Best Medical Podcasts – 13 Popular Options Worth A Listen

by | Mar 16, 2021

As a medical professional or someone interested in the medical field, staying up-to-date on the most important news and discussions is essential. That’s where listening to a highly rated medical podcast comes in! These podcasts provide information, discussions, and ideas relating to top medical news. Many of them are run by top of the industry experts and can provide fascinating conversations and thoughts as well as new information and findings.

So, what are the best medical podcasts? We’ve dug deep and found the 13 top choices that are worth plugging in your earphones and listening to.

Best Medical Podcasts

Medical podcasts are great educational tools for medical students, aspiring healthcare professionals, and anyone in the healthcare industry. Below are the thirteen best medical podcasts that talk about the healthcare industry, how the best doctors run their practice and recent medical research developments. 

Keep reading below to learn more about each medical podcast and the wide range of topics discussed in each episode.

1. Bedside Rounds

The Bedside Rounds

Hosted by Adam Rodman, Bedside Rounds is a medical podcast that’s great for medical students, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in learning more about health. By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn about the healthcare industry, the best medical practices, and other health care topics. 

Focused mainly on clinical medicine, Bedside Rounds tells narrative stories that help listeners understand what shaped modern medicine. If you’re interested in the history of medicine and personal stories from those in the industry, this is a great podcast for you. 

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2. Docs Outside The Box

Docs Outside The Box

In Docs Outside The Box, one of the most popular medical podcasts today, host Dr. Nii Darko speaks about some of the best doctors of our time. Perfect for those in medical school and the healthcare industry, Docs Outside The Box provides listeners with an educational takeaway in every episode. 

By listening to some of the episodes of this medical podcast, you’ll learn more about how to be a great physician, how the best doctors treat their patients, and how to succeed in med school. 

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3. Second Opinion

Second Opinion

A Second Opinion podcast with Senator Bill Frist MD is focused on the healthcare industry, health coverage, and medicine. This healthcare policy podcast is perfect for a wide range of listeners, whether you’re a medical student or an aspiring physician. 

By listening to a medicine podcast like Second Opinion, you’ll have access to educational healthcare information, recent news regarding medicine, and medical professionals that are eager to teach their listeners.

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4. The Practice Growth Podcast

The Practice Growth Podcast

Co-hosted by Lisa Christy and Jessica Neyer, The Practice Growth Podcast is a healthcare marketing podcast made for medical and non-medical professionals. This podcast is the perfect pick if you want to learn about the healthcare industry and its best practices. 

In this, Christy and Neyer cover health care topics like patient marketing ideas, online advertising for doctors, and how to stand out from the competition as a doctor. 

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5. Audio Summary: The New England Journal of Medicine

Audio Summary: The New England Journal of Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine’s weekly audio summary, also known as NEJM This Week, is a podcast that summarizes the most important medical news of the week. If you want to stay up to date on topics like vaccines and health coverage, NEJM is a great podcast to listen to. 

If you want to become a physician or lead a health care organization, NEJM is the perfect podcast for you. Recent topics of discussion include reform of payment for primary care, studies done on new medicines, and potential new treatments for lymphoma patients. 

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6. The Dentalpreneur

The Dentalpreneur

Created by The Dental Success Institute, listening to The Dentalpreneur podcast is a great way to learn how to build a great practice, get more patients, and become a great dentist. Hosted by Dr. Mark Costes, The Dentalpreneur podcast covers marketing, medical services, and more. 

Recent guests on The Dentalpreneur include Robert Kiyosaki and Ryan Holiday. By listening to successful dentists and entrepreneurs, you’ll learn more about creating a great practice, associate onboarding, and much more. 

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7. Outcomes Rocket 

Outcomes Rocket

Outcomes Rocket is a popular medical podcast that discusses solutions to current problems in the medical industry. Hosted by Saul Marquez, each episode of Outcomes Rocket focuses on notable healthcare professionals, healthcare marketing, and the future of healthcare. 

Whether you want to become an undifferentiated medical student or one of the best healthcare professionals out there, the Outcomes Rocket podcast will be enlightening, entertaining, and educational. 

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8. 2 Docs Talk

2 Docs Talk

Co-hosted by Kendall Britt MD and Amy Rogers MD, each episode of 2 Docs Talk lasts 15 minutes and discusses medicine, healthcare, and many other topics. Some recent topics of discussion include treating addiction and the main benefits of SSRIs. 

Whether you want to learn about current events or recent developments in medicine, 2 Docs Talk will have entertaining episodes for you. From social issues to physical health, this podcast covers just about everything that aspiring medical students would need to know. 

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9. The Short Coat Podcast

The Short Coat Podcast

Hosted by students at the med school of the University of Iowa Carver College, The Short Coat Podcast teaches listeners what they need to know about medical school. If you’re a current or aspiring student, this is the best medical podcast for you. By listening to this podcast’s episodes, you’ll learn more about med school, science, and medicine. 

Recent topics of discussion include finding your true calling, finding balance in med school, and the best advice for medical students. If you’re an aspiring or current medical student, The Short Coat Podcast will help you survive and thrive in school. 

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10. The #HCBiz Show 

HCBiz Show

Hosted by Don Lee and Shahid Shah, The #HCBiz Show is a medical podcast all about the business of healthcare. If you want to learn more about emergency medicine and how doctors should treat their patients, this healthcare podcast is a great podcast for you. 

Each episode of this medical podcast lasts from 15 to 30 minutes and aims to teach students and aspiring doctors all about the business of healthcare.

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11. The Future of Healthcare

Future of Healthcare

Created by Nathan Dollinger, The Future of Healthcare podcast is aimed to help listeners think outside the box about healthcare’s current problems and potential solutions. By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn more about the healthcare industry, the best healthcare policy, and how to become an expert in the medical field. 

This weekly podcast talks about revolutionizing surgery, maintaining transparency in the healthcare industry, and personal stories from those in the healthcare industry. Whether you want to learn about mental health or physical health, The Future of Healthcare will enlighten you on the most recent developments in the industry. 

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12. NAHU Healthcare Happy Hour 


NAHU Healthcare Happy Hour is a weekly podcast that discusses topics like medicare, politics, medicine, and more. This popular podcast series is great for nurses on their lunch break or medical students starting in the industry. 

Recent topics of discussion include medicare, market stabilizers, and politics as it relates to the healthcare industry. 

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13. Digital Health Today

Digital Health Today

All about health technology, the Digital Health Today podcast focuses on healthcare, recent developments in medicine, and more. Each episode invites a medical professional to discuss a relevant topic of choice, making it a great podcast for those who are interested in learning more about the medical field overall. 

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Final Thoughts: Listening And Learning From Medical Podcasts

The medical podcasts above are a great way to learn more about medicine, healthcare, and treating people who are sick. By listening to the podcasts above and reading their posts on social media, you’ll be able to stay up to date about the healthcare industry and medicine. 

Many of the podcasts above have well-known guests in the healthcare industry that teach listeners about recent developments in research, current events that are worth noting, and tips on surviving med school.

By listening to medical experts and their personal stories of success, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the healthcare industry and succeed in any medical venture.

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