Ecomm Clubhouse Review – Can Wholesale Ted Help You Make Money Online?

by | Sep 8, 2021

About Ecomm Clubhouse

Ecomm Clubhouse is a dropshipping course that teaches you how to build an online store with print on demand and dropshipping. Ecomm Clubhouse shows everything you need to build your own dropshipping business from scratch. It shows you Shopify, free traffic, product sourcing, Facebook ads, and SEO.

Ecomm Clubhouse comes with over 10 hours of content. It’s one of the few Shopify Approved online courses, meaning that the course has been reviewed by Shopify themselves for quality, accuracy, and trust. Additionally, Shopify verifies that the person teaching actually has proven results with Shopify themselves, and that their course testimonials are real. Any course that’s Shopify approved meets a rigorous verification process that proves its validity.

The question is, does this course really live up to all the hype? Let’s take a closer look at what this dropshipping course has to offer in this Ecomm Clubhouse review!

Ecomm Clubhouse Ecommerce Training

Who Is Sarah Chrisp?

Sarah Chrisp is an online entrepreneur and Youtube channel owner who got her start making money online in eCommerce over 10 years ago. Sarah Chrisp started out in New Zealand selling high-valued games to Gamestop online. Her initial success led her to start dropshipping video games, and eventually to a print-on-demand eCommerce store. After her eCommerce success, Chrisp started to focus on her Youtube channel, teaching others under the name Wholesale Ted. 

Ecomm Clubhouse Sarah Chrisp

Now, Sarah Chrisp is a top dropshipping Youtube channel. She has over 850k subscribers at the time of writing. Chrisp lives a very relaxed lifestyle, and travels all over the world while running her channel, making Youtube videos, and her managing dropshipping course.

Ecomm Clubhouse Pricing

The dropshipping course costs $67 per month.

There is no outright purchasing option, as it takes the form of a monthly subscription. You are able to cancel at any time, but it must be done through the payment processor (Stripe), and not through Ecomm Clubhouse. 

Ecomm Clubhouse Pricing

Ecomm Clubhouse doesn’t feature any additional bonuses.

It does feature a 7-day refund policy, if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Ecomm Clubhouse Refund Policy

Ecomm Clubhouse Modules

The Ecomm Clubhouse course is split into 6 modules, with each module showing you a different step of creating your own dropshipping store.

Module 1: Select A Niche For Your Online Store

In this module, you learn Sarah Chrisp’s 3 phase system for picking a profitable niche. It starts out with you generating 20 niche ideas, then narrows it down to 5 ideas, and after that using your data and personality to figure out your niche.

Ecomm Clubhouse Niche Selection

I like Chrisp’s approach to selecting a niche because it’s very personal. Many other course creators prefer profitability (for obvious reasons). Sarah Chrisp argues that business is more fun and easier if you enjoy the niche you’re working in.

Personally, I can see both sides. It’s very easy to pick a bad niche because you are a part of it. However, you are more motivated to stick with it because of your interest in the niche. 

Module 2: Source & Choose Products To Sell

In this module, Chrisp breaks down two ways to sell products in your store: dropshipping, and print-on-demand. She starts out with dropshipping, showing you how to find “hyper-viral” products on Aliexpress and choose your supplier.

After these tutorials, she transitions into print-on-demand, showing you competitive research, getting custom designs created, using instant designs, creating your own designs, and pricing your products. It does seem like Sarah Chrisp shows more print-on-demand than she does dropshipping.

Module 3: Create A Store By Yourself

Once you have your product, you need a place to sell it. Chrisp goes over how to create your own Shopify store from scratch. She goes over creating a Shopify account, using a theme, installing Oberlo, using Printify, and adding collections, terms of service, about us, and a refund policy to your store. This section is very straightforward and easy to follow.

Ecomm Clubhouse Store Creation

Module 4: Making Money Online By Upselling To Big Orders

In this module, Sarah Chrisp shows you how to increase your AOV (average order value) with upsells during the checkout process. She shows you how to add Smar7(an upselling software), add trust icons, discount pricing, spin-the-wheel game, and after-sale coupons.

A lot of this module is just installing and using software. While it can be very helpful to your business, each one of the software applications she uses costs money. Using all of these apps can very easily double your monthly cost of doing business, and some of these just feel unnecessary. Keep in mind, Sarah Chrisp does have affiliate deals with others set up throughout this program

Module 5: How To Get Buyers & Traffic To Your Store

This module is all about traffic. Chrisp goes over how to use both paid and free strategies to get people in your store. She starts off with Facebook Ads, and shows you how to create your account, set up your page, install Facebook pixel, create ad images, create & edit product videos, and produce a low-budget and “3-creative” ad campaign. After all this, Sarah Chrisp shows you how to scale your ads.

Once you learn Facebook ads, Sarah Chrisp transitions to Google, mainly talking about SEO. She goes over finding low-competition keywords, optimizing your product pages, homepage, and about us, adding a blog, and building backlinks with Instagram pages.

Ecomm Clubhouse Traffic and Buyers

The information in the Facebook ad section is good. I like that she included two types of campaigns for you to use, depending on your budget. The SEO section is useful, but a lot of the information is surface level.

Module 6: How To Run & Manage Your Store

For the final section, Chrisp goes over the best ways to manage your store. She talks about fulfilling orders with Oberlo and Printify, daily store management, growth plans, and hiring a virtual assistant. She gives out some pretty useful tips, especially with the growth plans.

Ecomm Clubhouse Quality

Sarah Chrisp produces Ecomm Clubhouse with amazing quality. The videos are mainly of Chrisp talking with her face in the corner of the tutorial that she’s giving. The audio and visual quality are very clear. Being a Youtuber, Sarah Chrisp has very professional production quality.

Ecomm Clubhouse Course Quality

Additionally, the website is very easy to navigate. Most courses just use a premade course hub, but Ecomm Clubhouse is customized and is very clean. Overall, Ecomm Clubhouse is produced with amazing course quality. It’s clear that Chrisp put in a great amount of effort when producing Ecomm Clubhouse.

Does Sarah Chrisp Deliver?

Sarah Chrisp promises to teach you how to build an online business with print-on-demand and dropshipping with Ecomm Clubhouse. At the end of this course, you absolutely will have an online business capable of generating profit. Sarah Chrisp delivers on this promise.

Ecomm Clubhouse Services

Sarah Chrisp doesn’t make any outlandish promises about making money online. A lot of dropshipping courses will flash their money or figures. Ecomm Clubhouse is advertised as a simple course with realistic expectations.

Who Is Ecomm Clubhouse Best For?

Ecomm Clubhouse is best for anyone new to eCommerce or dropshipping. Chrisp does a very good job of teaching in a comprehensive way. Ecomm Clubhouse covers every part of building a store from scratch. From picking your product to getting traffic, Ecomm Clubhouse shows you every step of building an eCommerce store.

However, those looking for more advanced strategies will find Ecomm Clubhouse to be lacking. While it does include information on organic SEO, those looking for more complex topics like split testing won’t find it in Ecomm Clubhouse. Ecomm Clubhouse is a surface-level course designed for those without experience. 

Is Ecomm Clubhouse Worth The Price?

Ecomm Clubhouse charges $67 a month for access. With only 10 hours of content, you can easily get through this course in the first month. So, is Ecomm Clubhouse worth it for $67? I think so.

For one thing, dropshipping and print-on-demand courses charge a lot of money. $67 is very cheap compared to most courses. Sarah Chrisp gives you a lot of necessary information in order to build your own Shopify store. 

Ecomm Clubhouse Dropshipping and Print On Demand

While it doesn’t provide a lot of advanced strategies, because of how cheap Ecomm Clubhouse is it still provides value. For any beginner, this course is a great option to get started with eCommerce.

Ecomm Clubhouse Alternatives

Dropshipping and print-on-demand are profitable industries if done right. Because of this, there are other courses out there for you to take advantage of. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Ecom Elites (Franklin Hatchett) If you pay a little bit more money, you can get a phenomenal course. Ecom Elites is one of the best dropshipping courses available. At $197, it’s still very cheap compared to most courses. It gives beginners a good introduction while also providing advanced topics for you to get ahead. If you want one course that will teach you everything, this is it.
  • Ecom Success Academy (Adrian Morrison) Ecom Success Academy is another Shopify approved course. It’s a lot more expensive, but it gives you a lot more value. If you are serious about ecommerce, consider Morrison’s course.
Ecomm Clubhouse Alternatives - Ecom Elites

Our Final Thoughts: Ecomm Clubhouse

Sarah Chrisp’s Ecomm Clubhouse is a good course. It’s beginner-oriented, providing a lot of value for a fraction of the price of other courses. While it does lack advanced content, it provides a very solid foundation for you to build your dropshipping or print-on-demand store off of. At the end of this course, you will have a quality Shopify store capable of making money. Sarah Chrisp put a lot of effort into making this course, and it’s apparent in the quality. Overall, Ecomm Clubhouse is a good option for new eCommerce entrepreneurs.


  • Very cheap
  • Good introduction
  • Great course quality


  • Not much advanced content

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