Affiliate Marketing Masters Course Review – What Can They Teach You About Affiliates

by | Nov 11, 2019

What Is “Affiliate Marketing Masters”?

Affiliate Marketing Masters is a course taught by Tanner Fox and Ryan Hildreth which teaches students how to utilize affiliate links to generate passive income. The course covers everything you need to get an affiliate business running, from finding an affiliate network to the different platforms to promote your affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing Master Course
Affiliate Marketing Master is a course that teaches you how to set up an affiliate marketing business.
NOTE: We currently recommend The Authority Site System over Affiliate Marketing Masters. The Authority Site System is one of our top picks and highly rated in all areas. Here’s why

Who Are Ryan Hildreth And Tanner Fox?

This course is taught by Tanner Fox and Ryan Hildreth, a business duo team.

Tanner Fox is an online entrepreneur who’s primarily made his money through ecommerce and affiliate businesses. Fox started his entrepreneurial journey out in college where he created multiple successful businesses. Now, Tanner is a business guru, branding himself on YouTube and Instagram and selling various courses.

Affiliate Marketing Masters Ryan Hildreth and Tanner Fox
Ryan Hildreth (left), and Tanner Fox (right) during the introduction to Affiliate Marketing Masters.

Ryan Hildreth is also an online entrepreneur who’s known for social media marketing. Just as Tanner Fox, Hildreth has branded himself as a business guru focusing on digital marketing. Most recently, Hildreth was promoting his affiliation with BitConnect, a cryptocurrency investment firm which stole millions of dollars of investments. Hildreth deleted all videos which affiliated himself with BitConnect, and has never spoken about it since. 

How Much Is Affiliate Marketing Review?

The course costs $497. There are no payment plans available. The entire course only comes with around 5 hours of content.

Affiliate Marketing Masters No Refund Policy
Affiliate Marketing Masters does not offer any refunds whatsoever.

The course gives you access to their private Facebook group, where you and other course members can discuss your progress with the creators.

The course does come with one mystery bonus from Hildreth and Fox…

It’s actually not a bonus, they just invite you to sign up for their affiliate program to sell the course itself.

Affiliate Marketing Masters Pricing
The course costs $497, and is made with teachable.

What Does Affiliate Marketing Review Cover?

The course is split into 8 different modules. Don’t let that mislead you, because some modules only have 15 minutes of video on them. The modules are split by topic.

Module 1- Affiliate Networks

This module explains the various networks that you’ll use to earn commission. Fox goes over how to sign up for an affiliate network, and Hildreth goes over how to choose a niche. All of which is very general and obvious information. Fox explains that you go to the website selling the product and join their affiliate network, and Hildreth explains that you should choose a profitable niche you enjoy (duh). He never once goes over what makes a niche profitable or how to find such a niche, he just simply states to find a profitable one. Great information here.

Affiliate Marketing Masters Module 1
Tanner Fox going over Module 1.

Module 2- YouTube

In this module, Hildreth and Fox covers using YouTube as a platform. They go very in depth, going over how to pick a niche, and how to set up your channel. In the module, they give you some golden advice, telling you to pick a niche you like. Hildreth goes on to show you how to make a channel, upload your video, spam keywords in your description, and put your affiliate link all over the video. Real complicated stuff.

If you want to replicate exactly what they’re talking about, all you have to do is just copy exactly what they do in their videos.

  1. Clickbait
  2. Very (very) little useful content
  3. Affiliate advertisement
Affiliate Marketing Masters Youtube
Ryan Hildreth explaining how to upload a YouTube video.

Buy yourself some views and you’re all set.

A majority of this is very useless, with Hildreth at one point even explaining how to set up a Gmail account. It provides zero value or any insightful information.

Module 3- Facebook

The Facebook module is no different. Hildreth rambles on about Facebook, teaches you how to make an account, and how to write your first post. Nothing that you can’t find on YouTube. Essentially, Hildreth explains that you should create a Facebook group around your niche which you can leverage the same YouTube formula to get traffic to your affiliate link.

  1. Very (very) little useful content
  2. Affiliate advertisement
Affiliate Marketing Masters Facebook
Ryan Hildreth showing you how to create a Facebook page.

This is the same cookie-cutter formula Hildreth teaches you, but in Facebook form. Fox basically teaches you to comment on other pages for shameless exposure. They do not provide any useful information.

Module 4- Running Facebook Ads

The Facebook ads module is strictly for creating and maintaining a profitable Facebook ad campaign. This module does go over some better information, but it doesn’t cover it in depth. For example, one of the videos in this module covers A/B split testing, but the insight they give you is nothing more than ‘run two ads, and focus on whichever ad has the lowest cpc’. Most of this module, like the rest, is technical and obvious tutorials.

Module 5- Instagram

This entire module is only 13 minutes long. Basically, Hildreth tells you to make an instagram page, and use a follow/unfollow bot on a large page that’s in your niche.

Affiliate Marketing Masters Instagram
Ryan Hildreth using a bot to follow and unfollow profiles. Based on the user interface, it’s obvious Hildreth made this course long ago, and is outdated.

Don’t do this. Instagram changed its API and doing this can get you banned. Skip this entire module.

Module 6- Review & Bot Site

This part is very basic as well. Essentially, they teach you to create a review website with wix or weebly. From there, you review products you are affiliated with, and include your affiliate link at the bottom. The entire thing takes the form of the following steps:

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Decision
  4. Action

Hildreth covers various copywriting strategies that you can use to write better, such as creating a common enemy with your reader, understand their problem, and tap into an emotional solution to their problem. A tad bit unethical, but not anything uncommon. Most of these copywriting strategies are evident in his sales page.

Module 7- Email Marketing & Automation

This part is really just email and sales funnels. The automation is structuring a sales funnel that optimizes your conversion rate for your product using a free product (like a free ebook), then eventually leading them to your affiliate link. The “trick” Hildreth explains is to advertise your free product using an email sequence. 

Affiliate Marketing Masters Email Marketing
Hildreth giving a powerpoint presentation about email marketing.

Hildreth’s email sequence tells a “story” over the course of a couple of emails as a way to engage your email list. It’s one of the better modules, teaching you much more than the other ones, but it’s not anything new or revolutionary. Hildreth just explains the bare essentials of a sales funnel. 

Module 8- “OUR OFFER TO YOU!!!”

Hildreth gives you the “opportunity” to be an affiliate for their website.

Essentially, you paid $497 to be an affiliate.

Ryan Hildreth’s Course Quality

The course quality is quite standard. A majority of the course is taught by Hildreth, who uses a standard facecam and screen recording. Sometimes Fox will teach, but when he does, he uses nothing but his webcam from his laptop, resulting in poor video quality. The introduction and offer are filmed with both Hildreth and Fox outside.

Overall, the course quality isn’t bad, but it isn’t good either. For the price that it charges, the quality feels very amatuer. A majority of Udemy courses charge way less, with professional audio and video quality.

Does Ryan Hildreth And Tanner Fox Deliver?

The course teaches you the absolute basics of affiliate networking, and nothing more. In no way does Affiliate Marketing Masters teach mastery of any sense, nor do the instructors present themselves as such. Let’s break down some of the promises on their promo page:

  • “How to sign-up and be accepted by top affiliate networks”- Hildreth merely provides a list of website links anyone can sign up with.
  • “How to use 100% free traffic on social media to generate sales”- Hildreth uses an outdated bot to follow/unfollow profiles.
  • “How to choose a niche”- Hildreth just says pick a “profitable” niche that you like, and nothing more.
Affiliate Marketing Masters Promises
Affiliate Marketing Master’s promises found on the sales page.

The course “delivers” with the most general and obvious information possible.

Who Affiliate Marketing Master Best For?

This course isn’t best for anyone. However, anyone who does not understand what the internet is or how to use it can find some value. Hildreth spends so much time with the most basic curriculum you’d think it was part of the “For Dummies” series. He actually spends time explaining what a Gmail account is and how to set up your YouTube channel. Even in the Facebook module, Hildreth overly talks about how to set up a page. 

The tutorials are painfully obvious and a waste of time to anyone that understands the basic functionality of the internet. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth The Money?

No, not at all. This course is absolutely horrible and provides no learning value. It seems as though Hildreth and Fox filled this course with horrible basic tutorials, and are likely to save any “advanced” strategies for another, more expensive course. Additionally, the “offer” they give you is to be an affiliate, making it seem as though you paid $497 just to have the ability to be an affiliate with them.

It’s very clear what they’re doing: Hildreth and Fox are trying to cash in on the online business scene by selling a get rich quick course. They try so hard to copy Tai Lopez that they forget to try to put effort into their course. It’s quite obvious that Hildreth will sell anything that makes him profit, making sense as to why he was promoting BitConnect to his followers.

Affiliate Marketing Masters Channel
Ryan Hildreth’s channel is filled with clickbait videos like these.

Their channels are filled with click bait and scams, and this course is a reflection of that. 

NOTE: We currently recommend The Authority Site System over Affiliate Marketing Masters. The Authority Site System is one of our top picks and highly rated in all areas. Here’s why

Affiliate Marketing Master Course Alternatives

Affiliate marketing is a very popular subject, leaving many alternatives for you to learn more at a cheaper price. Some of which are:

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing (Neil Patel)- If you really don’t know what affiliate marketing is, check this guide out. Neil creates a very extensive guide that explains everything about affiliate marketing. It’s 100% free and it gives you a good ideas as to what affiliate marketing actually is.
  • Affiliate Marketing Foundations (LinkedIn Learning)- This course comes with the same amount of content that Affiliate Marketing Master comes with, but significantly cheaper. It’s through LinkedIn Learning, meaning you’ll have access to thousands of other courses ranging from SEO to Facebook ads.
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO (Udemy)– If you’re itching to learn affiliate marketing, this is it. This course comes with 20+ hours of content in 250+ videos. This course is  incredibly cheap, and offers an abundance of content for the price.
Affiliate Marketing Masters - Amazon
Amazon Affiliate Marketing comes with 22 hours of content, and is only usually around $11.

Our Final Verdict

Do not buy this course. Ryan Hildreth has promoted scams before, and has taken many steps including false copyright striking other YouTubers’ channels to cover it up. The course provides no value, and all of what he teaches you can be found in simple YouTube tutorials. This course isn’t worth 1/10th of what it charges, and provides no value and no insightful information. It comes with only 3 hours of content, and even then, the content itself is general and basic.


  • Easy to comprehend


  • Overpriced
  • General information
  • Very little content 
  • No refunds
  • Painfully basic information

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 2 out of 5

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