Best Study Apps – Top 12 Picks For Your Learning Needs

by | Sep 7, 2020

Whether you want to study on-the-go or go entirely digital when it comes to school documents, study apps can help you reach those goals. Downloading study apps can help you stay organized, learn material faster, and collaborate with other students. 

That being said, since each study app differs greatly from one another, it’s important to identify your academic needs and goals before deciding on the study apps that you’d like to try out. While some study apps allow you to interact with others and study together, others are individually focused, creating quizzes based on your current knowledge and future academic goals. 

The best way to find a study app that suits your academic needs is to identify your academic goals, the subjects you are trying to learn, and the atmospheres in which you learn most effectively. For instance, if you’re looking to study quickly and on-the-go, offline flashcard apps may be best for you. On the other hand, if you’re simply looking to jot down ideas, mind maps and brainstorming tools may be the best fit. 

It’s also important to figure out which devices you plan to use while studying. Although most apps are suitable for iPhones, many are not suitable for your desktop, and only some allow you to sync the app’s information across all of your devices. Once you figure out where you plan to study, you can choose an app that’s suitable for your schedule and device. 

All that’s left to do is find which study app is the right choice for you. That’s why we’ve done the research and found the best study apps. Let’s take a closer look at each app so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Best Study Apps

There are tons of good ways to study, but if you want to be able to study anywhere, anytime a study app is the right choice to make. The 12 study apps below allow you to quiz yourself, store ideas, scan documents, and more. Whether you’re looking to organize your deadlines, set a study schedule before an exam, or ace your next language test, the apps below will help you create a personalized, interactive, and enjoyable learning experience that will get you closer to your goals. 

1. Quizlet


Praised by over one million daily users, Quizlet is the ultimate study app that allows you to deepen your understanding in just about any subject. This popular learning tool allows you to memorize vocabulary, ask yourself questions that may appear on a test, and play games that will have you recalling new information in minutes.

Quizlet works with various types of learning material and technology to move you from easy material to more challenging questions. Whether you’re looking to learn a new language or ace your next science test, Quizlet is the perfect study tool. 

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2. Memrise


Most high schools and universities require at least one language class, making Memrise the perfect app to help you score higher. If you’re looking to learn a language quickly or on-the-go, this app is the way to go. Memrise is a language learning app used by over 40 million students from all around the world. This app has a team of in-house linguists that help create content for each language course and interact with the students. 

Memrise is filled with real-life language content such as speaking videos and courses that each language expert creates in their own hometown. By indulging in the content that Memrise has to offer, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the culture, accent, and scenery regarding the language. You’ll also feel more confident immersing yourself in other countries after taking in all of the authentic forms of media.

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3. Exam Countdown Lite 

Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite is a student timetable calendar app. This must-have app lets you count down to important dates, exams, homework deadlines, and more! You can also store all of your upcoming deadlines in one place, color code your to-do list, and remind yourself of things you have to do throughout the week. 

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4. Evernote


Evernote is a note-taking app that allows you to take notes from anywhere and find information on-the-go. With both the free and paid premium version of the app, you can also share notes with anyone and organize your to-do lists. 

Whether you want to take notes, store random photos, or capture memories through a voice memo, Evernote is the perfect app to help you do so. Never lose track of your upcoming tasks or deadlines with this all-in-one study app. 

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5. Flashcards+


Simple but powerful, Flashcards+ allows you to study however you want with an unlimited amount of flashcard sets. This app functions both online and offline to best suit your studying needs. 

With Flashcards+, you can browse others’ flashcard sets without having to create your own, input new definitions through audio or text, and mark flashcards as learned or unlearned to track your progress. You can also turn any flashcard set into a quiz that will help you quickly master the material. 

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6. My Study Life 

My Study Life

Organize your tasks, classes, and exams with My Study Life. My Study Life is the only planner you’ll need to organize your academic life. From rotation schedules and assignment deadlines, this app has everything you need and is suitable for all of your devices. What is more, the app is totally free! 

With My Study Life, you’ll get access to a simple schedule setup, a reminders category, a way to keep track of your tasks, and a way to sync My Study Life across all of your devices, offline and online. 

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7. iStudiez


Organize your school schedule and daily tasks with iStudiez. Suitable for almost any device, this study app allows you to organize your upcoming deadlines, store all of your homework in one place, and even track your grades through the Grade Graph!

iStudiez allows you to sync the app across all of your devices, calculate your potential future GPA, and sync with your macOS calendar app to make sure you don’t miss a beat. 

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8. Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a professional grade mobile dictation app that allows you to get documents done anywhere. Not only can you create documents of any length, but Dragon Anywhere lets you edit, format, and share them directly from your device.

With powerful voice editing, formatting, and no word limits, this app is all you need to store, edit, and send documents. This app also has an array of helpful tools that allow you to correct any spelling errors, teach Dragon how you speak, and share documents in a variety of ways suitable for your needs. 

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9. ScannerPro


As a student, it can be overwhelming to try and keep track of various textbooks and documents. Luckily, ScannerPro allows you to scan like a pro, extract text, and remove distortions. Save a digital version of any paper document with this convenient, all-in-one study app. 

This app allows you to scan any type of document or paper, automatically detecting borders, correcting distortions and geometry along the way. Your scans will be as readable as possible thanks to the detailed technology of this app, letting you view documents with corrected shadows and removed distortions. 

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10. Grammarly 


Grammarly is a digital writing assistant that supports clear and effective written communication. More than 20 million people around the world use this AI-powered product to strengthen their writing. 

Although Grammarly supports clean and impactful writing, this tool offers far more than basic grammatical corrections. This app offers suggestions that go way beyond grammar, allowing you to optimize any sort of written piece. 

Grammarly’s cutting-edge technology uses advanced machine learning to make your communication sound as polished as possible. Whether you’re trying to craft a professional email to a professor or edit a final draft of an essay, Grammarly will help you in all of your academic endeavors. 

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11. SimpleMind


With over 10 million users worldwide, SimpleMind is the world leader in cross platform Mind Mapping tools. With SimpleMind, you can analyze and structure your thoughts however you want. 

This app allows for multiple mind maps on one page, various list structures that are perfect for brainstorming ideas, and a virtually unlimited number of elements. You can also add images, voice memos, and videos to your mind map, helping you brainstorm in a variety of ways. 

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12. Coggle 


Coggle is the clear way to share complex information. This powerful mind map tool is perfect for students, allowing users to produce beautiful notes quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking to organize your study material, brainstorm creative ideas, or start a new collaborative project, this app will help you stay on track. 

With powerful online mind maps and flowcharts, this collaborative tool is perfect for taking notes, diagramming, and storing new ideas. Whether you’re a visual or auditory learner, this app will help you organize your notes in a meaningful way that suits your learning style and helps you stay engaged in the material. 

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Final Thoughts: Best Study Apps

The study apps above offer a variety of helpful tools that will allow you to never miss a deadline, scan documents, or go entirely digital when it comes to school material. Keep in mind that the apps above are not reserved for academic purposes or one specific subject. Whether you’re looking to learn Spanish or calculus, the apps above can help you study for the next exam and score higher in the class. 

Furthermore, many of the apps above have helpful organization tools that not only allow you to organize your academic deadlines, but personal deadlines as well, making it easy to balance your academic and personal life.

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