Pagico Review – Can It Keep You On Track To Finish Tasks?

by | Jan 20, 2021

Are you a chronic procrastinator? Is it hard for you to start tasks on time? For so many of us, we know we have that big project coming up, we know that it takes a lot of work—but we don’t start it until the night before. When a task is just a due date, it is easy to shove it aside and overlook or forget how much time it takes.

Or maybe you struggle with having too many tasks scattered in too many places. You have your projects for work in one place, and then your grocery lists over on the counter, your college assignments are hidden in their dashboard, and you just got a new request in your email. Everything is scattered. Everything is in a different place. But they’re all due at the same time.

Whether you struggle with procrastination or too many different inputs, apps like Pagico are here to help. Pagico allows you to put all your tasks in one place—and see when you actually start working on them. So, is it worth the download? Let’s find out with this review of Pagico!

What Is Pagico?

Pagico was created by N17, a software development company based in Indianapolis. They created Pagico to help “turn to-do lists into a meaningful timeline.” While Pagico can be used by anyone, its timeline set up is incredibly useful for businesses and teams.

Pagico Review

How Does Pagico Work?

Pagico is downloaded straight onto your computer—so it does take a little time to set up. The download can take around 20 minutes, depending on your computer, but it will walk you through all you need to properly set up your account. Once you begin, you’ll receive a Pagico ID account, which allows you to sync all your devices together. Once you’re set up, you’re ready to go.

Pagico Task Button

Creating a new task is easy—simple click the “+” button in the top corner. Start to type in your task, whether that’s take out the laundry or attend a seminar and Pagico’s natural language recognizer will automatically schedule the task. Pagico recognizes both the date and time, down to even when you start and end a project. So you could mention a campaign that you’re running “from today to tomorrow,” and Pagico will assign that start and end date automatically. You can also schedule manually.

As you schedule a task, you can also set up reminders. You can remind yourself about a task anywhere from 15 minutes before, to two days before.

Pagico Scheduling

But you can create more than just tasks. Use the “^” button next to the “+” to see what all you can create. You’re able to create notes, for things you want to remember. You can transform emails into to-do lists (helpful for when work requests that you finish something) by simply dragging and dropping the email. You can include photos and docs, checklists and tasks, and even subprojects.

Pagico’s great strength is the ability to connect things to each other. You can attach a file to a task, so that you easily have the contract to sign. You can connect a contact to a task, so all you have to do is tap to call that client. You can attach documents to checklists, so you have your notes ready to scan before you take that test.  Moving things is as simple as dragging and dropping them.

Once you have several tasks, you’ll want to start organizing them. Tasks end up in your Inbox by default—but you can organize them in different ways. You can create a project, whether that be for work, or school, or workouts, or trip plans. You can also organize these projects with tags—which are incredibly useful in the long run. For example, if you were planning for a trip, you could tag it with descriptions like “2021 vacation” “Vacation,” “beach.” When you came back later (maybe wanting to try that same restaurant again next year), you can search through all the tags in Pagico—and be able to find what you’re looking for easily.

Pagico Tag Browser

You can also organize through Collections. These are multiple projects that you have linked together, and you mark them by using the @ symbol. You could have a category for @improvements, one for @socialmediastrategies, one for @blogposts, and another one for your own personal projects.

Pagico Collections

That is how you set up and organize your Pagico (and we promise it takes less time than it seems!)—but how do you use Pagico in your day-to-day life?

When you first open Pagico, you’ll be greeted by the Today page, which, understandably, shows you all the tasks that are due today. This is useful to keep your mental space clear, and do what needs to be done. But if you want a bigger picture, you can look at your Timeline. This shows all your projects together, and works in a calendar format to show their start dates, end dates, and how much time they take up. This is a great way to ensure you’re not surprised by a big project coming up.

Pagico Dashboard

With Pagico, you also have access to Progress reports. These show how much of a project tis complete, and whether your project’s production is on time. Do you need to be working faster? Are you ahead of schedule? The Progress Report allows you to answer these questions with a glance.

Pagico Progress

And you can glance at Pagico from anywhere! You can access it form your Apple device, Android, or any computer. Because Pagico gives you a “personal cloud,” all your devices can sync together, and help you to be organized and productive wherever you go.

Is Pagico Worth The Price?

The individual level of Pagico is free—so it’s certainly worth the price! This free level is a capable tool for most anything you would use Pagico for.

If you want to use Pagico for your team, it costs $4 per user per month. This allows you to all see the Timeline, and to mark off tasks together. It’s as much as buying each worker in the office a coffee—so it’s a reasonable price.

Pagico Teams

Is Pagico Secure?

If you’re using Pagico for your business, or ever just for yourself, you want to make sure your information isn’t accessed by others. Fortunately, Pagico has high-level encryption for all of their data. Furthermore, since Pagico is downloaded onto your computer, very little of your information is even stored in Pagico’s cloud servers. Pagico does say that you have your own “personal cloud,” but the only way for anyone to access it is through your ID. For multiple users, Pagico uses a unique code that lets your employees in each time. Once you delete something off of Pagico, it’s completely off of their servers as well.

Pagico Alternatives

Pagico Versus Logo is another site that is geared towards helping teams be more effective. However, it’s a bit simpler to use than Pagico, and has many more tools. It allows teams to create Boards (elaborate spreadsheets) that help them track projects to get done, their progress, and even mark geographic locations, vote on options, or call straight from the board. also is easier to incorporate your whole team into—and you can see the history of what each member is doing, and what has already been completed. is also full of automations and integrations—so you could set it up to send welcome emails all by itself.

But with that comes a higher price tag—rather than Pagico’s simple $4, starts out at $24—and that level is missing many of the most useful tools. Pagico also is more useful for seeing projects in a glance—the timeline helps you to see exactly when it is due. Finally, Pagico also has the Progress report, which easily summarizes the work for you—something is missing.

You can read our full review of, and see whether it’s right for you!

Conclusion: Pagico

Pagico does what it promises. It helps you organize everything in one place, and get your team on the same page. It’s agility in being able to connect any sort of file, contact, or photo to anything else is incredibly helpful, and it’s drag and drop feature is easy to use. Its greatest strength is its price—you can use it fully for free as an individual, and then additional team members only cost as much as buying them copy. If you want a simple, efficient way to bring your team together, Pagico may be right for you.

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