Ecom Hacks Academy Review – A Thorough Look At This Dropshipping Course

by | Nov 11, 2019

What Is “Ecom Hacks Academy”?

eCom Hacks Academy is an online course that teaches students how to create a successful dropshipping store. The course covers many aspects of dropshipping, ranging from web design to digital marketing. It’s designed to be a one-stop-shop to success, giving anyone all the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.  

Ecom Hacks Academy
Ecom Hacks Academy has recently been rebranded into “Ecom Hacks”.

This particular course focuses on speed & profitability. The idea is to create multiple dropshipping stores, each producing profit from a different niche. Goetz claims that you should be able to get your store set up and profitable in just under two weeks.

NOTE: We currently recommend eCom Success Academy over eCom Hacks Academy. eCom Success Academy is one of our top rated courses and has ratings of over 4 stars for each category. Here’s why

Who Is Jared Goetz?

Ecom Hacks Academy is taught by Jared Goetz, a very successful entrepreneur who made millions in e-commerce. Goetz has been featured on various platforms like CNBC, and at one point was competing with Kylie Jenner. The key? Goetz uses what he calls “dropsurfing”, where he capitalizes on e-commerce “fads”(such as fidget spinners). This strategy favors speed, as the shops are swiftly created, captures the market, then exits at the proper time. With this basic formula, Jared Goetz has made a fortune. His jump to success has heavily contributed to the popularity of dropshipping. As a keen entrepreneur, Goetz has now capitalized on dropshipping itself, creating eCom Hacks Academy.

Ecom Hacks Academy Jared Goetz
Jared Goetz, the creator of Ecom Hacks Academy.

How Much Is Ecom Hacks Academy?

The pricing is very straightforward: a one time cost of $1,999. Keep in mind, Goetz advises having at least another $1,000 for advertising. You get access to the full course as well as access to the “mastermind group” of fellow students and mentors. It also comes with premade Shopify stores for you to use.

Ecom Hacks Academy Beginner
An overview of the basic access to Ecom Hacks Academy.

The course comes with “access to our tools”. Goetz doesn’t expand upon this, but it’s essentially basic analytic and marketing tools. Things like CRM, sales analytics, etc. Nothing too special.

What’s Does Goetz Teach?

The course is broken up into four modules:

Ecom Hacks Academy Modules
Ecom Hacks Academy is split into four modules, as shown here.

Module 1- Structure

This part is the most basic tutorials. It teaches students how to set up their Shopify store step by step. Goetz covers things like buying a domain, adding fulfillment services, and getting everything connected. Module 1 contains the following topics:

  • Overview and store dive- Jared Goetz bragging about his success to validate your purchase and motivate you.
  • High level view of successful products- How to find a profitable and successful product.
  • Open a shopify store- Not much explanation needed here.
  • Purchasing your domain- How to utilize GoDaddy with Shopify.
  • Setting up phone support- Creating a separate phone line and voice menu system to help your customers throughout their buying journey.
  • Payment methods- Start setting up services like Stripe to accept cash.
  • Meta Description- Quick SEO reference for your meta tags.
  • Shipping- Set up your rules and pricing points to maximize profit.
Ecom Hacks Academy Module 1
Most of what Goetz shows you in this module is technical tutorials, as seen from this screenshot.

Module 2- Setting Up Your Store to Convert

Now that you got your store set up, you need to make sure that your visitors buy your products. In this module, Goetz teaches you how to optimize your store’s page to boost your conversion rate and increase sales. This part of the course mainly covers your landing page’s structure and utilizing various strategies in order to push people to buy. Module 2 contains the following topics:

  • Conversion rates- Goetz goes over what a conversion rate is, and what you should aim for in order to succeed. Let us save you the suspense:
    • Conversion rate is the number of visitors that turn into buyers.
    • Your conversion rate should be enough for you to not lose money.
  • The $5,000,000 theme- This is an iPhone video of some guy who talks about buying his theme for $20 per month. It’s an advertisement that you paid $2 thousand for. These videos are insulting and a waste of time.
Ecom Hacks Academy Theme
The promo used by Bradely Long to convince you to buy his theme.

Tip: A good rule of thumb is to never buy a theme from someone who uses comic sans ms in their advert. Especially if they’re selling something they designed.

  • Free Shipping- How to set up free shipping inside of your pricing points.
  • Abandoned cart email sequence- Download an app that allows you to reach out to any visitor that abandons their cart.
  • FAQ Page setup- Setup your frequently asked questions.
  • Loading speed optimization- Don’t leave your audience waiting to be sold. Learn how to reduce loading speed with image optimizers.

Module 3- Products

Your sales are only as good as your product. The product that you choose to sell is absolutely vital to the success of your store. As such, it’s important to take extensive measures when selecting the perfect product to sell itself. In this module, Goetz covers all the steps you need to take in order to pick a good product. This module includes:

  • What to look for in a product- Understand a product’s scalability, “sell-ability”, and profit margins.
  • Adding products to your store- Which apps to use in your store, and how to set up orders with the suppliers.
  • Where to find products- An overview of the different platforms like Alibaba.
  • Order Fulfillment- How to take an order someone made on your website and fulfill it through your supplier.

Jared’s main strategy for picking a product is to pick a product someone else has already made a killing on. Essentially, your role in this is to piggyback off of a trend for a quick buck. While it may make some form of profit, it’s definitely not what will make you millions.

Module 4- Advertising

This module is all about advertising, or more accurately, marketing. Goetz goes over various platforms, but more importantly, how to utilize each of them in order to properly determine the best advertising platform for your store… just kidding, he actually only goes over Facebook ads. This is all about Facebook ads, including:

  • Losing product to winning in 6 days- This video is labeled Jared’s most “important”. It’s essentially his self-proclamation of six steps that took him to $67k a month. I can summarize it right here:
    • Utilize Facebook pixel, which shows people your ads based on their interactions with your store. Analyze your top advertising streams, cut off the ones that aren’t performing, and invest in the ones that are.
  • How to set up your Facebook page- Real complicated stuff…
  • Setting up your business manager, ad accounts, and page- Once again, pretty simple.
  • Campaign Structure- All the different campaign structures and advertisements, and how to create an audience that gives you good analytical data.
  • Facebook ads 201- Jake Tenenbaum’s guide to planning your campaign in a spreadsheet before you embark on your campaign.
  • Testing Method #1- Create a broad audience, then narrow your target audience based off of actions taken by your website.
  • Testing Method #2- Basically, a PPE campaign where you “pay per engagement” for your page. Essentially, this method doesn’t pay for clicks, rather it pays to build a lasting audience. This method is quite costly, however.
  • Scaling strategies- Various methods to scale your store, such as using dupe ad sets, “width” targeting method, and the “surfing” method.
  • Manual bidding strategies- 6 methods to successfully winning the “bidding” spaces of Facebook advertising. 
  • Scaling ads to set out deeper- How to start targeting mobile or desktop news feeds.
Ecom Hacks Academy Excel Campaign Builder
Tenenbaum, an instructor, teaches you how to plan your campaign using Excel.

This module comes with some very valuable information, such as the testing methods, scaling strategies, and manual bidding strategies. This module easily comprises 90% of the value of the course.

How Is Ecom Hacks Academy’s Quality?

The course is made with fairly good quality. The audio is good, although a few videos can see a drop in quality when they switch instructors. You can expect most videos coming with a graphic intro, a brief summary, then a screen recording of their subject. Sometimes you may hear a slight echo, or The quality does not get in the way of the course, although sometimes you can see an obvious drop in quality when a different instructor is teaching. 

Does Jared Goetz Deliver?

No, not by a long shot. Goetz course over promises and under-delivers. The price tag associated with this course is just absurd. He charges $2k just to go over some very basic tutorials and information. Half of the course is him going over setting up things like your Shopify store or facebook page, all of which you can learn for free online. Essentially, he’s charging you $2k for him to teach you Facebook marketing techniques that weren’t invented by him, and easily learnable elsewhere.

Ecom Hacks Academy Sales
Goetz constantly flaunts his success to validate your purchase.

So, can you make $67k with this course? Yes, assuming you have $10k to throw at Facebook ads. If not, expect minimal profit and maximum frustration. Your Shopify store will not make you rich, despite what Goetz claims. 

Who Is Goetz’s Course Best For?

This course is best for anyone that has no idea what they’re doing. The type of person that watches one dropshipping video on youtube and is ready to throw thousands of dollars away. If you’re this person, this video is perfect for you. It teaches you the absolute basics and some advanced strategies to get you started. This course is designed for beginners who require a lot of guidance. If you’re anyone else, this course is not for you. 

Is Ecom Hacks Academy Worth The Money?

Once again, no. Not by a long shot.

This course just doesn’t provide enough value for it to warrant a $2k price tag. 99% of the content of this course can be learned through other, cheaper, alternatives. There’s just too many resources for dropshipping available for it to justify the amount Goetz is charging. If you’re a beginner, the amount that you’d spend on this course can be used to get your store truly successful. And for anyone with experience, the courses advanced strategies (module 4), doesn’t provide enough for you to feel like your purchase would be justified.

Overall, the course doesn’t provide enough value or content for it to charge what it does. If Goetz charged $299, I would say it would be a proper valuation. But at $2,000, anyone can learn what he teaches easily, and use the money that they saved to put into their business.

NOTE: We currently recommend eCom Success Academy over eCom Hacks Academy. eCom Success Academy is one of our top rated courses and has ratings of over 4 stars for each category. Here’s why

Ecom Hacks Academy Course Alternatives

There are many alternatives to this course, considering dropshipping is such a popular topic for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

  • Ecom Success Academy (Adrian Morisson)– Ecom success academy is one of the few courses that is a Shopify approved course. If you are thinking of buying Ecom hacks academy (which the name itself is copying Adrian Morisson), I highly recommend that you buy this course instead. It comes with much more value at around the same price. You can read our review here.
  • The Complete Shopify course (Udemy)- If you’re thinking of taking Ecom Hacks Academy because you’re a beginner, consider this course instead. Coming in at 1/200th of the price, this course will teach you the fundamentals of dropshipping while saving you a tremendous amount of money.
  • Shopify Academy- Shopify publishes a vast amount of free resources for you to get familiar with their platform. It includes everything from Facebook advertising, email marketing, Google ads, and even search engine optimization. It’s definitely a great resource for anyone unfamiliar with dropshipping.

Our Final Verdict

This course is just another basic fundamental overview that charges you an absurd amount by flaunting their own success. Goetz does not provide nearly enough value for him to charge $2,000. The amount of cheaper and better alternatives puts this course on our “do not recommend” list. It promises riches and gives you the minimal amount of content for them to not get sued. Do not buy this course.


  • Easily understandable for beginners
  • Good video and audio quality


  • Extremely expensive
  • Provides basic content
  • Easily substitutable
  • Does not provide value

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 2.6 out of 5

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