Commission Hero Review – Does Robby Blanchard’s Course Really Deliver?

by | Apr 30, 2021

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing course created by Robby Blanchard. Commission Hero aims to teach you how to make money online using affiliate links, and claims you can make up to $1,000+ per day using his three-step affiliate marketing program. 

Commission Hero Logo

The main difference for Robby Blanchard’s affiliate marketing course is his use of paid traffic. Most affiliate marketing courses rely on organic traffic, or a core audience, but Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero focuses on PPC (pay per click) advertisements to drive traffic towards your links in order to make money online. 

Is Commission Hero legit or a scam? In this review, we will examine Commission Hero and how effective it is for teaching you how to make money online.

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard, the creator of Commission Hero, is an online entrepreneur who got his start in the fitness industry. After running online ads promoting his fitness course, Robby Blanchard started to make money online and focused more on paid traffic and affiliate marketing.

Commission Hero Robby Blanchard

Now, Robby is one of the top affiliate marketers. ClickBank, an affiliate marketing network, named him the top commissioner of 2019. Commission Hero teaches you everything he’s learned about affiliate marketing along the way.

Commission Hero Pricing

Commission Hero costs $997. There is a payment plan option for two payments of $597, making it $1,194 total. 

Commission Hero Pricing

Commission Hero offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, provided that you do not access any of the training. So, be warned, once you watch one video, there’s no refund available. The money-back guarantee is void by watching any videos.

Commission Hero Refund Policy

Commission Hero does come with a few benefits, such as:

  • “Commission Hero Private Coaching Group” – Access to his private coaching group
  • “Million Dollar Ad Images” – 20+ images you can use on your landing or sales page
  • “Facebook Super Profits” – Training on increasing your profit through Facebook
  • “Done-For-You Landing Pages”- Premade landing pages you can use
  • “Million Dollar Rolodex of Contacts”- It’s not really clear what this is, but Robby Blanchard promises to “hook you up with the same commission levels I get with the product owners”.
  • “Snapchat Training” – Bonus module on advertising through Snapchat
  • “10k Month Email Marketing Campaign”- Bonus training on email marketing
  • Access to the “Facebook Insider”
  • Weekly Q&A sessions

With the Commission Hero course and the bonuses, Robby Blanchard does give you a lot of affiliate marketing content for your buck.

Commission Hero Modules

Commission Hero is split into four main modules. Each module is a different step in creating your affiliate marketing campaign. In this section, we will examine each

Module 1: Getting Started

This module serves as an introduction to Commission Hero and the software you use. Blanchard starts off by thanking you for your purchase, and gives you an overview of what you’ll learn in the course.

Commission Hero Module 1

Blanchard then goes into choosing your offer. He shows you around ClickBank, how to use it, and how to start generating offers. While on his screen, it showed that most of Blanchards top performing affiliate links had to with weight loss, foods, or body transformation. He also goes into using MaxWeb to sell products as well.

He then teaches you choosing the right image for your ad. Blanchard talks about the main principles your ad has to have in order to maximize the appeal. During this, he reveals the ad images he creates are bought with Fiverr, and recommends doing the same. 

Finally, he ends the module with setting up your sales funnel. Blanchard shows you how to use Clickfunnels to create a new page, adding images, setting up your domain, and publishing it. 

Overall, this module serves as a good introduction. Robby Blanchard does a good job of explaining the technical aspects in a simple way.

Module 2: Facebook Set Up

This module is all about your Facebook ads account. Robby Blanchard shows you how to set up your account, register as a business, and create your first PPC campaign to advertise your sales page. He also goes into setting up a custom audience to ensure your campaigns are targeting the right people.

As part of a bonus, Blanchard shows you a successful Facebook ads campaign by delving into one of his. This part shows you a lot of valuable information just by seeing a successful campaign in action. Kudos to Blanchard for showing you this.

Commission Hero Facebook Campaign

The last part of the module is setting up Facebook pixel. This part can be complicated, but Blanchard shows you how to integrate it with ease. Pixel is a large part of capturing sales, as it shows you how users interact with your page and your sales funnel.

Overall, this module does a good job showing you the ins and outs of Facebook. However, to anyone with experience, this section may be a bit underwhelming.

Module 3: Tracking & Scaling

This module focuses solely on tracking and scaling. Part of optimizing your campaign is adapting it based on it’s performance. Tracking your analytics will allow you to scale much more easily.

Blanchard shows you how to track your campaigns performance by measuring certain statistics, and how to install tracking links. He also shows you how to read the numbers, and how to organize them in a spreadsheet. Blanchard offers the spreadsheet template as part of Commission Hero.

He then transitions to scaling, showing you how to really start making money once you identify the winning campaigns. He shows you four methods: vertical, horizontal, manual, and shotgun scaling methods.

Commission Hero Scaling

Each of these methods, he talks very briefly about them (about 4 minutes each) on a powerpoint presentation. 

The strategies he talked about during the scaling section are incredibly valuable. However, Blanchard doesn’t delve into it with any more depth. It would have been helpful to see what each method looks like inside Facebook ads, or even how to do it. But Blanchard only talks about the strategy behind it, that’s it. 

Module 4: Additional Training

This module contains lots of extra videos on different things. He shows you things like singing up for a credit card, reaching out to affiliates, spying on Facebook ads, and dealing with account issues (your account being banned).

A lot of what Blanchard teaches is very “spammy” and dirty. What he teaches will get your Facebook account flagged, mainly depending on what it is you advertise. For many in Commission Hero, this is fine, so long as the money is there.

A lot of Commission Hero review sites criticize Blanchard for this, not realizing it’s a core part of his strategy. There are multiple times he says “when your account gets flagged, and it will”. In this part, he has an entire video dedicated to dealing with the issues.

Finally, Blanchard goes into Snapchat and email marketing. He shows you how to set up your Snapchat account for ads, and how to install Snapchat pixel. Blanchard then goes into using AWeber to create email marketing campaigns.

Commission Hero Module 4

Overall, this section is quite useful. I really like the additional training, as it shows you things that didn’t fit into the core modules, but still is useful to know, especially the spying on competitors’ Facebook ads. The Snapchat and email marketing parts were mainly just technical tutorials, not providing a lot of unique insight. 

Commission Hero Course Quality

Commission Hero is produced with a very high course quality. Blanchard records with multiple cameras, and you’ll see camera shifts and different perspectives like it’s a TV show. Oftentimes you will see animated text to accompany his points while he talks.

Commission Hero Quality

When he goes on screen, you’ll see a screen recording with his face overlaid in the corner. When he starts talking more about Commission Hero and general ideas, the camera will shift from his screen to just him.

Overall, Commission Hero has an extremely high level of quality. With multiple camera angles, shifting perspectives, and animated text, you’ll find Blanchard really put effort into the course quality.

Does Robby Blanchard Deliver?

Robby Blanchard promises to teach you the strategies needed to make $1,000+ per day. 

In a literal sense, Blanchard’s course does teach you how to do this. The strategies he presented using PPC Facebook ads and the software can take you to $1,000 of sales per day if you put in the effort. However, $1,000 of sales does not mean $1,000 of profit. In order to actually make money online with Commission Hero, you have to analyze your profit margins.

Commission Hero Claims

Commission Hero’s whole premise relies on the fact that the money you spend on advertising will equate to more money in affiliate commission. If you spend a dollar on advertising, Blanchard’s course expects you to make two dollars in sales. But, this isn’t always the case. This formula is very hard to capture, requiring lots of optimization, experience, luck, and money. 

Inside Commission Hero’s Facebook group, people were getting about 40% profit. Meaning, for $1,000 of sales, they were only taking home about $400.  For others, they were spending $400 in ads and only getting $200 in sales, meaning they lost $200.

The PPC Facebook Ads structure Commission Hero teaches requires a winning product, an untapped market, and a lot of money to invest. If you have these things, Blanchard’s course works. Commission Hero will make money. However, if you do not, you could see little to no money, or even lose some.

Who Is Commission Hero Best For?

Commission Hero is best for anyone with money to invest. If you have a lot of money to invest, Blanchard’s strategy could make money and yield a good return with minimal work. Commission Hero has a lot of verified people making a couple hundred dollars per day. It seems to be working for those who put in the effort and money, and accept the losses as well.

Commission Hero Testimonial

However, if you do not have a lot of money to invest, Commission Hero is not for you. Commission Hero relies solely on paid traffic through Facebook. You may want to consider affiliate marketing courses that rely on organic traffic.

Is Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero Worth The Money?

$997 (or $1,194) isn’t the only amount you’ll have to pay throughout Commission Hero. There are a lot of hidden costs, sometimes up to thousands of dollars. Blanchard’s Commission Hero relies on other software, such as:

  • ClickMagick- $27/month
  • ClickFunnels- $97/month
  • Aweber- $ 29/month

Equating to another $153 per month. Additionally, Commission Hero recommends spending at least $300-$600 per month in Facebook ads as well. With a very heavy refund policy, it’s a large upfront investment for an affiliate marketing training.

Here’s the bottom line, Commission Hero has the potential to yield a lot of money, but only if you’re willing to invest a lot of money. Just like any venture, you risk losing it as well. For any new affiliate marketer, it will require a heavy investment, not just trying to make passive income.

But for $997, Commission Hero is not worth the money. Affiliate marketing, especially on Facebook, is becoming crowded. Commission Hero does a very good job teaching you affiliate marketing, but with such a large price tag, and not much of a refund policy, there are other alternatives out there that teach you the same concept for a cheaper price.

Commission Hero Alternatives

Affiliate marketing is a very popular subject, and as such, there are many alternatives to Commission Hero. Here are a few:

  • Affiliate Lab– If you want a $1000 course, get this one. Matt Diggity explores topics Commission Hero doesn’t such as SEO, authority sites, content blogger, and niche selection. If you want a more organic approach that focuses on free traffic with less investment, or if you are a blogger, choose this one. 
Affiliate Lab
  • ClickBank Success– Blanchard swears by Clickbank. If you want to learn ClickBank without the thousands of dollars Commission Hero requires, consider this course instead. At 1/10th of the price, KC Tran’s course teaches you the same fundamentals that Blanchard does, like ad copy and creating a landing page, but without the hidden costs. It teaches you everything you need to know about creating an affiliate online business.
  • Authority Site System– This course goes over everything you need, from content creation, landing pages, passive income, to link building. With over 200+ video lessons, Gael Breton and Mark Webster teach you everything you need to know.

Our Final Verdict: Commission Hero

Robby Blanchard produces a very thorough course with Commission Hero. It’s one of the few that take a strict focus on PPC ads as its sole source of traffic for online business. Commission Hero is also one of the very few courses to use Snapchat as a traffic source. However, the course does not warrant the price that it charges. It requires a heavy upfront investment, and still carries a risk. For those who are new to affiliate marketing, this course does not teach enough to outweigh the risk of losing money. Especially since once you watch one video, you cannot get a refund. Blanchard could have focused a lot more on the scaling aspect of affiliate marketing, and marketed Commission Hero as an advanced affiliate marketing course. If he did that, Commission Hero could be worth the money for advanced online business. But as it stands, it charges too much for information other affiliate marketing courses have done better. 


  • Unique Snapchat training
  • Great course quality
  • Easy to understand


  • Lots of money upfront
  • PPC ads risk losing money
  • Cheaper alternatives
  • Essentially no money back guarantee

Andrew Green

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Throughout his career, he has watched hundreds of online courses that have allowed him to achieve success in highly competitive fields such as online marketing, investing, and sales. Andrew is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise and he reviews the premium courses he watches on his online blog.
Overall Rating: 3.78 out of 5

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