What Is “The Super Affiliate System”?

Affiliate marketing has been a big “buzz” for quite some time. John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is a course that teaches you how to utilize an affiliate commission to generate money off of products that you don’t own. The idea is to set up a landing page that will convert people into buyers while you make money off of every sale. Crestani focuses on using paid advertisements to drive traffic to your sales page.

John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review
John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System, a course on affiliate marketing.
NOTE: We currently recommend The Authority Site System over The Super Affiliate System. The Authority Site System is a top course that is highly rated in all areas. Here’s why

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an entrepreneur and digital marketer who has been doing business online since 2011. He’s developed himself as an internet personality within the entrepreneur community. Crestani started this journey after he got laid off from his “cushiony” corporate job. He started affiliate marketing and found profit in the medical niche. Since then, Crestani teaches his affiliate system to others, and has been featured in many reputable sources such as Forbes and Business Insider.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - John Crestani
John Crestani, an affiliate marketer and course creator.

How Much Is The Super Affiliate System?

Crestani charges $997 for the Super Affiliate System. There is a payment plan option for three payments of $397 (totaling $1191). The course does offer a 30 day “no questions” money-back guarantee.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - Refund
John Crestani requires you to complete many tasks before you get a refund.

It does include some amazing bonuses like:

  • Instant access to the course (... that you paid for)
  • Learn how to create online businesses from scratch
  • “Private” coaching
  • Community page access and support
John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - Pricing
The Super Affiliate System costs $997.

What Does The Super Affiliate System Cover?

Crestani breaks down the Super Affiliate System into 6 weeks, with each week covering a different section. 

Week 1- Setup

Crestani spends a lot of time constantly talking about getting your first commission. His solution is honestly to just throw more money at your ads until they work. Essentially, this section covers the basics of getting started, with joining an affiliate network, setting up ads, and building your page. Most of this information can be found through YouTube tutorials.

TIP: One of the resources frequently referenced by Crestani is Charles Ngo, a website which breaks down different aspects of affiliate marketing. You can view and learn from it free of charge. 

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - Landing Page Setup
Crestani teaches you how to set up your own landing page.

 Week 2 - Choosing Your Niche

Crestani has found good success in the medical niche, selling things like diet pills or workout supplements. Most of it is because using someone’s body image against them is an easy way to make them buy. Keep that in mind.

Crestani starts off this week’s course by talking about having the “right mindset”. It’s an easy way to make a filler for this week, because most of it is the “push past your fears” and “you have to want it” generic advice that’s ripped from Think And Grow Rich. All he really teaches you is how to evaluate a niche based off of competition and market size. For being 1/6th of the course, this section provides very little value.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - Presentation
Crestani’s Google Slide presentation about researching niches.

Week 3- Marketing Skills

This section of the course teaches you “advanced” strategies to creating sales. The advice isn’t bad, but it’s also not good. He never delves into any detail on one, rather, he gives you a broad overview of all of them. For example, the “how to tap into people’s deepest emotions to hypnotize them to buy” is complete exaggeration of buyer psychology. He teaches you a few psychological triggers and talks about how you can “utilize” them on your page. Here’s how advanced it gets:

  • People love a sale! Always market your product on sale at a lower price than what you’re asking.

It’s nothing that can’t be found here. He teaches you how to funnel people into buying, copywriting, and then “advanced” optimization tactics. He throws out the word “advanced” when it really shouldn’t. The skills he teaches you aren’t advanced, they’re just basic. It’s something useful, but not nearly as valuable as the price tag associated with the course.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - Example
One image Crestani uses as an example for students inside The Super Affiliate System.

Week 4- Facebook & Google Ads

Crestani is very skilled with Facebook and Google advertising. It’s one of the main reasons he’s able to generate a heavy traffic flow to his affiliate systems and his course. This section provides a technical tutorial on the ins and outs of PPC (pay per click) ads. He goes over the setup fairly well, but he fails to go into any detail past this. The course essentially teaches you how to set up advertisements towards your target audience, but that’s it. It does go into reading analytics a little bit, but not enough for it to really give you a true understanding.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - Facebook Analytics
John Crestani explaining the importance of Facebook analytics.

Week 5- Native & Youtube Ads

This is the same type of content as week 4, but just with other platforms. Like Facebook and Google, Crestani goes over how to set up your advertisements specifically for your niche. He teaches you how to use Youtube, Outbrain, and MGID. Crestani goes over the overall functions of each platform and how to utilize them to convert people into buyers, but he never goes into any “advanced” strategies with each platform.

Week 6- Scaling & Outsourcing

Crestani shows you how you can scale up your business to the next level. The main strategy he teaches you is utilizing surveys within your funnel system. He teaches you a few other strategies, but this is what he spends the most time on. The course is filled with case studies from different niches that show you how they scaled up themselves. Overall, this section does contain some pretty good information about scaling up, but it is short and doesn’t go into much detail.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - Landing Page Performance
Crestani shows you how to compare your landing page’s performance.

How Is The Super Affiliate System’s Quality?

The course quality is alright. A majority of it is John Crestani screen recording a google slides presentation or tutorial with a facecam in the bottom right video. The audio is not good, as he’s using a headset to record. It’s not the best, but it gets the job done. It doesn’t feel like the type of quality you’d pay $1k for, as it’s something that anyone with a laptop could be able to produce. Not to mention, some of the videos are years old. Look at the picture below.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - Dates
The course is very outdated, with some videos been made years prior.

That’s an actual snapshot from a video. It’s years old, and Crestani hasn’t updated it.  

The course is enough for you to learn, but it just seems like a slap in the face to anyone who paid full price for it. You’d think that the guy who’s made millions could bare enough effort to use a blue yeti mic, or a better camera.

Does John Crestani Deliver?

Crestani delivers his promise minimally. Let me explain.

You can make millions from this course, if you choose a niche that skyrockets and you have thousands of dollars in investment money. However, for the rest of us, this course does the bare minimum to teach you how to make money. If you use everything Crestani teaches you, you’re going to be ill-prepared, and die along with the millions of other dropshippers and affiliate marketers. 

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - Free Training.jpg
John Crestani makes all of his “make $$$” claims on his free videos, which allows him to offset any lawsuits against The Super Affiliate System.

There’s one thing you really have to understand about affiliate marketing: it’s saturated, to the maximum. There are thousands of others who are competing for your audience, dropshippers included. In order to succeed, you have to have an original product, or you have to be able to stand out. Crestani teaches you how to set up your affiliate system, but he does not train you on how to stand out. In this sense, Crestani delivers on his promise, as he does teach you how to get set up, but he doesn’t teach you how to succeed.

Who Is Crestani’s Course Best For?

This course is for anyone who can barely use the internet. The strongest part of this course is it’s extensive tutorials explaining how to get set up. If you struggle with any technical details like creating a landing page or buying ads, then you should consider this course. Anyone who has any experience with ads, pages, or marketing will find that this course covers only the basics.

Is The Super Affiliate System Worth The Money?

No. Absolutely not. No.

Crestani teaches you the bare minimum, and gives off a lazy vibe. The only good parts of this course that will teach you how to succeed are sold separately. This course essentially teaches you how to make landing pages and advertisements. Crestani does nothing to add any value whatsoever.

That’s not to mention to ridiculous price. $1,000 can be vital for your startup. It’s so much of a smarter move to just buy a udemy course (see below), and use that money for advertising. 

And as mentioned, Crestani only really uses this course to upsell you. The “private” mentoring (aka email support) is only there to give you general advice and sell you on new products. The course itself withholds information in order to sell a separate course. One person claims, “...it’s like paying a grand to watch him advertise his sh**”.

NOTE: We currently recommend The Authority Site System over The Super Affiliate System. The Authority Site System is a top course that is highly rated in all areas. Here’s why

Super Affiliate System Alternatives

The good news is because affiliate marketing is such a crowded market, there are many alternative courses you can take. 

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO (Udemy)- This course does a great job of explaining advanced strategies and tactics. One of the main things that Cresrani fails to cover is Amazon, as it’s a vital platform for any affiliate marketer. This course only covers Amazon and SEO, but it covers them extensively. You learn professional strategies like link building, Silo architecture, and keyword research. This course gives you the tools to not only get set up, but to succeed and grow ahead of the competition.
John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System - Amazon
Amazon Affiliate Marketing has great coverage of affiliate systems.
  • Affiliate Foundations (LinkedIn Learning)- If you want a course that’s designed for beginners, this is it. LinkedIn Learning is an online course hub, and this course covers all the basics of an affiliate marketing business. Additionally, a membership grants you access to various other courses like Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, and other aspects that you’ll need to succeed.


  • Good jumping block for beginners
  • Credible instructor
  • Easy to understand


  • Too many upsells
  • Exaggerates his claims inside his advertisements
  • Crestani asks for way too much money
  • Withholds information to sell you another course
  • Videos are very old and have not been updated
  • Content is very short, only giving a couple of hours of videos for a week

Our Final Verdict

It’s a no from us. Crestani’s course isn’t bad, but it’s not nearly worth the price that he charges. With the amount of affiliate courses out there, The Super Affiliate System just doesn’t add enough advanced strategies for it to warrant a $1k price tag. It’s overpriced, under delivered, and just littered with upsells. Crestani gives you the bare minimum but charges you for a premium course. Go through a cheaper, and better course, and use your saved money for your new affiliate business.

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John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Review
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Have you stumbled upon John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System and are thinking of giving it a try? Crestani says he can help you learn to use an affiliate system to make money by teaching you how to set up a landing page and go from there. Is this course worth the price? Read our review of John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System now before you buy.