Nozbe Review – Can It Help Your Team Accomplish Goals?

by | Jan 27, 2021

Have you ever been caught in an email chain? More and more responses pile up around you, wrapping you in BC’s and CC’s, until you barely remember what the original point was. Were you supposed to complete something? Does any of this pertain to you? Did that coworker ever answer your question?

We work better when we work together—but we can’t do that if we keep tripping over these email chains. What if there was a better way to communicate, a better way to know what to do? You could be a large corporation, or a team of two with your spouse, but you still need to be able to work together. That’s where apps like Nozbe come in to help!

Nozbe is a productivity and scheduling app that aims to help you know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it together. Is it worth the download? Can it really help you get organized and scheduled? Do teams actually like it? Let’s take a closer look at this app to find the answers to all those questions and more with our complete Nozbe review!

What Is Nozbe?

Nozbe is based out of Poland, and was founded in 2007. They describe themselves very simply, as a “tool to get things organized and done.” Their mission is “to guide people on the path of getting things done and communicating effectively.” With over 10 languages and many different templates, Nozbe is used by caterers, coaches, lawyers, educators, public administrators, and real estate agents. They even offer videos giving pro tips for each!

Nozbe Intro

How Does Nozbe Work?

Nozbe organizes your team (or yourself) “with the simplicity of a to-do list, and with the speed of communication tools like email or chat.”

It’s free to sign up with either your email or Google account, and you receive a 14-day free trial of their paid plans. After your trial finishes, you can have a free account with all the tools and up to 5 active projects, or jump on their paid plans to have unlimited projects.

When you open Nozbe, you’re greeted by your dashboard. On the left side is a panel that allows you to navigate between different sections, and a main window on the right that allows you to see all your tasks in this section. Your Priority list is always there ready for you—with all the tasks delegated to you, the ones due today, or ones that you manually starred to mark as important.

Nozbe Dashboard

Adding a task is simple—just click the “+” button at the bottom right of your screen, and write out your task. You can do this within the Nozbe page—but you can also create a keyboard shortcut to add a new task at any time on your desktop, or have a widget in your phone’s notifications to add it quickly from your mobile as well.

Nozbe Add New Task

You can easily set the task parameters. When is it due? How long does it take to complete it? You can also include it in certain categories, or projects, or even make it a repeat task. If you have an event you do often, like a doctor’s appointment, or following up with clients, then you can have the tasks repeat every few days—or every few months.

Nozbe Task Parameters

But sometimes a task needs more explanation. You can write a comment under it—or even include attachments from Dropbox or other integrations. You could make a checklist below a larger task, of all the small steps included in it—or even just of all the things to get while you’re at the grocery store.

Nozbe Comments

Projects are lists of many tasks together. This allows you to see everything related to a big project in one place. These Projects are also color-coded, so when you see an individual task on your priority list, the colored dot next to it will instantly alert you to whether that task is for a work project, or for your blog, or for that trip you’re planning.

Nozbe Projects List

At the bottom of each Project list, you’ll see how many of its tasks you have completed that day—and how many hours are needed to complete the rest.

Nozbe Tasks Done

But Nozbe is really all about sharing. So incorporating that is simple. You can invite anyone to your project in your team who is on Nozbe—but you can also invite people who don’t even have a Nozbe account. They’ll receive an email invite to be part of your project, and will be able to participate even without a Nozbe account. You can assign specific tasks to people as well. When you do, they will get a notification, and the task will show up on their priority list—no chance of it getting lost in an email chain.

Nozbe Invite People

And Nozbe makes sure you’ll never get lost with anything. You can easily filter your tasks on any page, looking for ones that are assigned to you, or for ones that have to do with a certain category. You can also sort your many tasks—by their due date, by when they were last modified, or even by the length of time needed. Pro Tip: you can use the length-of-time filter to find tasks that are shorter, perfect to knock out when you only have an hour left at the office. Forget something? Use the Search feature to search across everything in your account—so you can find that gift-list your wife made, or that conversation you had with your boss before Christmas.

Nozbe Sort

The Calendar tab is another place to view all your tasks, but rather than just viewing the tasks for today like Priority, you can see all the tasks coming up. Every day is organized into its own list, with a small summary below each day. This is a great place to reschedule tasks—simply drag and drop tasks to the day you want them to be completed. You can sync your Google Calendar with Nozbe as well, and have your tasks and appointments appear on both.

Nozbe Calendar

Nozbe is just as powerful on your device as on your computer. It works on both iOS and Android, with all the same features. You can customize gestures, deciding how a swipe takes you between projects and tasks. You can see your priority list on your notifications screen. You can even set up reminders for tasks, or mentions from your teammates—and have them emailed to you, or pop up as push notifications.

Nzobe Phone Tasks

What Is Nozbe Teams?

If you want to use Nozbe for your business, their team plans are a great way to do it. Starting at $18 per month (less if you purchase a whole year), this gives up to 8 users actual Nozbe accounts—and you can share it with others. It also allows you to have more than one admin in these shared projects—people who can assign tasks, and invite new members.

While there are quite a few productivity sites and apps that offer team plans, such as and Pagico, Nozbe Teams provides a few interesting features worth mentioning. For one, you don’t have to dig through those email chains to reach out to a particular person about a particular task—you can comment on that task itself in the list, and others can see and chime in. Team members can all see the tasks, so they have the bigger picture. But tasks that are delegated to them appear on their personal Priority lists, so they always know exactly what they are supposed to do.

Nozbe Team View

You can interact with you team in the comments, just like commenting on social media. You can also get individual’s attention by tagging them with an @–and they’ll get a notification about your comment.

Nozbe Notifications

With Nozbe, your team always has the exact information they need. You can include files and photos with each task—you can even attach YouTube links. You can edit your comments, or pin the most important ones (like the meeting time and place) to the top of the comment chain.

Nozbe Integrations

Is Nozbe Cheap?

Nozbe can be cheap—depending on which plan you purchase. They offer a free level, which gives you most of the tools, though only 5 active Projects. Their Solo plan (for 2 users) costs $8 a month, while their Small Business Plan (for 8 users) costs $18 a month, and their Business Plan (unlimited users) costs $78 a month. If you purchase a year’s subscription, these prices dramatically drop.

Nozbe Pricing

Conclusion: Nozbe

Nozbe is a great tool—for a great price. It allows you to streamline your team, and get things done together—even if that is just a team of two, with you and your spouse, or all the kids planning your dad’s 60th birthday. For businesses, Nozbe can make everyone’s life easier, from assigning tasks to knowing what you’re supposed to do. It is simple and intuitive to use, and they reflect their core value of benefiting their customers. So avoid the CC piles, and get more done. Try out Nozbe’s free trial today!

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