Lewis Howes 7 Figure Webinars Course Review

by | Aug 29, 2019

About 7 Figure Webinars

7 Figure Webinars is a course created by Lewis Howes to help Experts, Influencers, and Business Owners build a webinar that connects with their target audience and drive sales effectively. 

The course is designed to take you from start to finish. It gives you the tools and training you need to structure the webinar, set up the technology, promote the webinar, close sales, and increase sales with follow up.

In this course, you’ll find approximately three hours of step-by-step video lesson and templates, as well as action guides designed to help you implement what you learned in the lessons.

The material is suited for a range of beginners to advanced webinar presenters.

For beginners, you’ll find a start to finish overview that covers all the basics you’d need to get started with webinars.  

However, there is one major caveat: The course is designed for those who already have a track record or expertise. You’ll want to make sure you have a skillset, service, or product that you believe can truly help your target market before getting access to this course.

If you do have some sort of expertise but lack specific experience with webinars, this course is designed to help you get up and running with webinars as an effective sales vehicle for your business.

For the more seasoned webinar presenters, you’ll find tips and structures to help increase the effectiveness of your webinar presentation. You’ll also learn processes for driving traffic into your webinars  and find templates to build effective promotion on both the front-end and back-end of your webinar.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes Gateway

About Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a multimillion-dollar business owner, author, speaker, and podcast host of his top 100 ranked podcast “The School of Greatness.”

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes

Lewis has quite the “rags to riches” story. After an injury destroyed his budding professional arena football career, Lewis was depressed and living on his sister’s couch. During this time, he developed expertise around LinkedIn marketing and ultimately grew this into a multimillion-dollar business through webinars. 

Today, Lewis is passionate about giving back through his books, podcasts, teaching, and speaking. He seeks to share what he’s learned on his journey to help others achieve their own desired goals and dreams.

7 Figure Webinars Pricing

Lewis Howes’ 7 Figure Webinars is normally priced as follows:

  • 4 Monthly Payments of $422 ($1,688 Total)
  • 1 Payment of $1497
7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes Pricing Options

There is a coupon code that appears to always be active which you learn about in the sales webinar that will save you $500 off of the single payment option, bringing the total down to $997.

The webinar replay and sales page (found here: https://7figurewebinars.net/lewis-howes-masterclass-replay1 ) claims that you can get the 4 Monthly Payments for $297 ($1,188 Total), but as of writing this, I am not seeing how to get that price from the order form. You might need to reach out to his support to unlock that price.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes Pricing Info

Both pricing models include access to:

  • The digital course library of training videos, templates, and action guides
  • Advanced Modules about Driving Traffic and Automating Webinars
  • Private Webinar Mastermind Community
  • Webinar Slide Template
  • High Converting Webinar Archives (example webinars to model)
  • A Lifetime Discount on GoToWebinar (30% off)
  • Webinar Conversion Calculator

This pricing is very much in line with many of the other “Top” webinar courses available from leaders in the space. For example:

  • Webinars that Convert by Amy Porterfield, $997
  • Genius Webinars by Jason Fladlien and Rapid Crush, $1997
  • Ultimate Webinar Blueprint by Frank Kern, $2997 (Though often available for cheaper if you’re on his list)

7 Figure Webinars Curriculum

The 7 Figure Webinars course is designed to be a start-to-finish curriculum that covers everything a would-be webinar presenter needs to set up, promote, and run webinars effectively to drive sales using this marketing strategy. All of the content and bonuses are aimed at helping you to implement this tactic into your marketing arsenal, providing the context and systems needed.

There are five main course modules, two “advanced modules,” and four Bonus Tools/Resources. Let’s review each section.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes - IPad

Module 1 – Defining Your Purpose

Module 1 attempts to answer some fundamental questions that lead up to actually hosting a successful sales-oriented webinar.

This includes topics like: Clearly defining financial goals for your webinar, deciding what to sell, identifying who to sell it to, and a plan for creating a sellable product AFTER actually selling it via a live boot camp.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes Commitment

After going through this section, you end up feeling like you have 80% of what you need and no clear direction on how to find the 20% that you’re missing.

In some sections of this module, you feel like there’s too much context and examples and not enough step-by-step “how.” In other sections you’re given the how, but not at a deep enough level to get past potential sticking points.

Some students will go through this section and likely find it very simple, quick, and easy. You’ll likely be in this camp if you are already clear on who your audience is, how big your current reach is, and what specifically you can do to help them.

If you have an expertise or product but aren’t quite clear yet on how you can best match your skillset or product to the perfect audience, this section doesn’t provide clear guidance on “how” to do that. So you might need to look to other resources to get clear on these questions.

Some of the essential questions you’ll need to get clear on are:

  • What does your ideal client/customer most want? 
  • What does your ideal client/customer struggle with most? Where are their greatest pain points?
  • How does your product/service bridge that gap from where they are now to where they want to be?
  • How does your product/service deal with the common pitfalls and obstacles that cause most to not reach their desired destination?

If you struggle to find answers to these questions, I would recommend a free blog article from Coschedule that dives into some specific tactics you might use to understand your market better. You can find that here: https://coschedule.com/blog/how-to-find-your-target-audience/

Module 2: How to Properly Setup Your Webinars

In this module, Lewis dives into the specific steps for getting a webinar setup. This is largely a walkthrough and demonstration of setting up webinars in GoToWebinar, with deeper dives into copywriting when relevant.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes GoToWebinar Example

The walkthroughs are potentially useful for those who are brand new to webinars or those who struggle with new technology, but are otherwise very basic and will potentially feel slow to those well versed in digital marketing or webinars in particular.

The copywriting portions where Lewis dives into writing Headlines and Bullets for the description, Thank You pages, and registration reminders give newbies some very quick ideas about how they might position their webinar with the copy. This is largely delivered with a few general tips and a large number of examples from other marketing “gurus” in the space. It’s a good start, but definitely leaves a lot of room for questions that may hold a newbie back from getting started.

Module 3: Your Dynamic Webinar Marketing System

In Module 3 of 7 Figure Webinars, Lewis dives into how you can promote your webinar to generate live viewers and how to strategically price your products for success on webinars.

While the description for this module leads you to believe you’ll be getting useful information for a wide variety of marketing channels, in reality, what you get is a solid walkthrough on email marketing (useful to those with a list) and a lightning speed overview of the most basic of social media promotion.

The email promotion strategies are well informed, clearly communicated, and readily implementable. There are templates provided for the emails to make it easy to adapt this process to your needs.

The only real problem is that this email marketing section is only useful to those who already have a list. Those who bought into the course on the promise of other strategies may be disappointed at the lack of tactical information to put to use with social media.

The coverage that Lewis gives social media in this module can be summed up by saying “you should post about your webinar on social media around the same time you’re promoting via email.” He lists specific networks he’d recommend, but a quick google search would give you about the same list.

There is a similar level of coverage for how to work with JVs and Affiliates, but, again, it’s a very basic set of tips and not enough to really dive in if you’re not already familiar with these strategies.

Now, this isn’t completely a problem. There are other marketing strategies included in the course; they are just not in this module. In other modules in the advanced section, Lewis dives into how to use LinkedIn and Facebook ads to promote your webinar. I’ll review those sections later in this course review.

In a separate training within this module, Lewis also dives into pricing strategy. Here he gives some simple ideas about how to price products for webinars and what price points make the most sense for webinars.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes Pricing Discussion

To sum up this module: If you have a list, there’s a lot to take away from the email marketing portions. You will also get some great perspective on pricing strategy for webinars. If you’re needing other marketing strategies to get people to show up to your webinar, there is little else you will likely be able to take away from this module.

Module 4: 7-Steps to Crafting a Webinar that Converts

In Module 4, Lewis gets down into what I consider the most important part of the course: The framework you can use to create your own webinar that generates sales.

Lewis Howes 7 Step Sequence

Much of this module is rehashed from the same content that you receive during the free webinar, though Lewis now has space and time to dive in a bit more. This adds context and clarity that can be helpful in applying these ideas.

This module contains supplementary videos that add even more context to the concepts, as well as help in other aspects of the process, such as design.

Out of any of the modules, I feel like this one brings the most value and is likely one of the areas that people buying this course (or are considering buying it) most need help with.

Module 5: Double Your Sales with Great Follow-Up

In the last module of the core content, Lewis delivers his thoughts and processes for increasing webinar sales through follow up.

This section clearly lays out the who, how, and what of following up with webinar registrants in order to maximize your results.

Once again, templates and examples are provided to make implementing this process easier.

Advanced Module 1: Get Attendees with Facebook and Linkedin

With Module 3 in the core content being somewhat sparse when it came to marketing strategies, it is useful that Lewis decided to include more content to help you market in this “advanced” section.

These advanced trainings about Facebook and Linkedin were solid and actionable, but they do feel very much like “bonuses.” The training gets the job done to tell you how to implement these tactics, but without much depth to the process.

The LinkedIn strategy is a solid “free” strategy that you can use to potentially drive traffic to your webinars even if you don’t have a large ad budget. 

The Facebook ad strategy is a great way to generate leads and traffic to your webinar, but will definitely require a decent budget to get results.

Advanced Module 2: Automate Your Webinar Process

In this module, Lewis dives into the basics about how to automate your webinars. He very clearly mentions that automated webinars tend to convert at a lower rate than live webinars, but there is still a profitable time and place for them.

The content does a great job of giving you the basics of starting up with automated webinars including software and tools, mindset, registration page optimization, and even how to drive leads toward an automated funnel.

Bonus Tool 1: Perfect Webinar Slide Deck Template

The template slide deck that is included with the course is a great way to implement the “7-Step” webinar framework that Lewis teaches in a “fill-in-the-blank” kind of way. The template itself is mostly a placeholder and will need to be adapted to your style to achieve a professional-looking result, but having the key ideas laid out slide-by-slide makes the implementation much easier.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes Template Slides

Bonus Tool 2: Lewis Howes’ Webinar “Game film” Archives

One of the best ways to learn concepts is to see them in action. Having access to the library of successful webinars that Lewis provides here gives you another great way to add context to the ideas taught in the rest of the course. It’s particularly useful to see the ideas implemented across different products and services, such as Grant Cardone’s sales and education business.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes Webinar Archive

Bonus Tool 3: The Webinar Conversion Calculator

The conversion calculator is a simple enough tool that anyone with simple spreadsheet skills could put together themselves. However, having it at the ready to fill in and adjust based on your metrics makes it much easier to make a plan to run a financially successful webinar (based on your goals).

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes Conversion Calculator

Lewis Howes 7 Figure Webinars Course Quality

The course is a mix of video trainings over a slide deck, some over the shoulder examples, and action guide and template pdfs. The design quality of these materials is on point and consistent, though often simple. The most important aspect is that the design clearly conveys the ideas you need to learn and doesn’t get in the way.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes Action Guides

Does 7 Figure Webinars Deliver?

First, I think it’s important to understand the main claims the sales materials are making about what the course will do. Here’s a quote about what to expect from the sales page:

This is the ultimate program to help you learn how to structure a webinar that converts, how to get attendees to your webinar, how to set up the technology, how to close sales, how to double your sales with a replay, and so much more.

Let’s break that down piece by piece to see if it delivers.

Does it Deliver on Teaching how to Structure a Webinar that Converts & How to Close Sales?

Absolutely. More than any other piece, this aspect is covered in spades. Lewis does a great job taking you through the key ideas and frameworks you need to structure a successful webinar.

There are a few points that may trip up those experts who don’t know their market very well yet. For those who know their expertise and know their market, this course does an excellent job guiding you through the process of structuring your expertise into a value first webinar sales machine.

Does it Deliver on Teaching how to Get Attendees to your Webinar?

Yes, it does deliver on this front, but with some issues.

Lewis does cover three strategies that you can use readily:

  • How to get attendees using email marketing (if you already have a list)
  • How to get attendees using LinkedIn (no cost no list required)
  • How to get attendees using Facebook Ads (ad budget required)

The only problem is that the sales materials may lead you to believe there is more coverage on some topics than there is. For examples, the coverage of using social media , in‌ ‌general, to drive traffic to a webinar is fairly sparse.

Still, overall I believe Lewis delivered on the promise of showing how you can drive traffic to a webinar with enough strategies to satisfy the claim.

Does it Deliver on Showing You How to Setup the Technology?

Absolutely, though this was a fairly simple element to deliver on.

One thing to note is that Lewis focuses on showing a very specific webinar platform, GoToWebinar, which is considered the industry leader but also bears a hefty price tag.

If you need the step-by-step setup information, you may need to be ready to throw down a bit more cash than you would otherwise if you were able to learn other webinar platforms without the course’s help.

Does it Deliver on how to Double Your Sales with a Replay?

Yes and no. The course does an excellent job providing you everything you need to run a great post-webinar follow-up sequence. However, doubling your sales specifically is hard to guarantee.

This claim is based on the “high-end” expectation of what might be possible through follow-up.

The processes are great, but your results may vary in terms of how much you increase your sales through these methods.

Overall, Does it Deliver?

If you’re looking for a course that will teach you a solid framework and process for running a successful webinar, 7 Figure Webinars does deliver.

Once you get inside, there are a few areas that could have used more work, clarification, or may have even been better left out of the course.

Overall, Lewis Howes did an excellent job providing students with a clear path toward implementing webinars designed to drive sales into their business.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes Responsive

Who is 7 Figure Webinars Best For?

In varying degrees, this course can be a great fit for some beginners and even many experienced professionals. In the following section, I’ll break down who this course is most aligned for as well as those who might want to pass on this one for now.

This course is best suited for those who already have expertise or product to sell and also know their market well enough to know what information might be most enticing to them.

If you have that expertise but are a “webinar beginner,” this course is well suited to help you implement this strategy into your business.

For those who have tried webinars but are looking for a framework they can use to drive more registrations, teach and pitch more effectively, and systematically follow up to increase sales, there is likely a good deal that can be learned from this course.

If you have an expertise, but don’t know your market well enough to answer questions about their pain points, struggles, and goals, the course is still very useful for you, but you may need to supplement the materials with information on finding and connecting with your target market first.

If you’re just getting started in the world of business and don’t have expertise or product to offer, this course can be put on the back-burner until you’ve put in the time to build up a skillset and results that you can point to.

7 Figure Webinars Lewis Howes - Login

Is the Course Worth the Money?

The answer to this really depends on your current circumstances.

If you’re already fairly successful selling your services or products and are looking for a quick way to add webinars as a sales channel, then this course can help speed up the learning curve and give some quickly actionable ideas and frameworks to get results quickly.

If you’re just starting out or if a $1,000 course seems way too expensive for your current budgets, you can gain a lot of the knowledge shared in this course through resourcefulness and research online.

The question I’d ask is: Do you have more time or more money?

If you lean more toward having ample money and can afford to use that money to speed up your learning curve with a centralized source of information and best practices, I believe you’ll get great value out of this course.

If you are tight on funds and have more time than cash, then it might be worthwhile to gain what you can from Lewis’s free resources and sales materials, and then supplement that with your own action, testing, and further research from free or cheaper resources.

Course Alternatives

There are many alternatives to 7 Figure Webinars. For the most part, they all deliver on this concept in their own way but cover a framework you can use to get a successful webinar together. The prices vary but often tend to be in a similar range (or higher) to this course by Lewis Howes.

Here are some of the alternative courses (some of these courses are not currently available, links where possible):

And finally, here’s a free course from the folks at Webinar Ninja that does a good job of covering some of the basics: https://webinarninja.com/webinar-course/

Final Verdict

7 Figure Webinars is a fairly comprehensive course by someone who has used webinars as an integral strategy that resulted in multimillion-dollar businesses. Lewis Howes has put together a solid offering if you’re looking to learn how you can implement some of those same strategies to successfully run webinars for your business. There are definitely some spots in the course that are lacking, but even with those sections, the value of the course still comes through in what it does deliver.


  • Curriculum that covers every aspect from conception to creation to follow up of a sales-oriented webinar.
  • Action guides that help you know exactly what to do
  • Insider tips from a webinar expert
  • Traffic Strategies that will work for those with or without a list
  • Traffic Strategies that will work for those with or without a large ad budget


  • Price
  • Some modules leave you with questions that the course doesn’t answer
  • Tech walkthroughs are specific to GoToWebinar, which is an expensive platform

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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