AMZ Champions Review – Can It Help You Start A Successful FBA Business?

by | Oct 27, 2021

AMZ Champions is an Amazon FBA course that teaches you, “the exact steps to build a successful Amazon FBA Business in 2021”. AMZ Champions shows you everything you need to know in order to build your own FBA business from scratch and make money online.

The AMZ Champions course goes over Amazon FBA, finding suppliers, creating your listings, selling on Amazon, and marketing. AMZ Champions has 12+ hours of content, 100+ videos, and 13 modules. It also has 25+ PDF guides and templates. So, the question is, is this course truly worth the money? In this AMZ Champions review, we’ll take a closer look at this Amazon FBA course and what it has to offer so you can decide if it’s the right pick for your learning.

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Who Is Trevin Peterson?

Peterson is an online entrepreneur who got his start in FBA. Trevin Peterson was a full time amazon 7-figure seller for 4 years. In 2020, he claims to have sold over 100k units. To date, Trevin has coached over 1,500+ FBA students.

Now, Trevin Peterson focuses on growing himself as a brand. His Youtube channel has over 40k subscribers, and regularly produces content focusing on entrepreneurship and FBA.

AMZ Champions Trevin Peterson

AMZ Champions Pricing

AMZ Champions costs $997 for unlimited access. There is no sales tax on the final sale.

There is no option for a payment plan.

AMZ Champions Pricing

It does come with a few bonuses, such as:

  • Instant access
  • Weekly Live Calls
  • 1 Month of Unlimited Email Mentorship
  • Product Verification Service (for 5 products)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

AMZ Champions also features refund policy with a 14 day money back guarantee. To qualify for the refund policy, must have accessed less than 25% of the content, and not jumped around modules downloading the resources.

AMZ Champions Money-Back Guarantee

AMZ Champions Modules

The course is split into 13 modules, with each showing you a different step of your Amazon FBA journey.

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Module 1: Understanding Amazon Business FBA

Module 1 focuses on the fundamentals of FBA. Peterson has four videos demonstrating FBA’s business model, the potential of it, the Amazon platform, FBA products, and understanding the basic fees associated with it. 

Module 2: Seller Central Account Set Up

Once you learn the Amazon Seller business model, Trevin transitions intoto navigating through seller account central. He talks about setting up an LLC, understanding income tax, creating a seller account, and navigating through the interface.

AMZ Champions Module 2

Module 3: Building A Long-term Amazon Business Brand

For module 3, Peterson goes over the fundamentals of creating an Amazon brand out of your store. He talks about creating a brand guideline, a professional logo, product packaging, and picking a brand name, and creating multiple brands. He even goes over how to avoid trademark infringement. 

​Module 4: Understanding Product Research

Once your brand is created, you’ll start taking the first steps towards picking your winning product. This is one of four modules that Trevin provides solely on product research. I really appreciate the attention that Trevin Peterson gives to the research itself. Research is a vital part of your Amazon Seller profit margins. It’s necessary to create a sustainable online business.

In this module, Peterson goes over seasonal products, products to avoid, gated categories and restricted products, and a basic understanding of patents, trademarks, and profitability. He also gives a very good tutorial breaking down “home run products”. 

​Module 5: How to Destroy Your Competition

In this module, you start to focus on the competitive research aspect of selling on Amazon. Trevin shows you how to increase your profit margins, create a better product, add card inserts, and understand your customer and your opposing Amazon sellers.

​Module 6: Mastering Product Research

For Module 6, you learn how to use product research tools to gain valuable insights. More specifically, you learn Helium 10 and product verification. Trevin shows you how to verify products, break down your competition, and other Amazon sellers techniques.

​Module 7: Verifying Products

Peterson expands upon the product verification previously presented. A majority of the videos in this module have been updated by Trevin Peterson, giving you the most up-to-date information. He goes over trends, seasonality, keyword demand, product perspective, and how he personally verifies his products. The information in this module is very good, and one of the few that include trends and keyword demand. 

AMZ Champions Module 7

​Module 8: Finding Suppliers & Making First Order

Once you’ve finally settled on a product, Trevin shows you how to source a supplier. He goes over alibaba, air vs sea shipping, how many units to order, getting a sample, creating a shipping plan, and how to negotiate.

​Module 9: How to Create Effective Product Listings

With your product ordered, you can create your first listing on Amazon. Peterson shows you how to create converting titles and descriptions, price your products, create product listings, and optimize for mobile.

​Module 10: Amazon FBA Champion Product Launch (new)

This is an updated module by Trevin for your product launch. He goes over setting up your listing for conversions, enrolling in the early reviewer program, setting up review automation, using coupon codes, acquiring 5 star reviews, dealing with negative reviews, and setting up PPC campaigns.

AMZ Champions Course Updates

​Module 11: Mastering & Understanding Amazon PPC

In this module, Trevin expands upon the ppc video in the last module. He shows you how to launch an automatic PPC campaign, pull advertising results, and set up manual targeting. He also gives general tips and strategy. 

​Module 12: Marketing & Advertising

This is a shorter module, going over paid promotional strategies and backlinks. There’s only 3 videos in total.

​Module 13: Scaling to 6 & 7 Figures

For the last module, Trevin gives you tips and strategies to scale your Amazon Seller business. He shows you how to properly scale, run lightning deals, use special events, understand basic accounting, and use Amazon Reimbursements.

AMZ Champions Quality

Trevin Peterson produces AMZ Champions with amazing quality. The videos are mainly of Trevin giving a screen-recorded demonstration while his face is overlaid onto the bottom corner. The video and audio are incredibly clear, and professionally edited.

AMZ Champions Quality

Additionally, for general topics Peterson provides a clean power point presentation to outline concepts. He also includes PDF course materials walking you through things like tax and international selling. Overall, I was very pleased by the level of professionalism in AMZ Champions. 

 Does Trevin Peterson Deliver?

Peterson promises to teach you “the exact steps to build a successful Amazon Seller Business in 2021” with AMZ Champions. Trevin covers everything you need to know when starting an Amazon FBA business. And, he’s updated the information with the most up-to-date information. As such, Peterson delivers on this promise. 

Trevin doesn’t overpromise income or pitch unrealistic expectations. He advertises a thorough course for a fair price. After taking AMZ Champions, you will be left with an Amazon FBA store capable of generating profits.

Who Is AMZ Champions Best For?

AMZ is best for any new entrepreneur looking to break into FBA. Trevin Peterson explains complicated topics in a very simple manner. If you are unfamiliar with FBA, Peterson is a great teacher to introduce you to the world of Amazon FBA.

However, if you are looking for more advanced topics, AMZ Champions does have a few. The product research module in this course is very strong. It includes unique topics like trends and product perspectives that aren’t seen in many FBA courses. 

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Is AMZ Champions Worth The Price?

The big question is if it’s worth the price.

For AMZ Champions, it really depends on if you are a beginner or seasoned seller. 

AMZ Champions Goals

If you know absolutely nothing about FBA, this Amazon FBA training is worth the price. It shows you how to set up a profitable FBA store from scratch. Additionally, the research modules give you some very good information for you to pick a winning product.

However, anyone who already has an understanding of FBA will find AMZ Champions a bit pricey. While it does a good job showing you FBA, it doesn’t have a lot of bonuses that advanced users will find useful. Depending on your knowledge, it may not be the best investment.

AMZ Alternatives

If you’re not sold on AMZ Champions yet, consider checking out the following FBA course alternatives:

  • The Last Amazon Course (Brock Johnson)This is the standard for all FBA courses. Brock Johnson charges you $1 to teach you everything you need to know. If you are new to FBA, I highly recommend you check out Johnson’s course first. 
  • Ecom Freedom (Dan Vas)For those looking for advanced topics, consider Ecom Freedom. Vas gets into complex topics like split-testing your listings. His course is well produced and worth the money. Consider Ecom Freedom if you want a challenge.

Our Final Thoughts: AMZ Champions

Trevin Peterson is a seasoned FBA entrepreneur who holds nothing back when teaching. AMZ Champions is a good course, and provides a competitive understanding to new fba entrepreneurs. It has one of the best product research modules around. I believe that research is a very vital aspect of Amazon sellers. Learning his strategies can set you up with a winning product fast. With that said, his course is a bit pricey, compared to much cheaper alternatives. If you are new to FBA you will find a lot of value in AMZ Champions.


  • Very good research modules
  • Comprehensive
  • Good quality


  • A bit pricey
  • Short refund window
  • No payment plan

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 4.26 out of 5

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