Best Economics Podcasts – 15 Money-Making Channels

by | Jun 25, 2022

Whether you take an interest in economic issues or are just an economics student, listening to economics podcasts is a great way to gain knowledge and interest in the subject. 

Below are the 15 best informative podcasts that make points about economic issues, technology, economic theory, labor markets, financial news, and more. By listening to the podcasts below, you’ll be able to view the latest economic issues that affect everyday life from a new perspective. You’ll also be able to listen to interviews with the world’s leading economists and experts. 

Best Economics Podcasts

Listening to these podcasts on complex economic issues is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest economic trends, listen to economic analysis, learn about the global economy, and familiarize yourself with various government policies and economic ideas. 

Keep reading the list below to see the most interesting and educational economics podcasts. You’ll also find out which great website is attached to each podcast and how you can listen to exclusive interviews and in-depth analyses from industry leaders.

1. EconTalk


EconTalk is a weekly podcast hosted by research fellow and former economics professor Russ Roberts. In each episode, Roberts typically interviews one professional economist to discuss an interesting topic and share economic thoughts.

This award-winning podcast teaches listeners more about what it’s like to run a business, how to interpret data, and how each financial crisis still impacts us today. Whether you’re a chief market strategist or an expert economist, listening to EconTalk will spark your interest and give you access to some of the most pressing news about the market. Just like other podcasts on this list, EconTalk is worth listening to.

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2. Marketplace


Hosted by Kai Ryssdal, Marketplace is an economics podcast that provides listeners with the most critical economics news of the day. By listening to this podcast, you’ll be up-to-date on American politics, unemployment, the current economy, and more. 

If you’re fascinated by business news and the economy, Marketplace is the perfect podcast. This is one of the best economics podcasts out there since host Kai Ryssdal combines current events and the economy to help listeners learn more.

Fans of the Marketplace podcast listen to their episodes to stay up-to-date on the latest news with the weekly roundup. Listening to this podcast is a great alternative to reading The Economist, browsing Twitter, or checking Wikipedia to learn more for your economics class.

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3. Planet Money

Planet Money

Produced by NPR, Planet Money is an American podcast and educational site that explains the economy to its listeners. Planet Money discusses topics like classic monetary theories, current events, business cycles, and bitcoin.

If you don’t know much about the economy but you’d like to learn more, Planet Money is a great podcast to start listening to. You’ll learn more about international trade, international economics, trade wars, current issues, and much more.

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4. The Economics Detective

The Economics Detective

The Economics Detective is Garrett M. Petersen’s blog and podcast about markets, institutions, and ideas related to the economy. Recent topics of discussion include the gender salary ask gap, social security, personal finance, and market urbanism. 

The Economics Detective discusses economics topics and current issues related to science, technology, and business. By listening to this weekly podcast and reading up on their site, you’ll be able to learn more about business, current issues, and many more topics.

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5. Slate Money

Slate Money

Hosted by Felix Salmon, Slate Money is a live finance show about the economy. In this podcast, you’ll learn more about the price of college, inflation, and new technologies shaping our society. 

If you want exposure to economic news, practical advice, and financial analysis, Slate Money is the perfect podcast for you. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and is perfect for students and economists alike.

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6. The Lara-Murphy Show

The Lara-Murphy Show

The Lara-Murphy Show is a monthly economics podcast analyzing market news and trends from an economics perspective. If you want to explore and observe social and political movements, The Lara-Murphy Show is a great place to start. 

By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn more about the impact of inflation, tax reform, and how psychology takes its place in the economy. The Lara-Murphy Show sheds light on economic topics by bringing trade geeks, economics professors, and some of the world’s greatest economic thinkers.

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7. New Books in Economics

New Books in Economics

New Books in Economics is an economics podcast that interviews seasoned scholars about their latest books and the latest research. By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn more about the modern monetary theory, international aid, the digital economy, and much more.

This economics podcast is one of the best podcasts to listen to if you want to immerse yourself in the new research done by people like Tim Phillips and Peter Schiff. The episodes in this podcast will help you familiarize yourself with many topics, including the job market, health care, living wages, and more.

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8. The Demand Side

The Demand Side

Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, The Demand Side is an economics podcast hosted by Edward Brown (a popular political economy blog author) and Ryan Snyder. The podcast’s two co-hosts discuss global inequality, global trade, the world bank, and current events. 

By listening to The Demand Side, you’ll be able to make sense of historical events and the current state of the world. You’ll also be able to see how each historical event still impacts us today. By listening to these episodes, you’ll be able to see, from an economist’s perspective, how and why the economy is the way it is today.

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9. The Sound of Economics

The Sound of Economics

The Sound of Economics is a podcast series that explores Europe’s economic policy. Each episode brings economic experts to the table to discuss policy debates and recent economic research.

By listening to The Sound of Economics, you’ll be able to learn about Europe’s economic policy, digital regulations, the future of globalization, and much more. Most episodes consist of interviews where the podcast covers the latest news in finance, science, and other topics.

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10. Economic Update

Economic Update

Economic Update is a popular weekly podcast hosted by Richard D. Wolff, an economics professor who teaches finance in New York City. This podcast covers news about some of the most recent events, how they can be viewed from an economist’s lens, and different ways to organize markets. You’ll also be able to understand the development of capitalism over time, how America differs from the rest of the world, and what knowledge you need to become a great economist.

The Economic Update podcast is perfect for The Economist fans and economics students. In this weekly podcast, Richard D. Wolff and award-winning economists discuss finance, economics, and recent developments in the business world. So if you want economics explained to you by leading experts, listen to this podcast.

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11. Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio

The Freakonomics Radio podcast is an economics podcast, educational site, and radio program that discusses the most important diverse range of socio-economic issues in the world. In this podcast, you’ll be able to learn more about running a business, becoming an economist, and understanding the current state of the world on a deeper level.

With its high ranking and fast development in economics, Freakonomics Radio has some of the best economists to learn about economics. This public program will expose you to economics, science, and business development podcasts.

Run by co-author Stephen J. Dubner, Freakonomics Radio combines storytelling with educational information on both its site and podcast to create a fun and effective learning experience.

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12. Bloomberg Economics

Bloomberg Economics

Bloomberg is a live radio show and podcast about market news, trade talks, and more. Recent topics of discussion include interviews about the hedge fund industry, Donald Trump’s development and legacy, and the economic cost of the pandemic.

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13. Think Tank

Think Tank

The Think Tank podcast is a podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts that talks about revising the healthcare system. In these episodes, created by The Health Podcast Network, they discuss a long list of topics, including:

  • Economics
  • Development of the healthcare system
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Mental health
  • Exclusive interviews

By listening to the Think Tank podcast, you’ll be able to learn more about healthcare and the economy. Think Tank is the perfect pick for you if you want to learn more about economics but are also interested in a wide array of related topics.

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14. Conversations With Tyler

Conversations with Tyler

Hosted by famous economist Tyler Cowen, Conversations with Tyler is a podcast where Tyler goes deep into the minds of famous thinkers and economists. In this podcast, Cowen explores all sorts of topics, such as exploring the path to development and the significance of persistence.

While most episodes focus on economists, others focus on business-related and personal development topics. Fans of Conversations with Tyler love how listening to this podcast helps them understand economics and the world of business on a deeper level.

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15. Macro Voices

Macro Voices

Macro Voices is an award-winning weekly podcast hosted by Erik Townsend. If you’re interested in personal finance and making more money, Macro Voices is the perfect podcast for you.

Fans of Macro Voices love the podcast for its applicable advice and a long list of high-net-worth individuals that have come on the show. This award-winning weekly podcast is a great way to learn more about finances and macroeconomics.

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Final Thoughts: Economics Podcasts

The economics podcasts above will help you understand a wide range of topics related to economics. Listening to these podcasts will expose you to exciting interviews, current issues, and more.

Not only do most of these podcasts broadcast episodes every week, but most of them have a helpful website with great resources that can help you sharpen up your economics knowledge and learn all about the state of the current market.

Some of the podcasts above provide lengthy interviews with high-ranking economists that reside all around the world. By listening to these episodes, you’ll be exposed to world-recognized experts and economists from all over.

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