Best Language Learning Programs – 11 Highly Recommended Options

by | Jan 28, 2021

When you want to better yourself, a solid choice most people consider is learning a new language.

Learning a new language is a great way to broaden your horizons, make yourself more marketable for business and job searches, and it can also be a good way to pursue a fun new hobby. Fortunately, with today’s technology, it’s never been easier. You can learn anything from yoga to data science online – and of course, learning a brand new language is always an option, too!

If you’re interested in learning how to speak Spanish, Russian, Italian – or anything else, for that matter! – you may want to consider signing up for one of these best language learning programs. Get a more in-depth look at each program by reading on!

Best Language Learning Programs

The programs below will help you gain a deep understanding of your target language, as well as teach you what you need to know so you can become fluent.

1. Pimsleur

Pimsleur Website

Pimsleur is a language learning program that offers programs that are rigorously researched and combine a wide variety of learning techniques. Unlike comparable language services, Pimsleur is affordably priced with programs starting as low as $20. You’ll be able to acquire and master new grammar and vocabulary in whichever language you choose. There are more than 50 languages to choose from with this program!

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2. Sign it ASL

Sign it ASL

If you want to learn American sign language, you’ll find plenty of language learning software and apps on the market. However, if you have kids or for whatever reason just want a more family-friendly online sign language resource, you might want to consider Sign it ASL. Not only is it completely free for families in the United States who have a child younger than three with some level of hearing loss, but it’s also completely self-paced. 

ASL is offered as part of a partnership with the Signing Time Foundation and the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management. The main course on Sign it ASL consists of ten units, each of which consists of stories, vocabulary, conversation practice, quizzes, and even lessons on deaf culture. All of the classes are taught by deaf advocates, performers, and actors. 

If you don’t qualify for free access, you can pay for all units for just $120 or $50 for each one (there are three). 

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3. Italki

Italki website

You will also find some high-quality language courses on Italki. This program offers opportunities for you to practice your new language skills through conversation. You’ll get actual feedback on the words you are teaching. Rather than taking language courses on things like vocabulary and grammar, you’ll just talk with a native speaker about various topics, like music or a television show. 

With Italki, you can check out the language courses with a free preview and even a sample lesson with a real teacher. If you do decide to commit, you’ll only pay up to $25 an hour (with many language courses costing far less than that). 

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4. BrainPop


BrainPop is another educational language-learning resource that’s perfect for kids in particular. It is a website that contains more than 1,000 short animated movies in English along with languages such as Hebrew, French, Yiddish, and Spanish. It’s family-friendly because it’s meant specifically for kids in K-12 classrooms. 

The ideal language learning tool, it contains lots of short videos about regular classroom topics. Each lesson contains simple grammar and easy to understand vocabulary so it’s not overwhelming for someone who is new to a language.

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5. Duolingo


Duolingo (formerly known as Duolingo Duolingo) is a transparent language app that is great for many people. One of the top language learning apps, Duolingo Plus is available at prices starting at just $7. With this app (there is a free version as well), you’ll be able to combine a variety of different methods to learn a variety of idiomatic expressions and get an introduction to basic vocabulary. You’ll learn new words and rise to the level of native speakers quite quickly. 

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6. Idlewild 


Idlewild is a company that specializes in book sales but you’ll also find one of the best language courses here, too. It’s similar to the experience you’ll get at Italki but you’ll also be able to take full group courses. These are seven-week classes that will allow you to learn and acquire new content in a more traditional, more familiar fashion. 

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7. Babbel


Babbel is another common language learning app, available at prices starting at $9 for three lessons. With Babbel, you’ll be able to acquire more language the longer you stay with the app. You can try the first lesson in each of the 14 languages hosted by Babbel. From there, you’ll just have to pay a monthly subscription cost of $12.95 per month (or $8.95 if you commit to three months). Babbel is a popular language learning software that can help you learn just about any target language. 

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8. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the world’s first language learning software options. First peddled out of mall kiosks, Rosetta Stone is still a leading language learning software that’s expert-approved and suitable for people of all ages. 

Unique from many popular language learning apps, Rosetta Stone combines a variety of learning and teaching methodologies, like listening to audio from native speakers and vocabulary practice. Another unique feature of Rosetta Stone is that it has a speech recognition tool that will compare your speech to that of native speakers. With Rosetta Stone, you’ll not only learn the words you need to master, but also how to pronounce them appropriately. 

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9. Dialup


Dialup provides learners the opportunity to converse through language exchange.  You will be able to practice your skills by talking to a real live person (similar to some of the other language learning programs on this list). Dialup is a language learning app, however, that costs just $1. You’ll be able to engage in a one-on-one conversation to improve your language skills quickly – it will seem like overnight!

When it comes to learning a new language, Dialup is a smart choice. 

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10. Netflix


Hear us out on this one. Netflix might be your go-to destination for binge-watching your favorite movies and television shows, but it’s also a great place to learn a new language. 

You can do this in one of two ways with Netflix’s multiple language learning software options. 

The easiest and simplest is simply to watch Netflix original content on the site but to watch it in a different language. Netflix supports more than 20 languages so you can choose a series and watch it in several languages with original subtitles rather than relying on translations.

Netflix also offers a program called Language Learning with Netflix. Available as a Chrome extension to the site, this program allows you to overlay subtitles in two different languages and to auto-pause at the end of sentences. This will help you learn more about what you’re watching on the site – and learn a new language in the process. 

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11. Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages

Another language learning software you might consider is Rocket Languages. Rocket Languages will allow you to learn a language like Korean, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, and more. Just about every foreign language is covered on this site, making it a great option for hard-working learners who want to be able to access all kinds of services and transparent language learning opportunities. 

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How To Find The Best Language Learning Programs

There are a few important things to keep in mind when looking for the right language learning programs. Below, we will go through the key ideas you should consider when picking your program.

Skill Level 

From beginners to native speakers, there are language courses out there for everybody. Maybe you’re one of those native speakers out there who just wants to polish your spelling and grammar – or perhaps you’re one of those beginners that wants to gain proficiency in a foreign language. 

Whatever the case may be, consider your skill level as you are trying to learn new languages. Many people start off with more challenging courses or apps and quickly grow frustrated and discouraged. Learning new languages is tough! Consider whether the program offers the resources you need and can meet you at your skill level before you get started. 


When you are trying to learn a new language, you probably don’t want people accessing your private information. The most transparent language learning programs and apps have features that will help protect your information from the prying eyes of other people. You can take courses and complete lessons without having to learn about something private, like your banking information, being leaked on the Internet.

Classroom Learning Experience 

When it comes to language acquisition, no two people learn the same. It’s important for all lessons and courses to include a multi-step method of learning so that you can learn in your own unique way. From providing a menu of courses and experiences to offering a more personalized, close-knit service, there are plenty of different ways that language programs may earn your business.

You might choose a foreign language program that has a one-on-one system so you can converse directly with a native speaker. For other people, it might be easier to learn a language by working with a large group of other people. From apps that let you work on your own terms to more prescribed content, there are all kinds of ways you can master a new language. No single way is best, so it’s important that you consider your learning style before you embark on this next step.

Do you like to learn with a group? Would you rather take a more independent approach to your courses? Is learning on the go the way to success for you or do you need to be seated in front of the computer at all times? Whichever way you would prefer to master the content, just keep in mind your unique learner preferences as you choose a program.


While there are some language learning programs, like Duolingo, that can be accessed from a smartphone, some are best pursued on a computer. You will want to consider what the best method of learning a target language is for you before you commit. 

Language Learning Resources

Many of the apps and language learning courses listed above come with resources that can help you meet all of your language learning goals. These services might include things like language software that tracks your progress, speech  recognition technology, audio lessons, placement test preparation, and more. Make sure the program you select has the goals you need to learn any and every language. 

Menu Of Language Options 

This may sound obvious, but it’s important to make sure the language learning resources you commit to actually offers people training in your language of choice. If you want to learn French, make sure the program has a service for learning French! While most lessons for a vast majority of programs do cover quite a few languages, there are many languages that are less common that may not be featured.

What Is The Best Language Learning Program?

From Rosetta Stone to Babbel, whether you’re looking to learn Spanish, Italian, or any other language, there are all kinds of computer-based language learning programs and language software options out there. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to learn a foreign language, either. Many of these programs offer an affordable way to learn. 

When you’re trying to find the ideal program, it may help you to first consider your goals. You might want to learn a new language just for fun, or perhaps you have more serious goals (such as needing to master a new language because you are moving to a new country and need to be able to communicate).

You should also consider your learning style and personal interests. You’ll do best with a language learning program when you can connect to it on a personal level and it is meaningful for you. 

Whatever the case may be, these courses are some of the best when it comes to learning a new language. Check them out today!

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