Learn Plan Profit Review – Is Ricky Gutierrez’s Course Worth the Money?

by | Jan 30, 2023

Are you interested in day trading or the stock market? Are you looking for a day trading course that teaches beginner traders how to day trade successfully? Do you want to record technical trading success and become a profitable trader?

Then you need the Learn Plan Profit course. This online course teaches you fundamental trading concepts and also teaches you potentially expensive trading mistakes to avoid. You will also learn about penny stock trading, swing trading, and exchange-traded fund.

But first, let us find out more about Learn Plan Profit trading.

About Learn Plan Profit

Learn Plan Profit is a course designed to help teach beginner traders how to day trade and swing trade. The course is compiled by Ricky Gutierrez and covers everything from trading fundamentals down to specific trading strategies. With over 20 different videos, Learn Plan Profit covers a broad range of material.

About Ricky Gutierrez

Ricky Gutierrez is a relatively young day trader and entrepreneur from Gilbert, Arizona. The total amount of Ricky’s trading income is unknown, but he regularly reports 4-figure profit days on his YouTube channel. There was once a viral video on Youtube showcasing Ricky’s trading earnings.

Ricky Gutierrez

While Ricky initially garnered attention for his trading abilities as a relatively young trader, he has since launched a handful of other businesses, such as a car flipping course. Ricky’s free Facebook group, Techbud Solutions is home to over 200,000 ambitious young entrepreneurs and traders, and Ricky’s trading community continues to grow.

Today, we will focus on Ricky’s main info product: Learn Plan Profit.

Let’s get to it.


  • Comprehensive coverage of trading concepts
  • Great foundational trading lessons
  • Actionable trading setups
  • Coverage of both day trading and swing trading
  • Fair price


  • Information is relatively basic
  • Ricky is a newer trader so these strategies haven’t been full-time tested

Learn Plan Profit Pricing

Learn Plan Profit is a digital course that can be purchased for $299. This is a one-off fee that grants customers lifetime access to the course.

Learn Plan Profit Pricing

There are no upsells, so this isn’t a “foot in the door” pricing technique. You can also find the occasional coupon to save $40 or $50 on the course.

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Learn Plan Profit Curriculum

Learn Plan Profit is designed to provide beginner traders with all of the information they need to start trading. The course starts with some free trading videos with beginner lessons and foundational principles before moving on to more advanced techniques.

Module #1: Introduction

The first module in the course serves as an introduction to trading online. Ricky discusses basic trading principles and methodologies. While this section is rather elementary, it is important for people who have absolutely no experience with trading stocks or the trading world. It can also help investors with “buy and hold” mindsets better understand the differences between trading and investing.

Learn Plan Profit Introduction

Here are some of the trading basics covered in this section:

  • What are penny stocks?
  • What is support/resistance?
  • How much money do you need to start trading?
  • What is paper trading?
  • How to choose a broker
  • Different trading styles
  • What is the PDT Rule?
  • Who is a swing trader?
  • And more!

Ricky does a good job of breaking this information down for beginners. If you have any experience in the world of trading, these lessons may seem overly simplistic, and in this section, it becomes clear that Ricky’s teaching style is ideal for new traders and intermediate advanced traders.

Module #2: Chart Studies and Techniques

In module #2, Ricky covers more actionable information and complex trading techniques. Assuming a trader developed the proper foundation in Module #1, it’s time to start putting together the pieces of a sound trading strategy to make money online.

Learn Plan Profit Charting

In this section, Ricky begins to share his views on technical analysis and trade management techniques. He shares the main technical indicators he uses in his trading life and the chart patterns he looks for. Each module includes narration from Ricky Gutierrez and visuals that illustrate the concepts on stock charts.

Ricky Gutierrez Screenshare

Once again, this section is relatively basic, and that’s really the appeal of Ricky’s course. Ricky aims to simplify the trading process so that beginners can have a better shot at success.

This particular module discusses technical indicators like VWAP and simple moving averages. Ricky continues by sharing some of his patterns like flags and triangles.

The module is wrapped up with a lesson on entering and exiting positions. Ricky shares his methodology for finding trade setups, entering positions, and taking profits (or cutting losses).

Module #3: Swing Trading

In Module #3, Ricky introduces the concept of swing trading. This is an important discussion since most new traders won’t be able to sit behind a screen and monitor the market all day.

Ricky Gutierrez Swing Trading

Swing traders buy and sell stocks over periods of a few days or a few weeks. There are a lot of different swing trading strategies and, in this section, Ricky shares his personal strategy for finding the ideal swing trade setups and trading them.

The module starts with a lesson on scanning for a typical swing trade stock. Ricky shares the settings he uses to create technical scanners that help him find the best swing trading setups. Ricky then continues by sharing his “6 Golden Rules for Swing Trading” which cover risk management and profit maximization.

Module #4: ETFs

The last module of the course discusses ETF trading. ETFs or exchange-traded funds are a unique type of equity that allows traders to trade a pool of similar stocks in a specific industry or market. There are ETFs that cover specific markets like NASDAQ and the S&P 500 as well as specific sectors like oil, tech, and commodities.

Learn Plan Profit ETF Trading

I’ll admit, I was a bit surprised to find an entire module dedicated to ETF trading. It seemed out of place with the flow of the course, as the curriculum went from day trading to chart trading to swing trading and then ETFs. That said, it appears that ETF trading is a big part of Ricky’s strategy.

Ricky Gutierrez ETF Trading

In this module, Ricky explains how traders can find the best ETFs and recognize the best patterns for trading ETFs. Ricky explains how ETF trading differs from stock trading and what traders need to know before trading ETFs.

Personally, I still don’t believe this course required an entire module on ETF trading, but the information is well laid out.

Course Quality

Overall, Learn Plan Profit is well produced. The course combines screen captures and video recordings of Ricky Gutierrez talking to the camera and sharing lessons. There are very few custom slides and graphics, but the format makes it easy for new traders to follow along.

Does Learn Plan Profit Deliver?

We always analyze courses on whether or not they deliver on the claims made in the marketing materials.

Ricky’s promotion of the course isn’t too aggressive. The main claim is that traders can “learn how to consistently grow their trading accounts.” It’s a bit tricky to decide whether or not the course follows through on this promise due to the inherent difficulty of succeeding in the world of trading.

Learn Plan Profit definitely helps beginners develop a strong foundation. It also provides a lot of actionable trading setups that Ricky uses to take profits from the market.

That said, new traders need to be aware of the fact that trading is difficult and there is no foolproof system out there. When you sign up for Learn Plan Profit, you are getting access to education NOT a guaranteed profitable trading strategy. So don’t expect to day trade effectively overnight.

Who Is Learn Plan Profit Best For?

Learn Plan Profit is best for people who know absolutely nothing about online trading. The course analysis is simple and resonates with beginner traders. He breaks down beginner material, explains common pitfalls, and shares actionable strategies.

That said, if you already have an actual trading foundation, you are unlikely to learn anything new from this course. The lessons appear to be intentionally simple, meaning experienced traders (profitable or not) are unlikely to gain any new information. Also, the course does more complex trading techniques.

If you are completely new to trading, this course is a great starting point. If you’ve been studying trading for a while, you may prefer a more advanced course designed to teach intermediate advanced traders.

Is Learn Plan Profit Worth the Money?

Learn Plan Profit is priced at $299, making it one of the cheaper trading courses on the market. Sure, you can find other traders selling online courses on sites like Udemy and Lynda for much cheaper. But we’ve found the best courses are produced by reputable traders and are generally sold for a much higher price.

It’s not uncommon to find trading courses priced at $1,000 and more, and the rationale for this pricing is actually pretty solid. Trading education has the potential to yield great returns. It also has the ability to protect new traders from costly losses. A simple lesson can help new traders cover the cost of a course OR help them avoid a similar loss.

At $299, Learn Plan Profit is definitely worth it if this is the first trading course you’ve purchased. As mentioned in the previous section, if you have already watched other trading courses, you are unlikely to get as much value out of the course.

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Learn Plan Profit Final Verdict

Learn Plan Profit is designed for beginner traders who are looking to grow small accounts. The course covers all of the material you need to graduate from complete neophyte to beginner trader status.

PS: Since this review, Ricky has released Learn Plan Profit 2.0, which sells for $499 and is available on Teachable. The course covers the same basic information and is for beginner traders. However, it has daily LIVE Trading when the market opens with Ricky and his private trading group. You will also have access to Ricky’s trading club and network with thousands of quality traders every single day.

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 3.9 out of 5

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