Human resources is a highly relevant and extremely important part of every company. From employee retention to financial rewards, there is a lot attached to this job. Get one thing wrong and you will lose talented and skillful employees en masse. Because often, money is not the only thing that keeps an employee at a company. HR professionals work with managers to help them achieve these goals.

To manage all of these for a variety of people in an organization is quite the dance in which every manager needs an efficient HR professional as a partner. If you’re looking to become a certified in HR you’re in the right place, let’s take a look at the best human resources certifications online.

Human Resources

What It Means To Be A Certified HR Professional

In today’s world, change is a part of life that everyone is used to. Change in individual industries is the reason companies and individuals are constantly on the move. A certified HR professional is a perfect pick for a job where such changes need to be supported while retaining momentum and employees.

They work with the management for efficiency and provide strategic assistance whether it is a small switch or restructuring of an entire company. They also consult with employees during transitions and also work out everyday deals like employees’ contracts. All of this, while basic, is crucial work and disruptions can destroy employee morale and create legal hassles too. A certified HR professional handles all of this and more with ease and accuracy.

Do All Certifications Have The Same Value? 

Well, no. Depending on what you want to achieve, an online certification can mean many things. You can choose a level based on whether you are a beginner or a professional looking to hone your skills. You also have the choice of picking a prestigious university or an institute like edX or coursera which put several online courses together. Today, many institutions also offer courses in languages other than English.

Best Human Resources Certifications Online

ExpertRating: Human Resource Certification

ExpertRating: Human Resource Certification

One of the best on the subject, this certification by ExpertRating is designed for those who want to improve performance and knock out the competition. Today, HR is more than hiring and benefits. You need to be able to scout for talent, help build teams and even assume a leadership role. This course equips you exactly for that. 

This Human Resource certification is nicely divided into 16 chapters and covers everything from the history of HR management to roles of an HR manager, habits of successful industry professionals and so on. And you can count on this expertise because ExpertRating’s online certifications have benefited organizations and individuals in over 160 countries. 

ExpertRating: Human Resource Certification Price: $99.99 (discounted price) Sign Up Now

Wharton University: HR Management and Analytics Program

Wharton University: HR Management and Analytics Program

This program from Wharton is for individuals who want to hone their skills. It combines theoretical understanding with practical application. You will get a holistic view of strategic management with an overview of people analytics. Once you complete the program, you will have a better grasp of the basic principles of analytics to improve collaboration between employees in different departments. You will also get a certificate of completion at the end.  

The course teaches you how to use data analysis to separate skill from luck. You will be able to identify internal biases and cycles of hiring. You will also understand how to initiate and manage projects by using people analytics. The course also covers essential topics like Motivation and Rewards, Strategic Staffing and Collaboration Networks, among other things. You will be able to create a mindset around systems or work and individual jobs with a focus on employee retention which will be at the core of your job, regardless of the industry you are in. It is a combination of videos and live lectures where you will work with real-world examples.  

It is about two months long and you will need to find 4-6 hours every week.  

Wharton University: HR Management and Analytics Program Price: $2,800 (with flexible payment options) Sign Up Now

edX: People Management by IIM, Bangalore

edX: People Management by IIM, Bangalore

This is a program for beginners. It is designed for you to get an enhanced understanding of people management in an organization. The good news is that you don’t need any prior qualifications to enroll for this course. You will gain a deeper understanding of managing people at different levels. You will be able to solve and appreciate the challenges of a new manager. You will also understand the value of reflecting on your practical experiences and bring the learnings to the job. The course is spread over a duration of six weeks and you will need to find two to four hours every week. 

edX: People Management by IIM, Bangalore Price: The course itself is free but you will have to pay for the certificate of completion Sign Up Now

Coursera: Human Resource Certification by University of Minnesota

Coursera: Human Resource Certification by University of Minnesota

This is a course for those who are looking for specialization. It is an introduction to the key principles, policies and practices of HR management. The lessons in the beginning will give you a foundation for alternative approaches to management. You will gain an understanding of legalities in the US with respect to hiring, firing, rewards and management. The course also gives you an outline of what motivates people to work.  

There are four courses in this specialization to help you understand how to evaluate their performance and offer rewards accordingly. You will also have a toolkit of best practices, practical tips in an accessible and scientific manner. You will also learn about the mismanagement of people and how to avoid those mistakes. The deadline to finish the course is flexible. There will be exams and graded assessments before you complete the course. The duration of the course is five months, spaced over five hours a week.  

Coursera: Human Resource Certification by University of Minnesota Price: The course is free but you will have to pay for a certificate Sign Up Now

California Southern University: Certificate in HR Management

California Southern University: Certificate in HR Management

This certificate is a gateway for HR professionals into the latest trends in the field. But it also offers executives from other specialties to gain insight into the management of employees. This is a post-baccalaureate program so you will need a bachelor’s degree to be eligible. But it does not need to be in a business-related field. The idea is for degree holders from all respects to be able to develop expertise in a range of topics from business ethics to labor relations, supervisory concepts, compensation issues and training techniques. This certificate can also be used as a launchpad for an MBA. 

You will learn traditional academic theories along with real-world business tactics. The course will give you a foundational knowledge of issues faced by today’s HR professionals. You will also be exposed to best practices from the industry. 

Upon completion, you will get a certificate signed by the dean of the school of business. You will have an official transcript with 18 graduate-level course credits. You will also have access to the resources and services of CalSouthern alumni. 

California Southern University: Certificate in HR Management Price: $545 Sign Up Now

e-courses4you: Online Certificate: Human Resources Bundle 

e-courses4you: Online Certificate: Human Resources Bundle

This is a bundle of 14 courses about human resource management. You will need to find six to eight hours of study per course. You will have access to the course for 12 months after enrollment. It is designed by industry experts to give you fast and effective training. You will be able to track your progress on the course through a learning management system. You can learn at your own pace and assess how much you were able to retain through quizzes and mock exams.

The course will give you an understanding of technical subjects like Business Succession Planning but also train you in tackling sensitive issues like Workplace Diversity, Workplace Harassment and Workplace Violence. You will get a certificate after completing the course.

e-courses4you: Online Certificate: Human Resources Bundle Price: $658 Sign Up Now

The Bottom Line: Human Resources Certifications Online

Today, more and more HR professionals are assuming leadership roles across industries. This means a seat at the table where crucial subjects are discussed and decisions that could affect the entire organization are made. That is a priceless asset to have and one of these courses might just be the first step towards that. If you envision that for your future self, don’t lose time. Sign up now.

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