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by | Sep 24, 2019

The stock market is the wild west of the financial world.  The place where dreams can come true or your worst nightmares can become reality.   

Day trading was once a profession only available to those who lived in the large financial sectors of the world, such as New York and Chicago, where access to the exchanges was readily available to those with a physical presence.

Nowadays the landscape is much, much different than what it used to be.  With the rise of online trading platforms and apps such as “Robinhood” and “UStockstrade”, anyone with access to the internet can make their attempt at becoming the next Warren Buffett.  

But make no mistake, you enter this world, and every day you must be prepared for a war between you and the thousands if not millions of other traders in the world.  This is a place where 90% fail and if you want to be part of the remaining 10%, then you need to make sure you have done everything possible to be ready for the challenge ahead.

Below are the best day trading courses available.

1. Trading Tickers

Best Day Trading Courses - Trading Tickers

To start of this list, we’re going to begin with one of the most universally acclaimed day trading courses in existence.

Trading Tickers” is crucial for anyone looking to seriously consider making day trading a lifelong profession.  Created by Millionaire Trader, Tim Grittani, this course will give you the closest look possible at how a typical day of trading works, along with warnings and examples of what can happen to those unprepared for the emotional rollercoaster.

Trading Tickers Price: $997-$1,797 Sign up for the Course

2. Jason Bond Picks

Best Day Trading Courses - Jason Bond Picks

Former teacher turned Millionaire Trader, Jason Bond, offers a monthly based subscription course that offers invaluable information.

Jason Bond has created a course that is not only an amazing source of past information compiled into fully structured Video Training guides, but also offers in depth insight into his real time trading strategies as they happen TODAY!!  

There are many online courses for day trading, and there are many chatrooms where current happenings of the market can be discussed, but “Jason Bond Picks” is both of those together for a monthly subscription that can be cancelled anytime.

Jason Bond Picks Price: $297 (Monthly) Sign up for the Course

3. Financial Markets and Investment Strategy Specialization

Best Day Trading Courses - Financial Markets and Investment Strategy

This is a free online course that takes approximately 3 months to complete and touches upon the basics behind the modern theory of portfolio management.

This is a very hands on course, with a much more college esque vibe with graded assignments and quizzes to help guide you along the way.  The course is designed for you to take at your own pace and upon completion, awards you with a Certificate for your newfound knowledge.

While not particularly day trading orientated, this course is a free alternative to get your first taste of the stock market for those looking for information on a strict budget.

Financial Markets and Investment Strategy Specialization Price: Free Sign up for the Course

4. Learn Plan Profit

Best Day Trading Courses - Learn Plan Profit

Ricky Gutierrez has created one of the cheapest day trading courses available with Learn Plan Profit, perfect for any beginner.

In this course you will have access to over 7 hours of video content, along with the ability to watch Ricky trade and have him answer your questions every day.  I will make sure to stress though that this is a very user-friendly course, tailored to break down the process of day trading in the simplest terms possible.  

Ricky isn’t the flashiest of traders like most of the other guru’s out there, but he knows what he’s doing, and will help guide you along some of the safest strategies in all of the market.  Which for all new traders is probably the most important thing when first starting.

Learn Plan Profit Price: $299 Sign up for the Course

5. Wolf Trading: A Day Trading Guide

Best Day Trading Courses - Wolf Trading

Created by Roland Wolf, with 24 hours of day trading content.  This is one of the longest courses available.

This is a comprehensive day trading guide from Roland Wolf that focuses mostly on the long side of trading.  For most traders out there trading small caps, we constantly hear about the success of short sellers. Unfortunately, short selling usually takes quite a bit more capital to become profitable, and most brokers with better short selling ability usually require higher minimums than most beginners can afford.

 However, this guide is tailored mostly to the long side of trading, which is perfect for those with small accounts looking to grow.  

Wolf Trading: A Day Trading Guide Price: $749.99 Sign up for the Course

6. Warrior Starter

Best Day Trading Courses - Warrior Starter

Warrior trading has a plethora of information on their website tailored to all levels of traders, but let’s start with the basics.

Warrior Starters is a 15-chapter course designed to help you jump into trading but comes with the added bonus of a chat room subscription along with a Real-Time Trading Simulator.  

Warrior Starter Price: $697 Sign up for the Course

7. Penny Stocking Silver

Best Day Trading Courses - Penny Stocking Silver

Run by Timothy Sykes, this is a common course for beginner day traders just starting out.  

In Penny Stocking Silver you will be placed in a chatroom full of a rather large number of people mediated by Timothy Sykes and some of his other millionaire students.  Here you will be given a daily watchlist of stocks that Sykes has compiled the night before, along with not only daily video lessons, but a library of videos Sykes has created, dating back to Penny Stocking Silver’s first inception.

Penny Stocking Silver Price: $149.95 (Monthly) Sign up for the Course

8. The Complete Day Trading Course

Best Day Trading Courses - The Complete Day Trading Course

This all-around course will teach you everything you need to know about Day Trading.

In this course you’ll be given access just like the others to on demand video lessons, and a plethora of day trading information.  However, what sets this course apart from all the others is that this course comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  

I don’t expect most beginners out there to know this, but just about everyday trading course out there refuses to give you a refund due to their believe that within seconds of buying their product, you have already gained invaluable information.  

So, for those unsure about their decision to start trading, this may well be the safest option to get started with.

The Complete Day Trading Course Price: $199.99 Sign up for the Course

9. Chart Pattern Trading

Best Day Trading Courses - Chart pattern trading

Chart Pattern Trading is exactly what it sounds like.  A course all about chart patterns.

A full-on course focused on technical analysis.  From indicators, price action, and trading psychology, this complete course promises to get you ready for your new career.  

Chart Pattern Trading is priced at a one-time fee of $995 for lifetime access but can also be broken down into 2 payments of $647 for those wanting to split their payments up.  

Chart Pattern Trading Price: $995 Sign up for the Course

10. Investing 101: The Complete Online Investing Course 2019

Best Day Trading Courses - Investing 101

Investing, we always hear about it, whether it’s an amazing success story or one of caution and woe, Investing seems to be a constantly hot topic around the water cooler.

In this course you will be taught the secret to investing and making a passive income separate from your regular day job.  The lessons here are all tailored to helping you obtain a financially free life and will help you stay up to date with a frequently updated library to give you all the resources you need to succeed in your financial goals.

Investing 101: The Complete Online Investing Course 2019 Price: $12.99 Sign up for the Course

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