Best Pomodoro App – Top 10 Choices Worth Downloading

by | Jun 23, 2021

Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that uses a timer to break down work into manageable time chunks. The Pomodoro Technique states that each task should be separated into 25-minute chunks with 5-minute breaks in between. However, as more time goes on, the breaks should become longer in between each task.

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry! There are plenty of apps out there designed to help you master and manage the Pomodoro Technique. The only question is, with so many apps to pick from how do you know which one to download? That’s where we come in!

We’ve done the research and gathered up a guide to the best Pomodoro app. So, if you’re looking to get your time management on, let’s get started!

Best Pomodoro App

If managing your time and tasks has got you stressed, a Pomodoro app can help. Below are the best Pomodoro apps that utilize this technique to help users stay more productive and master time management skills. Whether you want a traditional kitchen timer with ticking sounds or a basic process time management app that enables you to organize your to-do list, the apps below will help you stay on track with your goals.

Keep on reading to learn more about these Pomodoro apps and how they each utilize the Pomodoro technique to help users maximize productivity!

1. Forest

Best Pomodoro Apps You Can Use-Forest

Forest is one of the most popular Pomodoro timer apps out there. Whenever you want to stay focused by using the Pomodoro technique, you can open the Forest app and plant a tree. By staying focused during your work session, the tree will continue to grow. However, if you stop working during your Pomodoro cycle or end up taking a longer break, the timer runs, and the tree will die.

If you complete multiple focus sessions with the Forest app, you can build a lush forest with many trees representing unlimited Pomodoro sessions. This task management app is great for those who want help with time management and tasks done in manageable chunks!

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2. Focus Keeper

Best Pomodoro Apps You Can Use-Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper is a simple timer app that helps you complete your to-do list by using the Pomodoro method. This Pomodoro timer app acts as a Pomodoro tracker that offers time tracking and project management tools that will help you organize your tasks.

This is great for those who have repeating tasks or longer projects to finish. By using Focus Keeper, you’ll be able to take frequent but brief breaks and schedule your work hours in the way that suits your schedule best!

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3. Minimalist

Best Pomodoro Apps You Can Use-Minimalist

Minimalist is a web-based Pomodoro timer that can be downloaded as a desktop app or used as needed. If you want to hold a productive focus session, time your work from Google Calendar, or complete your to-do lists in no time, this app is great for you.

Minimalist is one of the best apps for users that have many tasks on their to-do list. Its intuitive interface works by letting users time out unlimited tasks. Then, once the user completes a certain number of tasks, they can take a longer break.

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4. Focus Booster

Best Pomodoro Apps You Can Use-Focus Booster

Focus Booster is a Pomodoro app that lets users monitor time and earnings for each client. Unlike other apps, this Pomodoro timer is designed to help business owners and their clients stay productive on the clock.

Whether you want to create projects with others, track time at work, or manage clients on a deeper level, Focus Booster is one of the best Pomodoro timers out there. By using this simple Pomodoro timer, you’ll be able to finish all of your work during Pomodoro sessions so that you can have more fun after work.

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5. Marinara Timer

Best Pomodoro Apps You Can Use-Marinara Timer

Marinara Timer is a custom timer that works off of the traditional Pomodoro technique, allowing users to share their schedule with others, create a to-do list, and hold Pomodoro sessions whenever they want.

The Marinara Timer offers three settings: the kitchen timer in its most basic form, a custom timer to fit your team’s needs, and the Pomodoro method timer that works off of 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks. If you want a Pomodoro tracker or a way to hold focus sessions with your team, Marina Timer is the best Pomodoro app for you!

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6. Focus To-Do

Best Pomodoro Apps You Can Use-Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do is one of the most popular productivity apps on the app store. Based on the Pomodoro technique, Focus To-Do offers advanced features that let users master time management, customize timers, and pencil in a Pomodoro session into their calendar!

This mobile app is available for Android devices, those with an Apple Watch, and even those who want to stay focused from another country. Creating a free account is easy and will allow you to utilize the Pomodoro technique from wherever you are, whenever you want.

Unlike other Pomodoro apps, Focus To-Do also lets users record their progress, set deadlines, and add notes under each task. If you want to stay organized and master time management, this is one of the best Pomodoro apps for you!

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7. Tomato Timer

Best Pomodoro Apps You Can Use-Tomato Timer

Inspired by the tomato-shaped kitchen timer, Tomato Timer is the original tomato timer app that lets users time their Pomodoro sessions and stay on top of their to-do list. Unlike other apps that set up breaks for you, Tomato Timer lets users set their own five-minute breaks after each task. However, if you want a long break, you can set up a 25-minute break once the timer rings! This is one of the best Pomodoro timers for those who like flexible schedules and longer breaks.

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8. Clockwork Tomato

Best Pomodoro Apps You Can Use-Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato is a simple Pomodoro app that helps users divide each task into one Pomodoro session. Then, at the end of each session, they can take a break.

Clockwork Tomato offers both a free version and a premium version. The paid version offers many key features, including a task list maker, activity logs, and progress reports. However, even with the free version, users will have access to the most important key features, like the Pomodoro timer, time tracking, and an activity log that will help them keep track of their progress!

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9. Toggl

Best Pomodoro Apps You Can Use-Toggl

Toggl is a simple time-tracking app that helps users optimize their time and figure out when they are most productive. This free app works off of the Pomodoro technique to help users manage their time more effectively.

After using this Pomodoro app, you’ll be able to identify how many pomodoros you need each day to stay productive. You’ll also be able to figure out when each five-minute break is best for you and how often you need them in between tasks.

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10. Be Focused

Best Pomodoro Apps You Can Use-Be Focused

Be Focused is a Pomodoro timer that acts as a focus keeper. Available for Android users, iPhone users, and everyone else, the Be Focused app helps users time each task, write notes under each to-do list item, and track their progress. If you’re looking for a free version of a customizable Pomodoro timer, Be Focused is one of the best Pomodoro apps for you!

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Utilizing Pomodoro Timer Apps

By using a Pomodoro app and utilizing the Pomodoro technique, you’ll be able to divide your work into manageable chunks of time. More importantly, you’ll be able to stay focused while working so that you can have more fun when you’re not at work.

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