Todoist Review – Does It have The Right Features To Keep You Organized?

by | Dec 3, 2020

Do you feel like you’re always chasing after your to-do list? You can’t ever keep up with it—in fact, sometimes you can’t even find the piece of paper you wrote it on, which can definitely end up causing you problems. You promise to do a favor for someone, but you forget. You go to the store, but forget half the things you were going to pick up. You have a big project looming over you, but you can never figure out when to start working on it.

To be productive, and have a more organized life, you need to be able to keep all your tasks in one place. Sites like Todoist are here to help. They want to help make your life calmer, and your work easier, by getting tasks out of your head and onto your to-do list. Let’s go through our Todoist review together, and see how it can help you!

What Is Todoist?

Founded in 2007, Todoist’s parent company Doist creates “tools that promote more fulfilling ways to work and live.” They want to prove that remote work is the future, not a fad—so they want to help you organize your life and your work, no matter what it looks like. It’s more than just a fancy to-do-list—it allows you to schedule tasks ahead, organize projects, delegate work to others, and place all your tasks in a streamline place, where you can see and conquer them. After all, a battle well-planned is a battle half-won.

Todoist Logo

And Todoist has been scoring many victories. It’s been featured as Editor’s Choice several times in Google’s app store, featured on Apple’s site, and partner with organization like NASA, Netflix, and Facebook. It’s simple, but powerful—and it can shape your life too.

Todoist Partners

How Does Todoist Work?

Just like the rest of it, starting with Todoist is simple and can be unique to you. You can create an account using your Facebook, Google, Apple, or email account. As you begin, you can pick the theme you want your Todoist to be—the traditional red-and-white, a dark theme, a neutral white and grey, or a cheery tangerine.

Todoist Sign Up

As you start, Todoist has a built-in beginners guide, that walks you through creating your first task, project, scheduling, and even touching on some of the finer points of subtasks and reoccurring tasks. Though Todoist is there to lend a helping hand, the process itself is very intuitive.

To add a task, simply click on the plus symbol—describe the task, and set a deadline. Todoist has a natural-language system that can easily schedule a task to Monday if you simply start typing “mon.” With a single button you can schedule a task for today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week, or a specific day on the calendar. You can also do more complicated scheduling, like next Thursday, or every second Friday. You can also create reoccurring tasks—one like paying bills, or daily habits—that will appear on their own in your daily to-do-list.

Todoist Scheduling

Once you’re finished (and the process likely won’t take you longer than 20 seconds) hit “enter” to finish creating the task, and move on to another one.

Todoist Add New Task

You can right-click on a task to adjust its deadline, or to prioritize it. This then marks that task in red, so you know the important things to complete that day.

While most of your tasks automatically go to your inbox together, you can also sort tasks into specific process. Maybe you’re writing a book, or have a cleaning schedule, or a big presentation coming up. To create a custom project, click “add project” on the navigation tab on your left. You can name the project, decide how you would like the tasks to be displayed, and even decide the color assigned to that project.

As you create a project, you can also add sections to delineate between different parts. Writing that book? Have one section for research, another for marketing tasks, and a third for the writing process itself.  Not only that, but you can include subtasks within a task—so if you know you need to create marketing materials, you can include subtasks of taking photos, writing copy, and creating graphics. 

Todoist Overview

It’s simple to put your tasks in any order that makes sense to you. Click and drag a task to rearrange it, or to assign it to a project, or to simply move it to another section. You can also sort your tasks by date, priority, or who they’re assigned to.

That’s the other strength of Todoist—it allows you to delegate. Rarely do we do all of our projects alone; someone else is almost always around. Whether its delegating who’s picking up the cake for the staff party, which classmate is completing the slides for your presentation, or if you’re spouse is going to grab dog food on their way home from work, Todoist can help you make sure it gets done. Once you assign a task to someone, you’ll receive notifications when they comment or complete a task.

Todoist Delegate Notifications

Whenever you check into your Todoist dashboard throughout the day, you’ll see a list of Today’s tasks, or the tasks for the week, depending on which setting you put it on. Any tasks that you prioritized will appear in a different color. To help you keep up throughout the day, Todoist can also integrate with Calendar, Dropbox, Alexa, or even IFTT. Premium members can also connect it with their email and phone, and get alerts at certain times or locations.

Todoist Integration

But there’s more to being productive than just making a list—Todoist wants to help you continue to consistently complete your tasks. Todoist Karma is their reward system to help you achieve your goals. You earn points by adding tasks, completing your goal-number of tasks each day, and by creating streaks—several days in a row where you’ve crushed your goals!

Todoist Karma

You can take Todoist with you wherever you go, as it works on Mac, iOS, Microsoft, and Android.

How To Make The Most Of Todoist

Todoist can be a much more powerful tool than just a to-do-list—allow it to help organize your life so you get work done more easily.

Have you ever had those projects that you want to do—but you know you don’t have time for them right now? Maybe it’s creating a photography blog, or signing up for those karate classes, or learning a new language on your own. You never find time to do them—but when you get free time, you forget about all of them. Work around this problem by creating a “Someday” project. When you think of a task that you’d like to do someday, just add it to this folder—and when you get a free weekend, or unexpected break time, you can pull up this project folder and actually accomplish what you want to!

You can also use Todoist to help hack your brain to be more productive. Todoist allows you to easily reschedule tasks, so use this to allow you to reset at the end of each day. You won’t always accomplish all your tasks—but rather than waking up to a wall of red overdue tasks, reschedule them for tomorrow (marking them as priority if they are still that important) and allow yourself to start your day at zero, rather than in negative numbers.

Is Todoist Premium Worth The Price?

You can use Todoist for free, and use it very effectively. However, Todoist Premium barely costs the price of a cup of coffee for a month. Premium costs $4/month (or $3/month if you register for an entire year), and has several tools to help you take more advantage of the app. You can set reminders to alert you on your phone or email. You can use templates to make creating tasks more efficient. You can take advantage of different labels and filters, upload files, and see your tasks displayed in you Calendar App. You’ll also have access to a productivity trends report, so you can see how many tasks you’ve accomplished, and where you’re making progress.

Todoist Productivity Report

Todoist Premium is definitely worth the price—and you can get a 30-day trial for free! They also offer up to 70% off for students and educators, so you can apply for more discounts as well.

Todoist Pricing

Will Todoist Work For Me?

Todoist is a powerful tool for almost anyone. In college? Todoist has a built-in template that can help you with you class schedule. University students can use Todoist to ensure you never miss assignment—and to start working on that end-of-term paper early enough that you don’t have to write it all in 2 days in a panic-and-coffee-fueled daze.

Todoist can help business owners as well. Keep track of different projects—whether that’s making new products, or your upcoming sale. You can delegate tasks to your employees, or keep track of the different marketing efforts you need to make. Set reminders about those stats you need for the meeting—so you have them all ready far before.

Todoist is even helpful to the everyday person. Create your grocery list, set reminders to pay bills, or create a cleaning schedule. Even delegating features are still useful—you can use it to make sure your spouse picks up food on their drive home.

Todoist allows you to put all of your life in one organized place—which makes your life simpler.

Todoist Versus OmniFocus

OmniFocus Logo

OmniFocus is another to-do-list app, which wants to help you accomplish your goals. Unlike Todoist, OmniFocus has a built-in review system, that allows you to assess your tasks and accomplishments every week. OmniFocus also has a great Forecast system—rather than being able to see just today’s task, you can scroll and see everything coming down the pipeline over the next several days. OmniFocus takes advantage of tags as well—using them to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

However, OmniFocus costs more than Todoist. Sitting at $9.99/month, or $99.99/year, there’s a heavier price tag. However, OmniFocus has a bigger stumbling block—it’s only available on Apple devices.

Conclusion: Should You Use Todoist?

Todoist has been top-rated for several years—and it’s proven that it deserves that title. It is cheap, simple to use, but can revolutionize your life. Its system is incredibly intuitive to use and incredibly helpful to help you organize your tasks, and allow you to actually get things done. Gone are the days of scratching down tasks on a sheet of paper—Todoist transforms how we remember and complete (more) tasks.

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