Best Life Coach Certifications – 10 Top Picks To Get Certified

by | Jul 26, 2020

A life coach does a job akin to a priest or a religious guide, but it has a modern and contemporary take on several aspects of life, including certain technical aspects like dealing with corporate culture, navigating modern technology, etc. A life coach is someone people turn to when they need a figure more than a therapist, but perhaps less than a priest.

This is a lucrative field to work in because modern life also brings with it a variety of complexities that people need help navigating ever so often. Given the trying times the world currently lives in, with all its technological disruptions and crisis of connections, being a life coach can be one of the most important jobs one could do. 

Getting certified as a life coach can be a confusing, tedious task, though. To get your life coach certification, you must complete a course approved by the International Coaching Federation, also known as the ICF. The ICF ensures professional excellence in coaching, and they must have approved the course you take before you can get your coaching certification. 

Once you find training approved by the ICF, you’ll be able to complete the ICF accredited program and become certified. However, finding the best life coach certification program for you, with ICF accreditation, is no easy task. That’s why we did the research for you! Let’s take a closer look at life coach certifications and the top options out there so you can find the right choice.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Certified Life Coach?

To be a certified life coach, it means you need to undergo certain training and field experiences that equip you to deal with people in need and put you in a position where you can guide and give people advice. There are several such certificate programs that you can enroll yourself in, online as well as offline. With the certificate, you can practice as a life coach in various situations, including at corporate seminars, workshops with young adults, working with hospitals, etc.

Are All Certificates The Same?

The short answer is, no. All certificates are not equal and will not hold the same value when you go out in the field to apply for a job or to establish your own practice. It is best to enroll yourself in a course that has some kind of formal accreditation.

Best Life Coach Certifications

Below are the 10 best life coach certification programs accredited by the ICF, offering continuing coach education and training for those looking for a career change. These life coaching certifications will help you start your life coaching business, help others find a life purpose, and immerse yourself into the coaching industry. 

Expert Rating—Life Coach Certification

Expert Rating—Life Coach Certification

The Life Coach Certification program offered by Expert Rating is a thorough and resourceful program that comes at a very reasonable price. This is a great program to enroll in that will bring you closer to getting a life coach certification. This is a fundamental course that will take you through the essentials of what it entails to be a life coach. These include topics such as the skills needed to become a life coach. The course will also take you through the highs and lows of a career as a life coach, so you get a realistic picture.

The cost of the course, already more than reasonable, includes the courseware and resources, the final test fee, a hardcopy of the certificate and an online transcript as proof of your certification. The good thing about this online course is that you can take your time to complete it and the schedule is flexible.

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Coach Training Alliance—The Certified Coach Program

Coach Training Alliance—The Certified Coach Program

Coach Training Alliance offers one of the premier training programs for coaching. The institute has ICF-accredited programs and is one of the best ways for aspiring coaches to be acquainted with the profession. Some of the basics the training programs instill in students is how to establish trust with clients, how to listen well, and how to work within the ambit of ethical guidelines. This is one of the best, most holistic training programs to become a better coach in any field.

While most life coach certificate programs will focus on life coaching, the CTA program will make you a better coach first and will automatically teach you how to approach your specific niche by doing so. The course will take place over six months, and is conducted online entirely. This is a great place to learn basics like how to get referrals, how to decide your rate, how to establish an office, etc.

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Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching is another organization that has one of the best coach training programs. This is a robust, holistic and thorough coach training program that will require you to complete almost 400 hours worth of training, which includes online as well as in-person sessions. The institute has 20 training locations, where three, intensive face-to-face sessions are conducted. At these sessions, you will get hands-on training for how to be a coach, not only a life coach. 

Once you have completed a certain part of the program, you will be encouraged to choose your niche specialty where you will be provided with resources to pursue excellence in that specific niche. Since this program is so elaborate and offers a wide gamut of resources, it is one of the most expensive in the market, but understandably so.

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CoachU offers one of the first coach training programs of its kind. The CoachU Core Essentials Program (CEP) is the foundation program that requires a commitment of 77 hours over a period of six to 15 months. It is offered as a telecourse-based program and in many ways is the holy grail of the essentials required to be a life coach. 

You can also choose the intensive, six-day, face-to-face version of this program, known as Core Essentials Fast Track Program (CEFTP) if you are looking to brush up your skills. Once your 77-hour foundation program is complete, you can also choose to move on to the Advanced Coaching Program (ACP), which requires an additional 77 hours of your time. The advanced course is for those who want to focus on a specialized niche. Depending on the program you choose, the course can be delivered online or in person.

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The Institute for Life Coaching—21 Secrets for Daily Success

The Institute for Life Coaching—21 Secrets for Daily Success

The Institute for Life Coaching offers several incredible courses, but the 21 Secrets for Daily Success program is one of the best in the market. This is a program that takes cognizance of the challenges and technological disruptions brought about by the turn of the 21st century. Things are evolving rapidly in a short span of years, and with it, people’s lifestyle choices also require serious readjustments. A life coach must be skilled to handle the difficulties of the century in which they are practicing their work.

However, things have not changed radically in this course. The fundamentals remain the same, however, it does have a modern, 21st-century lens that makes it more up to date. The course will be conducted online, and all the materials will be provided to you to complete the mandatory five credit hours, which you can complete over a year. You will be taking the course on an e-learning platform where all your resources will be duly uploaded for you to revisit whenever required.

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Life Purpose Institute


The Life Purpose Institute’s Life Coach School provides life coach training and life coaching certification. Unlike other life coaching programs that are remote or self-paced, the Life Purpose Institute lets aspiring life coaches participate in co-active coaching and small classes where they can get feedback from certified life coaches along the way.

The Life Purpose Institute also lets students coordinate a business marketing plan with their instructor, who is always a certified coach. Once you complete the program, you’ll become a certified life coach who will thrive in the life coaching industry.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy


Through Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy program, you can learn about psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, and more. Great for both life coaches and therapists, Rapid Transformational Therapy teaches coaches and therapists how to live their best life possible. More importantly, it teaches them how to give their patients the best life possible.

With various training programs to choose from, Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer is a great training opportunity for anyone in the life coaching business, whether you’re a mentor, coach, or therapist. However, if you’re looking for accredited coach training, Rapid Transformational Therapy may be a better option for you later in your career.

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Health Coach Institute


The Health Coach Institute offers virtual and in-person coaching to aspiring life coaches looking to become certified. Their life coach certification program offers telephone coaching, video coaching, and face-to-face sessions. 

By participating in the Health Coach Institute’s certification program, you’ll be able to connect with successful life coaches, get your coach certification, and become a professional coach that others love. The Health Coach Institute’s various training programs are great for those who like distance learning or in-person programs. Whether you’re in the United States or somewhere else, The Health Coach Institute will help you become a certified life coach with an advancing career.

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Symbiosis Coaching


Symbiosis Coaching offers ICF accredited training and training for those who are already certified. By becoming a member, you’ll be able to become certified in as early as six months. 

Once you complete the Symbiosis Coaching program, you’ll be ICF ACC certified. If you want to help others improve their well-being, incorporate spirituality into their lives, or solidify a code of ethics, Symbiosis Coaching is a great life coach training program for you. 

The programs at Symbiosis Coaching are great for those who are just starting their career and those who have never done life coach training programs before. Symbiosis Coaching’s coach training programs are great for students who want life coach certifications in the United States.

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Certified Life Coach Institute


The Certified Life Coach Institute is an ICF-approved, 5-star program that offers life coach certification to those in any specialty. Over 9,000 life coaches have been certified through The Certified Life Coach Institute. 

This coach certification program offers online Zoom classes and training that will help you become certified in a matter of months. Known as one of the best coaching schools out there, The Certified Life Coach Institute offers excellent training to those who want to become a certified life coach with ICF accreditation. 

This life coaching certification program offers training to those who want to become certified or learn more about life coaching in general. Praised by the Institute for Professional Excellence, the Certified Life Coach Institute is a great coaching program for almost anyone interested in life coach training.

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Parting Words: Life Coaching

With the various life coach certifications described above, it is clear that there is an option for people with various budget limitations. If you are willing and able to pursue a more thorough, albeit a more expensive course, there are great courses for that. If you are looking to do short-term courses to brush up on your skills, which consequently also cost slightly less, there are numerous options for that as well. Being a life coach is a rewarding profession but it can also put you in difficult positions when you come across tricky situations with clients. To be able to give your clients the best possible service, enroll in a good life coach certification program today.

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