’t put a lot of effort in designing his own website.

7 Figure Machines Landing Page
7 Figure Machines ClickFunnels

 Does Tanner J. Fox Deliver?

Tanner Fox promises to teach you how to create, launch, and scale your own FBA online business with 7 Figure Machines. And after going through all the modules, Fox does deliver on this promise. Everything he shows you contributes towards creating a fully-functioning Amazon FBA business. 

While I don’t think the scaling part of this course is particularly strong compared to other courses, Tanner Fox still covers all the basics of PPC ads and scaling. 

Who Is 7 Figure Machines Best For?

7 Figure Machines is best for any new entrepreneur looking to get into Amazon FBA. Fox explains the basic foundations in-depth, and gives anyone unfamiliar a good understanding. He teaches all the concepts very comprehensively. New entrepreneurs will find the most value in this course.

7 Figure Machines Users

However, anyone looking for advanced content will find 7 Figure Machines to be lacking. I was underwhelmed by the advanced strategies, as they were more branding tips than actual advanced content. Experienced Amazon FBA entrepreneurs looking for more complex topics won’t find it in 7 Figure Machines.

Is 7 Figure Machines Worth The Price?

$497 is a good amount for an FBA course. While it’s not the most expensive course out there, it’s certainly not cheap. For an FBA course to be worth $497, it has to really set you up for a successful Amazon FBA business.

Going through the course, I did find 7 Figure Machines to be slightly underwhelming. All the information seemed a little basic. However, I do think this course is worth it because of the support and the software you get.

7 Figure Machines come with lots of live calls and personal coaching that can be quite valuable. Additionally, the sales multiplier software (which is similar to jungle scout), can save you lots of money and time. It’s for these reasons that I believe 7 Figure Machines is worth the price.

7 Figure Machines Alternatives

While 7 Figure Machines is a good course, there are plenty of alternatives out there that are more valuable. Here are the top ones we recommend:

  • The Last Amazon Course (Brock Johnson) This is the best FBA course out there. Brock Johnson charges you $1 to teach you the same FBA fundamentals as 7 Figure Machines. Before you try out 7 Figure Machines, definitely give this course a look.
  • Ecom Freedom (Dan Vas) If you are experienced with FBA and want to grow, consider this course. Dan Vas shows complex and advanced topics that can really set you apart from the competition.

Our Final Thoughts: 7 Figure Machines

7 Figure Machines is a good course if you are getting started with FBA. It teaches the fundamentals in a comprehensive way. Tanner J. Fox seems to know what he’s talking about. While the advanced content is underwhelming, the support and software provide enough value to justify the price. The website itself does seem very underdeveloped, with parts still having filler text. With that said, 7 Figure Machines does have very professional course quality. Anyone going through the 7 Figure Machines curriculum will have an FBA store capable of generating profits.


  • Good support
  • Useful software
  • Solid fundamental base


  • No advanced content
  • Website underdeveloped
  • A little pricey

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 4.42 out of 5

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