Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review – What Does This Training Program Offer?

by | Dec 3, 2020

There is a rise in what we call the knowledge industry as many “infopreneurs” are making so much money selling their expertise in the form of courses, webinars, and so on. People are spending money trying to learn something new or hone their knowledge. Today, we are going to look at a course that is designed to help you capitalize on this trend, Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

Does it have what you need? Let’s take a closer look to find out with this Knowledge Broker Blueprint review.

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What Is Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a 6 Module training program that teaches you how to identify what you are really good at and market it to make money. Knowledge Broker Blueprint is built around the pivot that every human is an expert at something. You are passionate about something. That may be anything like leading a team to achieve something or even building gingerbread houses. The idea is that if you are really passionate about it, you can turn your expert knowledge into a legit money-making business.

The program comes with all the tools you need to package and sell an idea with authenticity and complete confidence, even if you don’t have any marketing or business skills. Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a complete and comprehensive course that offers several in-depth video tutorials, software, actionable exercises, worksheets, and an active Private Facebook Group.

Who Is behind Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint was created by three entrepreneurs: Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson. They are assisted by Jenna Kutcher. Why should you trust them?

Who Is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is a successful and influential information marketer. He is famous for his ideas on motivation, personal growth, productivity, and business strategy. As of 2019, Tony has made around $500 million from his private and individual one-on-one mentoring programs.

Who Is Dean Graziosi?

Dean Graziosi is a real estate business expert and NY Times best-selling author. Dean also a motivational speaker and life coach. He is famous as an author in the real estate niche.

Who Is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is a self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur, best-selling author, creator of Russell Brunson’s Funnel University, and the co-founder of ClickFunnels. Russell has a large follower base of multimillionaires and has sold hundreds of thousands of his books. He is popular as a marketing genius as ClickFunnels is a giant marketing company.

Who Is Jenna Kutcher?

Jenna Kutcher runs a 7-figure company that helps women live fulfilled lives by sharing business and personal secrets. She is a photography enthusiast and a digital marketing expert.

What Is The Cost Of Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

The course costs a one-time payment of $1,997 or a 4-time payment of $597 within two months. Your payment package includes power-packed training access. You have access to all the training videos and resources.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Price

You also get a KBB Welcome Box delivered to you. This package includes a journal, pen, KBB mug, and so on. You get instant access to the exclusive KBB Facebook Group, 6 Month Free subscription to the Mindmint 2.0 SOFTWARE. This software is the tool that you will use to implement everything you learn in the program. It has Point and Click Web Builder, Curriculum design for your online courses, and an Event Wizard.

What Is Inside Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint’s curriculum is divided into 6 fully packed modules. Each module is further divided into lessons. All the lessons are each split into sessions with several training videos and other material. At the end of each lesson, you are met with a quiz that you must pass to unlock the lesson area’s bonus content. There are action steps, tools, downloads, audio, and transcripts for all the videos to read as you follow. 

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Curriculum Outline
Knowledge Broker Blueprint More Curriculum

Module 1: Mastering Your Mindset

The first module will help you to develop an unstoppable mindset. The teacher in this module is Tony Robbins. Tony will teach you how to build a progressive culture and avoid failure by crushing the limiting beliefs that may hold you back in this module. But using a positive mindset to unleash your real power. That is where you will learn what Tony calls the art of creating a winning attitude.

Module 2: Extraction And Discovery

In this module, you will learn the discovery and understanding of your superpower. You have something you are really good at, even if you may not realize that you do, and you might have to extract someone else’s superpower. You will learn how to discover the people who need your expertise the most and how you can plan out exactly what to teach others. In this module, you will learn storytelling. That will help you to choose what and how to train your mastermind or your group.

Module 3: Marketing Mastery

By the time you enter this group, you have built a powerful positive mindset, and you have discovered your superpower. Now, you will learn how to find people willing to pay for what you know or have. You will learn marketing and sales secrets to become a marketing expert.

Module 4: Generating The Right Clients

In the fourth module, several lessons and videos will ultimately teach you the strategies Dean and his team use to master all available marketing platforms. You will also learn copywriting secrets that will help you to close every sale of your course. They promise that the strategy will help you find your first 100 perfect fans in a month to start fast. You will learn how to get more clients through multiple marketing platforms with the Wagon Wheel Marketing Technique.

Module 5: Running Your Event With Confidence

Here, you learn the basics of developing event ideas and how you can positively impact lives through your events. You will learn how to get the right clients in your event using proven marketing techniques, whether you would be running an in-person or virtual event. This module is where you will learn how to successfully make a great mastermind group work for you. You will be able to develop life-long loyal students (or clients).

Module 6: Knowledge Consultant & Reporter

This is the final module. Here you would learn how to turn your life around. In this module, you will know what you will know will help you become a reporter even if you don’t have a broad audience. Dean, Tony, and Russell teach in this module. They explain step by step guide on how to become a reporter of other people’s expertise. You are not ready to conduct your own niche but are passionate about a specific niche. You would use other people to shine.

KBB Course Quality

The lessons and course materials in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course is overwhelming and of top quality. The course creators left no stone unturned with the videos, PDF transcriptions for each video, introduction, camera quality, and sound quality. It is a premium course.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Video

In terms of course quality, the KBB program delivers. You would be overwhelmed and floored by the immense content available in the program.

Does Knowledge Broker Blueprint Deliver?

Self-actualization and self-help teachings can be broad, but you might get touched when you hear from a bold teacher and a motivated speaker. Indeed, the question of whether a course delivers what it claims depends on what you do with whatever you learn.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Claim

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is based on the claim that you are an expert at something that some other people are willing to pay for. Even if you cannot reach your own core and use your own expertise, you can use other people’s expertise to make money regardless. It is not a get-rich scheme, and there is no promise that you would get rich by merely watching or following the course. Nonetheless, if you follow the courses well enough and take action as necessary, you would see tangible results useful to boost any business, even if you are not selling courses.

Who Is Knowledge Broker Blueprint Best For?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint course is designed to work for people who want to use what they already know to impact others, make money from the knowledge industry for the first time, and look to take their business to the next level.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Members Area

Knowledge Broker Blueprint will work for you to create an income by impacting others with your knowledge, passion, hobby, or expertise. The course is perfect for coaches, influencers, and marketers who already have some followers and beginners with little or no audience. All you need is to have a passion and the will to work it through.

Is Knowledge Broker Blueprint Worth The Price?

Yes. The KBB is worth more than $2,000. You get several bonuses with the premium content that the course offers. With all the course content, you also get 6 months of unlimited access to the Mindmint Software. This software, on its own, costs a recurrent monthly fee of $97.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Features

After each lesson in each module, there are dedicated transcripts and audio versions of the video course so that you may listen at your own convenience.

When you pay the one-time cost, 

  • You get access to the complete KBB system to organize and run profitable events.
  • 6 months free access to the Mindmint Software
  • Access to the exclusive KBB Facebook group
  • High-converting sales funnel templates from Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels.
  • A private one-hour training session with Jenna Kutcher, an experienced event manager that fully embraces the KBB 2.0 System.
Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Alternatives

Currently, there seem to be no cheaper alternatives to KBB, or if there are any, they are not marketing them as well. 

If there would be an alternative to Knowledge Broker Blueprint, you might find that they may not offer as much value as the creators of KBB. Even so, their software is bang on. The Mindmint Software is premium software that can help you get started with simple drag and drop landing pages and many more.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Mindmint

Final Verdict: Knowledge Broker Blueprint

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course is a practical online training to help you grow a business in the knowledge industry. It will help you to actualize your maximum potential and sell yourself. It is worth every dollar in course material and value. You also get excellent motivation with badges and credits that you can use in the program.


  • The course is taught by world-class experts
  • Excellent website interface and navigation. The game type menu is interactive and superb.
  • Well-Structured lessons and curriculum design.
  • Massive and premium quality course content
  • Proven results not only from testimonials from students around the world but reasonable logic and strategy.
  • Hyperactive Community
  • Superb MindMint Software access
  • Great resources
  • Content can be used anywhere and anytime
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No training on SEO

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Overall Rating: 4.74 out of 5

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