Secret Entourage Clothing Line Course Review

by | Mar 19, 2020

The Secret Entourage Clothing Line course, “How To Start A T-Shirt Brand” is provided by Secret Entourage, an entrepreneurship membership hub that sells various courses and motivational inspiration. It was primarily founded by Pejman Ghadimi, along with the co-founders Alan Dang and Navid Norou. They evolved from general blog posts in 2011, to selling ebooks, and eventually to now, selling entrepreneurship courses and motivational tools. This course in particular is taught by Andres Ocampo, one of the main founders of Secret Entourage’s “ENTRPRNR” brand.

Secret Entourage Clothing Line Intro
Secret Entourage is a group that promotes entrepreneurship and sells various courses.

What Is Secret Entourage’s Course “How To Start A T-Shirt Brand?”

“How To Start A T-Shirt Brand” from Secret Entourage is exactly what’s in the title. It teaches you how to create a brand from scratch. The course claims to teach you how to go from “start to six figures” in income. Be weary, as starting a t shirt brand is a competitive market to break into.

Secret Entourage Clothing Line Entrprnr
The course is mainly a case study on “ENTRPRNR” as a brand.

How To Start A T-Shirt Brand’s Pricing

This Secret Entourage course is split into 18 different modules. Each module covers a different aspect of building your clothing brand. The course costs $497, and does not feature any payment plans. Additionally, the course comes with very little bonuses, mainly only giving you access to a bonus Q&A module.

Secret Entourage Clothing Line Cost
How to Start A T-Shirt Company costs $497.

It also features a 14 day, full money back guarantee, providing that you do not buy it during a sale. However, be warned: at the top of the sales page there is a banner that reads “EXTENDED HOLIDAY SUPER SALE”. Secret Entourage does not provide any additional information for this banner, and it’s very unclear if the $497 is retail or a sales price. It seems as though they put this banner here in order to fight against any possible refund requests. 

Secret Entourage Clothing Line Promotion
Secret Entourage Clothing Line Refunds
Be careful. They feature a very small banner claiming the $497 is a “promotional price” in order to void the refund. Secret Entourage proves to use very sneaky sales tactics.

How To Start A T-Shirt Brand Curriculum

A common theme of this course is redundancy. Andres has a tendency to create a module for every topic. To simplify things, we’re focusing on only some of the main modules.

Module 1- Introduction

The introduction serves to set your expectations about starting up a clothing brand. While most of the course is marketed as a quick profit business, Ocampo goes in and thoroughly explains the dedication required to succeed.

Secret Entourage Clothing Line Module 1
Ocampo explain the overview of How To Start A T-Shirt Brand.

Above all, Ocampo makes it perfectly clear that you should always put your brand first. You should carry a strong passion for your brand that sets aside profit for a more meaningful business. Clothing brands are a very saturated market, and for those to succeed, you must be able to endure a heavy startup curve. Those aiming for profit peter out, but those who create their brand for the fashion endure.

Module 2- What is ENTRPRNR

This module is Ocampo talking about their brand, “ENTRPRNR”, for the entire video. It’s basically an entire video of self-promotion, very skippable.

Module 3- Brainstorming Name Candidates

This module focuses solely on naming your brand. In it, he talks about how your name must be original, unique, and won’t come quickly. Ocampo then explains how he decided on the name “ENTRPRNR” on his first try, from his love of entrepreneurship. When giving advice about naming your brand, Adres Ocampo says,

“Many would think, ‘This is the easiest part! I already know what it’s going to be called!’ … No, you don’t, and if you do, it probably sucks. A brand name is not something that comes about overnight.”

Only to then explain, “Luckily for David and I, ENTRPRNR came about fairly easily. I knew life would eventually lead me to become an entrepreneur and upon playing with the word in my head for a while I came up with the consolidated word ENTRPRNR”

So, it’s still not clear what exact advice we should follow…

Module 4- Physical Storefront

This is the pretty standard technical tutorial part of any course. Essentially, he teaches you how to register your domain, get set up with WordPress, and get your shop set up. You don’t learn anything unique, or really, anything you can’t learn elsewhere. This section, although useful for some, doesn’t prove that the course is bringing inherent value to what they’re teaching.

Module 5- Registering Your Company

Ocampo goes over the basic overview of registering your company. He starts by explaining the difference between a C Corp, S Corp, LLC, etc, and the advantages of each. He gives a good overview, but the information isn’t anything you can’t find online. Additionally, while Ocampo stresses the importance of registering a company, such as an LLC, he fails to mention that by registering, you have to pay upwards of hundreds of dollars in taxes per year, regardless if you make a profit.

Secret Entourage Clothing Line Registering Your Company
Ocampo going over registering your company. We recommend to hold off on registering until you grow.

ADVICE: Don’t register your company until you start making profit. Registering your brand is a serious commitment financially and legally. Test out your brand, and validate it before you get it registered.

Module 6- Building Your Storefront (Website)

This module isn’t even on the design aspect of the website, it just talks about hosting. Most people use a host and builder itself (Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, etc.), so this information proves to be of little value towards you. He does do a great job of talking about how he built his website five years ago, but that’s about it.

Module 7- Finding The Right Website Creation Tool

This module is exactly what it says. It builds off of the previous “module”. He goes over all of the different platforms… well all of three platforms, only to advise to use Shopify and WooCommerce at the end. So, I’ll summarize this entire “module” for you: Shopify. Use Shopify.

Module 8- Creating Your First Design

This module is honestly pretty insulting. Once again, Ocampo goes through his “story”. Essentially, he says that he didn’t create the initial designs or print them, his partner did. He then goes on to basically say if you don’t know how to use photoshop… learn it. 

“I recommend learning both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop like the back of your hand. You will need it greatly when it comes to creating shirt designs. There are a variety of sources in which you can learn to use adobe studios, for free.”

Does he teach you it? No, he just recommends learning it yourself. This is essentially saying “I don’t know how to do it, learn it yourself”. He even covers it in a “GRIND” mentality, making it seem like if you’re not willing to put the effort into teaching yourself, you’re not a “HUSTLER”. It’s this toxic mentality that plagues entrepreneurship. If Ocampo really was a “HUSTLER”, he would’ve put more effort into his course to actually teach you. If you’re not gonna teach the module, don’t even create it.

Module 9- Finding The Right Shirts to Print On

Ocampo goes over the various types of apparel and blanks to print on. He covers the tri-blends, 50/50 cotton-polyester blends, and more to give you a good overview as to the different types of blanks. He also gives some general advice about buying from suppliers from Alibaba, mainly things like be specific, don’t give money out, and try to position yourself as a large company.

All of this advice, however, isn’t suitable for anyone starting out (which this course is designed for). What he fails to mention is that wholesalers like Alibaba charge a minimum of 100+ shirts, and require expensive shipping fees. If you’re just starting out and don’t want to overextended yourself, consider U.S. wholesalers like Shirtsupplier. Contrary to popular belief, not everything is cheaper in China.

Module 10- Selling Your Shirts

Ocampo gives out advice on selling your shirts on social media. He gives some pretty generic advice, such as to “use a hash tag that is unique to your brand” and to create a template for your brand. Never once does he get into influencer or paid traffic marketing. Rather, he gives you some general advice and tips. Nothing more.

Module 11- Marketing And Advertising

This module delves into marketing a little bit more. Ocampo describes his journey with his brand and setting the initial marketing. Basically, he explains they relied heavily on influencer marketing and shoutouts to sell out, but “many them being useless now as the return on investment is very little to none”. So, what does work?

Secret Entourage Clothing Line Marketing And Advertisement
The marketing and advertising module of How To Start A T-Shirt Brand is entirely text based, with no video from Adres Ocampo.

Well, that’s not answered. He does give some (more) generic advice, like print your logo on products like lighters or bracelets and give them out. Or get a celebrity to wear your brand. But he doesn’t show you how to accomplish this, rather, he just gives you ideas. 

Andres Ocampo’s Course Quality

The course quality is well produced. The video has good picture quality, and you can see Ocampo quite clearly. Adres Ocampo films this outside, and because of this, you can hear cars and traffic in the background. It gives a good visual aesthetic, but the audio seems very unprofessional.

Secret Entourage Clothing Line Course Filming
The course is just Ocampo at one location, showing the entire course was filmed in one day.

Overall though, the quality is good. There’s no reason it should impede your learning.

Does “How To Start A T-Shirt Brand” Deliver?

Absolutely not. You are in no way ready to start a t shirt brand from this course. If anything, the course gives you a good direction to go in, but does nothing to prepare you. The course promises to show you how to go from “start to 6 figures”. This is an absolute lie; it does not even show you the proper way to start, nor does it offer any guidance to scaling up. He talks a lot about he created his “six figure” t shirt brand, but that’s all he does. 

Who Is Secret Entourage’s Course Best For?

This course is best for nobody. Newbies who are looking to start out are going to waste their money and get minimal knowledge in return. Experienced brand creators looking to scale their brand up will receive obvious and generic advice.

Either way, the course falls short. The entire course is done in one spot, in one day. It doesn’t offer technical knowledge that is vital for any startup, rather it just gives vague advice. Ocampo does a great job talking about his brand, but like most business course creators, that’s all he does.

Is It Worth the Money?

No. You’re entirely better off learning on your own. In fact, that’s most of the advice you get in this course. He’ll explain that you have to learn illustrator, only to then tell you to teach it to yourself. If this was a Youtube course series, advice like that would be understandable. But to charge $500 for this course only to lazily not teach you vital things is just unexcusable. The course is basically just generic and obvious advice, while Ocampo inflates his ego and goes on about his ENTRPRNR advice. It’s a bold confidence, considering they ripped off the Rolex logo. 

Secret Entourage Clothing Line Logo
Secret Entourage Clothing Line - Rolex Logo
ENTPPRNR brand ripping off the Rolex logo.

The course gives you no actionable knowledge. You’ll come out of it $500 poorer and with the most miniscule amount of knowledge to show for it. 

“How To Start A T-Shirt Brand” Alternatives

  • Lee Stuart Lee is a Youtuber who documented his entire process of starting a t shirt brand from scratch. From remodeling his basement to learning screen printing, his channel is the best way to see how an idea gets developed. The videography is beautifully produced, and the advice he gives is better than this course itself. Stuart shows the absolute reality of starting a brand.
Secret Entourage Clothing Line Alternative - Lee Stuart
Lee Stuart’s content is available free on Youtube.
  • Skillshare Skillshare is perfect for anyone trying to start a t shirt brand. It’s a course hub focused around creative arts. Skillshare comes loaded with knowledge from multiple ends, ranging from business, finance, designing, and even printing your t shirts..You can also learn programs omitted from this course such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. At significantly less than this course, it comes with much more information.

Our Final Verdict

This course is terrible. Ocampo has a horrid tendency to solely talk about his brand, and nothing more. This course would be better if it was “The History of ENTRPRNR”, rather than “How to Start A T Shirt Brand”. It gives you no practical and actionable knowledge. It’s just Andres Ocampo talking on a bench for a couple of hours. This course isn’t worth the price it charges at all, and it’s best to not only get away from this course, but the “hustle” mentality Secret Entourage brings as well. 


  • Provides motivation
  • Good quality


  • No useful knowledge
  • Does not provide thorough detail
  • Talks too much about their brand
  • Generic advice
  • Shady refund policy

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 2.12 out of 5

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