Best Apps To Learn French – 11 Top Choices You Should Download

by | Sep 4, 2020

Whether you want to learn French virtually, improve your reading comprehension, or immerse yourself in French culture, French learning apps are the way to go. Language learning apps help both beginners and seasoned speakers learn a new language through audio recordings, vocabulary flashcards, essay questions, and more. 

Once you’ve decided that you want to learn French or improve your skills through a French learning app, it can be difficult to choose between all of the various apps out there. While some French learning apps are more collaborative, others allow you to get virtual feedback and focus on written skills as opposed to conversational skills. 

To find a French learning app that suits your needs, you must identify your current skill set and future goals when it comes to learning French. If you’re trying to speak with other native speakers, a collaborative app may be better for you. However, if you’re trying to better understand the language and immerse yourself in the culture, apps with audio samples may be the way to go.

Once you’ve figured out how advanced you are in the language and which skills you’re looking to develop further, it’s important to figure out how often and where you plan to practice your skills. Many French learning apps are offered offline, making it easier to practice on-the-go. Also, many apps allow you to find movies, audio books, and podcasts from outside of the app, and then download them inside of the app so you can use them to learn the language in an interactive way. These features are great for someone who’s looking to integrate the language into their daily media intake. 

So, are you wondering what the very best apps to learn French are? You’re in the right place! We’ve gathered up a list of the top apps to learn French with below.

Best Apps To Learn French

The apps to learn French below offer a variety of features, including vocabulary flashcards, quick lessons, and interactive games with other uses from all around the globe. No matter how you’re trying to learn French, or where you are in the language, the apps below will help you improve your skills in an easy and enjoyable way. 

1. Rocket Languages French

Rocket Languages French

Our top pick for learning French comes from online language learning site, Rocket Languages. Rocket Languages French is designed to help you learn to speak and understand French proficiently and fluently. It includes three level options, each with an increasing amount of content, lesson time, and course materials.

Each level of Rocket Languages French includes over 170 hours of lesson content as well as flash cards, interactive audio lessons, activities designed for reinforcement, a voice recognition tool for pronunciation help, French culture lessons, and the ability to track progress. An app is also included for the ability to be able to study, practice, and learn wherever you are and whenever you choose. Additionally, Rocket Languages French also offers a free trial with 24/7 lifetime access to over 4 hours of selected lessons.

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2. Busuu 


Busuu is a language learning app that offers 12 languages to choose from. Busuu has a free version and a paid version for just $9.99 a month that gives you access to Premium features. Rated the best app of 2015 by Google, over 100 million international native speakers are teaching at Busuu. 

This app allows you to improve your skills in a variety of ways, offering: 

  • Speaking lessons 
  • Audio samples in French 
  • Dialogue lessons 
  • Grammar tips on your writing 
  • Vocabulary lessons and quizzes 
  • Writing tests 
  • Pronunciation lessons 

Busuu also allows you to submit your writing to fluent speakers that can help you improve your written skills and correct your mistakes. The app also allows you to test your knowledge with vocabulary quizzes and fun games after each lesson. You can also set goals through the app to reach your objectives faster and make your lessons personalized to fit your skills. Lastly, no Internet connection is required to use this mobile app since the offline mode allows you to learn languages from anywhere! 

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3. Memrise


If you’re looking to learn French quickly or on-the-go, Memrise may be the perfect app for you. Memrise is a language learning app used by over 40 million members from around the world. Memrise has a team of in-house linguists that help create content for each language course and interact with the users.

Memrise is filled with real-life language content such as speaking videos and courses that each language expert creates in their own hometown. By indulging in the content that Memrise has to offer, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the French culture, accent, and scenery. You’ll also feel more confident immersing yourself in French-speaking countries after taking in all of the authentic forms of media.

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4. Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone

Starting at just $7.99 per month, Rosetta Stone offers a variety of language learning plans. With Rosetta Stone, you can create French learning plans that are tailored to your goals and personalized based on your current skill set. 

With Rosetta Stone’s speaking features, you can get instant feedback on your accent and master the pronunciation of the language in no time. Furthermore, you can do each bite-sized lesson at your own pace and immerse yourself in real-life scenarios that prepare you for speaking French in the real world.

The Rosetta Stone app allows you to choose the length of your program, tailor your program to your needs, and get feedback on your skills. More importantly, this app makes learning French fun by immersing you in real-world scenarios and collaborative efforts to speak the language, making it much more enjoyable and effective than traditional textbooks and flashcards. 

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5. Duolingo 


Duolingo is the highest-rated French learning app available. This free language learning app is suitable for both your phone and the web, and offers over 35 languages to choose from. Praised by hundreds of million users worldwide for their quick, bite-sized lessons, this app is one of the fastest ways to excel in the process of learning French. 

Designed by language experts, Duolingo helps you prepare for real conversations as opposed to memorizing simple vocab terms. With the app, you can speak and hear the language. You also have the option to take speaking, reading, writing, and listening lessons. At the end of each lesson, Duolingo offers mini games that allow you to test your skills and assess your preparedness to speak, hear, and write the language. 

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6. Brainscape French 

Brainscape French

Brainscape is an app that allows you to create and study flashcards on any device. If you’re looking to improve your vocabulary skills, memorize more words, or study on the go, this may be the app for you. 

Brainscape uses proven cognitive science to personalize the timing of each flashcard repetition, helping you learn French faster than ever before. Completed with the right intervals for your brain, Brainscape determines the right time to quiz you again and the right way to do it. Scientifically proven to decrease your study time, Brainscape is perfect for anyone looking to learn French quickly or on-the-go.

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7. AudioBooks: French Classics


Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the French culture, improve your understanding of the French accent, or improve your auditory comprehension skills, audio books are a great way to do so. AudioBooks is an app compiled of the best French books, poems, and short stories. With this app, you can enjoy the best works of literature and immerse yourself in the language. 

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8. French Translator Dictionary

French Translator Dictionary

Suitable for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watches, French Translator Dictionary is the #1 French dictionary offered on the app store. Become fluent faster by translating words through the push of a button or recording of your voice. With this app, you also have access to a phrasebook filled with common phrases while eating out, greeting someone, and many more. 

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9. FluentU


FluentU is a versatile French learning app that’s suitable for both your iPad and iPhone. This app allows you to learn French through videos and personalized quizzes. FluentU works better than traditional French books since the provided videos allow you to understand the tone and context of each conversation on a much deeper level.

While watching the videos in the FluentU app, you can tap on the subtitles to better understand each phrase and learn every specific word. After each video, you can see what you’ve learned and test your knowledge by taking one of their personalized quizzes. 

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10. French Conversation 

French Conversation

Improve your French speaking skills today with the French Conversation app. This app is filled with hundreds of daily conversation dialogues to help you prepare yourself for the real world. Not only can you improve your auditory comprehension and mastery of the French accent, but you can also learn how to pronounce certain words and understand the most common phrases in the language.

Suitable for both online and offline, this app offers both English and French scripts to help you better translate each word and understand the context of each dialogue. 

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11. SpeakEasy French 


Suitable for both your iPhone and iPad, SpeakEasy French is a French phrasebook packed with flashcards and audio to help you learn the language faster. With SpeakEasy, you’ll be able to master basic phrases, go over flashcards to memorize vocabulary terms, and slow down the voice to learn the proper pronunciation of each word.

Perfect for on-the-go and basic vocabulary practice, this French learning app makes speaking French easier than ever.

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Final Thoughts: Best Apps To Learn French

The French learning apps above offer a variety of helpful features. Whether you are looking to practice and memorize vocabulary terms, immerse yourself in the French culture, or interact with native speakers from around the world, there’s an app for that. So, use this guide to find the right app for your needs and start learning French. Once you choose an app that’s best for you, you’ll be able to improve your French speaking skills and immerse yourself in the French culture. All that’s left to do is download!

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