Ecom Freedom Review – Can This Course Lead You To FBA Success?

by | Aug 27, 2021

About Ecom Freedom

Ecom Freedom is a Fulfillment By Amazon course by Dan Vas that teaches you step-by-step all the FBA strategies that took his online business to 6 figures. Ecom Freedom shows you how to build your own FBA business from scratch, including how to set up your business, conduct product research, narrow your product opportunity, source suppliers, run Facebook ads, and launch your product. Vas claims to show you everything you need to know to build a successful eCommerce brand.

The question is, is this course truly worth all the hype? We will take a more thorough look at this FBA course and what it has to offer to see if it’s worth the price in this Ecom Freedom review!

Ecom Freedom Course

Who Is Dan Vas?

Dan Vas is an online entrepreneur who got his start in online ecommerce. Dan Vas started out dropshipping in 2017, and created his first course, Shopify Freedom, in 2018. A lot of people question if one year of experience makes Dan Vas qualified to produce a course.

With that said, Dan Vas claims to be a multi-millionaire from all his ventures. He also produces Amazon business Youtube videos, and has over 341k subscribers at the time of writing. His Youtube channel has content talking about all the tools Amazon FBA requires, financial freedom, brand building, e-commerce, free traffic, and passive income.

Ecom Freedom Dan Vas

Ecom Freedom Pricing

The course costs $799 if you pay in full. This price is about average for typical Amazon courses.

It features a payment plan, with two monthly payments of $450. This totals to be $900, $100 more than the full payment. There’s also an option of three monthly payments of $350, which totals out to be $1,050, $250 more than the full payment.

Ecom Freedom Pricing

It does come with two bonus courses, the Amazon Ecom Freedom course MBA and the Millionaire Mindset Secrets. This course is a general business course that teaches you various aspects of entrepreneurship, like accounting and business registration. Millionaire Mindset Secrets is a mindset and motivational course that gets you mentally prepared for your business.

Ecom Freedom also has a private Facebook group for you to take advantage of. Inside the Facebook group, you can attend bi-weekly live calls and get coaching.

Ecom Freedom has a no refund policy. However, it does offer a 7-day trial for you to make your decision before being charged. This trial applies to all packages of the Amazon Ecom Freedom course. If you wish to cancel within the trial period, you have to email them.

Ecom Freedom 7 Day Free trial

Ecom Freedom Modules

The course is split into 12 modules, with each showing you a different step of creating an FBA business.

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Module 1: Welcome to Ecom Freedom

This module is just a general introduction to the Amazon Ecom Freedom course. Dan Vas talks about the program, becoming successful, your mindset, FBA success, and more. Overall, this introduction has some good information in it. Vas sets your expectations up while giving solid advice.

Ecom Freedom Module 1

Module 2: Getting Your FBA Online Business Set Up

For this module, Dan Vas starts showing you how to set up your business. Vas introduces you to seller central, and shows you how to get your seller central account approved, organize your documentation, set up payments, and deal with suspensions. This module is mainly a technical tutorial.

Module 3: Building Your Product Opportunity List

For this module, Vas shows you how to start picking your product. A good product sells itself, and in the FBA world, your product is crucial for your success. Vas talks about the elements of a winning product, the best categories, research methods, using Amazon data, and beating your competition. This module contains a good amount of information that is incredibly useful.

Ecom Freedom Module 3

Module 4: Narrowing Your Opportunity List

Once you have your list built, it’s time to narrow it down. Vas shows you how to start deciding on your winning product. He talks about calculating your product margin, understanding Amazon’s fees, validating demand, checking for patents and trademarks, and understanding calculated risk. This module expands upon the ideas in module 3, and offers great advice.

Module 5: Finding High Quality Suppliers

For this module, Vas shows you the “Ecom Freedom Product Sourcing System”. This system is Dan Vas’s way of sourcing your product cheap and effectively. Inside this system, he shows you how to contact suppliers, create a relationship, find your competitor’s supplier, negotiate, and calculate your cost. Overall, this module contains some useful information, but there’s nothing in this module that is a “secret” or unique.

Module 6: Placing Your First Product Order

Now that you’ve chosen your product and the supplier, it’s time to take a leap. For this module, Dan Vas demonstrates how to place your order. He goes over getting samples, creating your brand, getting a logo and a barcode, creating beautiful packaging, building your customer list, and placing your first order.

Ecom Freedom Module 6

Module 7: Creating A Powerful Brand

Vas places a heavy importance on creating a strong brand. In this module, he shows you how to create your email, marketing plan, mission, and website. He also goes over using Manychat, integrating Facebook Messenger, and protecting your brand. Overall, this module contains some good information on creating a coherent brand.

Module 8: Creating A World Class Amazon Listing

Now that you got everything into place, it’s time to start your listing. Dan Vas talks about every aspect involved in a winning listing, like a keyword list, professional product photos, optimal pricing, and an automated email sequence. He also shows you how to write bullet points, product descriptions, and titles that will convert.

Module 9: Launching Your Product Successfully With Facebook Ads

Listing isn’t launching. In this module, Dan Vas shows you how to successfully launch your product. He demonstrates preparing your shipment to Amazon, choosing the best keywords, creating your PPC launch campaign, getting your first reviews, and utilizing Manychat and promo codes. He also shows you how to scale your campaign using pricing methods and Facebook Ads. This module contains a lot of good information that you can use.

Ecom Freedom Module 9

Module 10: From Zero To Expert With PPC

In this module, Dan Vas goes deeper into PPC, focusing solely on Amazon’s PPC platform. He discusses “secrets” to Amazon PPC, optimizing your campaign, using Amazon’s data to find keywords, and gives you general tips. I like the information in here better than the Facebook ads part of module 9. It feels more produced and useful.

Module 11: Ordering Your Next Product

For this module, Dan Vas talks a lot about where your main focus should be for expansion. He talks about setting up customer service systems, split testing your sales to improve profits, automating your business, using Amazon coupons, and creating product variations. After that, he talks about your next product and when to launch it. If you’re looking for advanced strategies, here they are. Dan Vas is one of the few that have actually talked about split testing on Amazon.

Module 12: The Road To A Million Dollar Brand

For the final module, Dan Vas discusses any problems you will encounter in the future and how to overcome them. He goes over the biggest problems with FBA businesses, critical future steps, your FBA roadmap, securing a trademark, building a “moat” around your business, and international expansion. He also gives very quick, one-video tutorials on influencer marketing and building a team. This was a very useful module to learn. While all the information may not be applicable, it’s still useful.

Ecom Freedom Module 12

Ecom Freedom Quality

Dan Vas produces the Amazon Ecom Freedom course with good quality. The videos are mainly of Dan Vas talking over a screen recording of the tutorial. The audio and visual quality are very clear. You should have absolutely no problem learning. Additionally, Dan Vas includes a recap and a checklist at the end of each module, which serves to be quite useful.

Ecom Freedom Course Quality

Does Dan Vas Deliver?

With the Amazon Ecom Freedom course, Dan Vas promises to teach you the exact step by step FBA strategies that took him to 6 figures.

At the end of this course, you will have an FBA business that’s capable of 6 figures. Dan Vas does a good job not only showing you how to create your business, but how to manage it. The more orders that come, the more you need to be organized.

Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Course

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. But, not everyone will make good money when they start selling. Making money with your Amazon account isn’t a sure thing, just as any Amazon FBA business model. Just like a dropshipping course, the entire course relies on how much effort you put into it. Your success will also vary with your customer satisfaction (negative reviews vs positive reviews).

With all that said, Dan Vas does deliver on his Amazon FBA program.

Who Is Ecom Freedom Best For?

Ecom Freedom is best for any beginner looking to get into FBA. It teaches you the fundamentals of FBA while also offering some advanced knowledge. I also like that it shows you organic ways to promote your product, as well as paid traffic. Your budget may vary, and the fact that Vas gives you the option is great.

Anyone that’s specifically looking for advanced strategies will find them here. But, if you pay for the course specifically for advanced strategies, you may be dissatisfied with your purchase. Amazon Ecom Freedom is best as a whole package, rather than looking for specific modules.

Is Ecom Freedom Worth The Price?

Ecom Freedom is in no way a bad course. In fact, I actually think it’s a good course. For all the value that Amazon Ecom Freedom gives you, I think it’s worth the price for your eCommerce business. It gives you a combination of both organic and paid promotional strategies that you can take advantage of. Anyone that’s new to FBA will find a lot of value in this course.

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In terms of price, it gives you what you pay for. Ecom Freedom isn’t my favorite FBA course. It’s just a tad bit pricey for my taste. If it was a couple of hundred dollars cheaper, this course would be great. But as it stands, Ecom Freedom is a good course. If you have the money to spend, Ecom Freedom is a good option. 

Ecom Freedom Alternatives

FBA is a popular topic that we’ve been covering a lot of. As such, there are many other courses you can try taking. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Last Amazon Course (Brock Johnson) – I reference this course a lot, and for a good reason: it’s amazing. Brock Johnson charges you $1 to teach you the FBA fundamentals you need to learn. Before you try out ef, definitely give this course a look.
  • FBA On A Budget (Udemy) – If ef is too expensive for you, keep in mind that even after purchasing the course, you still need money to start your business. Theo McArthur’s course is a great alternative as it shows you how to start an FBA store while keeping costs low.
Ecom Freedom Alternative - Udemy

Our Final Thoughts: Ecom Freedom

Ecom Freedom is a good course. It’s refreshing to see an FBA course that provides enough value to justify the price. What I like most about Ecom Freedom is the split testing tutorial that Dan Vas shows you. It’s such a simple concept, yet there are so many courses that fail to include this. It’s this attention to detail that makes Ecom Freedom a solid option for anyone looking to start an FBA course.


  • Good quality
  • Variety of promotional tactics
  • Advanced strategies


  • A little expensive
  • Good for beginners only

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