Best Way To Learn French – 14 Useful Tips For Fluency

by | Jun 23, 2021

Considering learning a new language? Maybe French has piqued your interest? Maybe you’re looking to learn French to travel, for business, or simply for pleasure. Either way, it’s important to remember that French is a complicated language, and learning it takes time and patience.

The good thing is, there are many ways to learn a new language. Some people may choose to take classes while others might prefer self-study materials like books or an online course. 

But, what’s the best way to learn French? If that’s your question, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of your options so you can discover the best way to learn French and become fluent!

Best Way To Learn French Fluently-Flag of France

Best Way to Learn French

There’s no single best method when it comes to learning French, however, one thing that all language instructors and learners will agree on is this – written French and spoken French are virtually two separate languages.

This is true for most languages, of course, but what you’ll need to keep in mind when deciding how you want to learn French is that you will need to focus heavily on audio. Therefore, written material might not always be the best option. You need to immerse yourself fully in modern spoken French if you want to become fluent in the language!

Knowing that, consider these top options to help you learn French – fluently and effectively!

1. Immersion

Learn French Through Immersion

If you want to learn French as quickly as possible, it’s best to dive right in, no life jacket! Immerse yourself in the language and put yourself into a situation in which you have no choice but to speak the language.

You’ll find that you learn much more quickly when you’re forced to rise to such a challenge. You’ll need to make sure your immersion experience provides a constant stream of the target language so that you hear it and read it everywhere you go. If you have the resources to be able to make this kind of commitment, consider moving to a French-speaking community. 

It requires a great deal of investment, but when it really comes down to it, full immersion is the way to go if you want to learn French. 

2. French Media

When immersion is not an option, exposure to French media might be the next best thing. You can listen to French music or French podcasts, watch French movies and television, and even read books in French. You can do this with or without subtitles or other forms of explanation.

The beauty about using French media to learn French is that it’s often free – you just need a library card or Netflix subscription. You also don’t have to leave home.

While this method is by far the most convenient and least expensive, it might not be the fastest or most accurate. French media, obviously, is designed for native speakers – so some of the content may go over your head. You’re not acquainted with all the nuances and colloquialisms of the language yet. 

3. Babbel 

Best Way To Learn French Fluently-Babbel

Babbel is another resource you can use to learn French. Designed by a team of language experts and educators, this platform is a language app that works in a unique way. It will immerse you in various kinds of dialogue that you’d actually have in real life – so it’s kind of a combination of an app and an immersion experience all in one.

With this app, you’ll be able to converse with actual French speakers. You can complete lessons on your own time, as each lasts only ten to fifteen minutes, and choose courses that are most relevant to you, your needs, and your expertise. 

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4. Discover Your Passion for the Language

Before you can really dive into the process of learning French, it’s important that you consider your “why.”

What do you love about the language? Why do you want to learn it? Do you plan on traveling the world? After All, French is a language spoken as an official language in more than two dozen countries.

Perhaps you want to be able to converse with French-speaking family members, maybe you want to connect with native speakers or get an inside view of French culture. Perhaps you really just want to read some of those early editions of Victor Hugo’s work! 

Whatever the case may be, identifying your reasons for learning French before you embark on this process is essential. 

5. Change Your Smartphone Settings

Best Way To Learn French Fluently-Change Your Smartphone Settings

Here’s another fun tip to try if you’re trying to learn French – change up your smartphone settings. You can switch up the settings on your iPhone, Android, or even your computer so that everything is in French. While this might be a bit inconvenient when you’re trying to get things done, no doubt you’ll pick up at least a few French words here and there!

6. Try LingQ

Another resume you can tap into is LingQ. We already mentioned in this article how beneficial it can be to read books, articles, and other kinds of media in French. LingQ will make this process more seamless and direct. 

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7. Write a Phrasebook

When you first start learning French, you’re going to need to rely – at least a little bit! – on translation. You need to figure out which words mean what! However, as you get more fluent in the language, you should try to translate as little as you can. 

That’s because the process of translating adds another step in the already challenging process of learning how to speak a language. Your brain can fool you and make the process more difficult.

To help avoid needing translation, consider writing out your own phrasebook. Consider which phrases you really need to master, either on a daily basis or perhaps just for a trip, and write down those phrases in French. Work on mastering just those phrases that matter most and you can tackle the rest later. 

8. Don’t Worry Too Much About Pronunciation At First 

Best Way To Learn French Fluently-Don’t Worry Too Much About Pronunciation At First

When you first start trying to master French, don’t panic if your pronunciation is a little off. Just master what it is that you are trying to say, and later, you can move on to the how (and the how well!). 

9. Try Some Quick Language-Learning Hacks

There are some quick language learning hacks you might want to incorporate when you’re trying to learn French.

For example, mnemonics. This can help you burn French words into your mind (if you’re unfamiliar with mnemonics, it’s essentially wordplay to help you remember things – PEMDAS in mathematics is an example). 

10. Find French Speakers – Without Leaving Your City

You don’t need to leave your city in order to immerse yourself in the language! No matter where you live, you can have conversations with native speakers.

Look on websites such as italki,, and CouchSurfing to meet French speakers – some of whom may be in your local area!

11. Master the Easiest Aspects of French First

Compared to many other languages, French is not the most difficult one to learn. You can quickly become overwhelmed in learning this language, though, if you focus on the harder aspects first.

Instead, remember that French has no cases, like Russian, and is not a tonal language, like most Africa And Asian languages. It shares a lot of vocabulary with English along with the Latin alphabet. Remember this as you start learning French, and you’ll have a much easier go of it the first time around. 

Best Way To Learn French Fluently-Master the Easiest Aspects of French First

12. Know That Self Study is Not For Everyone

While most resources you’ll find online these days are designed for independent study, don’t get down on yourself if you find that self-study is just not for you.

When it comes to learning languages, no two students are the same. Some people have an easier time with languages than others while some really need a teacher to guide them through their studies. Some students might just need that extra zip of motivation! Don’t feel bad about yourself (or give up on learning French entirely) if you learn that independent study isn’t working for you. 

13. Try an App

Of course, there are various software programs and apps you can use, such as Fluent Forever. These are ideal for people who want language learning to be convenient,flexible, and noncommittal. You can learn on your time and at your own pace – if you’re busy and can’t necessarily afford to fully immerse yourself in the language by moving to France, there’s no shame in trying an app! 

Many of these French learning apps are free, but do keep in mind that some of the best options do require a regular subscription cost.

14. Find a Method That Suits Your Learning Style 

One of the most important things to consider when deciding how you will pick up a language is in how you best learn. Your learning style will be the number one factor that dictates your success in picking up a new language.

Do you like to write things out? Does listening help you more? Do you need to see things in order to understand them?

No matter which of these methods you choose to master French, make sure you’re tailoring your strategy to your specific learning needs. 

Learn French – The Best Option

Learning a new language is not easy but it can be made easier and more enjoyable if you know the best way to learn French. Want to know a secret?

There’s no single best method for learning French for everyone. Instead, you’ll need to do some trial and error to figure out your own learning style and which of these methods works best for you. 

Best Way To Learn French Fluently-Tresbien French Language

One of the most effective methods for learning any foreign language, including French, is immersion in an environment where that language is spoken. 

Spend time with native speakers or take lessons from them so they can help you develop your skills. Of course, it might not be possible for you to book a flight to France – so consider one of the alternatives listed above if you want to become a Francophone with no passport required.

FAQ: Learning French

How can I learn French by myself?

There are countless ways you can become a master of the French language, even all by your lonesome! Consider reading a French textbook, signing up for an online class, or making and using French flashcards. Of course, immersing yourself in French media like podcasts and television shows is another surefire way to learn!

What is the best method to learn French?

There is no single best method of learning French for everyone – it will take you some time to figure out your own learning style and which one works best for you. However, for most people, immersion is the very best way to learn French, since you’ll be able to jump right in and start using the language immediately. 

How long does it take to become fluent in French?

That depends on both your natural aptitudes when it comes to learning languages as well as how you are learning. In many cases, if you are fully immersed in the French language, you can become fluent in as few as three to six months. 

What is the best way to learn French at home?

If immersion is not an option for you, you might consider some alternatives to learn French at home. You can sign up for an app, take a class, or even find a French-speaking companion to converse with on a regular basis.

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