Skitch Review – Does This App Offer What You Need?

by | Jan 12, 2021

Communication is a delicate art—but communicating in the online world adds even more challenges. When you’re in person, you can simply gesture and point to indicate what you’re talking about—but how do you do that over an email? Anyone who has ever tried to walk their grandparents through computer troubles will know how difficult this is.

That’s where screenshare applications come in. By being able to show a picture of your screen, and circle or point to what you need to, it will save you from having to type up a paragraph trying to indicate “that little blue button on the bottom left of your screen that looks a little like a paper airplane that is the messages button!” Whether you’re helping your grandparents, showing your designer a part of your website that doesn’t look quite right, or showing your friends where you house is in the map, apps like Skitch can help. Let’s jump into our review, and see if Skitch is right for you!

What Is Skitch?

Skitch is an image maker and editor that helps you “get your point across with fewer words, using annotation, shapes, and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster.” Started as a stand-alone app, they were purchased by Evernote (a company that made our list of best study apps) in 2012, and now is integrated with that platform. Skitch is free, but runs only on Apple devices like Mac and iOS. It’s not flashy—there’s only about 8 things you can do—but it’s simple to use and you may not need more.

Skitch Review

How Does Skitch Work?

Download Skitch onto your Apple device, and ensure you’re logged into Evernote. When you open Skitch, you’ll see a gray window with a blank canvas, much like other image editors. 

To uses, select Snap from the middle tab, which will then show you several options. You can take a screen snap, a timed screen snap, use your web camera to take a photo, open an image or pdf, or just start on a blank canvas.

Skitch Opening

You’ll likely use screen snap most often, which allows you to take a screenshot. When you select it, it will give you crosshairs to highlight and indicate the part of the screen you want in the shot, so you can see as much or as little of the screen as you’d like. Once you select that, you’ll have the option to alter the dimensions of the image as well, making it larger or smaller depending on your needs.

Skitch Capturing

Once you have your images, there are a few simple options to help you mark on it. You can create arrows—with different thickness or color. Click where you want your arrow to start, and drag to where it ends—and Skitch will draw straight lines for you.

Skitch Arrow

You can include text as well, whether that’s telling grandma “Press this button” or your designer to “fix this font.” This text is high-contrast, so it can be easily seen against any background in your image. You can also adjust the color of this as well.

Skitch Font

There are several other tools. You can add shapes—surrounding important areas with a rectangle or circle. You can highlight certain text, or you can pixelate private parts of your document. You can also crop your image more if you’d like.

Skitch Pro Con

Once you’re finished, you can save your image as different file types, whether that’s JPG, PNG, PDF, TIF, GIF, or BMP. You can then share it almost anywhere that accepts images—email, messages, Facebook, or Twitter. However, you can’t rename files. Because Skitch is tied to Evernote, there’s a large push for you to save your images on Evernote as well—if you try to exit out of the program, the only options offered are to save the image to Evernote, or to discard it. (Not to worry though, you can save it different ways as long as you do it from within Skitch itself.)

Skitch Evernote Computer

Is Skitch Worth The Money?

Skitch is a very simple application, without many frills—but it’s also without a price tag. It is a free application, and a simple to use one.

Skitch Alternatives

Skitch Versus Paint


If you don’t have an Apple device, then Skitch is out of the question—while there are some sites offering Skitch downloads for Windows, be wary, as not many of them is reputable. Fortunately for you, Microsoft Paint is a built-in application that has all the features of Skitch—and a few more.

With Paint, you’re able to add arrows and text to your image—as well as draw lines freehanded, erase (a tool Skitch lost when purchased by Evernote), and fill in certain parts of your images. While it doesn’t have a pixelate feature built in, you can easily cover up those unsightly areas with other shapes.

Skitch Versus Apple Preview

Apple also has a built-in photo editing app. As long as you know how to take a screenshot (Command + Shift + 3), you can save and upload that image into Apple’s Preview app. Here, there aren’t quite as many tools to play with.  You can highlight text, add notes, and crop—but not much else. If you want arrows and easy indication, Skitch is the way to go.

Conclusion: Skitch

Skitch is simple—screenshot, put your arrows or text, and save. There are not many frills—but you don’t need there to be. Pointing with your finger isn’t complicated, and neither should be pointing something out online. If you have an Apple device, Skitch is a simple and useful tool to help you in your everyday life!

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