Best Affiliate Marketing Courses – 10 Top Choices

by | Aug 10, 2020

Though many of us have cracked going digital and having a presence there, especially now, not all of us have cracked effective online marketing. Additionally, not all of us can afford our own, personal online marketers to do the job for us, so what do we then? 

Learn how to do effective affiliate marketing and market ourselves and our offerings on our own—that’s what. How? By enrolling for an affiliate marketing course! 

Enrolling for an affiliate marketing course equips you to gain better knowledge and understanding of how industries and businesses work and ways to confidently push your business up the ladder. Enrolling for an online course also gives you access to tons more resources (including tips from industry experts and leaders), is more convenient and works out much cheaper than full-time courses—so, essentially, you have no excuses!

So, the only question left is what are the best affiliate marketing courses? We’ve done the research and gathered up a list of the top courses for you in this guide.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Whether you’re just starting out in the affiliate field or you’re looking to learn affiliate marketing to push your already-established business forward or just pick up a new skill, here’s a curated list of our top affiliate marketing course picks! 

The Affiliate Lab—Matt Diggity

Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

The Affiliate Lab is our #1 rated affiliate marketing course, and for good reason. Simply put, this course is miles ahead of most affiliate marketing courses on the market.

The Affiliate Lab is a course created by Matt Diggity, an affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses. Diggity is one of the top authorities on SEO (specifically, SEO for affiliate marketers). He runs his own personal affiliate sites as well as an affiliate agency, a link building service, and a personal blog.

The reason we chose The Affiliate Lab as our #1 choice is because it is the most comprehensive and effective course. Diggity teaches aspiring affiliate marketers everything they need to know to break into the world of affiliate marketing. Course material includes niche selection, onsite SEO, offsite SEO, advanced traffic generation strategies, and more.

What makes the curriculum so effective is it’s thoroughness and effectiveness. Diggity offers a step-by-step process for building and scaling an affiliate empire. Each lesson is well-organized, well-produced, and well-delivered. The content is “fluff-free” and proven to work (from my experience).

With certain courses, it feels like the course creator is providing a general explanation of “strategy” without going into detail on the “tactics” that actually deliver results. Diggity doesn’t hold back. This is truly a masterclass in affiliate marketing.

While the non-discounted price may be steep for some beginner marketers, the course is definitely worth it if you can justify the cost.

The Affiliate Lab—Matt Diggity Price: $797 using the discounted link below (Regularly $997) Sign up for the Course

Savage Affiliates—Franklin Hatchett 

Savage Affiliates—Franklin Hatchett

The chances are that if you’re looking for affiliate marketing courses online, one of the first hits you’ll get is ‘Savage Affiliates’. One of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing courses out there, the course is the brainchild of highly popular marketer Franklin Hatchett—in addition to eCom Turbo and eCom Elites, Hatchett is known for his extremely popular YouTube page that has even complete novices minting money with his advice! 

Similarly, Hatchett’s course teaches students how to successfully, passively earn a substantial profit, and all in 30 days. The course comes in two versions—Standard and Super. The latter contains a whopping 220 tutorial videos that cover the ‘A to Zs’ of affiliate marketing, available to students on Vimeo (which means that you can also review the videos indefinitely, as and when required). The course also draws many thanks to its low price—it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that ‘Savage Affiliates’ is among the lowest-priced affiliate marketing courses in the market. 

The course contains 10 modules, from introducing students to affiliate marketing to covering building your website asset, marketing using funnels and emails, free and paid traffic training, SEO, Google traffic training, affiliate marketing specifically on Clickfunnels and Amazon, and ultimately, web hosting and launch jacking. The ‘Super’ version also provides bonus lessons such as step-by-step Clickfunnels Academy, Launch Jacking and even Hatchett’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Funnel. You also get pre-made funnels with the ‘Super’ package. 

In fact, so confident is Hatchett of results that he offers students a 30-day money-back guarantee if they do the course and don’t get the desired results. 

Savage Affiliates—Franklin Hatchett Price: $197 for the ‘Standard’ package, $297 for the ‘Super’ package Sign up for the Course

Authority Site System—Authority Hacker 

Authority Site System—Authority Hackers

Another wildly popular option for affiliate marketing courses, Authority Hacker is a site that offers many different courses on the topic. One such course, and perhaps their most popular, is the ‘Authority Site System’ course. Created by entrepreneurs Mark Webster and Gael Breton, the training program is a comprehensive step-by-step blueprint that takes students through creating and marketing successful authority websites like the creators, who are behind highly successful websites, like Health Ambition, that receive millions of views every month. The course is aimed at those who are complete novices and therefore, explains every concept in great detail. 

More specifically, ‘Authority Site System’ helps users build a Stage 1 authority site (according to Authority Hacker, there are 3 stages of a site). A Stage 1 site is aimed at earning one type of income (affiliate income) and one kind of traffic (organic training) only; however, these sites can evolve to later levels eventually. 

The course is divided into 6 modules, with over 50 lessons spread across these. Some of the modules include Niche Research and Content Planning, Outsourcing and Content Production, Site Setup and Intense Link Building. For a one-time fee (among the highest in the market!), students get lifetime access to the course, future updates included. 

Authority Site System—Authority Hacker Price: $997 Sign up for the Course

Affiliate Bootcamp + Certification Course—WealthyAffiliate

Affiliate Bootcamp + Certification Course—WealthyAffiliates

Next on our list is Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp and Certification Course. Though both are individual courses that can be done separately, doing them together is super beneficial. 

The ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ (OEC) course is aimed at total beginners and teaches them how to promote a product to different target audiences of your choice. The Affiliate Bootcamp is a stepping stone to the Wealthy Affiliate program and teaches students how to promote Wealthy Affiliate, and products similar to it, to specific niches. Therefore, where the certification is more generic, the Bootcamp is more specific and focuses on promoting Wealthy Affiliate to other folks, like you, who want to earn passive income. 

However, doing both courses will teach you a range of things, including optimizing your website for SEO, researching your target audience, building a content calendar and driving traffic to your website, to name a few. 

More specifically, the OEC contains 5 modules comprising 10 lessons each, whereas the Bootcamp contains 7 modules comprising 10 lessons each. If you’re a WA member, you can start both courses without paying or providing card details, for up to 10 lessons in both. 

Affiliate Bootcamp + Certification Course—WealthyAffiliate Price: The ‘Starter’ membership is free, the ‘Premium’ membership is $19 for the first month and $49 for every month after Sign up for the Course

Beginner Affiliate Marketing to Start In One Day—Udemy 

Beginner Affiliate Marketing to Start In One Day—Udemy

This Udemy affiliate marketing course is offered by 3-time best-selling author (his books are study material in many schools and universities across the country) and marketing whiz Alex Genadinik. The course is aimed at total beginners and accordingly, is easy to understand and very well structured. Students are introduced to the advantages and disadvantages of using the 5 most common affiliate platforms (Amazon, JVZoo, Shareasale, ClickBank and Commission Junction) and avoid the most common mistakes that beginner affiliates make.

In addition to these, students will also be taught basic tenets of marketing, prior to getting down to choosing an affiliate niche, so that they can make a well-informed choice to earn significant ROI. Alex also takes you through concepts such as backend commissions, CPC and CPA and affiliate cookies. By the end of the 9.5-hour course, you’ll be equipped enough to know which affiliate platform you’d like to use and how best to market on them.

Beginner Affiliate Marketing to Start In One Day—Udemy Price: $14.99 Sign up for the Course

Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: A New Entrepreneur’s Guide—Skillshare

Affiliate Marketing Side HustleA New Entrepreneur Guide by Skillshare

You know how they say there are no shortcuts in life? Well, this course is as close to a shortcut as it gets with affiliate marketing. 

Meant for total newbies, this course, offered by Jules Tillman on Skillshare, is a great way to learn the basics, and possibly the quickest, too—it’s all of 20 minutes. Therefore, this is an excellent option for those who want to learn but have time crunches, and also serves as a superb stepping stone for more advanced courses. 

The course covers topics such as what affiliate marketing is, what rules you should follow when using affiliate links, promoting links online, working on class projects and 9 creative ways to post blogs to gain traffic. 

The best part? New members can get Skillshare Premium free of cost for the first 2 months, so that’s essentially a free course you’ll be getting. 

Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: A New Entrepreneur’s Guide—Skillshare Price: $15 monthly or $99 annually for the Premium membership Sign up for the Course

The 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro (SAS Pro)—John Crestani 

The 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro SAS Pro John Crestani

A very well-known name in the affiliate marketing circles, John Crestani has founded and teaches this 6-week program, meant for those who are beginners yet are quite serious about learning the nitty-gritties of affiliate marketing. Over the 6 weeks, students are taken right from the basic steps, including setting up, niche research, networks, intent and mindsets, to more advanced skills like copywriting skills, running ads on Google and Facebook, setting up native ads, running a YouTube channel, and scaling and automation. There’s also an optional bonus week where students can learn how to navigate and use LinkedIn, Bing and Taboola ads. The content is presented in over 50+ hours of content comprising quizzes and homework too!

Though John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is pretty heavily priced, it comes backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. By the end of the course, the guarantee is that you will know even the tiniest details of affiliate marketing and will be earning a commission once you’re done with the course.

The 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro (SAS Pro)—John Crestani Price: $1,997, though the discounted price is $997 Sign up for the Course

Affiliate Marketing Academy—FourPercent 

Affiliate Marketing Academy by FourPercent

Brought to you by FourPercent, the Success Challenge is another one of those super-comprehensive affiliate marketing courses available. And when we say comprehensive, we mean the 30-modules-in-each-level-with-4-hours-of-lessons-in-each-module kind of comprehensive! 

The Success Challenge is hosted by Vick Strizheus, CEO and founder of FourPercent, himself a super-successful affiliate marketer. The course was built by him based on his experience in the field. 

The course works like a game, with 3 different levels—the $10K Challenge, the $100K Challenge and the $1M Challenge. The first level consists of 30 modules (also known as “pills”), and to ensure proper learning and absorption of the material, students are only allowed to complete one module a day—with 3-4 hours of video tutorials in each, we definitely think the arrangement is fitting! Additionally, you can only unlock the next level after completing the previous ones. 

If you like a good challenge where you’re required to apply everything you’re learning practically, this course is a great bet, for beginners and more experienced marketers alike. 

Affiliate Marketing Academy—FourPercent Price: $997 (on discount) Sign up for the Course

Affiliate Marketing Mastery 

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Affiliate Marketing Mastery isn’t a course, as such; it’s a free masterclass set up and presented by Stefan James, an entrepreneur. Workshops happen frequently and signing up for one is super simple. 

The masterclass is very simply structured and is divided into 4 sections or “secrets”. The first section teaches you the 7 steps that will help you make money through affiliate marketing, the second section will teach you how to make money from turning your passion into a business, the third section equips you enough to run your business on autopilot mode and the fourth section focuses on sustainable brand building.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Price: Free Sign up for the Course

The Digital Marketing Masterclass—Udemy 

The Digital Marketing Masterclass by Udemy

The Digital Marketing Masterclass from Udemy is marketed as 23 courses in 1, and with the array of topics that it covers, it definitely seems to be so. This course doesn’t require any prerequisites, making it a great option for beginners. 

Some of the topics covered in the course include website development, online marketing, branding, copywriting, live streaming on social media, handling Google Ads and Google Analytics and online advertising, to name a few. Additionally, students will also learn how to use various digital marketing strategies, improve brand identity and audience retention, improve their website traffic, video marketing, Facebook Ads and Analytics, subscribers and followers and practical knowledge in the form of real-world techniques. Students have lifetime access to the 32.5 hours of material that teach this after a one-time payment.

The Digital Marketing Masterclass—Udemy Price: $12.99 Sign up for the Course

The Bottom Line: Affiliate Marketing

We live in an age where vast amounts of information are easily accessible; these courses just reinforce the point. Whether you’re learning affiliate marketing to further your brand or just for the sake of learning, whether you’re looking for a comprehensive course or a quickie, there are enough and more courses to satisfy your needs. 

Additionally, the fact that affiliate marketing is increasing in popularity means that the subject is in demand and constantly growing, which in turn means that many, many sites and individuals alike are offering excellent courses in the field. Enroll for one and you’ll see your business grow like never before!

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