Cardone University Review – Is Grant Cardone Legit?

by | Aug 21, 2019

What is “Cardone University?â€

Grant Cardone’s Sales Training University is a self-improvement hub with thousands of videos to help you achieve success. There are around 1,500 videos, ranging from entrepreneurship, sales, leadership, etc. Although the primary focus of the “university†is sales, it comes with a variety of content. Think of it as a Netflix membership, but for Grant Cardone.

Who is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is a sales consultant, author, business personality, motivational speaker, and business owner. He’s written works such as The 10x Rule, Sell Or Be Sold, and The Millionaire Booklet. Cardone graduated from McNeese State University and has since made millions in different industries. His real estate investment company, Cardone Capital, is valued at around $900 million, with 4,700 real-estate units across the United States. 

Grant Cardone Sales Training University - Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone, a millionaire salesman and creator of Cardone University.

How much does Grant Cardone’s Sales Training University cost?

There’s no one answer to this. Cardone sells his content in many different ways. Although most would just have a single access price point, Cardone sells different courses within the university separately. Think of it like a video game that’s gutted with DLC and microtransactions. Cardone University pricing can vary depending on what content you consume. 

For absolutely all of Cardone’s University, you’re looking at around $35,000. 

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Lifetime Access
Cardone University’s lifetime subscription, costing $24,997.

That’s not a typo, you could very easily spend all your life savings just trying to buy this course.

It does come with a few freebies such as:

  • CardoneU Connect access
  • Access to private live streams
  • Unreleased content
  • 5 downloadable e-books
    • Tired Of Missing Sales.
    • 10 Biggest Follow-Up Mistakes.
    • 10 Mistakes That Kill Your Deals.
    • How To Fill A Pipeline With Cold Prospecting.
    • 20 Rules Of Closing A Deal.
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Benefits
The included benefits of Cardone University from their website.

Now let’s break that 35k down into a “simplified†list for you:

Cardone University’s Base Cost

  • Cardone University- $4,997
  • Cardone University + Expert Programs- $12,995
  • Cardone University (lifetime access)- $24,997
  • Cardone University (monthly subscription)- $97/month
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Price Variance
Cardone varies the price of his university program.

Cardone University’s Certifications

  • Business Builder Certification- $997
  • 7-Figure Sales Principles Certification- $997
  • 10x Financial Freedom Certification- $997
  • Phone Sales Mastery Certification- $997
  • Advanced Sales Negotiation Certification- $997
    • Total: $4,985
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Certification
Cardone sells any certification from his university at an extra cost.

Cardone University’s Individual Courses

  • Sales Fundamentals- $197
  • Buyer Psychology- $197
  • Perfect Sales System- $247
  • Master the Close- $297
  • Advanced Closing & Negotiating Strategies- $297
  • Incoming Call Mastery- $197
  • Professional Prospecting Strategies- $197
  • Advanced Follow Up Strategies- $297
  • Mastering the Cold Call- $79
  • 100 Ways to Stay Motivated- $197
  • 64 Top Traits of Great Entrepreneurs- $197
  • Internet Lead Response Strategies- $197
  • Personal Finance & Wealth Creation- $197
  • Handling Objections- $247
    • Total: $2,958
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Individual Courses
Cardone sells courses individually, with prices starting at $79.

Cardone’s Industry Expert Courses

  • Dave Anderson Leadership Academy – $997.00
  • Personality Assessment Academy by Dr. Tony Alexander – $997.00
  • The Hiring Academy by David Jensen – $997.00
  • Product Sales Mastery by Victor Antonio – $997.00
  • Social Selling Mastery by Jamie Shanks – $997.00
  • Daymond on Demand by Daymond John – $997.00
  • Monster Producer Academy by Coach Michael Burt – $997.00
  • Star Power by Hank Norman – $1,495.00
    • Total: $8,474

After a few years of it’s initial release, Cardone added a monthly subscription to Cardone University, costing $97 a month. This is by far the most financially viable option.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Monthly Subscription
Cardone University’s monthly subscription service, which was just recently implemented.

Cardone’s Sales Training University Curriculum

The entire program comes with 1,500 courses. We can’t break them all apart, but we’ll give you a good idea as to what they cover. 

  • Sales Fundamentals- The basic philosophy of sales. Learn simple methodology that anyone can follow and use. It even includes different strategies for introverts or extroverts
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Fundamentals
Grant Cardone breaking down the fundamentals of sales.
  • Understanding Buyer Psychology- What makes people buy? Cardone breaks this question down with psychological tendencies you can appeal to in order to close the sale. 
  • The Perfect Sales System- Cardone expands upon the fundamentals to show you a more in-depth look into sales. Learn how to build a sales team, utilize facts, and the best practices to take your sales to the next level.
  • Perfecting Customer Retention & Conversion- Handle complaints & objections in a way that keeps your customers buying. Learn how to apply various buyer types to suit the best conversion and retention of customers.
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Service
Grant Cardone explaining the importance of quality service.
  • 100 Ways To Stay Motivated- Motivational videos, not too much explanation needed.
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Videos
The motivational videos are short and basic.
  • 64 Traits of Great Entrepreneurs- Understand the qualities of successful sales people, and use them in your own life. You also learn how to spot them inside of potential hires.
  • Mastering The Close- Cardone introduces you to the ABC’s of sales: always be closing. Learn the basics of closing, like how to steer a conversation or mistakes to avoid.
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Worksheets
One of the “worksheets†from a closing module.
  • Mastering the Cold Call- Get a leg up on your cold call list by learning how to write the perfect script or “Making a Cold Call HOTâ€.
  • Professional Prospecting Strategies- Grant Cardone teaches you how to find qualified leads and get buyers to find you.
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Prospecting Course
The user interface for the prospecting course.
  • Internet Lead Response Strategies- Use the internet to generate another stream of leads, as Cardone teaches you mistakes to avoid and how to setup your lead generator. 
  • Advanced Follow-Up Strategies- Double down on your sales by reaching out to customers that have bought and customers that haven’t. Learn how to use proven scripts for various types of prospects.
  • Incoming Call Mastery- Get your callers to set an appointment with you by using proven scripts and strategies.
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Incoming Calls
Grant Cardone explains the best way to handle incoming calls.
  • Personal Finance & Wealth Creation- Give your own personal finances a strong foundation by understanding debt, common “middle-class mistakesâ€, and creating multiple streams of income.

Grant Cardone’s Course Quality

Cardone University’s production quality is very inconsistent. Not all courses are taught by Cardone, and as such there is a large amount of variance with the quality. However, most videos taught by Cardone are done using a greenscreen and a stock photo background. It’s quite reminiscent of a high school announcement video. The audio isn’t the best, but it’s not the worst. Additionally, the “worksheets†that the course comes with are absolute garbage. They’re only there to say that they included worksheets. Overall, the quality is enough to teach the information Cardone is conveying, but not enough to warrant a $25k price tag. 

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Basics Worksheet
The entire worksheet for the Selling Basics course. The worksheet is only half a page long and provides no information.

Does Grant Cardone Deliver?

Cardone actually delivers on what he advertises. The courses are filled with content that will take you weeks to get through. Surprisingly enough, Cardone also keeps out the fluff. For example, some of his courses that teach you the different closing methods includes dozens of videos of him showing you them. They’re about 18 seconds each, but it leaves out any unnecessary explanation. The advanced strategies that he teaches are actually advanced, and doesn’t just give generic advice. Cardone produces a plethora of content that is useful and applicable to anyone’s career.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University User Interface
Cardone University’s user interface, which is usable from desktop or mobile.

Who Is Cardone University Best For?

Cardone University is advertised as an elite training platform, but in reality it’s for those who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. This is where you go to learn sales if you’ve never done it before, or if you’re struggling with it. Anyone can get value out of it, but not everyone will see that value as a fair trade for the amount they’re paying. If you are someone who hasn’t set foot on the sales floor and you feel overwhelmed by the idea, this course does a great job of walking you through the basic sales course, and how to overcome your personal obstacles.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Who Is It For
Cardone’s answer to the question, who is this course for?

Is Cardone University Worth The Money?

Now for the real question: Is it worth the price?

Let me make one thing clear: if you buy anything other than the monthly subscription, you’re getting ripped off. The individual courses for sale are just insanely expensive. The only viable option is the monthly subscription, which runs you $97.

Now, $97 isn’t a lot of money compared to the amount that sales courses charge. In fact, with the amount of content you’re getting, it’s actually pretty great. You get access to thousands of videos, downloadable e-books, and his livestreams. However, you have the go through these courses quick, because staying as a monthly subscriber can add up quickly. 

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Deals
The monthly subscription is the best option for those who are considering purchasing Cardone University.

So, here’s the bottom line: how much content can you get through? If you are able to buckle-down and get the most that you can out of Cardone University within a month, you only pay $97. If it takes you longer, you’re going to have to get another month. But at $97 (assuming you only need a month), Cardone University is one of the few investments worth your money.

TIP: Focus on the advanced strategies Cardone teaches. Many of the selling basics can easily be learned through other sources, but the most exclusive content Cardone teaches are his advanced tactics. Make sure to take your time during the advanced closing and prospecting courses.

Cardone University Alternatives

The best thing about Cardone University is that it’s an online learning hub, not just one course. However, Cardone University isn’t the only learning hub:

  • LinkedIn Learning- This is probably the best clone of Cardone University. LinkedIn Learning is a course hub that provides thousands of videos and courses. They provide very similar courses, like closing sales, prospecting, and internet ads. It also comes with extensive courses on software and productivity. If you are a beginner, LinkedIn learning can provide the same base of knowledge at â…“ of the price.
Grant Cardone Sales Training University Alternatives
LinkedIn Learning provides great options for a variety of sales courses.
  • Scribd- If you have a good idea of sales and just want to tune in on some weaknesses, consider Scribd. It’s an online hub of books, documents, and audiobooks. It has a focus on business, and you can find many great works like Good To Great, Straight Line Persuasion, and Jab Jab Right Hook. If you’re looking for content-specific courses, consider using Scribd to read related books. Scribd also includes audiobooks, magazines, and documents. It also includes very current books that would normally cost you $30 each.
Grant Cardone Sales Training University - Scribd
Scribd gives you access to hundreds of useful books for one monthly price.
  • Grant Cardone’s Books- Many users have described Cardone University as very similar to Cardone’s books. As  such, it stands to reason that one of the best substitutes for Cardone University is Cardone himself. You could get some of his books like The 10x Rule, or Sell Or Be Sold and get Cardones main principles of sales.

Our Final Verdict

Grant Cardone has created an incredibly beneficial online course hub. It allows users to take content that’s relevant for them. If you are able to take the course in a timely manner, you can get a lot of value out of Cardone University. For $97, you can learn some very advanced and useful strategies that no other courses teach. It’s important that you utilize your money properly, and focus on the exclusive content Cardone offers, rather than the generic advice. Cardone does produce a very good courses, and if you are new to sales it’s worth your time to invest in his university.

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 3.68 out of 5

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