KanbanFlow Review – Can It Be Your Personal Productivity Partner?

by | Apr 28, 2021

If there’s anything that can destroy a team, it’s bad motivation and bad organization. If your team doesn’t know what they’re doing, and when, then nothing will get done! But if your team can’t see their progress, and doesn’t know how they fit into the whole process, their motivation will sink as well. An un-motivated team is not a productive team.

But in our online world, where several members of your team may be in different locations, it’s hard to share that vision of the process. Even the walls of a cubical can make your members feel separated. You need a way to keep them on track, and to help them become invested in your project.

Enter KanbanFlow. This project management tool wants to help your team see that what and why in a glance. By organizing and motivating your team, you’ll get work done faster—whether it’s working on a new product, organizing campaigns, or just planning for your parents’ fiftieth birthday! Let’s jump into our KanbanFlow review, and see if it’s right for you!

What Is KanbanFlow?

KanbanFlow is a project management software tool, that includes time and expense tracking tools. Their parent company, CodeKick, is based out of Sweden, and started KanbanFlow in 2013. Their purpose is to provide “Lean project management. Simplified.” It doesn’t have a million bells and whistles, but that’s on purpose—it’s easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to customize to your needs.

How Does KanbanFlow Work?

When you start with KanbanFlow, you can create an account for free! Simply create an account using your email and name, and you’re ready to go. KanbanFlow walks you through a simple onboarding process, that shows you how to create and edit tasks, move them between columns, and work effectively.

KanbanFlow Onboarding

It’s incredibly intuitive to use. Add a new task by hitting the big green + at the top of any column, and drag that task into the column it belongs. The columns are built in with labels of “To Do,” “Do Today,” “In Progress,” and “Done,” but you can customize them into whatever works best for your team.

KanbanFlow Board

When you add a task, you can edit it with as much information as you want. You can create a description with bullet points or links, and attach files and spreadsheets. Subtasks are included within larger tasks, and can be marked off individually. Label tasks with to group it with other similar ones, or assign a task to a certain team member. You can comment on a task as well, tagging other team members by using @theirname.

KanbanFlow Task

Started on a task, or completed it? Just drag and drop it into the next column. KanbanFlow will automatically archive completed tasks for you, displaying the 20 latest ones completed.

However, KanbanFlow has a work-in-progress limit. You can only work on about three at a time—the column won’t accept new tasks until you complete the ones already in it. This forces you to finish tasks, and helps you to be more focused and productive. However, if you have multiple tasks in progress across different departments, you can get around this works-in-progress limit. By creating different “swimming lanes” for different projects, members, or departments, each lane has its own WIP limit.

KanbanFlow WIP Limit

But this project management is all about staying on the same page with your team. KanbanFlow allows everyone to see changes as they’re made, so everyone is up to date. You can assign any task to multiple people, and members get notifications when they are assigned, tagged, or when changes are made to a project that they have “viewing” notifications turned on for. And you can access it from anywhere as well—KanbanFlow works both on your computer, or on an app on your device.

How to Get the Most Out of KanbanFlow

One feature you should take advantage of in KanbanFlow is their timer. It’s pre-set up with the pomodoro technique, so if that helps your productivity, don’t be shy to use it! But you can also set it to manual times, to give yourself goals to hit. 

KanbanFlow Time Tracking

You can also log your time manually. For paid accounts, KanbanFlow offers time reports, so you can see how long each task has been taking. You can see where your team is having difficulties, and track time for paychecks as well! It’s worth noting that the ability to set timers and track time is a very unique feature for KanbanFlow, you won’t find it with other project management tools like Monday.com or Nozbe.

KanbanFlow Time Spent Report

This time tracking also opens up another useful tool—forecasting. Rather than having to give your best guess of when a project gets done, or pulling up and scanning through all the data yourself, KanbanFlow will do it for you. Their Forecasting view uses historical data of your previous tasks to estimate when your current projects will be finished!

KanbanFlow Forecasting

KanbanFlow’s filter tool can also streamline your process. Want to focus on just marketing tasks? Use their filter to find tasks that are under that label, or belong to a particular user, or have a certain due date.

KanbanFlow Filter

KanbanFlow Pricing

The price tag is always important when it comes to programs. Fortunately, KanbanFlow offers a free level of their service! This allows you to make tasks, boards, and use the timer—though you don’t have access to any reports.

KanbanFlow Pricing

KanbanFlow’s paid account costs $5 per user per month. To put that in comparison with other project-management programs that start out with 3 users, that would be $15 a month. KanbanFlow does offer a 14-day free trial for this tier. In it, you get access to all reports, integrations with email, DropBox, and others, along with security measures, and the ability to make those different “swim lanes.”

KanbanFlow Integrations

Conclusion: KanbanFlow

There are quite a few project management tools out there, and while KanbanFlow isn’t full of bells and whistles, it doesn’t need to be. It lets you see the status of every task at a glance, and allows your team to become invested in the whole process, no matter what their specific tasks are. The tools offered in their paid tier are incredibly useful, allowing you to track time, estimate how long until projects are completed, and create different sections for different teams. They’re priced cheaply as well—less than many of their competitors, like Monday.com. KanbanFlow is good for your everyday needs with their free plan, and a great tool for any team. Try out their 14-day free trial for yourself, and see if it’s right for you!

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