Fast Track Profit System Review – An Honest Look At Cody Sperber’s Real Estate Investing Course

by | Jun 15, 2021

Fast Track Profit System is a real estate investing course by Clever Investor and Cody Sperber that teaches you how to make money flipping properties. It claims to show you how to find, analyze, acquire, close, and sell profitable properties. 

Fast Track Profit System Set
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Fast Track Profit System is marketed as a different type of real estate course. Cody Sperber claims that you can flip a house without doing construction or even seeing the house, in 30 days or less. He uses “creative real estate investing” to achieve this without having to purchase the properties himself. So, is this course worth the cost? Let’s take a closer look in this complete review of Fast Track Profit!

Who Is Cody Sperber?

Cody Sperber is a real-estate investor who claims to have made millions using the same strategies he teaches you. He’s been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other media outlets. He’s even set up deals with HGTV and other big house-flippers.

Fast Track Profit System Cody Sperber
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Cody Sperber has since branded himself online as a real-estate guru on YouTube, growing his digital presence. If you watch his videos, his main message is the profitability of his investments and his course.

Fast Track Profit Pricing

The online version of the course costs $297 for instant access. They advertise a “physical version” for significantly more, but this is just a sales tactic. It’s a one-time fee with no options for a payment plan.

Fast Track Profit System Pricing
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It does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee hidden. It’s unconditional, but must be done by emailing their support team. 

Fast Track Profit System does come with a few bonuses, such as:

  • Tips and tactics training
  • 1-on-1 personal game plan call
  • Funding sources
  • 30 day trial of Clever Pro, a mentor service.

Fast Track Profit System Core Modules

The course consists of six modules, with each module containing a different lesson in your real estate business. It also includes one bonus module. Cody Sperber does give an introduction to the course, talking about the importance of taking action alongside the videos.

Module 1: Setting Up Your Business

This module focuses on getting set up. It shows you an overview of the course structure, the systems your business need, and the concepts used. Cody Sperber goes over the idea of flipping and fixing, wholesaling, creative deals, and landlording. 

Fast Track Profit System Levels
Source: Fast Track Profit System

He also shows you the different investment models, distressed properties, analysis stage, acquisitions, and the funding & strategy. Towards the end of the module, Cody Sperber talks about having the right mindset and the different software systems to use.

Overall, this module provides a lot of useful information. Cody Sperber presents the knowledge in a very clear and easy to understand way. This module has six videos, and two and a half hours of total content.

Module 2: Marketing

In this module, Cody Sperber focuses on lead generation. For real estate investing, lead generation is a very important skill. This module also goes over every system for marketing your property, including social media, online marketing ads, SEO, offline networking, offline marketing, and traditional marketing.

This module also talks about how to brand your company, invest in it, set up marketing funnels, and advertise your properties. The social media section is taught by Hannah Place, founder of Graceful Gladiator. Cody Sperber has some really entertaining introductions, attempting to make them funny or use monopoly to illustrate his point. 

This module contains very good information. The marketing skills taught by Cody Sperber are used both in listing your properties and generating leads. There is a good amount of content here, with seven videos totaling around 4 hours of content.

Module 3: Analysis & Inspection

Module 3 shows you how to analyze a property to know if it’s profitable. Cody Sperber goes over his six steps of analyzing a deal, how to start negotiating the property, comping properties, and market and property analysis.

Fast Track Profit System Comping Properties
Source: Fast Track Profit System

The advanced investment analysis part is taught by Symon He, a Stanford M.B.A graduate. He teaches you the three phases of investing, the present and net present value of a property, rate of return, holding & collecting, amortization, and exit assumptions.

The content in this module proved to be very thorough. The investment analysis alones gives you advanced strategies seldom found in most courses. The data he shows you how to generate is comparable to entire college courses. Additionally, he shows you how to map the data in a spreadsheet, giving you a tutorial on generating and analyzing the numbers.

These strategies will help you decide whether to flip the house or wholesale it, and are vital towards your success.

Module 4: Property Acquisition

This module focuses on negotiating your acquisition. Cody Sperber shows you his exact process, the paperwork needed, the terms of the deal, the money involved, and tips on negotiating for success. He also presents a two hour live seller presentation, in which he goes over every step and aspect of closing a deal, such as how to calculate your maximum offer, determine the average percentages you list your property at, and 

This module also includes pre-made contracts and powerpoints for you to use when closing your deal. Overall, this module provides some good information. Closing on a property is a very tough thing for a new realtor to do. Sperber shows you the entire process for you to get confidence in your abilities. 

Module 5: Funding Strategy

In this module, Sperber shows you how to fund your deal using wholesaling. He shows you how to structure your deal funding sources, handle competing lenders, complete the paperwork, and navigate the rehabbing process. In his tutorials, Cody Sperber goes over quick flipping vs wholesaling, funding options, wholesale training, and even has a rehab case analysis.

Fast Track Profit System Fix And Flip Guide
Source: Fast Track Profit System

This module also has Cody Sperber’s “Fix & Flip” guide, a 100 page pdf that shows you how to succeed at flipping properties. This guide is very well made. It has little fluff and presents lots of good information.

Overall, this module is quite useful in helping you secure deal funding sources.

Module 6: Closing Deals

Once you have acquired the property, it’s time to sell it and make money. This module shows you how to pick an exit strategy, find buyers, do the paperwork, hire an attorney, and control the deal. Sperber shows you the selling process for wholesaling, and also for flipping. 

Fast Track Profit System Stages Of Real Estate
Source: Fast Track Profit System

Sperber also includes two pdfs: a state guide and a closing checklist. Overall, this module was rather short, only having a single 40 minute video. But, the video covers all the topics it needed to hit. 

Bonus Module: Contracts & Forms

In this module, Sperber goes over all the contracts and forms page by page, giving an explanation and showing you how to properly fill it out. He also talks about when to assign the paperwork to the buyer, and how to decipher the contract process for successful wealth.

Fast Track Profit System Course Quality

Fast Track Profit System is produced with extremely high course quality. It has a very professional feel to it, with Cody Sperber giving lessons standing and talking to you while dressed very formally. I really like the fact that Cody Sperber had a few occasions where he recorded an introduction skit, trying to make it funny. While it didn’t personally land, I respect the effort taken.

Fast Track Profit System Quality
Source: Fast Track Profit System

The guest speaker’s quality does vary. Hannah Place’s section has lower course quality, seeming like it was recorded on her computer, while Symon He overlays his face on top of a presentation. This is a very small criticism, as both their sections’ quality has no interference with the learning at all. 

Overall, it’s clear that Cody Sperber has taken the time to produce this course with extremely high video and audio quality.

Does Fast Track Profit System Deliver?

Fast Track Profit System promises to teach you how to make money flipping houses. It promises to show you how to find, analyze, and acquire, and close on deals. To my surprise, Fast Track Profit System undoubtedly delivers on this promise.

Using what Sperber teaches you, you are armed with the same information seasoned realtors have. The content is extremely applicable, and gives you a very good chance of success. Additionally, the advanced strategies gives you a in-depth tutorial navigating through basic real-estate finance.

Fast Track Profit System provides you with two strategies you can use to make money either flipping or wholesaling properties. Using Fast Track Profit System, you can generate a good amount of money for yourself, if done correctly.

Who Is Fast Track Profit System Best For?

Fast Track Profit System is best for anyone new entrepreneur looking to get into the real estate business. Alongside the other creators, Cody Sperber shows you his personal strategy to generate money finding and properly analyzing leads.

Fast Track Profit System Goals
Source: Fast Track Profit System

Anyone who is unfamiliar with real estate business will feel confident after taking this course. Sperber presents some very complicated topics in a very simple way. However, anyone with experience with real estate will find the information to be a bit basic. With that said, Cody Sperber’s sales strategies will provide value to everyone. 

Is Fast Track Profit System Worth The Price?

Yes. Cody Sperber could have easily charged $1,000+ for this course, and it would still provide value for that price point. At $297, Fast Track Profit System holds nothing back, giving you incredibly valuable information at a very cheap price. While you may not get rich from it, if you invest your limited time and resources, you can set up profitable deals.

Compared to other real estate courses, Sperber demonstrates his knowledge and teaches it at a very good rate. Additionally, the course materials are very useful. Rather than just summarize the video, the course materials are contracts and guides you will actually use.

Because of all this, Fast Track Profit System is worth the price it charges.

Fast Track Profit System Alternatives

Fast Track Profit System presents a unique strategy to make money. Most real-estate courses found online will focus on getting a certification. However, there are still viable alternatives to this course. Here are a few:

  • Real Estate Investment Certificate (Harvard Extension)– This course is a very professional course. Taught by Harvard Extension School, you’ll learn how to get investment capital, analyze properties, and understand investment strategies. It also gives you hands-on experience with financial models. If you want something more advanced, consider this course.
  • Wholesaling Real Estate (Udemy)- If you are looking specifically at wholesale real estate business, consider this course. It teaches you the fundamentals of wholesale real estate, setting up contracts, and selling the property. When on sale, the course costs $14. 
Fast Track Profit System Alternatives - Udemy

Our Final Thoughts: Fast Track Profit System

Overall, Fast Track Profit System is a very thorough course. It gives you all the information, strategies, and tips for you to be successful in your real estate wealth endeavors. Cody Sperber teaches very professionally, showing you advanced topics in a simple manner. Fast Track Profit System has a very strong financial aspect of it, breaking down real estate financial analysis for you to understand the numbers. For $297, this course does exactly what it promises to do without charging you an absurd amount. Anyone looking to break into real estate should consider this course.


  • Lots of relevant content
  • Useful guides and materials
  • Professional course quality
  • Useful information
  • Relatively cheap price


  • Upsells consulting & other services

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