Dan Dasilva 100k Blueprint Review – Is This Course Any Good?

by | Sep 22, 2020

Many people have made money online drop shipping. Several courses teach this topic extensively. Course creators have given everything to make their content more profound. 

So, what is 100k Blueprint? Let’s take a thorough look to find out more in this review of Dan Dasilva 100k Blueprint.

100k Blueprint Sales Page

What Is 100k Blueprint?

The 100K Blueprint is a 12-week program that teaches a different kind of eCommerce business.  Many dropshipping courses around the web are based around getting products from Amazon or other stores, but this one is different. You don’t need any inventory, branding, or so many SKU rankings. The method taught in the 100K Blueprint is to build a store that has only one product and rank it to earn up to $100k every month!

Dan Dasilva has launched iterations of this course three times before. The most recent one at the time of writing this review is the Masters’ Edition (or 100K Blueprint 4.0). It is a time-limited program that runs for 12 weeks. You will learn how to choose the product to sell, build your eCommerce store, and drive traffic to it.

About Dan Dasilva

Dan Dasilva has created many online courses and has grown popular online over the years. One of his most popular online courses is eCom Dudes, ranked amongst Shopify’s best Drop Shipping courses.

eCom Dudes

Apart from 100k Blueprint and eCom Dudes, Dan Dasilva is also the owner of Shopify Masterclass and DropShipping Academy. He is a young entrepreneur and has created so much income from dropshipping. He owns Impakt, a new digital innovation. Only 24 years old, Dan has amassed a large following as an eCom entrepreneur and a digital influencer on YouTube and Instagram.

Dan Dasilva 100K Blueprint Pricing

As explained earlier, 100K Blueprint is a time-limited membership program. Nonetheless, the program has been revised several times. The most recent is the Masters’ Edition, which is 1,000 dollars costlier than the former. The 100K Blueprint Masters’ Edition is priced at $1997.

With that one-time payment, you get a free eBook that outlines how Dan made his 100K from selling a single product and his free webinar. You also have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee if you think the course is not worth what you spent. 

100k Blueprint Pricing

In addition to the one-time payment of $1,997, you would need around $1,000 – $2,000 for advertising campaigns and fulfilling your first set of orders before actually making any profit that you can turn in for ROI.

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What Is Included In The 100K Blueprint Course?

The 100K Blueprint is a jam-packed program with 12 weeks of training that will teach you how to make 6 figures steadily from selling a single product without relying on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or any of those 3rd party eCommerce stores. Unlike the previous sessions, Dan Dasilva invites a former student of the 100K Blueprint and now a millionaire to partner with him.

100k Blueprint Dan Dasilva

For some reason, you have to complete the tasks in one weeks’ worth of content before opening or unlocking the next. However, the program is easy to follow and outlines the teaching step-by-step. Each week or topic you open contains 10 to 40 instructional videos and dedicated content like PDFs, slides, etc. 

Here is a short overview of the 100K Blueprint Course:


  • In the first week, you will get the full outline of a 7-figure Business Model.
  • In week 2, you will learn how to Increase profits and make more than other online stores.
  • When you get to the third week, you will start learning Dropshipping Techniques.
  • After week 4, you will be able to use influencers to expand your reach.
  • In week 5, you will learn what is called Linear Funnels and how to use them.
  • When you get to week 6, you will learn how to automate a $100k earning business.
  • In week 7, you will be taught how to build a team to run your business.
  • Students in week 8 will learn how to find new business opportunities in unexplored niches.
  • In week 9, you will learn what to do after each sale to ensure continuous income.
  • In week 10, you will learn how to link Bing to your Shopify to find new profitable products.
  • Week 11 is where you will learn about several new sales strategies, including subscription models and the best way to set prices.
  • Week 12 is for case studies.

Overall, you will learn everything you need to grow your brand and your online business from scratch like a professional. Several bonuses not part of the curriculum that Dan Dasilva offers students are mouth-watering.

Bonuses With The Course

The 100K Blueprint course includes two additional modules: 

  • Bonus 
  • Weekly Workshop. 
100k Blueprint Bonuses

There are still other bonuses that come with the 100k Blueprint program. 

  • You get exclusive calls from Dan Dasilva and Mario, his new partner, for 10 weeks in the Mentorship Private Access
  • You will get 20 Ad-Creatives to kickstart your ad campaigns called Untouchable Ads Vault
  • You also get exclusive access to Dan Dasilva’s Private Emails,
  • a premium software called Profit Machine,
  • free Access to Dan’s webinar video, where he describes how to make $100K in 30 days, and
  • case studies of different Ads that are working in the international market.

The entire 100K Blueprint 4.0 program can be summarised in these 5 points

  1. Research and find a profitable product using the 100K Blueprint Criteria. That means the product must a) solve a problem or cater to a need, b) not be easily found in local stores or any other popular online marketplaces, and c) have new and unique features that make it stand out.
  2. You will create a unique online store around the product you found with the tools and software you get with ease.
  3. Advertise the store on Facebook and Instagram and make a profit.
  4. If the product makes sales, you find agents that can help you deliver big orders quickly at a low cost.
  5. Scale up your ads and use several marketing strategies.

100K Blueprint Course Quality

Dan Dasilva has grown so much experience when it comes to creating online courses. He has perfected the materials for the Master’s Edition of 100K Blueprint. The videos are of premium quality. The audio is matching with topnotch clarity as you would expect from a course worth thousands of dollars. The website is easy to navigate and use. 

The only downside, which might not be a downside for many people, is that you have to wait weekly to unlock the next topics. This may be due to the overwhelming array of information in the videos. This may be to ensure that students look over each module and finish the course. This is great for those who truly want to master each module but may irritate fast learners or people who already have some prior knowledge.

The software in the bonus, too, is really premium. The software does the job just fine to help research top products in the international market. You will also get premium ad creatives to use as a drag and drop to create professional ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

Does Dan Dasilva’s 100k Blueprint Course Deliver? 

As the name implies, 100K Blueprint is made to create a business that will make you $100k in 30 days! While the course creators share several screenshots and testimonials that show people’s earnings, it is good to tread with caution. You should not enroll in this course with false expectations. For example, let’s say you spend 12 weeks learning and implementing what you are learning, you have taken 3 months out already. 

While dropshipping is a lucrative business and can generate more than 7 figures per month when you know what you are doing, you must understand that it might take you up to a year to reach this level. You are not going to learn any magic trick that will push you out to people’s faces and wallets.

Who Is 100K Blueprint for?

The Masters’ Edition of the 100K Blueprint is for beginners who can spare at least $4,000 to build a business in dropshipping. It is for people who want to expand their online business. And anyone willing to consistently work hard until they succeed.

It is for people who have no experience whatsoever with online marketing or intermediate marketers who want to learn more new working methods. There are new unconventional strategies that Dan uses in his program. For instance, many dropshipping courses will teach how to use Bing or Google to rank your online store, but in 100k Blueprint, you will only learn how to optimize Facebook and Instagram.

Is 100k Blueprint Worth The Money?

Yes. There are several courses on the web on the same topic that charge even higher. One example is the Drop Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly. The course only runs for 27 hours and 12 minutes, and the price, $2,997 for the Premium option or $8,997 for the Ultimate (D4U) option. Yet, many students say that this expensive course is lacking so much content that you will find in the 100K Blueprint. 

Besides, there are courses with low price points like Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. This course is still not as productive as you would guess. 

100K BluePrint gives you access to the exclusives like The 100K Blueprint Agent Strategy, The Profit Machine Software, and The TriFunnels Tool. These tools will help you set up your business for long term massive income generation if you put in the work. You must understand that Drop Shipping is not a passive income investment.

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Alternatives To 100K Blueprint

This alternative to the 100K Blueprint is eCom Elites created by Franklin Hatchett. It is a cheaper course that helps stark beginners to get up in dropshipping and make enough money to learn more advanced courses.

Another alternative is eCom Hacks Academy created by Jared Goetz. This one, too, is in the same price range as 100K Blueprint. And if you are on a meager budget and want to start something quickly, you may want to consider eCom Empires created by Nick Peroni and is offered for FREE!

Final Verdict: Dan Dasilva 100k Blueprint

100K Blueprint is a good investment. With the knowledge and the tools available to you, you would be able to scale up a highly profitable business that will earn over 6 figures monthly. However, if you are a beginner and want to start from the bottom without spending too much, you might want to consider other cheaper options to learn Drop Shipping. However, you will still spend money to automate the process before you can actually earn anything online with Drop Shipping. Dasilva is a successful businessman. But that doesn’t mean that everyone will get success following his ideologies. So, it is up to you if you choose to invest in this course.


  • The course is highly informative and actionable
  • It gives a complete guide on dropshipping
  • It teaches about agents, which many other courses don’t explain in detail
  • Offers great bonuses
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 


  • May be too expensive for beginners
  • You still have to invest money in ads
  • You have to wait for a week to unlock the next module
  • Focus is only on FB and IG traffic

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