FBA Heroes Review – Can Derrick Struggle’s Course Help You Become Profitable?

by | Jun 23, 2021

FBA Heroes is an online course that teaches you how to start your own business using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). It aims to teach you how to integrate Amazon products in a Shopify dropshipping business, navigate through Amazon, conduct product research, and create an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

FBA Heroes takes a very clean approach to an Amazon business. There are many courses out there, though, that claim to do it all and then just end up teaching you grey hat strategies that land your account with a suspension. Struggle’s course claims to be different by using the strategy of teaching FBA via Amazon’s books.

So, is this course worth the price? Or should you pass? Let’s find out if Struggle can live up to all of the claims in this complete review of FBA Heroes!

Who Is Derrick Struggle?

Derrick Struggle is an online entrepreneur. He used to be an internet personality, making content about digital business, but he hasn’t uploaded content in a year. His channel has 192k subscribers at the time of writing, and his videos clock in about 10-30k views. He talks about his product business and his business experience.

FBA Heroes Derrick Struggle
Source: Youtube

Not much is known about Derrick’s life. He claims that he started his entrepreneur journey when he was 16, selling t-shirts at his highschool. He claims to have made a majority of his money through Amazon FBA. However, not much is known about his specific business. Many who are unsatisfied with his course have called his legitimacy into question.

“The guy does not even sell on FBA and when I asked him multiple times to see his screenshots he would just never answer or block me on ig after I asked him if he can show or do a video on his monthly revenue and PPC. “ – Jay, a dirtyscam.com reviewer.

It’s worth checking out the reviews against Derrick on Dirtyscam

Amazon FBA Heroes Course Pricing

The course costs $997. There is an option of two $597 payments one month apart. The payment option totals to $1,194.

FBA Heroes Pricing
Source: FBA Heroes

It comes with very few bonuses. Some of the ones Struggle advertises is:

  • Access to worksheets alongside the course
  • Access to the course community FB group
  • Interactive support (be warned, many have claimed the support is unresponsive.) 

FBA Heroes Course Modules

The course comes with 16 main modules as well as an additional 17th module, Heroes Bonuses. Each module focuses on a different aspect of building your fulfillment by amazon business. For this review, I skipped the introduction module and the bonus module, as they are more single videos then actual modules.

Module 1: Welcome To FBA Heroes 3.0

This is just the welcome and introduction section. It explains how the course works and what to expect.

FBA Heroes Module 1
Source: FBA Heroes

Module 2: Setting Up Your Foundation

These training videos is all about getting the right mindset. Derrick Struggle shows you how to work on yourself in order to push pass your fears or obstacles. The purpose of this module is to make sure you stick with your Amazon FBA business. Struggle talks about finding your “why”, principles of success, stopping self-doubt, and planning/optimizing your day.

A lot of this is just general, motivational video content. If you’ve ever read “Think And Grow Rich”, it’s basically that. That’s not to say that this module isn’t good, though. I do appreciate the fact that Struggle added this module to the course. It does motivate you, and others may find what he says useful. 

Module 3: Shopify Dropshipping, Marketing, And Branding

This module is taught by Lawrence Lee, founder of Viral Visionaries, a small company that “disrupts industries with storytelling”. On YouTube, he has 8k subscribers and makes entrepreneur content.

Lawrence teaches you how to start and brand your Amazon FBA business, set up your Shopify store, run Facebook and Instagram ads, and launch your amazon products. Overall, this module provides some good information. It’s a great introduction to your Amazon FBA dropshipping business. 

Module 4: Leveraging The Power of Amazon

Derrick Struggle picks up teaching for this module, going over your FBA business functions. He talks about how the Amazon FBA business works, why Amazon FBA is powerful, establishing a corporate structure, and obtaining an EIN number.

He also goes over things like navigation, fees, taxes, and storage. Overall, this module provides some useful information. Amazon FBA as a whole can be confusing for some. Struggle does a good job of clearing any ambiguity that might be lingering. 

FBA Heroes Module 4
Source: FBA Heroes

Module 5: Setting Up Your Seller Central Account

In this module, Struggle shows you how to set up your amazon account, and connect it to your email address. And that’s about it. This module consists of two videos, with 4 minutes of content total. He just teaches you how to set up your seller account.

Module 6:  Selling On Amazon USA as an International Seller

Just like the last module, Struggle gives a very quick tutorial on registering on Amazon to be an international seller. It comes with two videos, and with 4 minutes of content total. The information in this module isn’t useful, as he talks in very broad terms, never delving into any specifics. 

Module 7: Building A Powerful Amazon Brand

This module does not contain a lot of information, having four total videos and only 15 minutes of content. Struggle goes over putting a profile image, creating custom product packaging, and getting your branding trademarked. Again, it’s very general information, never getting into specifics about product packaging or trademarking. 

For many, trademarking isn’t necessary. Your products aren’t your own, and the chances of anyone caring enough to rip your logo off is almost zero. People don’t buy your product because of your logo, they buy it because of the product. 

Module 8: Product Research

This module is all about finding the right product. He goes over a lot of different aspects of product research techniques: broad vs specific niche, product research tools, avoiding patents/trademarked products, seasonality, and calculating your profit margin.

Struggle has Casey Gaus, an executive of Thrasio. Gaus teaches you some very good information about identifying winning products. The strategies and techniques learned will help you a lot.

FBA Heroes Module 8
Source: FBA Heroes

Module 9: Market Research 

This is a relatively short module, giving you an overview about researching your market. It only has three videos, with 20 minutes total. This module does give good information, but it doesn’t have enough content.

Module 10: Contacting And Finding Suppliers

In this module, Struggle focuses on sourcing your sellers. He shows you how to use the Alibaba platform, understand shipping rates, send an initial message, get a lower MOQ (minimum order quantity), create custom packaging, place your order, and get your products inspected. 

Overall, this module contains a good amount of useful information. After going through this section, you’ll have full confidence to source your own supplier.

Module 11: Creating & Crafting Your Listing

Struggle shows you how to list your product on Amazon. He goes over creating your listing, writing it to sell, optimizing your listing, and going over keyword research. A lot of what Struggle shows you is good advice. Additionally, Casey Gauss steps in to teach you the keyword research part of this module, giving some helpful insight to drive traffic towards your product listing.

Module 12: Product Photography

Struggle talks about the importance that product photography has on your listing. He goes over the various strategies that you can do at home in order to increase the product quality. Then, at the end, he recommends just outsourcing it.

The information isn’t bad, but it’s definitely not the best. You can easily find another online course on product photography on Skillshare.

Module 13: Launching, Ranking, and Getting Reviews

In this module, Gauss steps in to go over the best way to launch initially. They talk about getting organic reviews, ranking higher, running PPC traffic campaigns, getting “thousands” of reviews, and utilizing an email autoresponder. This section provides some good information, giving you about an hour of content.

FBA Heroes Module 13
Source: FBA Heroes

Module 14: Building Your Amazon Portfolio and Scaling

This is a single, 9 minute video about what to know before you scale. Struggle just goes over what to expect, and when is the best time to do so.

Module 15: Leveraging Social Media To Dominate W/ Danny Perez

This module is taught by Danny Perez, a highschool friend of Struggle. He has a small instagram photography page, with 2.5k followers. Struggle introduced Danny as being a student of Amazon FBA Heroes course in a past video. If I’m being honest, Danny doesn’t strike me as a social media expert. If he wasn’t friends with Struggle, I don’t think he would not be teaching this section.

In this module, Perez shows students how to post on Instagram and Pinterest. And that’s really about it. He talks a little bit about “dominating”, but it’s really generic advice like posting often or getting engaged. Then he gives you tutorials on posting on both platforms. This section is a huge let down.

Module 16: Facebook Ads & ClickFunnels

This module is more of a technical tutorial, with Struggle showing you how to create Instagram and Facebook ads. He does talk about how to run effective Facebook ads, giving some good insight. He ends by showing you how to use the Clickfunnels platform.

Overall, this section does enough to teach you about all the platforms, but not enough to make you feel like there’s advanced content.

Module 17: Heroes Bonuses

This additional module includes the topics of how to deal with and remove hijackers as well as how to get ungated and how to add thank you cards.

FBA Heroes Module 17
Source: FBA Heroes

Derrick Struggle’s Course Quality

FBA Heroes is produced with good course quality. Struggle uses his skills as a Youtuber to bring a high production quality. Most videos will be screen recorded with Struggle’s face overlaid in the bottom right corner. 

Most of the information will be organized with a pdf during the beginning of the amazon FBA Heroes course, outlining the video’s ideas and topics, with Struggle talking and explaining the overview of it. This pdf is available to download as the worksheet. 

Does FBA Heroes Deliver?

Struggle promises to teach students how to “leverage the power platforms of both Amazon and Shopify to build your online business”. Based on that claim, Struggle does deliver. He shows students how to make an Amazon FBA business from scratch, using Amazon and Shopify to leverage the products.

FBA Heroes Course Page
Source: FBA Heroes

If you follow everything that Struggle shows you, you will have an online business that can generate you money. Struggle shows you a legitimate way to create a foundation for your Amazon FBA business.

Who Is FBA Heroes Best For?

Amazon FBA Heroes Course is best for any entrepreneurs who are looking to get into FBA. Struggle provides a very good starting point for any new entrepreneur. If you have no prior experience, this course is for you. FBA Heroes provides a solid foundation for entrepreneurs to build their online Amazon FBA business.

FBA Heroes Who Is It For
Source: FBA Heroes

However, any online business owners who are looking for more advanced strategies may find Struggle’s course a bit lacking. While he goes over some of the modules are fledged out, like product research and launching/ranking, other sections like market research and social media seem too short.

Is FBA Heroes Worth The Price?

The course costs $997. For anyone looking to get into Fulfillment By Amazon, this is not a cheap price. Unfortunately, Struggle’s course is not worth the money. It lacks any premium or professional content to justify the price.

While this course is far from being bad, it simply does not provide enough value for it to justify the price it charges. Three of the sections are less than 10 minutes collectively, and the market research and social media do not go over a lot of detail. To charge $1,000, Struggle must have all aspects of his course be made more thorough. 

FBA Heroes Alternatives

Fulfillment By Amazon is a very popular topic, and as such, there are quite a few alternative Amazon FBA courses out there. Here are a few you can use to learn the same information:

  • Start An Amazon FBA Store On a Tight Budget (Udemy)– FBA is a complicated business for some. If you’re looking for a course to teach you how to start an FBA business, this is it. Theo McArthur’s course goes over every FBA aspect that FBA Heroes does, like the foundation, conducting product research, finding suppliers and sellers, and some advanced strategies. 
FBA Heroes Alternatives - Udemy
  • Proven Amazon Course 2.0 – Proven Amazon Course is a great FBA course. It shows you the ins and outs of selling your products on amazon. At $29/month, you can learn everything you need to know and still have money left to start your business.

Our Final Thoughts: FBA Heroes

Struggle does a great job selling this course, but not as good of a job teaching it. Struggle tries to spin his course as a new business, combining FBA and dropshipping. In reality, all you do is sell the same product across two channels, splitting your attention and doubling your budget. FBA Heroes is a good course that teaches useful information. But it doesn’t do anything to justify $997. You’re far better off learning from a much cheaper course that teaches similar content.


  • Casey Gaus is a great guest teacher
  • Good product selection information
  • Easy to follow


  • Danny Perez is not a good guest teacher
  • Support has been abandoned for the course
  • Very expensive
  • Some modules lacking content

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 3.16 out of 5

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