Best Meditation Podcast – Top 14 For Better Relaxation

by | Feb 11, 2021

Meditation podcasts have many benefits, including increased mindfulness, reduced anxiety, and fewer panic attacks. Below are the fourteen best meditation podcasts that provide listeners with meditation techniques that they can use whenever possible. 

These guided meditations are typically 10-15 minutes long and focus on one topic during each session. Many mediations are designed to help you fall asleep, calm your anxiety, or start your day with a calm mind. 

Best Meditation Podcast

Sure, you could always do yoga or pilates; but meditation will help you calm your mind and body to find a state of relaxation. Keep reading the list below to figure out which meditation podcast will help you reach your goals. 

1. Daily Meditation Podcast

The Daily Medication Podcast

Hosted by Mary Meckley, the Daily Meditation Podcast is a mental health-focused podcast that helps you focus on a specific topic through each daily meditation. By listening to this podcast, you’ll be able to work through grief, end a panic attack, get a better night’s sleep, and overcome negative thinking. 

With new episodes almost everyday, these mindfulness podcasts are great for people who have anxiety and want to focus on remaining calm for at least 10 minutes each day. By listening to this podcast, you’ll be able to improve your life and find something to focus on that doesn’t make you anxious.

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2. On Being

On Being with Krista Tippet‪t‬

On Being with Krista Tippett is a podcast and public radio conversation that focuses on the meaning of human life. Recent topics of discussion include mental health, spirituality, and racial equality. 

Each episode gives listeners something to think about, making each one a great focus for mindfulness and meditation.

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3. Guided Sleep Meditations

Guided Sleep Meditations is a podcast on Apple Podcasts

Guided Sleep Meditations is a podcast on Apple Podcasts designed to help listeners relax and get a better night’s sleep. Their tracks to relax consist of guided sleep meditations that use imagery to let you fall asleep with a pleasing image in your mind. 

With mindfulness and meditation as the focus, the guided sleep meditations are the one thing you’ll need to stay calm and get a better night’s sleep. These podcasts will help you increase your mindfulness, decrease anxiety at night, and live a better life overall.

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4. Mindfulness Meditation Podcast

The Rubin Museum of Ar

Created by The Rubin Museum of Art, the Mindfulness Meditation Podcast is a weekly mindfulness podcast hosted by Tracy Cochran, a New York-based meditation teacher who strives to show listeners how to meditate more effectively.

Led by prominent meditation teachers, such as New York-based teacher Tracy Cochran and meditation expert Sharon Salzberg, this podcast was made to help people incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

If you want to make meditation a larger part of your life, this is a great podcast to start listening to. The people that host this podcast will show you how to find mindfulness and serenity in your busy life.

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5. Deep Energy Podcast 

Deep Energy Podcast

The Deep Energy Podcast is a podcast on Apple Podcasts that focuses on relaxation, sleep, therapy, and yoga. If you want more meditation practice or mindfulness training, the Deep Energy Podcast is a great place to start. 

By listening to these meditation sessions, you’ll be able to reduce stress and anxiety. You’ll also be able to sleep better and improve your mental health with each episode.

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6. The Mindful Minute 

The Mindful Minute

Hosted by meditation teacher Meryl Arnett, The Mindful Minute is a podcast focused on guided meditation. If you want to relieve anxiety, overcome negative thoughts, or reduce panic attacks, doing these daily meditations is a great place to start. 

Each episode focuses on a specific topic that will help you stay mindful and in the present moment. By listening to The Mindful Minute podcasts, you’ll be able to incorporate Eastern spiritual practices and mindfulness into your life.

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7. Wake Me Up 

Wake Me up podcast

If you want to start your day with a mindful meditation, Wake Me Up is a great place to start. This podcast focuses on morning meditations that will help you start your day off on the right foot. 

With weekly podcast episodes, Wake Me Up emphasizes the importance of a morning routine, daily meditation, and paying attention to your body. 

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8. Guided Meditations with Tara Brach 

Guided Meditations with Tara Brach

Hosted by author and meditation teacher Tara Brach, Guided Meditations are free meditations, all around 20 minutes, that you can follow along online. These meditation podcasts focus on being present, monitoring your breath, and practicing mindfulness. 

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9. Meditation Oasis 

Meditation Oasis

Available on iTunes and Google Play, Meditation Oasis is a podcast that offers guided meditations and daily meditation tips. If you want to take advantage of each bit of your meditation, this mindfulness podcast will teach you how. If you’re going to start meditating daily, this podcast might be the best pick for you. 

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10. 10% Happier 

10% Happier

Dan Harris will show you how to find joy in life’s seemingly little moments. If you want something to put you in a better mood or relieve your anxiety, 10% Happier is a great podcast to listen to.

This mindfulness podcast, and host Dan Harris, will help you find joy in daily life and get started on the right foot everyday.

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11. The OneMind Podcast 

The OneMind Podcast

The OneMind Podcast with Morgan Dix was created to help listeners fit a sustainable meditation practice into their daily lives. Recent topics of discussion include kindness, establishing a mourning routine, and finding compassion for others. 

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12. Meditation Minis

Meditation Minis

Created by hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton, the Meditation Minis podcast is an award-winning podcast designed to help relieve anxiety and increase confidence. This free podcast is available on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts and discusses a long list of topics.

Recent podcasts include guided sleep meditations, soothing tension episodes, and an intention-setting mourning meditation. In this, Chel Hamilton shows people how to relieve anxiety and find meaning in their lives. In fact, each new episode provides insight on meditation and philosophy.

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13. Mindfulness Mode 

Mindfulness Mode

Hosted by Bruce Langford, the Mindfulness Mode podcast focuses on inspiring interviews that will help listeners manifest success and abundance. This podcast guides listeners who want to expand their careers and live more meaningful lives, making it one of the best meditation podcasts out there.

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14. Metta Hour Podcast 

Metta Hour Podcast

Hosted by Sharon Salzberg, the Metta Hour Podcast is designed to bring Buddhist knowledge to everyday life and meditations. In this podcast, listeners learn how to deal with trauma, decrease stress, and cope with daily struggles. 

Since the Metta Hour Podcast focuses on both mindfulness and meditation, it’s one of the best mindfulness podcasts out there today. These mindfulness meditation podcasts combine Western psychology and Eastern psychology to give you a comprehensive guided meditation.

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Final Thoughts: Best Meditation Podcast

The meditation podcasts above have guided meditations and practical advice that you can apply to your everyday life. By listening to each meditation teacher on the list above, you’ll be able to incorporate stress relief and mindfulness into your daily life. 

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