What Is The Royalty Accelerator?

If writing is your thing, then Matt Logan’s Royalty Accelerator course may interest you. The Royalty Accelerator is a course that teaches you how to make more income through writing services on Amazon. It takes a passive income approach towards creating royalties based off of writing from Kindle’s direct publishing on demand and other online sources. Matt teaches you‚ every single thing you need to get your business set up. From creating, publishing, and even marketing your business, the Royalty Accelerator shows you it all.

The Royalty Accelerator Intro
The Residual Royalty Accelerator focuses solely on making money through Amazon’s direct publishing platform, KDP.

One thing that Matt mainly teaches you is maximizing profitability. Through various things like the use of keywords in your book and the product descriptions, Matt takes a heavy marketing approach to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).  Matt also teaches you some of the best writing industries to get into, showing you the different niches and types of books you can publish within them with ease.

Who Is Matt Logan?

Not much is known about Matt Logan, the creator of Residual Royalty Academy. Unlike most entrepreneurs,  Matt does not personally brand himself. In fact, his face is never shown. Instead he’s built his media presence through Royalty Academy, his channel and business name.

The Royalty Accelerator - Matt Logan
Matt never shows his face. He began his online presence through his youtube channel, Residual Royalty Academy.

Royalty Academy started out as a YouTube channel in 2019, frequently uploading small videos about publishing on KDP.  Matt frequently explores topics about creating passive income in short tutorials on his YouTube channel. He’s published over 9,500 books on Amazon, and throughout his channel and in the course he’s proved that he’s a leading expert in KDP.

How Much Is The Royalty Accelerator?

Matt features two pricing points for The Royalty Accelerator. The first option is a one-time payment of $199. The second option is two payments of $75. It’s a little confusing that the payment plan is cheaper than the paid in full price, as that’s something irregular in the business course industry. 

Matt does feature a free version of his course, but most of the content is very similar to what he teaches in his YouTube channel. 

The Royalty Accelerator Pricing
It’s not too clear if the total price of the payment plan is $150 (two payments of $75), or $300 (Two bi-weekly payments of $75). Proceed with caution.

He does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it’s only applicable if you view less than 20% of the course. If you click on the modules, whether you watch it or not, it still counts as accessing the module. The course does not come with any added benefits or bonuses, aside from the standard course material.

The Royalty Accelerator Curriculum

The course features five modules, each containing a different step in creating your publishing business.

Module 1: Keywords, Niches, Subtitles, Descriptions + More

The first module is about increasing your Amazon rank through the use of keywords. Matt goes over every aspect of publishing your book, and each opportunity to boost your rank. For example, Matt has a video on subtitles alone, and how subtitles can be used to cleverly add keywords inside of your book while also providing an added user benefit. 

Matt also touches upon keyword research, primarily about selecting the right keywords for your niche. One of the main factors of your success is the niche that you choose and its profitability.  Matt’s longest video in this module is purely based upon finding the most profitable niches that are also not as crowded. 

Matt frequently talks about the difference between profit and capacity. He makes the distinction that not all profitable businesses have room for new titles. He explains that you want to try to find what he calls underground niches.  Matt defines underground niches as barely inhabited book niches with lots of potential revenue. These can include things like workbooks, MadLips, or anything else. In the module, he also shows you a clever trick to doing competitive research in order to find these underground niches by examining other authors.

The Royalty Accelerator Niches
Matt Logan showing you how to research the different niches within Amazon.

Overall this module provides a lot of value for selling your book. Matt provides vital advice to make sure that your books are going to rank in a good niche. 

Module 2: Insider Tips, Secrets & Unknown Hacks

The second module covers various tips for your KDP business. Matt goes over different things that he’s picked up along the way, like mistakes to avoid, stacking uploads together for faster results, and different websites to get free images from.

Matt briefly touches upon utilizing freelancing services in order to publish your books more efficiently. He explains using places like Fiverr or Upwork to get some of the basic design work done means you can focus on what matters most. This is the key that Matt has attributed uploading thousands of articles to.

Overall, this module has a lot of different information. Matt brushes a lot of various points but never really delves deeply into any of them.  While they are useful, it seems more of general tips than an actual module itself.

Module 3: Opening Up Lucrative New Avenues Of Income

The third module contains the most value for the course. This module focuses entirely upon creating new works that can generate a lot of potential revenue. Matt goes over some of the easiest books to create, but also the most profitable.

One of the niches he explores are coloring books. He shows you a step-by-step tutorial about how to create a coloring book. He also explores various other niches that you can easily publish from such as guest books, log books, puzzle books, and more.  Essentially, Matt is showing you how to spot potential revenue from some of the easiest books.

The Royalty Accelerator Book Design
Matt Logan shows you the easiest way to design these books without having any experience.

These underground niches have the potential to create some of the best revenue for you. Matt gets into the easiest way to design and publish these, as well as some of the best keywords for you to utilize when selling these books. This  module contains some of the best information, and proves Matt’s authority of the subject.

Module 4: Going Deeper

The next module talks about more general tips and tricks. A lot of these videos, just like the second module, are not correlated. These are simply things that you can implement at various points in your business.

Matt talks about things like potential obstacles that lead to failure, how to overcome them, the best seasonal niches to get into, how to organize your keywords, how to make your book stand apart, and more.

This module does contain a very good way for you to organize your keywords. While it may be easy to set up your keywords in the beginning, after having thousands of books it’s very hard to organize them. Matt shows you a very good way to organize them and how he processes and utilizes them.

Module 5: Advertising Your Books Using Amazon’s Ads Platforms

This module has been updated as of February 2020, making sure that the information he gives you is up to date. In a larger sense, it shows his continuous support for the course. This entire module is focused on Amazon’s ads. Matt shows you how to set up your first wave of advertisements, and goes deeper into targeting audiences and setting up bids.

The Royalty Accelerator - Amazon Ads
Matt Logan guides his students through creating their first Amazon ad campaign.

Matt also shows you manual targeting strategies, as well as the best time to kill your ads, and start a new campaign. Amazon’s advertising platform can be tricky, and Matt does a good job of introducing it to his viewers. While it doesn’t go into super deep detail, it does give users a good understanding of the platform to become familiar with it.

The Royalty Accelerator’s Course Quality

The course quality is all right. A lot of the course material is screen recordings from Matt’s computer. The audio quality is above average, and does not interfere with the course learning in any way possible.

The Royalty Accelerator Course Quality
The entire course is screen recorded.

Matt doesn’t make any PowerPoint presentations, nor does he include intros or outros. He also does not show his face in the course. He does include materials such as a list of niche ideas. However it’s a single image that does not expand upon any of the ideas. The course quality is slightly above average, but it definitely can use some form of personal branding added to it.

Does Matt Logan’s Course Deliver?

Matt’s course definitely delivers on its promise to teach students how to set up a publishing business. While it may not be quick profits fast, Matt does set the expectation that KDP is a long-term business that takes time to set up.

The Royalty Accelerator - Earnings
Matt does make multiple disclaimers that profit comes in the long-run.

Matt does a great job showing you the best way to make your business profitable. He also does a great job of showing you efficient ways to publish your books. With both of those traits combined, efficiency and profitability, Matt’s course definitely delivers on its promise of setting your KDP up for success.

Who Is The Royalty Accelerator Best For?

This course is best for anyone looking to start getting into KDP. Matt does a great job of introducing the business specifically for new people. Anyone who is looking to get into ADP will find his videos explain some of the harder concepts in a very thorough and comprehensive manner. 

The Royalty Accelerator - Bonus Resources
The Residual Royalty Academy is a very easy course for beginners to following along with.

However, anyone with experience in publishing or in direct publishing will find his videos to be slow, providing little to no value. It’s important to note that this is a good introductory course, but it’s not designed for anyone who already has experience with KDP.

Is The Royalty Accelerator Worth The Money?

This course, compared to others, is very cheap. Costing only $200, Matt sets himself apart from typical courses by delving deeply into maximizing profit and efficiency. A lot of courses focus too much on technical tutorials, but Matt solely focuses on the most vital information.

While he does glance over lots of guided walkthroughs, any new student will find that his course contains a lot of value. For what Matt charges, he gives you a lot of good insider tips and useful advice. As such the course is worth the money it charges.

KDP Course Alternatives

KDP is not as popular of an industry as drop shipping or affiliate marketing. As such, courses are limited and can cost more than your typical $10 course. However there are a few alternatives out there that provide value. Here are a few: 

  • Kindle Secrets (Udemy) – Created by Benjamin Wilson, this course takes a different approach towards KDP. Unlike Matt who goes for quantity over quality, Wilson focuses solely on one book and goes for the quality of the book. If you are more interested in KDP for writing and creative reasons, this course may be better geared towards you. The other branches of KDP such as keyword research and design are also covered in Wilson’s course.
  • Brian Jackson (Skillshare)- For anyone who’s taking this course to learn the technical side of publishing, consider Brian Jackson’s skillshare course. He doesn’t delve into the marketing or the keyword as much, but he does give good walkthroughs to help navigate you through Amazon.

Final Thoughts For The Royalty Accelerator

Overall, Matt creates a very valuable course that thoroughly explains adept concepts of KDP. Matt focuses a lot on ways to increase your profitability; such as utilizing freelancers, the best niches to get into, and the best keywords to use. While it may not contain as much information as you need, it does give you some of the most essential information to succeed. Matt frequently updates the course with up-to-date information and shows his expertise in KDP. 


  • Good course focus
  • Useful advice
  • Comprehensive


  • Little course branding
  • Not as many walkthroughs
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The Royalty Accelerator Review
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Looking to make some passive income with online writing services? Maybe you’re considering learning more with Matt Logan’s The Royalty Accelerator course. With five modules all focused on creating your writing business, could this course help you? Read our review of The Royalty Accelerator now, before you spend.