Dan Lok HTC Course Review – Can It Make You A Master Of High Ticket Sales?

by | Jul 29, 2021

High Ticket Closing, also known as the Dan Lok HTC Course, is an online marketing training course that teaches you how to close high-ticket sales. High-ticket sales include high-value items or services. Dan Lok shows you how to develop your sales skills to closing high ticket sales for your own business. Over the course of seven weeks, he shows you high ticket sales psychology, closing methodology, and sales scripts.

The question is, is this course really worth the price? To find out, let’s take a more thorough look at Dan Lok’s course. We’ll dive into who Dan Lok is, what High Ticket Closing offers, its price, and more. Without further ado, let’s get started with this Dan Lok HTC Course review!

Dan Lok High Ticket Closing Course

Who Is Dan Lok?

Dan Lok is a self-made entrepreneur who got his start in copywriting. Dan Lok claims to have been broke and in debt before working with Alan Jacques, a sales copywriter. Now, he says that he’s a self-made multi-millionaire, using exactly what he learned in the high ticket course. He claims that he started a one-person copywriting agency that generated tens of millions.

High Ticket Closing Dan Lok

I find it hard to believe he’s the real deal. He claims to have made millions through copywriting, but his own fabricated story is littered with grammatical errors. Especially since copywriting itself isn’t an industry one can easily get rich with.

Now, Dan Lok focuses on growing his personal brand, selling his books and courses to his fans.

High Ticket Closing Pricing

The Dan Lok HTC Course costs $2,495 if you pay in full.

It features a payment plan, with a monthly rate of $995 over 3 months. This totals to be $2,988, $503 more than the full payment.

It does come with a few bonuses, such as:

  • 6 steps to 6 figures program
  • High ticket sales recordings
  • High Ticket Closer Facebook group

High Ticket Closing has a full refund policy only for up to two classes. You must request a refund before the third class. If you want a refund after the third class, you have to request it 30 days from the start date, show them your completed course work, and tell them what didn’t work for you. Even after all of this, it’s still up to them whether or not to give you a refund.

Dan Lok HTC Course Modules

High Ticket Closing is split into 7 weeks, with each week showing you a new skill.

Week 1 – Dominate Life & Business With A High Ticket Mindset

This week focuses on getting you in the right mindset. Dan Lok talks about developing a millionaire mindset and other life-guru tropes. He talks about the importance of not being a pushy salesperson, believing in yourself, making money online, and more.

Dan Lok HTC Course Week 1

Some of the things he requires you to do for this week are:

  • Create a vision board
  • Write a letter to yourself
  • “Expose the lies”
  • Immerse yourself in Dan’s teachings
  • Reprogram your mind for wealth
  • Connect with High Ticket Closing “family”

Week 2 – The Advanced Human Psychology

Dan focuses on buyer psychology for this week. He discusses types of personalities, problems with not charging enough, premium pricing,  and more. He takes his own spin on psychology, where he labels people as different types of gems.

Despite the title, there’s no scientific psychology in this module. Rather than learning about actual personality types or behavioral tendencies, Dan Lok just talks more about self affirmations and shows you lots of pictures of him and fancy cars.

The weekly homework for week 2 is:

  • Watch the personality training video
  • Examine your money beliefs
  • Get comfortable with money
  • I have to explain this one: Dan Lok tells you to,  “Get a big stack of cash. It can be small notes. But get a lot of them. And then play with them as kids play with their toys. Throw them, let them rain on you, swim in them, rub them against your skin. Touch money. Smell it. Feel it…”. I’m not joking. That’s an actual command you have to do as part of your homework.
  • Continue to immerse yourself in Dan’s teachings
  • Subscribe to his YouTube channel. Listen to his products. Take notes.
  • Reprogram your mind for wealth
  • Connect with HTC “family”

Week 3 –  The One-Call Closer Methodology That’ll Get You Paid On Command

This week steps away from motivation and starts actually teaching you stuff. He talks about getting comfortable talking with strangers, having a network, making friends, using reverse psychology, and identifying pain levels. The most useful knowledge in this course is when Dan Lok shows you how to sell to different “gem” types, develop a high-income skill, and understand high ticket selling to make money online.

Dan Lok HTC Course Psychology

For your homework, you have to:

  • Talk to strangers
  • Write your personal power statement
  • Roleplay with each other

Week 4 – High Ticket Sales Scripts

For this week, Dan Lok gives you pre-made sales scripts and shows you the best way to use them. He goes over qualifying questions, best response to questions, having a high self-image, and ends with some roleplaying.

Dan Lok HTC Course Week 4

The homework for this week includes:

  • Write a regret letter
  • Ask yourself 3 questions every morning
  • Roleplay with each other
  • Create a sales script

Week 5 – How To Handle Objections And Resistance

For this week, Dan Lok focuses on handling potential objections from your sales. He shows you how to play with resistance, convert customers, and handle objections. He even goes over the types of objections you’ll likely face, and what to say to overcome them. 

This module contains some useful information, but to be honest, most of it is very obvious. For example, if a potential buyer says that you charge too much, Dan Lok recommends saying that you are much better than the competition. While this is useful, it’s fairly obvious.

The homework for this week is to:

  • Continue immersing yourself in Dan’s teachings
  • Reprogram your mind for wealth & success
  • Write out each objection and how to handle it
  • Revise your sales script

Week 6 – First Contact Call & How To Create Predictable Revenue

Inside this week, Dan Lok focuses on making money. He starts out by saying that the best way to make money is to partner with companies that offer high ticket affiliate programs. He then talks about the best way to structure your sales team for maximum effectiveness. 

Dan Lok HTC Course Social Media Profits

Dan Lok’s program goes over how to use LinkedIn as internet marketing in order to find high ticket partners. He also talks about setting your initial pitch, and mistakes to avoid, and justifying your price tag.

For this week, the homework is to:

  • Listen to recordings of sales calls
  • Update your Facebook & LinkedIn profile
  • Make a video for “Sifu Dan” talking about how good HTC is 
  • Report and share progress on HTC’s Facebook page
  • Take a survey 

Week 7 – How To Guarantee A 6-Figure Income

This is the final week of Dan Lok’s course. It covers more general business and life advice, like overcoming personal excuses, taking action, etc. There’s no empirical advice here that guarantees a 6 figure income, it’s just 6 hours of Lok giving obvious advice.

At the end, he advertises his “inner circle” group, a membership you have to pay for in order to get private coaching and Facebook Live calls in the private Facebook group. After that, he advertises his affiliate program, offering 20% commission for selling all his products.

Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closing Quality

Dan Lok produces High Ticket Closing with good quality. The videos are mainly of Dan Lok talking with a basic PowerPoint displayed. The parts of the course where Dan Lok talks directly to the audience have a very professional quality, with Dan Lok in a suit talking face to face with you.

Dan Lok HTC Course Quality

The course materials are good too. He includes PDFs that outline each homework assignment for the week. He also includes materials for his sales scripts, showing how to pitch to each “gem”.

Overall, High Ticket Closing has good quality, and should not interfere with your learning at all. 

 Does Dan Lok HTC Course Deliver?

Dan Lok promises to teach you how to close high ticket items.

After taking the course, he barely teaches you how to do this.

The “sales strategies” he teaches you are nothing more than just generic motivational messages. Rather than teach you proven methods dedicated towards high-ticket items, he just tells you obvious things like:

  • Build rapport
  • Make a friend first, and a client second
  • Understand their motivation
  • It’s about how you make your money, not how much
  • Only deal with people who want to deal with you
  • Speak from your chest
  • Ignore negative people
  • Be bold
Dan Lok HTC Course Methods

There are some useful things he teaches you, like: his “gem” personality types, sales scripts, handling objections, and basic sales techniques. Because of these, he does deliver on this course. But, not by a lot. 

Dan Lok HTC Course is general sales advice. The lessons he gives you can be applied to all branches of sales. There’s nothing in the course that focuses specifically on high ticket sales.

Who Is The Dan Lok HTC Course Best For?

High Ticket Closing is best for anyone that wants to pay big money and does not  believe in themselves. High Ticket Closing is a very expensive course that does a good job of motivating you through creative thinking stories and riches stories. While it does teach you some good sales techniques, it’s not ideal as a sales course.

Is The Dan Lok HTC Course Worth The Money?

No. Absolutely not.

I have to say it, especially because I don’t say it a lot: this course doesn’t justify the price tag. The amount of manipulation in it makes me cringe. Every single presentation talks about believing in yourself or something along those lines while robbing you of actual knowledge. 

Dan Lok’s training program business model is the same as any other self-improvement guru: make an internet business selling others on the idea of getting rich. It’s the same thing as a lottery ticket.

Dan’s program is smoke and mirrors. Dan Lok pushes the most generic “positive affirmations” for his students to make themselves feel like they actually accomplished something while he teaches them next to nothing. Nothing in this course is unique or created by Dan Lok himself. All he does is flash success stories, financial freedom, and FU money for a few weeks.

Dan Lok HTC Course Quote

There are many review sites and YouTubers who will say this course is worth it, and it’s only because Dan Lok has a very generous affiliate deal. If even one person buys the course from their review, high ticket partners get 40% commission. On a $2,500 course, that’s $1000. 

Dan Lok HTC Course Alternatives

High ticket sales is a topic that’s been around for awhile. And as such, there are plenty of alternatives from Dan Lok’s HTC for you to take advantage of. Here are a few courses that cover closing high ticket sales:

  • Cardone University (Grant Cardone) Grant Cardone has a course hub where you can take various sales courses, like buyer psychology, closing, and more. At a fraction of the cost for a monthly subscription, Cardone’s course is superior to Dan Lok’s. If you want a big-name course, consider Cardone’s instead. 
  • LinkedIn Learning This is a course hub that features various sales courses for you to learn. It’s extremely cheap, and covers topics like phone sales, foundations, and closing. If you are on a budget, consider LinkedIn Learning, as it’s not that much money.

Our Final Thoughts: The Dan Lok HTC Course

The high ticket program is nothing short of a cult. It charges an extreme amount for very generic advice. This is less of a sales course and more of a life course, as Dan Lok passes off obvious self-affirmations as unique knowledge. On top of that, after you pay money to take this course, Dan Lok positions his inner circle membership, and urges you to sell his course to others. It’s a borderline multi-level marketing scheme. Nothing in this course is geared specifically towards high-ticket items. He gives obvious sales advice that can be applied to almost every situation. This is not a high ticket sales course, this is a sales mindset course. If you are at all serious about your sales career, stay clear of this course. 


  • Good for motivation


  • Extremely high price tag
  • Generic, useless advice
  • No value

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 2.3 out of 5

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