Kevin David Review – Is Zon Ninja Masterclass A Useful Course?

by | Jul 13, 2021

Online entrepreneur and author, Kevin David, brings you Zon Ninja Masterclass. This is an Amazon FBA course that teaches you how to set up and grow your own Amazon FBA online business from scratch. Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass Amazon FBA course is a “proven” system to “win on Amazon FBA”. Kevin David teaches you everything: product research, suppliers, shipping, optimization, and more.

Is this course really worth the price tag, though? Let’s take a closer look in this review of Kevin David and his Zon Ninja Masterclass Amazon FBA course!

Kevin David Zon Ninja
Source: Kevin David Amazon FBA Course

Who Is Kevin David?

Kevin David is an online entrepreneur and author who got his start in affiliate marketing. Kevin built multiple online businesses from scratch, ranging from software to dating sites. Kevin also worked as an accountant in Portland, Oregon, and as a consultant for Facebook. Kevin David’s net worth is comprised primarily of his personal brand, selling courses, and of course, FBA.

Now, Kevin focuses on growing his personal brand as a business guru, teaching others Amazon FBA, agency marketing, course creation, making money online, and more in his Youtube videos. His YouTube channel has a staggering 1.33 million subscribers at the time of writing. Kevin David has proven himself as a successful Amazon seller.

Kevin David Zon Ninja Masterclass Amazon FBA Course
Source: Kevin David Amazon FBA Course

Kevin David Zon Ninja Masterclass Course Pricing 

Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass Amazon FBA course costs $1,997 if you pay in full.

It does feature a payment plan, with a monthly rate of $599 for 5 months. This totals to $2,995. This is about $1,000 more than the full payment.

It does come with the following 3 bonuses: 

  • Manufacturing template + 50 products
  • Amazon Agency Secrets – Mini course on making money with Amazon
  • Zonbase- A tutorial on how to use their software (that you still have to pay for)

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Kevin David does offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the course.

Kevin David Zon Ninja Money-Back Guarantee
Source: Kevin David Amazon FBA Course

Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass Modules

The course comes with six different modules with each module showing you a new step in your Amazon FBA journey.

Module 1- Product Research

Product research is vital for any Amazon FBA online business. If you pick a winning product, marketing and scaling your store will be much easier. This module covers the important things to do before taking your product. It shows you how to set up your account, pick your product, check for trademarks or patents, and it discusses whether or not to borrow money.

It also goes into advanced product research techniques, and more tips and tricks to know after your research is completed. Overall, this module has a good amount of information for product research. 

Kevin David Zon Ninja Masterclass Module 1
Source: Kevin David Amazon FBA Course

Module 2- Suppliers and Shipping

In this module, Kevin shows you how to source your supplier, and set up shipping deals. Sourcing your supplier can be a difficult process, but Kevin shows you an easy way to overcome this.

He shows you the different Amazon FBA SKUs, safe payment methods, manufacturer negotiation, buying quantity, product inspection, and more. This module shows you how to get your product for a good price. However, this module is more of a technical tutorial, lacking any unique or advanced insights. 

Module 3- Product Listing, Ranking, and Optimization

In this module, Kevin shows you how to take your product from the last module and list it on Amazon. Product optimization is a very important part of any Amazon FBA business. Kevin shows you how to write product descriptions, avoid common mistakes, pricing strategies, brand registration, index relevant keywords, rank organic keywords, and backend keywords. 

Kevin also shows you how to protect your product listings by showing you effective ways to remove hijackers from your Amazon listing. This is important because it helps you maintain your rank from outside threats. 

Overall, this module contains a good combination of technical tutorials and useful knowledge. Kevin David does a good job showing you the theory behind all of these strategies. 

Module 4- Product Launch Strategy

Now that your product is live, the next step is to execute a product launch strategy. Kevin shows you how you can use every part of your Amazon listing to generate sales.  He goes over FAQs about your product, making a video ad inside your listing, advertising to best sellers, collecting customers’ emails with an ebook, setting up deals, using affiliate marketing, and pricing strategies.

This module contains some very practical information. I do think that certain parts of this module should be included in the previous one, like pricing strategies and creating video ads. Both of these were edits on the original product listing.

Kevin David Zon Ninja Masterclass Module 4
Source: Kevin David Amazon FBA Course

Module 5- Amazon PPC, Clickfunnels, Facebook, & Instagram Training

The best Amazon entrepreneurs take advantage of every sale. This means getting the most that you can out of people that have already bought from you, as they are most likely to buy from you again.Kevin shows you how to build an email list and generate more reviews. 

Kevin also shows you how to utilize Amazon pay per click in order to promote your product on Amazon itself. Kevin also goes over the importance of clickfunnels to select potential customer emails and generate sales. He then goes into utilizing Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness, growth, and conversion. 

Kevin doesn’t really show you anything advanced, however. Most of this module is just technical tutorials using different PPC platforms. For example, the hardest thing he goes into for the Facebook section is using a custom audience or their reach feature. This module contains a lot of topics, but little depth in any.

Module 6- Amazon Seller Central Hacks

For Module 6, Kevin shows you digital course secrets with your Amazon FBA online business. He shows you things like removing negative seller feedback, opening multiple accounts, outsourcing customer service, recovering a suspended account, and using messenger bots.

At the end of this module, Kevin upsells a done-for-you automated Amazon FBA business that you can purchase with him… which kind of defeats the purpose of the course in the first place.

These digital course secrets are useful, but if you follow the rules and have a good product, you won’t need a lot of this information. 

Kevin David Zon Ninja Masterclass Module 6
Source: Kevin David Amazon FBA Course

Amazon FBA Ninja Course Quality

Kevin David produces Zon Ninja Masterclass with good course quality. The videos are mainly Kevin David talking with his face overlaid onto a screen recording. There aren’t any infographics or presentations, it’s just Kevin David talking about concepts with a relevant website up. 

There aren’t a ton of course materials in Kevin David’s course. Kevin David does include a checklist at the end of each module with action steps, and some videos do contain a doc summary/template. Other than that, the information is just spitballed by Kevin David.

Does Kevin David Deliver?

Zon Ninja Masterclass promises to teach you how to create an Amazon FBA business from scratch. In a very literal sense, Kevin David does this. Using the strategies that he gives you, you will have an Amazon FBA business that can generate income. 

If you invest time and money into a winning product, you have a good chance at a successful amazon business. But, strictly following what this course shows you, I wouldn’t count on it. Kevin David focuses on getting reviews, which is good for a strong launch. However, when it came to scaling, Kevin David focuses solely on PPC campaigns, rather than organic alternatives/

Kevin David Zon Ninja Masterclass Content
Source: Kevin David Amazon FBA Course

Who Is Zon Ninja Masterclass Best For?

Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass is best for any new entrepreneur looking to get into Amazon FBA. Kevin David does a great job of teaching complicated topics in a simple manner. Anyone who’s unfamiliar with Amazon FBA will feel confident at the end of this course.

Zon Ninja Masterclass is not ideal for anyone who’s looking for advanced strategies. As stated earlier, Amazon FBA Zon Ninja not good for anyone looking to scale. And, Kevin David’s “tips and tricks” aren’t necessary for anyone following Amazon’s rules. 

Kevin David Zon Ninja Masterclass
Source: Kevin David Amazon FBA Course

Is Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass Worth The Price?

Zon Ninja Masterclass is a good course. But not a $2000 good course. 

For any course over $1,000 to be good, it has to have an immense amount of value. And unfortunately, Zon Ninja Masterclass does not have that much value in it. All the strategies and tutorials he shows you are not unique in any way. You can easily find cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

Additionally, it lacks any materials and it has upsells inside of it. The lack of powerpoint presentations had Kevin David explaining knowledge on the spot, rather than having a guide we can follow along with. If this was a Udemy course, I wouldn’t mind. But this is a course you have to pay $2,000 for.

Adding onto that, the course has upsells at the end with Kevin David trying to sell you a premade Amazon FBA business. Personally, this devalued the course a little, especially since the whole course is designed for you to create it yourself. 

One redditor who joined Kevin David’s Facebook group explained that it was just filled with spam offers from affiliates for Kevin David’s other courses.

With all this combined, Amazon FBA Zon Ninja is not worth the price that it charges. 

Kevin David Zon Ninja Masterclass Alternatives

FBA is a very popular business, meaning that there are plenty of Amazon FBA course alternatives for you to take advantage of. Below a few of our favorite Amazon FBA Courses.

  • How To Start an Amazon FBA Store on a Tight Budget (Udemy)- Theo McArthur’s course is a top seller on Udemy for a good reason: it teaches you everything you need to know at a fraction of the cost. You’ll learn how to choose the right products, source your suppliers, spy on other listings, get reviews, and use bundles… all for $11 (on sale price).
Zon Ninja Alternatives - Udemy
  • Seller University (Amazon)- If you are familiar with business and want to learn FBA, consider Seller University. It’s a free training hub hosted by Amazon. You’ll get all the up to date information for free.

Our Final Thoughts: Kevin David and Zon Ninja Masterclass

Kevin David’s amazon course is well made. While Zon Ninja Masterclass is not the best Amazon FBA Course, it does a good job showing you everything that you need to know. Unfortunately, the course isn’t worth the price that it charges. If Kevin David charged $500 for this course, I’d say it’s worth it. FBA as a whole is crowded with very expensive, lacking courses. Kevin David does a good job showing you the best way to get reviews. It just doesn’t have the scaling and organic information you’d expect from a $2,000 course.


  • Good reviews focus
  • Clear and concise
  • Kevin David has an actual background in FBA


  • Weak scaling & organic traffic methods
  • Expensive
  • Not many course materials

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Overall Rating: 3.48 out of 5

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